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Guys welcome back to another video so Today I partnered with goelia to share Some of their new spring arrivals I work With them about every season and I am so Excited to partner with them again they Have some of the most beautiful Timeless Classy wardrobe pieces on their side They are so beautiful modest at the same Time so comfortable they use lots of Natural materials like Silk wool they Also have lots of promotions going on on Their site and before I get into sharing The pieces my discount code did change With them it's Elana 10 which will give You 10% off their site but this code is Stackable so my previous code you Wouldn't be able to stack it on any Promotions they do promotions very often So you actually end up being able to Save a lot more so if you buy two items You get 20% off if you buy three items You get 28% off and then my code Elana 10 you can stack on top of that you're Able to get some amazing beautiful high Quality pieces at a really good price And I've noticed that a lot of their Pieces are very petite friendly I mean You'll see it on myself I'm 5'1 for Reference everything that I shared today Along with sizing details will be linked Down below and let's go ahead and get Started so the first thing I want to Start with is Stripes I definitely Didn't shy away from Stripes especially

For spring that's just like one of my Main pattern prints I wear so this first One is actually a sweater that I'm Wearing the material is so soft so Smooth it's on the thicker side so this Is great for early spring and then you Can transition this to fall and winter As well cuz it is really thick the Buttons unbutton so you can wear it open If you want to layer a tank underneath Uh this is just how I styled it and it Is so comfortable and if I roll down the Sleeves the sleeve length is pretty good Love the stripes it's like a white and Black color combination the buttons are Gold so it really elevates it and that's What I love they have really good Detailing on their buttons uh lots of Detail to them style so it really ele Elevates the pieces and then this one is So pretty as the temperature gets warmer This is their offthe shoulder stripe top Uh this one I would say as well as Petite friendly I just tuck it in and It's very stretchy and surprisingly for An offsh shoulder it stays put really Really well and it is in white and navy Color combination I'm wearing this I Believe in a size extra small and I'll Would say fits great I have a fuller Bust and surprisingly this fits really Well for my like 30 e CHS size so this Is another great stripe top that is Great to wear as the weather gets warmer

You can layer on top of it as well it's Just gorgeous minimal and so stylish Next up is a cami so this is great for Late spring to Summer the straps are Really stretchy here and what I love About this if you turn around in the Back it's twisted back here and I think That just elevates it makes it look so Interesting kind of like a little Surprise in the back also want to point Out this comes with um cups in them but They're easily removable there's an Opening on the inside where you can just Remove the cups if you need to so I Personally removed it I don't need them Um in for myself so you can leave them In remove them if you need to and this Is also super stretchy the color Combination is like a dark Navy and White stripes uh this is cropped and I Would say if you have a fuller bus this Is good to go up a size and my opinion I Think it runs a little small so if you Have a fuller bust I would suggest for Those girls to go up a size otherwise You can stay true to size another tank I Really like I think this beige color Looks so beautiful with navy bottom it's Really thin and super stretchy but it's Not see-through which is great it's very Comfortable it feels really light on Your skin so if you're somebody that Gets really really hot in the summer This is a really great tank to include

Again it feels very light on the skin It's thinner very delicate and stretchy But again it's not see-through which is Amazing pieces like these are definitely Great to include your wardrobe if you Don't have any uh because they go again Such a long way so this one's wonderful The color is gorgeous okay one more Stripe thing I hope you guys are not Sick of Stripes this jacket Gia has some Of the prettiest classy cro jackets I've Ever come across a few styles from fall Uh this is one of their spring options That I think is so so stunning so classy I'm wearing this in a size extra small So I would say this is great to go true To size again I have a fuller bus Staying true to size for me worked well The sleeve length is great again it's in A white and navy color combination with Gold buttons which really Elevate the Outfit so has buttons down the front it Also has buttons on the Cuffs around the Sleeves and then on the little pockets Over here and these are faux Pockets by The way so it's a very simple minimal Piece but has a lot of style to it uh The shoulders are fitted they're Slightly padded as well so it gives a Really good shape and structure around The shoulders and for me being 5'1 It's shocking how well these fit on my Frame a lot of times these jackets are Just way too long in the sleeves they're

