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Today I have another one of those kind Of controversial videos that I share on My channel I'm sharing 10 fashion trends That I absolutely refuse to buy I'll Give you my reasons why I am very honest In these videos and just straight up Straight to the point don't like to beat Around the bush on these so many fashion Items and trends that are heavily pushed Out there especially by content creators Influencers and I just want to be that Person here on my channel on YouTube Shares with you very popular fashion I That I personally don't like and of Course in this video I'll actually share Some fashion trends that I actually Think look great and actually look Really nice but majority of this video Is 10 items that I refuse to buy so Let's go ahead and hop right in some of Them I think you guys will actually be Really surprised about U ones I just Refuse to buy don't like for myself just Don't like in general okay but this First one may not come as a surprise but It's the denim Trend as far as denim Midi uh Maxie Styles I cannot see this Working on my 5' one frame I feel like For structured denim like this I just Have to have pants like they have to be Denim jeans as far as denim goes there's A lot of denim midi and Maxi styles that Have the split in the center where it Makes it a lot easier to move and walk

But to be totally honest you guys I feel Like especially as a mom of two this is One of the most unpractical things I Could wear that could be really Uncomfortable especially as I'm taking Care of my two toddlers very active Toddlers might I just add fion Trend I Refuse to buy I mentioned this in Another video and there was this was Actually 50/50 half of you guys love Them half of you guys absolutely hate Them it's the Birkenstock claws you guys Let me know in the comment section down Below if you haven't let me know already What you think yes or no uh I'm Personally on the no side this is an Item I could see people loving right now Then you'll look 10 years later and You'll think what the heck was I Thinking actually you know what they Look like they remind me of potatoes They look like potato slippers to me Potato shoes this next Trend that I Refuse to buy I really think this is the One of them that my viewers will be Really surprised that I'm putting in This video but it's the Mary Jane Flats Uh specifically you know the ones that Have the strap on your foot I'm a huge Fan of ballet flats the two-tone Flats Look so Chanel I love the vibe very French but if you just add that strap on The foot that to me I'm just going to be Just straight up it looks like little

Girls shoes I just bought a pair of These shoes for my 2-year-old daughter And I love them on her they are are Absolutely precious I am not sure if I Love them for adults I'm just being Honest next up is quilted jackets now The Quilted styles that look like this I'm not a fan of that it just candy Pinpoint why I mean it's the design it's Like very round and this is just the Stitching pattern the quilts like I love Puffer jackets puffer vests uh they're So practical very wearable especially Where I live Washington State um but I Just don't like this specific stitch Pattern also maybe it might be a little Too busy I don't know like I have a hard Time pinpointing why okay this next one You guys will I think will also be Surprised but it's the tailored vest I See this uh all everywhere I see it Literally everywhere I'm scroll through Instagram reals I mean a lot of girls Just styling these with like wide leg Trousers or I see it all over Pinterest Yeah I can't pinpoint why exactly I Don't like it and it might be because it Looks like a very masculine piece to me And you know there's a lot of men Inspired pieces that I like wearing like Blazers best it for me I think is a Little too masculine I think it's just a Little too much for me okay next one I Actually saw some good options and some

Bad options but it's the metallic shoes Trend that's super popular right now and I think especially as we're going into The holiday season a lot of people will Be interested in these because it kind Of has a holiday esque vibe to it now Metallic shoes that are done like this I Think it's too much a little aggressive A little bold too shiny I found this Pair from mango where it's strappy Metallic heels so thin straps definitely More subtle not so dramatic and bold now I think this is a much better way of a Metallic Style versus you know something Very bold and aggressive this one I feel Like it served its time I wore this when I was um like pre-teen early teen I Loved it at the time but now I look back That's probably one fashion item I Regret buying but it's pum tops now for Me pum tops don't work because I have a Large chest size and I have a long torso So a lot of times Pelin tops the seam at The waistline never hit me at my natural Waistline so it was always too high so I Would have like these large boobs the Seam right under it and then you have The flared out skirt of like the top Then it made me look really topheavy I Think that's the right word I'm looking For the pum tops for me make me look Topheavy very unflattering for me so This next one I feels okay some of these I feel so bad sharing I want to be

Honest and I'm trying my best to say This in like the kindest way I can but Still being honest at the same time About my thoughts and views on these and Again it just goes back to like just Just wear what you love like like Literally don't listen to me if you love It just just ignore me on this one but Okay bright red tights I've been seeing Red tights pop up often I'm sorry but They look very costume to me they look Like a costume I don't know I I just Think I don't know I I don't think it Looks good I'm sorry sometimes I can get Like some backlash on it but you know I'm being honest here you know I'm Putting myself out there and being Straight up with you guys the bright red Tights look like a costume to me I just Think the classic R just go nude um if You want colors maybe muted colors you Know I've seen a comment like Suggestions like uh Brown tights or dark Navy tights um you know I can see those Looking great but I don't know about red Up is leather sets now I do love leather Styling it wearing it but what's popular Right now is wearing just like head to Toe leather I think that's too much a Little too much um I just don't think That looks the best I mean obviously the Best route to go is wearing like one Leather item in an outfit so as far as Leather that's how I would go about it

Just like wear one or two pieces in an Outfit I wouldn't necessarily do the Whole thing head to toe leather okay the Last one I have to say I this is so bad The no pants Trend I mean have we really Come this far to not wear pants I mean Come on have people just lost Self-respect I'm I'm sorry I'm I'm just Really going there I really have nothing Left to say than just WTF and by WTF I Mean what the flip I don't swear usually Those are the 10 fashion items I refuse To buy I don't really agree with don't Really likee I hope you guys enjoyed Hearing that now the few things I do Really like as far as Trends a few Things brown the color brown inserting Photos here love this love it love it Love it I've been incorporating a lot More brown colors into my wardrobe Actually been incorporating a lot of Gray um actually I've noticed like this Gray shade or just gray in general has Been really popular lately I love it the Brown the gray obsessed shared bits and Pieces of this next Trend it's the old Money style if you don't know what I'm Talking about here's some photo photos Here now I didn't dive too deep into you Know the essence of this style but Essentially I mean it's very polished Minimal classic pieces trousers colored Blouses just very very chic very Timeless they look so put together it

Looks so Chic and stylish and I love That you know I wish there was more of That nowadays now I go out everybody's Wearing leggings everybody's wearing Sweats it's all about Comfort which you Know I don't disagree with I love Comfort but I also think it's amazing When we take the time and effort to Invest into our style and invest more Time into creating really beautiful Outfits and there's so many benefits With dressing really well I love that Old money style because it's becoming More popular to put more effort into Your style and actually putting on a Nice pair of pants a nice shirt or Sweater and I love that anyways as far As trends go I love those as far as you Know even if you love the other items That I mentioned I mean just wear what You love don't listen to me but that's Just just one person's opinion on things That I like and don't like uh love for You guys to share what you like and Don't like as far as these trends go I Love reading through the comment section Uh thank you guys so much for watching And I'll see you in my next video bye