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White Top I’m Wearing:

Nashville Tee:https://urlgeni.us/amzn/TCKO
Los Angeles Tee:
New York Tee:

Light-Wash Tie-Dye Shirt (similar):https://urlgeni.us/amzn/CE4d
Ruffle Sleeve Tie-Dye Top:

Oversized T-Shirt:
Long Short-Sleeve Top:

…there aren’t any lol

White Button-Down Top:
Blue Button-Down Top:
White Button-Down w/ Brown Buttons:
Linen Button-Down Top:

Basic Button-Down Top:
**don’t button bottom and tie**

Mock Neck Sweater 1:
Mock Neck Sweater 2 (love):
Half-Zip Sweater:

Oversized Cardigan:
Popcorn Cardigan:
Waffle-Knit Shirt Jacket:
Cropped Cardigan:

Collared Sweater:
Striped Collared Sweater:

One-Shoulder Bow Blouse:
Off-the-Shoulder Sweatshirt:
One-Shoulder Crop Top:
One-Shoulder Bodysuit:



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Hello everyone I am back with another Out of style video you guys love these I Do too you love to hate me for them it's Always fun to see what I'm gonna say are You going to agree with me and so this One is very specific to shirts and tops And I was inspired because I do make a Decent amount of Amazon videos I feel Like I'm always scrolling on there I'm Narrowing down what I think is really Stylish Amazon fashion but with that Said I see so many things that are bad Very out of style but lots of reviews Meaning people are buying this stuff and I see it in department stores and so I Thought it would be fun to share 10 Styles of shirts that are outdated for 2023 but I'm also going to share what I Think is a better option so just don't Hate me for this guys don't be offended This is all in good fun if you love These Styles you rock them and I'm not Just saying that so let's get started oh My gosh this is like the 10th take on The first point and I haven't even have Barely even started this video I just Don't want to come across a mean and I Feel like I keep coming across mean so The first one is graphic tees I know like the inspirational Happy ones I just think they're outdated I'm so Sorry like the be kind be the sunshine Spread kindness I I'm sorry the Good Vibes oh my gosh I see the Good Vibes

One plastered on Amazon everywhere I Think I even have it I think it's from Like five years ago though you can get It in every color every style of shirt T-shirt sweatshirt uh tank top I see This everywhere and I just think I'm Gonna say this a million times in the Video it's just outdated at this point So a better graphic tee option would be Like a band tea Vibe so like there's This one you can get on Amazon it's like A Nashville Music tea looks kind of like A band tea whether it be like Rolling Stones The Beatles to me that's more uh Up to date uh you could also just get a City tea like Los Angeles New York Something like that looks a lot more up To date for 2023. another style of T-shirt that I think is not so good and And I think I think some of you might Agree with me on this one but who knows It's the tie-dye shirts and I mean like The very vibrant very high contrast Tie-dye shirts and like a million colors I just I I know the thing is I know a Lot of you do really like them because They have the Amazon's Choice label on So many of them with so many reviews Meaning so many people are buying these Tie-dye shirts and and hey if you love It again you wear it but I think a Better tie-dye option would be something That's more subdued something more Pastel and light

Um so I kind of don't mind these uh so As we go along just so you know all of The the better options the the styles That I think are are nice I will link Down below nothing you need anything I'm Just saying if you happen to like Something it'll be linked down below This next one could be kind of Controversial and I'm going to start off With more of like the basic style that I See a lot of and then I'm gonna go into A little more specifics later but long Tunics let's just start there long Tunics and I I understand why people Want to wear these because they can be Somewhat flattering for certain body Types so I totally get that but I think What makes them a little bit dated is The different pattern so like we've got Floral patterns we've got Paisley Patterns I I just think that if you're Going to wear something longer to kind Of maybe hide some problem areas I would Go for something more in a solid print So I've got oversized t-shirts I Actually think that can be really Stylish Um also maybe a longer plain Tunic like I love this this is a very Very popular top tons of good reviews And I think it looks so much more up to Date I just want to call attention to This long tunic that I often see uh and It is more plain however it has this

