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So in this video I am sharing 10 ways to Make your outfits look better and I Haven't done one of these videos in Actually a very long time and I really Miss it my style is specifically is very Minimal classic Chic with a little bit Of a girly Flair to it I will be sharing A combination of tweaks you can make Cheer outfits to look better and then Certain wardrobe pieces to totally stay Away from and I'll have a better Alternative to share with you guys as Well but just a disclaimer if I mention Any wardrobe pieces that you love that I Don't like please don't listen to me Wear what you love and rock it I'm just Some random YouTuber just sharing my Thoughts and opinions here on this Platform so feel free to wear whatever Makes you happy because in the end of The day that's all that matters so these Videos are in good fun so anyways let's Just go ahead and hop right in with the First thing now I have to give a credit To a viewer or subscriber that pointed This out to me and they wrote this in a Very kind way so I'm not knocking on Anybody that wrote this but when I Shared these pants before like in one of My Amazon videos these are a paper bag Waistband so it came with one of these Belts here where you make a bow at the Waistline now you could probably tell in The thumbnail of the photo where I'm

Going with this this adds a lot of bulk To your frame to your midsection I Honestly didn't realize it until Somebody mentioned it to me they are 100 Completely right I think a more Flattering option is going for this Thinner belt like I did here so you can See in the before and after I feel like It just dramatically changes the look Looks so much better looks a lot more Polished and clean and put together now I think tying like bows around your Waist works well if the bow Isn't So Oversized like in this case this is Really big it was really droopy really Long and if the bow is structured at the Same time so sharing an example here of My Abercrombie rompers that I've been Wearing all summer these bows are Structured and they're not as large and Oversized and they sit more flat and When it's more structured like this the Bow it'll sit more flat against your Body so it's not going to add too much Bulk now if it's a belt like this like I Was wearing with these pants it Definitely adds a lot of bulk because It's stretchy it's really long it's Droopy so it just doesn't look Flattering next up is wearing the wrong Trousers for your body type specifically Meaning if you're getting pulling around Your hips and crotch area with trousers They're the wrong size or the wrong

Style for you and I have to say finding Trousers is such a pain in the behind so A few things to consider when you are Looking for trousers to avoid that Pulling so first go for a bigger size if You can and if that doesn't work go for A loose fitting trouter that has like a Straight leg or a wide leg those will Probably be your safest bet or best bet If you're looking for a trouser that Fits you so these that I'm wearing here They are a lot looser fit so in the leg They're like completely straight leg Even around the thighs they're just Totally straight they don't hug my Thighs or anything it just gives a very Clean and Polished look this way Especially for a trouser it looks so Elevated and there's no pulling going Around in my crotch like these look like They fit me really well and they are Incredibly comfortable too so those are My biggest tips as far as trousers Trying to avoid all the pulling or Wrinkling in the hip area Okay this next Tip honestly okay this is a little petty I feel like but a lot of times I'll see People wearing the sunglasses like this I think if you're especially if you're Dressing really minimal and very Classic This is very distracting when we're Going out and about going from outside To inside we need somewhere to put our Sunglasses conveniently a lot of times

The first place we think of is right Here but let me tell you I have lost Countless of sunglasses doing that so That's why I am passionate about this Point so instead of laying it here it's Just either one put it on your head like This I feel like this looks so much Better versus right on your chest which Is like bam you look right there it's so Distracting or just put it in your purse But I wouldn't wear it like this so I Try to avoid doing this like pulling it All the way back like this I feel like This looks a little funny so if you're Gonna wear it on your head I would say Just go right on top like this and I Actually think that looks pretty cute Okay this next style tip this is Something I totally avoid to have just Like a very minimal classic style this Is actually a really trendy thing that Is ultra popular right now so it's the I Don't know what to call it it's this Jumpsuit with a really saggy crotch That's just the best way for me to Describe it it's really drapey and loose In the crotch and in the butt area and I Just honestly think that's not very Flattery I think the better alternative To wear is a jumpsuit that's actually Fitted and tailored and structured and Not saggy in that area and again I Totally think it's fine to you know try Out different things and explore and

