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So these are 10 popular styles that are Really in right now a lot of people Really like them they wear them but I Think they can look stupid so I'm going To share what these Trends even are and Then of course I'm going to share how to Wear them better all righty let's get Started with the first Trend or style That you know really Inspire this whole Video I always like to start there so Let's give a round of applause for Barrel jeans Barrel jeans guys yes so I Put these in an Amazon trending video Recently and all of you guys said how Hideous it is and I I agree I concur It's really bad I hate them um I think They look really stupid but they are Very trending they're viral they're like They're flying off the shelves they're Getting like going out of stock so some Of you may be your closet Barrel Jean Wearers I don't know but anyway let's Just let's let's do better the thing is I'm not oppose to the style because There are some some good things about it Like this right here see these it still Has like the barrel Jean uh Characteristic but it's so much more Subtle it's very much less is more so if You want to incorporate this style I Feel like you can just just go the Subtle route number two while we're Talking about jeans let's move on to the Denim on denim Trend that we're seeing

More and more and more of which could be A good thing or a really bad thing but Honestly the only thing that even comes To my mind when I say denim on denim is Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake I Mean is that not just the most iconic Most like just the epitome of denim on Denim but let's bring it back to the Year 2024 this is really what we're Seeing nowadays and I just don't like it I I feel like the mismatched tone like I Don't want to be matchy matchy but in a Way I feel like the only way that it Works I'm also not a fan of black denim On just like regular jeans like I feel Like that just looks off to me too so The better route in my opinion like to Look more stylish and more cohesive is To kind of be more matchy matchy this Light wash on top and bottom I love this Outfit I think it looks super stylish um This one is really good too if you want To even take it and make it simpler you Could just do a denim jumpsuit you could Do a denim Romper love that I also love My Aztec denim jacket that I got a Couple years ago on Amazon that you're Seeing right here to this day this is Still one of my favorite Amazon pieces It's just really cool but I love that it Has different tones of denim in it which Allows you to wear whatever jeans you Want it's is perfection moving along to The PJ boxer short Trend that you're

Seeing here I mean this is more for Teens but also 20 and 30 year olds it's Like the mom on the- go look like the Invogue stylish uh errand running look And and it's more specifically light Blue PJ boxer shorts paired with a nicer Top and I usually can get on board with That I love mixing elevated pieces with Casual pieces I feel like that usually Works this does not I feel like if I Wore this out people would be like sh Where are your pants you forgot your Pants I don't know I do you wear this Let me know but I feel like a better Option would still be wearing light blue Shorts but maybe I'm back to the batchy Matchy thing this is better in my Opinion it still has that similar kind Of like on thee-o stylish look you threw It on at the last minute and you're just Running errands and accomplishing your Tasks like I don't know this is way Better I mean you can do a light blue That's really on Trend or you can of Course experiment with other colors 3D Flower necklaces are also really big Right now I just don't like this when People are like tying them around their Wrist kind of like a fake corsage Looking thing like I don't really get That and then people will put them Around their neck like a necklace and if You're wearing it with just normal Outfits I feel like it can look really

Weird but if you if you save it for a Fancy event like maybe a wedding or or Something with a nice dress it can Actually look really good like this I Really like but what's interesting is This particular trend is now bleeding Into a lot of clothing so you we're Starting to see tons of 3D flowers glued Onto tops mainly like a lot of shirts And what's interesting is all of the Shirts and tops you're seeing here are All between $2 and $300 but to me you Would never know that because all of These shirts just look so cheap and Tacky and I really think it's because of The 3D flower plastered all over it so I Mean you can either love or hate this Trend I feel like it's going to date you Eventually going be like that was so 2024 I think I'm just more of a fan of a Classic Floral Pattern maybe I'm just Boring all right we're taking it back to Jeans uh this one I have no better Option meaning I'm basically just saying Don't wear them and honestly though Ignore me this whole video just my Stupid opinion wear whatever you want to Wear the shoelace jeans the drawring Shoelace jeans I do not like these I Feel like they look straight from a Clearance rack more so like I think it Hit me the other day when I saw it out And about it looked like someone's jeans Just broke like the button came undone

And they're like dang it I love these Jeans so I'm going to like mend them With a shoelace and now ever since I saw That or thought that like that's all I Can see in my mind so again like wear Whatever the heck you want but to me Again these look broken and or from the Clearance rack all right this next one Is not a new one I'm sorry this is kind Of a repeat I've been saying this a lot The last few years but leopard print was So in probably like five six seven years Ago I was wearing it like crazy and then I feel like it kind of went out and now We're seeing it come way back in if You're going to wear it just be aware of I guess the better way to wear it um so Let's start with the bad so there's just Like super strong leopard print where It's bold um I'm not even saying it's Like big print it's just like very Contrasted and I feel like that's kind Of more out and not so good also colored Leopard I'm just going to add that in Colored this not great but this these Pants these are the pants where it's Still incorporating the leopard Trend But it's like a subtle darker leopard Print this is so good love this trend a Much better way to wear this print I Also love this dress it's still leopard But it's not like screaming roaring Leopard so bright colors are definitely In right now I mean look at me with my

Bright pink shirt I really like it but With the bright colors I'm seeing more And more bright color cont combinations And some of them are weird color Combinations and I see this most often In shoes and I feel like the best Example of this are definitely the uh Adidas gazelle shoes there's so many Freaking weird color combinations like The worst one in my opinion is the the Red and green it's like Christmas in a Shoe I know Gucci can pull it off but With these I just I don't love it Personally even though the I mean a lot Of people probably do because I think This is one of their best sellers um I Also oh this it's like puky to me it's Like weirdly neony highlighter colors Like with green and orange I don't know I love the bright shoes I mean these I Got these green gazelle Adidas shoes um Love them I feel like I'm still Incorporating like brighter you know Shoes or colors into my outfits but I Feel like a solid color is better I also Really like these red ones I mean Obviously do whatever you want I just Think weird color combos can just bring The whole thing down Jorts are in right Now unfor fortunately and if you don't Know what Jorts are let me just provide The definition for you so Jorts are jean Shorts yes but they're usually either Purchased that way or they are made by

Cutting off the legs of a of an actual Pair of jeans that makes sense but Jorts Are really only you like the terms ever It's only used when it's really Referring to an unflattering look the Insert Jorts this this is what they are And they're really in right now but why They're so bad I hate them I don't like Them at all so I found these I I shared Them a while ago guys if you want to Incorporate the longer Jean short J Trend buy these they are so they're so Nice they're just from Amazon they're The Amazon 501 longer shorts I will link Them below they come in so many Different denim washes but they're still Longer so like they're really Comfortable and they're technically like A jort but a lot better okay so this Next one I'm kind of on the fence about But I'm putting it in this video because We're seeing it everywhere it's really On Trend and and I kind of like it then I kind of don't then I kind of do but Really I don't because it's silver Metallic pants like you're the Tin Man On the bottom but the thing is I can get On board with some fancy pants because You really just wear a boring top party On the bottom some high heels and for The right occasion you can look really Good so let me know your opinion on the Fancy silver pants along with everything Else in this video I've just been

Spewing my annoying opinions at you but Then watch this video next this is such A good one this is my Amazon designer Inspired video where everything looks so Much more expensive than it really is so I'll see you over in that one bye bye