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Okay so I'm not gonna lie here these Types of videos I definitely get really Nervous sharing with you guys I'm Sharing my unfiltered thoughts and Opinions on fashion items that I don't Think that look great or that look kind Of cheap nowadays A lot of people are Recommending and sharing things and Telling people to buy certain things That personally I just don't think look That great and honestly I feel like just A waste of money I mean just gonna be Real here you know everybody has a Different style and different Preferences so this is definitely just One person's opinion but I do think These videos are really fun and today I'm sharing 10 things that I would avoid Buying a lot of these things I like to Share alternatives on options that look Kind of similar but are done in a better Way so the first one is about minimal Bags so I've done a video where I shared Inexpensive bags that look very high-end And expensive and I specifically was Looking for bags that are under a Hundred dollars it's just a more Reasonable price point and when I'm Browsing through brags under that price Point I come across a lot of bags that May look minimal and kind of high-end But they actually look really cheap if You pay attention to the little detail So one of them is if they have a really

Odd name on it so I came across this one Here it's a random one I found on Amazon I mean it has a good structure and Design to it very clean simple but the Name on the hardware I think it says Chinlo I'm assuming that's just a brand Name I mean clearly it's on the bag I Just think that looks cheap I just have To point that out sometimes they can Look good even if it's an inexpensive Brand like for example I have these bags By Charles and Keith and you know it's Not a very popular name it does have a Better logo a better font and a lot of The purses the logo is in the back not Right in the front where you see it so That's just a quick example of just how I try to avoid bags the odd name on it Then the next thing I notice that looks Really cheap in handbags is the hardware So if it looks really yellow really gold And just fake I would avoid bags like This because it looks cheap also it Might be the lighting it could be the Lighting I'll get give a thought you Know in the picture but uh that's just One thing to pay attention to when You're looking for bags for a lot this Next one I don't necessarily think it Looks cheap I just think it looks Defective it's the crisscross denim Jeans we're on the waistline the button Kind of crosses over and it's really Close to the belt loop where it gives

That V waistline personally not and I Don't think it looks cheap I just think It looks defective and I don't like it I Just don't think there's anything wrong With just going with classic denim jeans Throughout there's so many different Denim jeans styles and colors that you Can play around with that I don't think It's necessary purchasing jeans with That crisscross band next up is printed Cardigan so I definitely like printed Pattern tops but when it comes to Cardigans I kind of think they look a Little cheap I'm talking about Specifically prints like a buffalo print I also see color block Styles those are Also really popular especially on Amazon Like the Buffalo the color block Styles Those are just sold everywhere on Amazon You can get them in like a bajillion Colors too instead of these prints what What I would opt for if you want like a Printed cardigan is going for a crop Style which I think is really flattering Cut stops right around your waistline And maybe going for like a striped Version I've shared that before because If you go for a cardigan maybe with a Crew neckline and it has button Detailing you can wear it closed or you Can wear it open and layer tank Underneath it cropped I think makes it Look a little bit more up to date too Versus like a really long version if I'm

Going for a really long cardigan I Personally go for just a solid color Black beige brown okay so I would like To apologize for this next one Um I shared this a couple years ago and I just think it looks cheap I even Hesitated on purchasing it because I'm Like am I sure if I should I get this I Got it in and I was like oh this is so Comfy and cozy I'll still share it I got Rid of it and I'm really sad about it so Popcorn Cardigans I see these on Amazon All the time and I bought one color and It is super soft super cozy just really Comfortable people but it looks cheap uh The popcorn look it just reminds me of Popcorn ceiling okay the sixth thing That I personally think maybe it doesn't Necessarily look cheap but I don't see It looking very like stylish or high-end It's the Birkenstock clogs I see Everybody wearing it at least content Creators I don't really I don't think I've ever seen anybody wear it out and About to me they look like slippers in Russian we call that tapushki they look Like tapachiki to me which I'm sure They're pretty comfortable and I also See them styled in outfits like this on Pinterest where girls are wearing very Chic like clothing pieces very stylish Jeans and tops and blouses and outerwear And then they pop these on and I feel Like just looks so much better if they

Maybe put on a loafer or like a pump Even a sneak or like a classic white Sneaker I think would look better these Just look like again tapachiki to me and Not even that they are so expensive Actually I forgot how much they are Let's actually pull that up here okay 158 eight dollars okay so next up is Distress jackets so I actually really Love shackets because they look like a Jacket and a shirt put together the Jacket I don't know I love it I know It's definitely more of like a trendy Thing probably some people love it some People hate it Um I am on the love it side I just don't Like the ones that look like this where They're distressed they're afraid at the Bottom then again I was putting this Together I'm like but I've purchased Distressed jeans before but then I won't Purchase distressed shockets I mean the Irony in that anyways I'm just calling Myself out here next one is lace tops Okay so I want to share good and bad Examples here's a bad examples that I Think look really cheap so first ones This one here with the teal and then the Sleeves and then the neckline the Neckline is fine but the sleeves it just Looks like a really cheap lace to me and Not only that the colors are different So you have teal and block and I mean I'm not a fan of color blog but then

Especially when you put that with lace I Just don't think that looks great I Really think if you're gonna do lace you Want to make sure it's all the same Color the lace and then the other fabric Of the shirt same goes for this one so This lace is a lot bigger thicker more Bold it's the whole top which I Personally think is too much I think Looks better instead is lace that's done Like this I think it looks so beautiful When it's in Cammy materials you're Pairing the lace with maybe like a satin Or silk material not so much cotton but If it's paired with silk now it can kind Of look like pajamas I can say that but You know if you style it with like a Pair of denim jeans and some pumps I Think it'll look so stylish okay this Next one I actually had a really hard Time finding good examples and maybe It's because it's out of season right Now as what I mean by it's not Summertime anymore but it's lace up top So tops that have laces on the chest Especially if it has excess laces that Are just hanging down and especially When they have those Hops at the tip Literally looks like shoelaces on a Shirt but I think looks better instead I Came across this one from revolve it has Now I know this top isn't for everybody But it has the laces in the back and Even though it has the strings hanging

Down it doesn't have those little caps At the end and then you make a cute Little bow and it's done in the back and Then the front of the top is just solid I think that looks really sexy really Fun and feminine flirty Um if this is your style I think this Way that the laces are done is so much Better Austin final one since we're in The fall season I wanted to end with This one but it specifically boots I Would avoid boots with buckles that look Like this where it has too many buckles To it and especially when the boots are Scrunched like this it just doesn't look Sleek or polished it's very scrunchy and I don't like that and especially you Pair it with the buckles it's so busy it Looks so busy now I came across this Boot with a buckle which I actually love This because the boot is really Sleek Really polished and then you have one Buckle going around around the ankle and It's larger and it's just done so well It's structured it's polished the Buckle Looks very sleek and simple and the boot Itself it's not scrunched very sleek and Simple has a heel has a point I'm truly Considering purchasing like I am so Tempted I actually really really like This so that is it for this video and Just in time I finish my coffee I really Hope you guys enjoyed this video and Hopefully you still love me at the end

Of this video again I'm just sharing one Person my thoughts and opinions on all Of these things all the items that I did Really like that I shared I will link it Down below in case you guys were Interested in them thank you guys so Much for watching and I'll see you in my Next video bye