10 Popular Styles That Are a WASTE OF MONEY…Do NOT Buy! Everything good is linked here & in the comments!
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These are 10 popular Styles like clothes Shoes bags that are a complete waste of Money okay do not buy them I'm sure some Of you already have these items but some Of you don't yet so we're going to save You money let's get started with the First thing that inspired this whole Video and that would be furry Birkenstock sandals what the heck this Makes no sense in any situation so when Would you wear these I would say Probably some are because they're Sandals but they're furry so they're Going to make your feet sweat they're Going to be hot they're going to get Stinky they're going to get mad down I Don't think this is ideal so then let's Wear them in the winter how are you Going to wear these in the winter you're Going to have to wear socks with them I Don't they just they don't make sense a Waste of money they almost remind me of The viral Gucci mules do you remember These mules I mean hundreds and hundreds And hundreds of dollars for these Designer mules with the fur they were Real fur too and the fur would drag on The floor and it would get gross and Just ugly and it just again a perfect Example of something that looks cute but Makes no practical sense I don't even Know what to call his next thing thing But is this we're like taking cropped Hoodie to a whole new level this is like

A thing like a popular thing and it's It's it's it's snowballing into other Areas like you can get Cardigans like This now you can get workout gear like This now it's almost like just an arm Shrug like it just you put over your arm And you just like show off everything Underneath maybe I'm just showing my age I totally understand there are certain Styles out there that serve no purpose But it's like just a a popular trendy Style but I I I really stand behind like This is a waste of money you're Literally paying $98 for this sweatshirt And you're getting a fourth of it now Let's move on to something that all of You have in your closet right now myself Included that has been a complete waste Of money I feel like nobody talks about This but it's Basics that don't fit you Perfectly and because of that you don't Ever reach for them I mean you're Reaching for the ones that are Comfortable that are flattering the ones That are pretty high quality and they Just like oh they fit you like a glove They they they they fit you perfectly And the rest just kind of sit there they They don't get worn I mean I love a good Wardrobe essential but again I'm only Actually reaching for the ones that I Love so again just plant that in your Mind if it doesn't fit you perfectly put It back kind of along the same lines we

Have cheap underwear low quality Underwear we're just going to just get It away get it away guys you know as Well as me you know you're going to Spend the extra 5 seconds and dig for The better underwear on your drawer I Mean I do it every day just stop buying Jeep underwear like I don't know why I Do it although I will say I still stand Behind that six-pack of Amazon underwear That I got on Prime day that was that Was a good deal because that's just Cotton underwear they're just basic but They're good so other than that though I've had no success with cheap underwear I have them for like a month I end up Just throwing them away I take that back They're still literally in my drawer now Speaking of Amazon let's talk about that For a second because it's not all Sunshine and Roses despite the fact that I'm always recommending Amazon fashion And beauty and gadgets like I can find Some really good stuff but with that I Can also find some really bad stuff so Let's talk about loose knit sweaters and That's not just an Amazon thing though It's also happens with like really High-end Brands and department stores Even like Nordstrom you know let's talk About this recent debacle though from Amazon it's this Amazon sweater that I Fell in love with like I was like oh my Gosh it looks so good I ordered it I got

It I really liked it it looked exactly Like this fast forward a few weeks thank Goodness I didn't recommend it to you Guys but it turned into this this Gravity happened guys it doubled it Literally doubled in size I don't Understand I mean I do understand Because anytime there's a super loose Knit type of material it just stretches Because of gravity and I know a lot of You are like Shay you just can't hang Your sweaters guys I hang all of my Sweaters it might not be like the most Ideal situation but as you wear this it Was just bound to happen that's just the The nature of of loose knit sweater Material so in my opinion I've realized It's just a waste of money now this next Thing is kind of hard to judge because I Ignore this all the time and still I'm Fine I'm prefacing way too much you Don't even know what I'm about to say Anything that must be dry cleaned in my Opinion is you're just throwing money Down the drain because I mean I'm sure There's a small percentage of you that Actually get your clothes dry clean but Most of us just don't listen to that at All but with that said I like 9 % of the Time never listen to something that must Be dry cleaned and honestly most of the Time everything is just fine I feel like They put that on the tag just to cover Their bases when it really isn't

Necessary but there are definitely some Clothing pieces where it's really Intricate it's really detailed where if It went in the washing machine or even If you hand wash it it probably would Get ruined um in those situations do not Buy just just don't buy it also one more Thing I was not planning on saying this In the video but I have to because no One else will this is annoying healthc Conscious Shake coming out so don't hate Me but dry cleaning is so bad for you so Bad for you the chemicals they use on Those clothes that then you bring home And you put on your body it's not worth It guys and I know there's chemicals Everywhere like we can't do everything Perfectly but I cannot emphasize enough Like these chemicals are Next Level so It's just not worth it guys it's not Worth it just skip it let's move on two Tiny bags and this one it just goes Without saying like obviously this is Just stupid I mean you're going to carry Around the chap stick literally it's Interesting to me that it has taken off So much I mean obviously you can get Like high-end Designer tiny bags but then you can also Get them at Target and Walmart I mean It's just a popular Trend so that's Interesting definitely waste of money I Think a lot of you would agree with me On that but that led me to my next waste

Of money Revelation and that is designer Bags that are annoying to use which is Way more of a thing than you might Realize so in 2016 when I first started My YouTube channel I'm sure a lot of you Maybe even discovered me because of this I used to review and unbox designer Luxury bags I loved it and I still like A good luxury bag they're not worth Thousands of dollars but for some reason I'm very drawn to them I don't get it It's shocking to me that most of them Are in fact very annoying to actually Wear and use which is odd to me Considering if you're spending thousands Of dollars on them they should be like Pristine Zipper perfect like in and out Accessibility like everything should be So good and I genuinely have realized in The last like few years that my bags From Amazon Walmart they're easier to Use they're more comfortable sometimes I Feel like they they honestly look just As good obviously not everything but This is my point if you want to buy a Designer bag for whatever reason that's Amazing go for it but you need to go to The store and you need to really Practice getting in and out of the bag To see if you're actually going to want To carry it around and use it cheap Sneakers like $30 sneakers I think you Should be really leery of because it's

Going to turn out to be a waste of money I mean they're just they're just going To look cheap like there's certain Things like I have a $12 tote bag from Amazon I swear wear I could be convinced That thing was $80 this shirt this is so Affordable and it's so nice feeling it's So form fitting it's Flattering again I could be convinced This cost way more than it did but There's something about sneakers or Tennis shoes if it if they are cheap They look cheap so sneakers have always Been a thing but I feel like people are Wearing them more and more lately they Just look really good and just really Cute and stylish with a lot of different Outfits and so it's totally worth it in My opinion to spend the extra money Maybe like $80 $100 on a good pair of Sneakers that you'll be able to wear They look better and they'll last you so Long so I'll see you in this video next Where I share 25 of the best designer Inspired items from Amazon like Everything looks like it's so expensive But it's really not so I'll see you on Over there