Have fun with style but this is one of Those things I think we're gonna look Back and be like what the heck was I Thinking okay so this next one I totally Take the fault pour I do this so often On my outfit ideas videos but you want To make sure when you are putting on a Button-up shirt that the buttons are Lining up correctly in the middle so It's not crooked to the side or anything Like that so right in the middle and I Do this so often on my styling videos Because I'm changing outfits super fast And creating different outfits for you Guys in videos that sometimes I forget The little details which again nobody is Perfect I literally learned all of these From my own mistake next up I would Avoid graphic shirts that look like this That say stuff like Love Sunshine like this stuff looks very Cheap and something that does not look Very minimal Timeless and classic now I Feel like if you are into this style you Already stay away from this but if You're looking for something graphic That looks designer and looks cool a Couple options that look really good is One actually going for the designer Route which for example Anin Bing I'd Probably see a lot of people wear like The hats or the sweatshirts those Definitely look a little bit more looks And just done better for a graphic shirt

Or Abercrombie actually has really good Options for like tennis or different Schools or different Parks as well these Look so much better as far as a graphic Shirt okay do you guys remember the crop Trend I feel like it's starting to kind Of go out of style like having cropped Jeans or cropped trousers pants bottoms Um I still love a good crop pant as long As it's not too cropped which is what This point is a lot of times people will Go go so cropped that it straight up Looks like high waters and I've made This mistake a few times I cut my jeans A little too short or I purchased pants That are ironically Too Short on me even Though I'm five foot one that's actually Really hard to do for me to find Something that's too short but in a Couple cases I ended up doing that I Think a good crop length is around your Ankle bone that's usually where I stick Around if I want something a little bit More cropped if it's full length it's Right below my ankle bone and but just Making sure it doesn't do an ankle Scrunch for me if that part is very Important so when you are looking for Bottoms make sure it's not too short or Too long where it's just dragging on the Floor next up instead of wearing thick Strappy sandals like this I highly Suggest opting for something that's Thinner more minimal kind of more dainty

Looking this style I feel like looks More classic and more Timeless versus Something very bold and aggressive Looking like this one thicker straps Like this almost look like thick Bandages so I highly recommend about Going for the thinner more minimal Danger out this definitely looks very Classic and Timeless Never Say Never but You know honestly learn to just not say That here on YouTube just literally I'm Just going to start with this never say Never but I don't think you guys will Ever catch me wearing low rise jeans but This tip point is specifically for those That actually do like wearing low rise Jeans we want to avoid wearing low-rise Jeans that look like this uh where they Just really squeeze you there and it's Just I think we can all agree it looks Unflattering this is just stay in the Past instead go for something maybe it's In a little bit of a looser fit but That's just something that's just not Squeezing it's something that just fits Correctly it's not squeezing you and Maybe don't go for so low rise where you See your thong sticking out in the back You know what I mean over something a Little bit with a higher rise and that Just sits perfectly on your hips but Again I am sticking to what I feel best Then is high-rise that's just me but for Those of you that love low rise jeans I

Feel like there's really good options Now it days last and final tip if you're Ever in doubt with size and what to get For clothing I feel like when going up a Size always looks better than a size That is too small on you so I think this Specially applies to if you're online Shopping you're unsure what size to get My rule is is just go for my bigger size And actually I just want to say that I Think it's totally okay to be many Different sizes I genuinely purchase From three different clothing sizes if Something is fitted I look for a bigger Size I usually pick my bigger size if Something is really oversized and big I Actually go for my smaller size so just Depending on what the item looks like I'll just go from there when in doubt I Think going for a bigger size will Always look fabulous again gives that Very cool relaxed look but also you want You just want to make sure it you know Especially if it's a top it's fitted at The shoulders and sleeves and everything Nothing looks like it's too big if that Makes sense so definitely play around With that again just a rule of thumb I Like to stick to is if I'm in doubt I'd Like to go for my bigger size all right Guys so that is it for this video that Was 10 ways to make your outfits look Better I really hope you guys enjoyed This video if I shared anything in this

Video all the links will be listed in The description box for you guys and Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you in my next one bye