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Hi guys so in this video I am sharing Some beautiful fall and winter old money Inspired wardrobe pieces and these are Very classy and just so Chic and so Sophisticated and I have partnered with Goia for this video this is my second Video with them I partnered with them in The summertime I shared summer pieces I Loved the pieces loved the quality loved The style I especially love how a lot of Their pieces are petite friendly before I share the pieces I do have a code with Goia they gave me such a generous code Code it's Elana 25 that gives you 25% Off their sites I'll have that listed in The description box below for you guys So you can just copy and paste it along With everything else here that I'm Sharing today will be listed down below Let's just go ahead and start with what I'm wearing this is called the silk Woolen knit top this is made up of 74% Wool uh 24% silk so very soft very Breathable it's on the thinner side so It's great for layering very stretchy And I would say this is so perfect to Tuck in because it's really thin so it Doesn't add any bulk to your midsection Uh again incredibly soft very breathable And really really easy to layer I think That's one of the reasons why I just Love thinner knit tops like this and It's also made up of wool so you get That warmth there and then the silk is

Also very cooling as well is what I Really like about it so I don't ever get Too hot on this has this beautiful Keyhole detail that I think just really Elevates the top and then next are these Washable wool tweet shorts so I'm Wearing this in a size 24 totally true To size fits perfect what what I love About it is the button detailing and the Way the buttons are placed is kind of at An angle it really makes your waistline Look smaller which I really appreciate So it's along the line of where the Pockets are and they're again angled so Going into your waistline so it really Gives that illusion of a smaller Waistline the buttons are also fantastic Just give it a little bit more style and The material is thick and warm so these Shorts are made up of 100% wool so They're very warm but they are lined on The inside and and then along with the Shorts this tweet jacket is absolutely Incredible it actually has the same Print as the shorts so you can wear this As a set and it looks absolutely Incredible together I'm wearing the Jacket in a size extra small and here Let me just put it on right now together As a set it's just absolutely so Stunning and I love it I think this is My favorite look out of the entire video This jacket is made up of 100% wool and It does have a lining on the inside uh

Which again is great and has just Beautiful button detailing Deep Pockets And actually what I love about this Jacket it's not a super thick wool Jacket it's a little bit thinner and I Love that because one it's really easy To layer and also it's meant to fit over Size like this I'm wearing an extra Small so I would say definitely just go True to size with this one um and then You'll get kind of a little bit of an Oversized look love the like the Thinness of it I wouldn't say it's thin It's just thinner than compared to like A lot of my other wool jackets but it Just the way it moves it just sits Nicely and just has more movement to it Versus something that's thicker and Really structured this just lays Beautifully and just moves and I don't Know I hope I'm describing it accurately For you guys it just the way it sits is Just not so bulky and it's great to Layer to keep you warm it's made up of 100% wool fully lined super comfortable And it just looks so stylish paired with These shorts next sweater I wanted to Share I styled it with these shorts and It goes perfectly together because this The color palette really matches this is The half neck turtleneck cashmere Sweater this is made up of 100% cashmere Very breathable very soft um it's not Super thick but it's not thin either so

It definitely will keep you warm Breathable not itchy this color is just A perfect beige color I love the color Palettes goelia has on their site they Just make it so easy to wear together With their pieces and with other pieces That are existing in my wardrobe so Actually paired with these wool shorts They look so perfect together and you Would think I would be kind of cold in This outfit but I'm really not because Cuz I'm wearing wool cashmere and all of That keeps you so warm but it's also Very breathable at the same time next up Is the machine washable wool ruffl neck Turtleneck sweater uh this one is Absolutely stunning and I could not Capture this on the camera I really Tried but actually has a little bit of a Sparkle and glitter to the fabric which Really elevates it and it really looks Like it's perfect for the holiday season As well so for Thanksgiving for Christmas all the fun festivities is Definitely really elevated with the cute Little ruffle details on the sleeves and On the neckline it's really warm it's Made up of 89% wool for a Ivory like Off-white color it is absolutely not See-through and I just love the little Subtle Sparkle it has that's just what Really elevates it along with the ruffle Detailing next one is the tensil wool Patchwork a mandarin sweater so this one

