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Hi guys welcome back to today's video I'm sharing 10 ways you can make your Outfits look more elegant and the thing That I love about this is that you can Really achieve the style on any budget We're just going to be talking about Certain wardrobe pieces some outfit Combinations to achieve this style now Whether you love this style as a whole Or you love incorporating bits and Pieces of it into your current style I Hope you guys enjoy this video now Looking at the definition of elegant Here in the dictionary please L graceful And stylish in appearance or manner I Couldn't have said that better myself of Course a portion of it has to do with Your manner but today we're going to be Specifically talking about your style The style portion of it first tip that I've noticed when I'm scrolling through Photos of women that dress very elegant Very graceful very polished is a lot of Their fabric choices are very drapey Light delicate they incorporate a lot of Silk or satin into their pieces and the Amazing thing is this type of fabric Material has such a gorgeous and Luxe Look to it and you can find it at any Price point I have been incorporating Fabrics like this years now because I Noticed it has such a graceful such an Elegant effortless Vibe and look to it And it's also very feminine like these

Very light and delicate fabric number Two is paying attention to neck lines Now I really think you can go with any Neckline but one thing I've noticed Noti Is that they'll do a lot of v-necks but The v-neck is more of like a plunging Deep V I've noticed or a scoop neckline Ballerina necklines as well in Combination with like delicate Fabrics Or maybe a little bit more fitted and Then tip number three is also fitted Pieces not just like loose and relaxed Drapy pieces but fitted Silhouettes like A-line dresses A-line fitted skirt be a Structured jacket like I'm wearing here Color tops is a really big one I see That a lot in elegant outfit inspiration I see a lot of color tops with High-waisted looser fitting trousers With the belt and it looks absolutely Elegant so stylish and graceful again Along with lighter delicate drapey Fabrics going for fitted Silhouettes That really highlight your waistline Even something with a collar as well is A very chic elegant polished appearance To your outfit and again you can do this On any budget which is so cool next up Is keeping it really simple with your Hair your makeup even your nails and Jewelry specifically with hair I've Noticed when I come across like elegant Outfit inspiration now I truly believe That every woman should do what they

Love with their hair and regardless You're going to look so beautiful in it One thing I've noticed let's say when You're styling your hair I've noticed Their hair is so simple it has loose Curls I see all different lengths short Lengths look great longer midlength all Looks beautiful but one repeating thing I've noticed is that when it's styled It's looser curls when it's down same Thing goes for makeup I don't generally See bright bold colors very neutral very Simple they typically pick and choose What features they want to highlight the Most whether it's their eyebrows their Eyelashes maybe their contouring a Little bit extra to highlight their Cheekbone one thing I even want to point Out is nails now I'm definitely the Worst when it comes to Nails I literally Don't paint them there's nothing wrong With just clean simple Nails trimmed Maybe add a little gloss to it but I Think if you're going to add color Typically it's neutr colors very subtle Maybe French nails with the white tips One thing I believe that makes your Appearance look more elegant is keeping The jewelry minimal I mean you can still Stack and do fun things with the jewelry Just not over the top so you kind of Just pick and Cho see I have bold Earrings on here uh so I toned it down With my necklace a little bit one

Bracelet one ring I would even add a few More and I think that's totally fine but I noticed when it comes to jewelry not Too much layering going on and the Pieces are typically really simple next Tip is adding in trousers so High-waisted wider leg slim fit bottoms That have a thinner fabric more of a Drape to it I've noticed this repeating Pattern when I was researching about This style in almost every single outfit Like with trousers was the most worn Thing I've noticed and it's all very Similar Styles uh I saw a lot of pleated Designs high-waisted wider leg style Very flowy and elegant and it really Just just highlighted the woman's figure So really highlighting the waistline I Love the looser fit Style again makes it Look effortless elegant graceful but Still polished and tailored the next Thing I want to talk about is outerwear One of the things I've noticed with Outerwear that is worn it's not only These structured very tailored and Polished jackets but long length drapey Outerwear pieces whether it's in Wool Coats or Trenches I you guys my regular viewers Probably know this I'm a suck for long Outerwear like it just has such an Elegant graceful effortless vibe to it That I forever in include in my wardrobe To be honest I feel absolutely amazing

