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So in this video I am sharing how to Style 10 pieces in 26 different ways I'm So excited I did a video like this a Couple months ago more of a winter to Kind of spring outfit ideas I shared I Think 37 different outfits in that video Today's going to be 26 with 10 pieces More Spring Light Airy pieces and for Sizing reference I'm 5'1 so I'm petite I Have a long torso short legs and for Anyone that's new I am 20 weeks pregnant So this was definitely challenging I Mean uh it definitely gets my brain Working when I am trying to Style 10 Pieces in at least 20 ways then I have To account in the fact that I have to Find bump friendly outfit ideas so I'm Not sharing any jeans these outfit Combinations I don't fit into any but There are a few bottoms that I do fit Into is truly just so eye opening how You can create so many stunning outfits With a very little amount of pieces so This works especially great if you're Working on a budget you want to get just A few things for your spring collection Hopefully uh these ideas and wardrobe Suggestions are helpful also keep in Mind I am pregnant but none of these are Maternity I just either one went up a Size or they're just you know stretchy Bump friendly pieces let's go ahead and Start with what I picked out I have Three out of pieces two bottoms one

Jumpsuit and Four Tops let me start off With the jumpsuit this one I knew it Wasn't going to be one of those pieces That I could restyle in like 10 plus Ways like some of the other pieces uh But this is still just wonderful to Include in your spring to Summer Wardrobe because you can wear it to work Outside of work you can make it look Very beachy or you can really dress it Up with heels and a jacket to make it Look very chic and Polished so I believe I was actually able to style this Jumpsuit five different ways which is Actually really cool and then for Bottoms this is probably like one of the Older pieces I really fit into for as Far as bottoms go I mean jeans are Completely out of the question but I Love these trousers from Quint and the Reason why they work really well for me Still being 20 weeks pregnant is they Have a stretchy waistband I for these Pre-pregnancy I'm still wearing it During pregnancy already 20 weeks and I Still have a little bit more room to Grow into them which is cool but it's Because the back of it has this elastic Waistband not only does it make it bump Friendly in the second trimester for me But it's a really comfortable trouser The material is perfect for spring and Summer it's not heavy very lightweight I Love the straight leg fit very

Flattering even being 20 weeks pregnant Around my waist and hips which is so Surprising usually that's not the case With trous ERS and maternity somehow I Found like a gold mine like this is just Such a score and then as far as tops go I love this category so uh this Beautiful blouse I love including a Blouse in these wardrobe challenges Outfit challenges creating many Different outfits and especially pattern So to keep the outfits looking so Similar from one another I try to mix it Up with different Fabrics materials and As well as pattern uh especially a Floral pattern for spring and summer Works perfectly for this video and for The season of course but it also just Helps make the outfits look a little bit More different and unique especially When I'm restyling a lot of the same Pieces another piece I thought would Work great for this video when you're Trying to restyle a lot of the same Pieces or create a lot of outfits with 10 pieces is including a oversiz Button-up shirt one of the reasons why I Love this is I can wear it open with a Tank underneath or I can button it up Tuck it in a bit and wear it closed and That creates so many different outfits Cuz I already have a couple tanks here I Have a few bottoms I can wear it open or Closed cled with and then I wanted to

Include a couple tanks so one I wanted u A stripe tank I always have to I feel Like I always have to include stripes in Videos and styling videos just one of my Signature pieces in my wardrobe uh this Tank is from goelia I've been loving it Styling it recommending it for a while Now such a great stretchy piece and it Works well me being 20 weeks pregnant Still then a gray tank so I love this This is from ever cromi it is thicker And stretchy but still lightweight and It doesn't feel too hot I love the Straps love the double scoop again this Just goes great either on its own with The bottoms or underneath the cotton Shirt same as the striped shirt it looks Great with the cotton shirt so that's Already six different outfits cuz if you Include the bottoms wearing them Separately wearing it together that's Right there already six outfits which is So cool and next up is outerwear so I Wanted to choose three totally different Types three different colors different Lengths different textures so that way The outfits can look a little bit more Different so first one is actually a Cardigan and this one is amazing because You can wear open and closed most of the Outfits I did wear it open as a layering Piece some of them I actually wore it Closed and kind of cropped a bit too so That created a completely different look

Which was really cool of course I had to Include a trench coat in this video I Mean come on we're styling outfits for Spring and summer we have to have a Trench coat I didn't have that in my Previous one cuz it's more like winter To Spring uh this is more like spring to Summer I love this one from goelia I've Shared this one in my spring Essentials Video such a gorgeous well-made piece I Like this trench because it's more Drapey and has a lot of movement it's Flowy elegant tee friendly love the Length I styled this with literally Everything including this jumpsuit the Next one is also a trench Co but Completely different we have cropped in A different color so you can see what I Mean by making sure I pick completely Different pieces but making sure they All go with each other so that way I can Create create endless amounts of outfit Ideas I was actually able to create more Than 26 outfit ideas these pieces but I Just got tired so I I was able to put Together 26 which is I feel like a lot Uh but this Navy one is gorgeous so I Even wore it with the jumpsuit I wore it With my Navy trousers with all the Different tops it's just so Chic modern Because it's updated with the crop style And it's also very petite friendly Because of the crop style so these are All the 10 pieces that I'm styling 20 26

Different ways for you guys so let's go Ahead and get that [Music] Started [Music] He [Music] He [Music] So as always everything will be linked Down below if you wanted to check any of The pieces out yourself and don't forget If you haven't already go ahead and Screenshot The Outfits so you can Remember some of these outfits for Outfit ideas outfit inspiration Especially if you're like in a pickle Putting outfits together folder in my Phone where I save all of my outfit Ideas even these outfit ideas I create So that way you know if I'm in a pickle If I'm not feeling very creative I can Just look through my phone see some Ideas and be able to just throw on an Outfit really quickly so feel free to Screenshot um again everything's linked Down below if you wanted to check it out Don't forget to subscribe if you're new And I'll see you next time bye