Is so elevated even though it's like Kind of look simple so it has these Beautiful pleated sleeves then the body Of the sweater is in a knit material so You're combining two different different Materials together also the neckline is Just absolutely stunning and this again Looks so perfect for holidays Festivities cuz it has a little Sparkle To it in the neckline and then it has This beautiful open neckline that just Kind of angles to the side and it just Is so unique I've never seen anything Like it okay I could not resist a trench Co especially in this beautiful green Color it's muted it's subtle it works Perfect for right now and for Springtime As well uh and this is made up of 100% Wo which actually I was really surprised Looking at it um I can definitely feel That uh but it just feels different than Like a wool jacket like this definitely Feels more like a trench go it is Partially lined on the inside on the Sides here uh but the rest of it is Unlined here but it is very drapey flowy Really beautiful it has a button Detailing right here on the waistline to Close it it has button detailings on the Shoulders this is actually shockingly so Petite friendly I am 5'1 for reference The sleeves fit beautifully the Shoulders fit beautifully the length of The outerwear piece is not too long

Which can be the case sometimes and so It's just a perfect piece I was truly Surprised in the best way I'm wearing a Size extra small which is true to size For me comes in a couple other colors I Think a camel and a black uh so very Classic I definitely love like this Muted green color and I just love how Classy and elegant this is here's Another coat this is the tensil wool Double Face coat I love how Classic this Is also very petite friendly love the Length love the big Pockets it has in The front has uh buttons here so you can Close it and it also comes with a Leather belt so you can tie it around The waistline so here it is worn both Ways open and closed and I think both Ways look phenomenal it has no collar to It this coat is made of wool double face Fabric which has a delicate and really Soft texture to it and I just love that It has just like such an elegant look to It when you wear it it like drapes and Moves just like this tweed jacket I'm Wearing this is made up of 83% wool and It's also just so soft and so smooth and This is not itchy At All by the way uh It just fits so beautifully really soft Feels and looks so elegant and I love How it comes with the leather belt which Adds just a really beautiful different Detail um I just love the different Materials you have the leather and then

The wool coat uh I think it just looks So amazing paired together and then this Next one is the machine washable v-neck Wool sweater this is made up of 100% Wool and I just love this chocolate Color this has been my favorite color Lately you guys and I love how guia has A lot of these pieces in this color so I Love this gold button detailing Definitely elevates the top the buttons Are very high quality I'm very pleased With them it's also very stretchy very Soft and it's made up of 100% wool not Itchy really soft really breathable and It just layers perfectly not too thick Not too thin uh so perfect to layer and Really easy to style a piece like this Is basic but yet elevated with a Beautiful gold button detailing going Going down in the front what I mentioned Recently I love that guia has a lot of Really modest necklines they're not too Low and it also just makes it so Wearable and really practical because You're not you know concerned about Exposing too much cleavage you're not Pulling up your shirt often it just sits At the perfect neckline where it Conceals cleavage but yet still leaves Some open neckline that is one of the Reasons why I love goelia pieces so much Because the modesty next up is the Tensil and Woolen square neck top I love Love love this one so first the button

Detail is so gorgeous it's really Elevated the sweater is ribbed uh this Is a little bit more on the thicker side Comparing it to the other sweaters I Shared I love the structure it has and How fitted it is and I love the open Neckline it's so beautiful like this Subtle like square neck that kind of has Like almost a little sweetheart neck to It and it's open neckline but modest at The same time it's not sitting too low On my chest size so I love that again Like I mentioned and it also has these Little faux Pockets here uh they look Like there's Pockets but there's not Actually Pockets there but it has the Flops there to make it look like it Which I love that little detail gives a Little bit more style uh again the Buttons are gorgeous they're a little Bit textured too so it gives it a little Bit more style and very comfortable Totally petite friendly you guys so that Brings it to the end of this video that Was 10 really beautiful old money style Classy pieces from goelia uh I'll have Everything linked down below for you Guys if you wanted to check it out again My code is Elana 25 gives you 25% off Their pieces you guys so much much for Watching I love you so much and I'll see You in my next video bye