In it I think whatever height you are You can pull it off a lot of you guys Know I'm 5 foot one these Styles can Definitely look really big on us but I've shared so many style tips how to Pull that off in other videos uh but I Made it work because I just love the Elegant graceful effortless Vibe it Gives I mean you can have such a simple Coat in this long length and have a Gorgeous drape to it and it really just Pulls the outfit together and makes it Look so show sto next thing I am trying To do this more often because I have Been loving the look it gives adding More belts to your outfit so whether It's with your trousers with your skirts With your dresses if you can um adding Like a minimal belt really gives again Very elegant and Luxe look to your Outfit and I've shared so many budget Friendly belts here uh you really don't Need to break the bank to get like a Really minimal Lux looking belt Definitely consider adding belts you Don't have to do it for every outfit of Course if you don't want to but Sometimes just adding it in here and There really pulls the look together I Mean I'm not wearing it here but there's A reason for that I'm pregnant so it's Just not working for me right now Another repeating pattern that I've Noticed in elegant woman and Alpha

Inspiration that I looked up is they Keep it modest now that doesn't mean Just like covered up completely uh they Pick and choose where they want to Expose skin they're just not exposing Skin everywhere all at once they're Wearing a top a lot of times they'll Expose it in the neckline maybe if They're wearing a high neckline Sometimes you'll see some skin exposure In the back not all the time but Sometimes you'll see it if they're Wearing a long dress generally you'll See a lot of open necklines in the dress Pretty much just pick and choose where You show skin and where you don't so That way it's just not too much number Nine I feel like a lot of women will Either really agree with me on this or Really disagree but I think when it Comes to uh creating elegant outfits Graceful outfits you generally you I Mean not generally you really want to Avoid the ripped clothing so the ripped Jeans is a big one even raw hemlines if You're wearing denim jeans if the Hemline is unfinish it's better to opt For a jean with a finished hemline I Feel like I've mentioned this before When it comes to denim jeans opt for Non- rib versions very simple jeans will Always stay Timeless always will be Classic you can decide what fit you want Whether it's a wide leg straight leg

Skinny to each their own whatever you Feel best in last but not least flashy Logos like I don't know I think Gucci is One of them that I feel like can be kind Of flashy Louis Vuitton now I know these Are like such expensive designer Brands And I feel like I might get some Backlash on this but in all honesty I Think all of these flashy logos honestly Make the outfit look cheap like yes Everybody knows the brands and they're Expensive but I really do believe They're just over done now the point Where it just in my opinion it just Doesn't look good feel like I'm just Trading on thin Waters here when I'm Saying this something I just love is not Being so flashy when it comes to Brands And designer things and logos I think It's fine if you want to invest into Those things but you don't have to to Achieve this elegant and graceful look And I think if we're wearing purses or Jackets or shirts or belts I have just The logo plastered all over it I think Doesn't look as elegant and effortless I Think much better options is just opting For maybe even the same structure of the Purse outward piece shirt whatever it is Take out the logos I think just going For the neutral minimal colors just Gives such a better look and again to Each their own on this whole logo thing You guys let me know what you think it's

Fine if you disagree but personally I Avoid it not only is it super expensive But you can still achieve effortless Elegant look without having to spend This kind of money on these flashy logos Which honestly kind of make an outfit Look cheap sometimes depending on the Item that brings it to the end of this Video 10 ways you can make your outfits Look more elegant I really hope you guys Enjoyed this video got some inspiration From it uh if you're new don't forget to Subscribe for more weekly videos I love You guys so much and I'll see you next Time bye