Not cropped enough for me uh these just Surprisingly fit so well and then of Course I have to share another jacket How gorgeous is this cream one like First I have to point out the cream Color is spoton a lot of times it's hard To find a really good cream off-white Color cuz they can tend to have a little Bit too much yellow into it but this one Is done so well it has uh like a lighter Gold or Rosy gold buttons in the front Faux pockets as well the collar Everything just how it's structured just Lays beautifully the shoulders are Padded the sleeve length fits shockingly So well again I'm wearing this in my Regular size true size extra small fits Beautifully I won't need to go up a size Or down a size I think if you're Interested in this piece true to size Fits really really well the crop length Is perfect just sits at the perfect spot For me and the jacket itself has a very Very very subtle Sparkle to it so it Really dresses it up and just makes it Look so stunning and very Lux and High-end okay I'm repeating sharing this Trench coat because I know in the Springtime there's a lot of us that look For trench coats to add into our Wardrobe this one from goelia is my Favorite uh I love the color it's just a Classic khaki color uh has lots of Gorgeous buttons here what I really love

About this trench coat that I noticed Other trench coats don't have is that The collar is structured so it's Something that actually stays put it Doesn't get all floppy and kind of Wrinkled so this has a really good Structure to it and then I also really Appreciate all the stitching detail um It's just very well made and it has a Belt so you can close it cinch it at the Waist if you need to um it has pockets As well fully lined on the inside so a Really really beautiful piece I did go Down a size in this one to a double Extra small and the length of it is also Perfect so finding trenches like like This that fit beautifully for petite It's such a score now I feel like for Spring you have to have a gorgeous white Blouse you can wear with your jeans with Your trousers with skirts um this is a Really beautiful piece so the sleeves Are sheer um and they have little ruffle Detailing so around the uh neckline the Collar the Cuffs as well also the button Detailing is gorgeous all the way down In the front and then the sleeves have a Little button as well um it has a tie Right around the neckline so you make a Little bow the fit of this is beautiful You can stay true to size with this one I went with an extra small fits Perfectly um it is a little bit long and Length the fabric is really light and

Delicate it doesn't add any bulk when I'm tucking it in so that's a huge plus Um and again the fabric is just very Drapy light Airy delicate so this is a Piece that is perfect for spring to Summer now this is my first time trying Dresses from go I'm so excited so first One is this Cami one and what I love About this you can see it has extra Straps in the front uh the straps are Adjustable by the way in the back it's Quite hidden I didn't really notice it Until later so it's hidden really really Well so you can adjust to make it lower Higher if you need to it's smoked in the Bag so it really helps accommodate if You have a fuller chest size like I do The skirt is flowy but not too flowy I'm Wearing this in my true size extra small Fits beautifully I love the floral Pattern and this is something I think Just will look gorgeous with heels with Slides if you prefer more modest pieces For dress This one I feel like is so gorgeous but More modest at the same time um so it Has the half sleeves it's cinched at the Waistline has a flowy skirt and this Again feels very light and very delicate On the skin uh very airy the floral Pattern is also gorgeous so if you like Something more modest I think you'll Really like this one and if you're a Little bit shorter what's nice about

These waistbands um I didn't need to do This uh I'm 5'1 so I feel like just on Its own like this is beautiful but you Can even fold in the waistband Underneath and you can make the dress a Little shorter if you need to I Personally did not need to do that so How it's laying on me is how it comes so I think it just fits beautifully and I Just love the longer sleeves the Airiness of it again something you wear With heels with slides great for spring To Summer right you guys so that was 10 Beautiful spring pieces from guia I hope You guys really enjoyed this video found Something you really love again I have Everything linked down below um along With sizing details um most things I Stay true to size so they are very true To size in my opinion just based on my Experience have all that information Listed below all the links down below as Well again my code Elana 10 is stackable To any discounts that are going on on Their site thank you so much to goelia For collaborating with me I love you Guys so much thank you for your love and Support and I'll see you in my next Video bye