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Today I'm sharing 10 reasons why your Outfits look sloppy now not yours Specifically but at least outfits I see On the internet on Pinterest Specifically I wanted to point out these Little details on certain styling Choices and dressing yourself certain Ways I think some some some things just Look a little sloppy and I just wanted To point it out this may be one of the Videos that might get me in trouble cuz This is definitely something I don't Hear or see other people call out I Myself am the only one uh that I know of Calling these things out so again Typical YouTuber disclaimer dress how You feel your most and confident and Best in my opinion doesn't matter Honestly it really just comes down to What you feel your best in but I do love Making these videos cuz I know how Helpful they can be to some girls also Just to make this video a little more Spicy and fun I'm actually going to Dress myself in these examples I'm going To share in ways that look sloppy so you Can just see how ridiculous I feel first Thing I have to point out and I put this Example on myself is wearing slippers Out of the house so you have a put Together outfit like I'm wearing here But then you go out in your slippers I Seeing this everywhere on Pinterest Everywhere on Instagram I even see it

When I go out and I'm just like the what That that first I think this is a really Great way to ruin a nice pair of Slippers at least where I live in Washington state there is no freaking Way I'm wearing my nice new slippers Outside of the house you know how Disgusting it looks out there and number Two so I saw this girl styled here with The cute sweater the straight jeans and Then the slippers okay honestly I do Love how this looks I think it's so cute Looks so cozy I would only wear this at Home so a pair of jeans and a sweater And then the slippers like I'm wearing Now this is something I would wear just Strictly inside of the house I feel put Together I'm comfortable my feet are Comfortable too and they're warm uh but I would not wear this outside of the House I kind of just feel ridiculous Going out of the house with slippers on It feels a little silly to me it almost Feels like I forgot to put on my shoes And I I just I just don't like it I know A lot of people love dressing like that And you know if that makes you happy I'm On your side I'm happy for you for me I Just feel a little a little silly okay Next up I always see you know this is Like such a jenzy outfit but wearing Loose pieces everywhere and it's getting Even more popular lately to the point Where I just have to point it out uh

It's like wearing loose pieces on top And then wearing super baggy jeans so You know here I'm wearing loose on top Loose on bottom honestly I think this Looks kind of ridiculous looks really Silly not to mention I'm 5'1 so this Does absolutely nothing for my shape I Am drowning in these pieces it's Becoming so incredibly popular like the Baggy jean Trend it just keeps getting Baggier and baggier you know there's a Huge debate on ripped jeans to you guys Let me know what you think it's a huge Debate on whether you know rip jeans Look sloppy or you can make them look Put together to each their own but as Far as this outfit what I'm swapping so First the jeans need to be short and There's no way I'm going to wear jeans Like this out uh one I'm completely Drowning in it I'm uncom comfortable Oddly enough second they're going to Drag on the floor and again where I live It's disgusting outside on the floor It's going to make my clothing really Dirty quickly I'm swapping out the Sweater cuz I love wearing this loose Sweater with more fitted bottoms so I'm Swapping out for something fitted and an Open neckline so if I'm wearing looser Pants like this they have to be at an Ankle length and I have to pair that Style with a fitted top with an open Neckline or it can be a crew neckline

But in this case I wanted to wear an Open neckline and to me the before and After so much better looks way more Polished much more put together and this Outfit looks like it's meant to fit me Next up uh blouses so colored white Blouses people use them to style in so Many different ways so here's a few ways That I think they look a little sloppy So first okay half tucking it here it is On me honestly I feel absolutely Ridiculous in this I think it looks so Frumpy sloppy on me and then I come Across pictures like this here she looks Honestly fabulous with a half tuck and Then she on top of that has a sweater Draped over her shoulders I don't wear Sweaters like that it doesn't make sense For me it's just going to fall right off I think it looks cute in pictures I Literally think people only do this for Pictures to be honest anyways I put it On my shoulders with a half tuck this Just looks absolutely ridiculous on me I Don't know why when I see it on other People like on Pinterest on Instagram And I actually look so cute on them but Then when I put it on myself I look Absolutely weird and ridiculous I don't Understand it so I just wanted to show That to you guys on me just how we did Ulous I feel I just think it doesn't Work for me okay the next way people are Wearing their like blouse I seeing this

Pop up so much lately so it's like this So you have like a tank underneath it And then you have the all the buttons Open but you still tuck it in and I'm Just like okay let me try it before I Knock on it let me try it so I put it on Myself and at first I was like wait hold On you know I'm talking it and I'm like It doesn't look too bad and then I'm Starting to like kind of adjust and Everything I'm like this just feels Weird me it just looks like I forgot to Button my shirt like it was meant to be Buttoned but then I forgot to button it And I just feel a little silly in this And then I came across this example this Girl she buttoned it up like halfway or A little bit more and I think that looks A lot better personally so if you like To wear I think this is a better way to Wear it I did that on myself it's okay I Wasn't a big fan of it so what I Personally like is either wearing it Completely unbuttoned and not tucked in So out like this almost as like a little Outerwear piece or laying piece I think That looks super cute or I'll just take Off the tank underneath it and then if I Don't need it on especially and then Just button it up leave you know some Buttons open for my neckline tuck it all In and honestly just like wearing it the Classic ways there's honestly absolutely Nothing wrong with that a lot of times I

