10 Tricks to DECLUTTER Your Entire Home In ONE-HOUR! Everything mentioned is linked below…click SHOW MORE!



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1. Set a timer for 1 hour!
2. 15-minute kid cleanup
3. Trash the trash!
4. Donate a full bag (or more) of items
5. Put away out of place clothes or shoes
6. Laundry Basket Trick (move room to room)
7. Focus on clearing FLAT SURFACES!
8. Throw away old or stale food
9. Spot clean (chomchom roller or handheld vacuum)
10. Make your bed & ENJOY!



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Today we're going to be decluttering the House in only one hour I've got 10 ways To do this in record time and afterwards You're going to walk around the house It's going to look clean it's going to Look put together and you're going to Feel so much better so I hope this video Gives you some inspiration and it's Really not that much of a time Commitment but it truly works so I will Have my 10-point checklist listed Down Below in the description box of what to Follow but first thing on the list is to Set a timer for one hour so I like to Set it on my phone and kind of keep an Eye on it just to keep up with the pace It's honestly a little mind trick but We're also going to put it in the corner Of the video and we're gonna get all of This done in one hour number two is if You have kids so if you don't have kids Skip this step but this is crucial You're actually going to have your kids Participate in this for only 15 minutes You're gonna have them set a timer for 15 minutes make it a game have them Clean up their room as fast as they can Only for 15 minutes have them go around The house find toys or things that Belong in their room and have them put It back in their room have them make Their bed again make it a game and tell Them that they only have to do it for 15 Minutes and just keep in mind that this

Time restriction is purely brain Manipulation it really just tricks us Into being more motivated it tricks us Into actually working quickly to get it Done in the allotted time that we have And we actually feel better about doing It because we realize we only have to do This not so fun task for one hour or for The kids 15 minutes number three you're Going to take a trash bag and literally Walk around your home quickly and try to Throw away as many things as you can and I'm I don't mean throw away things that Should be donated I'm talking about Throwing away actual trash because I Can't be the only one I literally have Trash in my house it's ridiculous I mean Some of it's probably for me some from Josh some from the kids there's things That need to be thrown away and so You're gonna just do a whole house sweep Of trash and hey it might not even be That much or it might be a lot we're all At different levels but this is a good Starting point and then we're going to Take another trash bag okay this is Number four we're going to take another Trash bag and walk around the house and Try to find as many things that you can Donate now this I really want you to try To fill up the trash bag I know you can Do it there's so many things on our home That we do not need and we know we don't Need them we know that we are annoyed by

The unnecessary clutter things we just Haven't taken the time to actually place It in a bag or a box to donate so this Is what you're going to do literally go Around the house and find as many things That you can donate the next thing on The checklist is to walk around your House and find any clothes or shoes that Should be put away or clothes that are Actually dirty that need to go in the Laundry and that's just real life I will Find dirty socks on the floor I will Find sweatshirts laying around that are Probably just fine that need to be hung Back up I'll find coats that need to be Put in the coat closet sometimes there's Shoes laying around that need to be put Away this step really goes by fast it Probably only takes a few minutes but it Will definitely make a big difference The next item on the checklist is my Laundry basket trick and I made this up And it's not going to take that long Either because we've already done quite A few sweeps through the house but it's When you take a laundry basket and move Room to room and find items that don't Really belong in that particular room Put them in the laundry basket move to The next room see if anything in that Room is in the laundry basket for you to Put away and you really just move from Room to room to room putting things back Where they actually belong okay this

Next step is crucial okay I think this Is what's going to make the biggest Impact out of everything and it's Focusing on your flat surfaces okay so I'm talking about your kitchen counter Your Island your kitchen table maybe Your bathroom counters maybe your end Tables in your living room anywhere that Has a flat surface we have a tendency to Put things on there and that's what is Causing us to feel like our house is Dirty that our house is too cluttered we Accumulate too many things on these flat Surfaces so what I want you to do is Walk around your house and try to clear Off as many things as you can from these Flat surfaces and you know just work to Put them away move them to where they Should be make the flat surfaces clean Now make sure you're checking your time Because again we're only doing this for An hour so each step only has around Like six to seven minutes until you need To move on to the next thing so keep That in mind obviously some steps you Need to focus on a little bit more other Steps are going to be like a breeze and Kind of instant so you kind of can allot Time to other areas you know what I'm Trying to say but the next thing food We're gonna go to the to the pantries And we're gonna go to the refrigerator And you're gonna throw away anything That's stale anything that's been in the

Refrigerator too long maybe leftovers That have gone bad just try to get rid Of anything that no one's actually going To eat number nine these these are gonna Be your best friends so you're gonna go Around we don't have time to vacuum our Whole house no no so we're gonna be lazy About it but it's still going to make a Difference so if you have hardwood Floors uh or stairs or whatever you're Just gonna go around spot treat pick up Any loose debris anywhere with a lovely Handheld vacuum use whatever you have if You have carpets guys I've been freaking Pushing this Chom Chom roller like crazy This is so good to spot treat carpets Upholstery it's just instantly Works Especially if you have pet hair and cats And dogs or whatever but even if you Don't it's it just works wonders on Carpet now I am going to try my hardest To get a discount code for this Chom Chom roller on Amazon I'll have it Linked down below and I'm gonna put the Code here on the screen if I'm Successful and you can enter this code At checkout for an additional percentage Off this is not sponsored at all I just In the past was able to get a discount Code so fingers crossed I can get Another one we've made it to number 10 Guys you didn't you have made a huge Difference in your house in only one Hour and the last step we're gonna do is

Simply make our bed okay maybe you Already did this for the day in which Case you're done but go make your bed And then when you're done flop on to it Feel accomplished you have made a Difference in your home today and it Wasn't that bad so please subscribe if You're new I hope you enjoyed this and I'll see you in my next one bye