Button detail towards the bottom and it It like drapes in a terrible way I say This in so many videos but I can't stand Shirts that literally make you look Pregnant and this is exactly what that's Doing again I got people think I'm Probably so vicious and that I go out in The world and I'm like critiquing Everyone I truly don't think that I do That let's get back to what I'm about to Say the tunics with the asymmetrical or Diagonal hems Where it's like pointy and diagonal and Like the the bottom is just like weird I Don't know it just doesn't look good it Just looks like something from 15 years Ago Um so again I don't have a better option For this I would just say maybe don't Wear it I never really say this anymore but are You subscribed to my channel there's Like 50 of you that are not which is Totally fine not a big deal YouTube Doesn't really push the subscriptions Anymore but if you are not subscribed I Would love for you to take two seconds And subscribe down below it's totally Free and it just it just tells YouTube That people like my content it just kind Of helps the algorithm this next shirt Is confused it's trying to be a tunic Yet also trying to be a regular shirt It's the high low top

It's high in the front low in the back It's weird it's confused I don't like it At all it looks like a tail I feel like There's so many better ways to kind of Get this effect and I understand like Maybe you want to cover your butt like It makes sense but again all you really Should do is just maybe get a basic Button-down shirt so many of them are Actually slightly longer in the back Which is what you want and then you can Maybe tuck it in a little bit in the Front you don't even have to tuck it in The front if you don't want to but you Can if you want give your waist a little Shape but then still cover your back This next one I I've talked about before I'm sorry it's a repeat but I feel like Some of you maybe missed it and I I can Convert you to this once you see it You'll never unsee it um it's the tie Front tops and I do think that they are Just out of style like I think they're Extremely overdone I see these still all Over Amazon but it's more than that it Is The dangly things that are like dangling At your crotch it's like the most Unflattering location of dangly things I Just see man parts that's all I see I See little man Parts Longman Parts Sometimes Um in that spot and it's just so weird To me and and I think that uh maybe

Don't wear them but if the thing is if You like the the style of like tying Your your shirt because that is a Classic style I would say just do it Using a regular button-down shirt and Don't button it down the whole way so That you can kind of get two ends to Actually tie together in like the Regular old-fashioned way I think that Can can look good next we have cowl Necks cowl necks and I typically see This with sweaters although I I'm Starting to see it even with just other Shirts like sweatshirts it's basically Like a turtleneck but a really floppy Turtleneck like an oversized turtleneck That just lays on your chest and it Always looks wrong I don't know I feel I Feel like in general Towel necks are just out of style but if You want something with a higher Neckline I would say go for mock necks Which I don't even really like that name Either but it's just a more Sleek more Chic Type of sweater Um it's it's still higher on the Neckline but there's just not all of the Flappiness going on Um I really like these I have them Another option that I've been loving Lately that is kind of similar is where It is a higher collar but it's a zipper So you can show off some jewelry let's

Talk about waterfall Cardigans I love a Good cardigan and I feel like every five Years or so the style slightly changes And I think the waterfall cardigan was From like 10 to 15 years ago and it's Kind of like that fluttery front and and I'm not saying it's a terrible cardigan I just think it makes you look older Than you really are so I would suggest And and this is just my opinion I think Oversized Cardigans are still in Um this is my favorite one of all time From Amazon it's the popcorn cardigan oh My gosh I've recommended it so many Times I'm telling you guys it's the most Comfy thing ever but it's like slightly Oversized we also have this one with Like a little collar definitely in but We're also starting to see a trend Towards uh shorter cropped Cardigans now This one's nothing crazy but it's Definitely really in style right now Moving right along the next style of Shirt I want to talk about are the Lace-up tops so they're not that bad They're not that bad but I just looked Up synonyms for out of style because I Keep saying the same thing over and over Again so we've got obsolete Behind the times I feel like that's good Behind the times pause A is it POS passe I don't know there's Just detail here and it's just like a Shoelace for your shirt I feel like if

You want to call attention to this I Mean hey if I had cleavage like this Maybe I would be wanting to wear lace-up Shirts just kidding um I could never Pull that off I feel like if you want to Kind of have some detail around your Chest again back to the collared shirts You can zip it down a little bit open it Up wear some necklaces or even just show Off your neckline this next one I've Said a thousand times but it had to be In this video to me this next one is the Epitome of out of style for 2023 don't Hate me but it's the cold shoulder tops I'm sorry it's the tank tops it's the Sweaters with the holes right in your Shoulders if you love this keep wearing It but if you want to try something that Has a very similar look but is a much More classic option go for the one Shoulder tops to me this is just way Better it it it still gives that same Look but it's way more up to date and in Style for 2020 three so there you have It wear what you want this was all just In good fun um but I will have all of The items that I actually did really Like linked it down below please Consider subscribing and I'll see you in My next one bye