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Hi guys welcome back to another video in Today's video I'm sharing 10 practical Ways to organize the clothing in your Closet and I'm really excited for this Video because feel like it's really Going to come off as relatable because I'm not rolling in a bougie YouTuber Closet however that is a goal I would Love to have a large walk-in closet Especially since fashion is my job but That's what makes this video really Exciting uh is that I'm finding ways to Organize a pretty average closet that Way you can save space things are easily Accessible as well as easy for everyday Use when you're pulling things out of Your closet and any products I share in This video will be linked down below so Let's go ahead and hop right in first Thing is organizing purses so I've Shared this uh storage solution already A couple times I'm going to start with This one first just to get it out of the Way but it's this hanging purse Organizer and I have been using this Since last summer game changer it is so Easy to take purses out put purses back In uh depending how large your purses Are you can fit one in one compartment Or you can fit even like up to three for Really small purses and the lower Compartments are meant for larger purses And then it gets smaller the higher it Goes and you can really fit so many

Purses in here and you just hang it in Your closet doesn't take much space and It also protects the purses that you Have so uh they're not just shoved in The back somewhere all just organized This you can actually fit a lot of items In a really small amount of space next Up is using shower curtain hooks to Organize your most worn jeans so I have Two ways I organize my denim jeans I Either fold them and put them away in my Dresser but my most worn jeans I do like To hang them because it's much more Easily accessible for me hanging them so I probably hang about seven pairs of my Jeans and the rest I put in a dresser And this is so nice because you probably Have extra shower hooks laying around You can just hang them in your closet They don't take up much space and it's Really easy to take them out and put Them back I shared this little hack Months ago you guys loved it so I wanted To put it in this video um I'll link the Shower curtain hooks that I have next up Is to organize your cams now look at This I fit 20 of my cammies and tanks in This one Hook and the amazing thing About this is that you use all of that Depth space in your closet so they're Not being hung this way but this way so You use a lot of that depth space and This saved me legit like 10 probably Hangers because what I usually used to

Do it's honestly kind of embarrassing Showing but whatever is like this I mean Can you imagine like oh I want the tank That's all the way on the inside here Going to have to take out like 10 tanks In order to get the one that I want out So this was just a no for me it was just A nightmare but this is much better more Organized you can easily see everything And it's so easy to take out put back And you fit 20 in here next up is this Shorts or skirts organizer so you can Fit five in one here and look how much Space that takes like literally nothing And what I used to do is either one put Each skirt or short in an individual Hanger or two I would put like three in One hanger and again when I want to wear The one I have to pull all of them out Put a couple back so it just wastes time I constantly have to organize it so this Way is so much more easily accessible so Organized very polished and minimal and The biggest thing it does not take up a Lot of space and you can fit five so I Think I got a three pack from Amazon Here's the other one here you put that Together I mean I have 10 shorts and Skirts and that takes up like literally No space okay this next one is probably My favorite and I'm ordering more as we Speak because it's TR shocking how much Space it saves so if you're in my Situation where you can't fold your

Sweaters cuz let's be real that's Probably a better way to maintain your Sweaters is folding it but that's not an Option for me I'm sure it's like that For others and sweaters take up a lot of Space when you hang them in its own Separate hanger because of the thickness So these space saving hangers here are a Great option I have one right here for All my turtlenecks so whenever I want to Pull out a turtleneck it's so easily Accessible they're all right here I Could pick which color I'm looking for And then same thing with my classic Sweaters right here they're all right Here easily accessible just pick which Color I want this also works fabulous For blouses long sleeve shirts bodysuits I specifically like to use this for my Sweaters and knits because those take up A lot of space when you're hanging them Uh in its own separate hangers so using Some of that vertical space in your Closet this is a great option let's talk About a storage solution for leggings Now I'm sure I'm not the only one that Hates folding my leggings in my drawers Because they're thin they're small and They don't take up that much space but It is so freaky hard to find the pair That I'm looking for because one I'm Constantly having to reorganize my Dresser I hate doing that especially With like little tiny pieces of clothing

Like I know I can get like little Cubbies and little things to like put Them on in its own each drawer that Never worked for me I can't keep up with That so this is a fabulous way to Organize all my leggings you can fit 10 In here and again with this one just Like the Camy organizer you're using That depth space in your closet so You're not actually using all this space Here you're actually using this much Space so for me this is much better Because I can find the legging I'm Looking for much more quickly they stay In better shape they look really minimal Polished and organized at the same time Another item I don't like putting in my Dresser are my trousers because they get Wrinkled and they don't stay put in my Dresser they since they're like thinner A little the material is usually smooth They just slide around in there so they Don't actually stay put in there they Get wrinkled with which is again more Maintenance more things for me to do Which I don't want to so I found this Perfect for pants perfect for trousers So if you have a lot of pants or Trousers for like work or if this is Your style this is a great storage Solution again it takes up little to no Space I have six trousers in this hanger If you have that space in your closet You can use the other hook hang it like

This when you need to pull one out and Then flip it back like this so really Easy so easy to put them back in take Them out now online I see all these Storage solutions for belts where you Like install like a sliding mechanism And such and you know while I love that Idea doesn't work for my closet and I'm Sure it doesn't work for a lot of Closets as well so I found these little Cubbies here so I organized my dresser You know I got rid of a lot of stuff in There and I really need space for all my Accessories so belts scarves hats um Belt is the one thing that is I feel Like really hard to organize and these Little Cubbies fabulous I can either put One belt in each slot or depending on The size of the belt I can put two and Again easily accessible low maintenance You just take it out put it back when You're done with it I know you can't use All of these storage solutions for Everything in your closet so that's why Having the right type of hanger for your Closet is key so I've tried many Different kinds guys probably see me use These wooden hangers a lot in my YouTube Videos especially on my clothing rack Honestly I don't recommend these um if You have just like an average closet Just pretty standard size because they See how thick they are they take up a Lot of space so these I purposely use

For my clothing rack for Aesthetics when I'm filming cuz you know my channel is All about fashion you know I like to Have my little Clothing Rack some nice Aesthetic hangers so everything looks Polished when it comes to my closet Closet I like to use these white ones Now you can use those like really thin Metal ones my husband loves those but I Personally hate them cuz my clothing Falls off of them so I don't like those I do like these cuz they're small enough Where they take up too much space but They don't slide off you're spending the Money on hangers get all matching Hangers especially if you get something Like this they are so cheap think it's Really nice at least for the Aesthetics Part is to have all matching hangers you Do have the space for it uh the wooden Hangers are by far my absolute favorite Now the last thing I highly recommend if You have the space for it is getting a Clothing rack so you guys see my Clothing rack in my YouTube videos all The time it's say black one I get Questions about it all the time where It's from it's from Amazon I got it at a Really decent price and with this Clothing Rack I purchased these wooden Hanger so I have a little corner In My Room where I put my most worn clothing On this Rack or clothing I'm wearing for Each season so right now I have like all

Of my winter stuff all my knits on there Slowly starting to transition into like Spring items pretty soon here and so I'm Like switching things out putting my Most worn things I also use it for my Business when when I'm recommending Products and clothing to you guys this Is just a fabulous way to fit more Clothing because you're essentially Adding a whole new rack but you put the Clothing on there that you're wearing The most That season so you just switch It out every season keeps it super Organized looks like a little Boutique Especially if you get some really cute Hangers all right you guys so that Brings it to the end of this video I Really hope you enjoyed seeing these 10 Practical ways to organize your closet Always everything will be linked down Below if you wanted to check anything Out I love you guys so much and I'll see You next time bye