Feel like people will try different Styling tips or techniques or ways to Wear this in a weird way all these Videos like on Tik Tok like oh wear your Blouse this way they literally flip it Inside out put on backwards but in the Back and just do all this funky stuff With it and I'm just like okay cool is It necessary last thing with a collar Blouse is wearing untucked so a lot of People wear the colored blouse have the Sweater over it one thing I've been Seeing a lot recently shockingly uh is The bottom of the blouse is really long And so it really hangs down and just It's a really long blouse underneath Instead of like a shorter one where it Just kind of Peaks out at the bottom Okay this looks ridiculous I turn to the Side it looks funny it just it it looks Like I forgot to tuck in my blouse see The best way to fix that especially if You're petite like me just tuck get in All the way I don't know how something Like this would look on somebody taller I can imagine it'll look a lot better on A taller person but on me I'm 5'1 not Much to work with I'm cutting off a Bunch of length from my legs and Accentuating my hips here so tucking in That blouse is a much better look for me And then having the sleeves peek out a Little bit from the sweater and then Obviously the collar exposed gives it

Again that preppy really cute look okay So I changed my mind on this next one so I used to recommend to go wearing Sneakers with dresses is another way to Style dresses and stuff you probably Remember me mentioning that in videos While I do see it online on other girls You know pictured here I think it looks Really cute I do love it on them but I Just never seem to really like it too Much on myself whereas I did wear it Like this especially it's nice and handy When you want to wear a cute little Summer dress you're going to be out on Your feet all day it's nice to have Comfortable shoes but nothing beats than Wearing a nice pair of sandals with the Dress it feels more put together it Feels like it's meant to be together and I love the idea of mixing in casual and Dressy pieces but it works in a lot of Ways but then in some ways I feel like It doesn't really work and the dresses And shoes thing and it might be also an Outdated thing I think that's kind of Getting outdated I'm just I'm starting To think I don't really like it anymore I'm still kind of iffy about it I didn't Want to mention it in this video because I'm actually curious what you guys think Um are you for the sneakers and dresses Or would you rather just wear a Comfortable pair of sandals with a dress Next up I do think this kind of looks

Sloppy or pretty sloppy I'm going to be Honest a lot of times people will style Their flannel on their waistline so They'll tie on around the waist I don't Like that I just think it looks sloppy I Mean I love wearing a flannel so this One here um just as a layering piece I Have it unbuttoned or sometimes I'll Button up all the way and have it tucked In it looks pretty cute with like a pair Of black jeans but you know in this case I have unbuttoned all the way a pair of Sneakers a tank underneath and I Actually really like how this looks but A lot of times people will style it Around their waist but if you look all Around sure can look cute in the front And like you know really snatch at your Waistline if you get like the right FL But you turn to the side you turn to the Back it looks very frumpy very sloppy Just not a look I personally really like Again wearing it as a layering piece Like this I think looks so much better If you get a little warm roll up the Sleeves if it's too warm for the flannel Take it off completely and just wear the Tank and jeans and you're good to go Next one isn't too bad but and I'm Trying to be better at this you'll Probably find countless videos of me uh Contradicting this statement which I'm Trying to be better at it you know I'm Not perfect but whenever I'm wearing a

Hoodie a lot of times I won't tie my Hair up and now if I'm going about my Day and and and this example doesn't Look too bad cuz the hood isn't really Bulky and thick uh it kind of drips and Lays better so you know I wear my hair Down but if I'm going about my day it Starts to kind of look a little messy A Little sloppy there so I'm trying to Stick to the rule of wearing my hair in A ponytail if I'm wearing a hoodie uh I Just think I one my hair gets less Frizzy too I just think it looks more Cleaned up more put together if you just You know add your hair in a cute little Pon tail or you can even do a cute Little like low bun I think that would Look really pretty too okay since we're In the colder season as I'm posting this Uh scars is a huge thing for you know Obviously fall and winter one thing I See a lot is these really incredibly Thick oversized scars I think it looks a Little sloppy I think it's too much While it's great if you want to keep Yourself warm and I love it but there's A lot of other scarves out there that Are less bulky very stylish but still Will keep you very very warm so keep That in mind with scarfs especially I Mean it can work if you're taller I get It but examples like this this is just a Little over the top I kind of feel like People just wear like this purely just

For photos to be honest mentioned this One before uh but I wanted to mention This video again because I do kind of Think it looks sloppy it's wearing Blouses that have like long laces Hanging if you do like blouses like that Um where it has like ties around the Neckline make sure it's tied do a cute Little bow looks so much better if it's Just hanging there and kind of flopping Around it looks a little sloppy such a Minimal tiny little detail but I just Wanted to point it out because it's just One tiny detail that does make a Difference all right you guys so that is It for this video that was 10 ways I Think outfits can look sloppy I really Hope you still love me at the end of This video this was definitely one of Those videos I feel like might get me in Trouble but I'm here to be honest and Straight up with you guys and share Things that other people don't want to Say I do hope you guys enjoyed this Video and learned something from me got Some maybe entertainment out of it and Seeing the examples on myself hopefully Was fun because honestly putting the Examples on myself I felt kind of silly But I hope that was fun I mean I love Doing that for you guys so anyways thank You so much for watching I love you guys So much and I'll see you in my next Video bye