Hey everyone! Today’s video is on 10 ways to make your home look expensive! In this video I will discuss home decor hacks and interior styling tips to make your house feel luxurious.

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Here are 10 ways to make your home look And feel luxurious and expensive so the First HP would be to switch any of your Plastic bottles out for more kind of Ceramic prettier looking ones so you can Get these from anywhere you can get them From H&M or Zara home or even places Like B&M if you just switch the plastic Bottles to the ones that are more of Like a container that kind of match your Decor it just looks a lot more expensive And it just makes the room look a lot More kind of put together and cohesive The second tip would be to always opt For statement pieces so this could be Statement artwork or a statement rug try And opt for larger pieces they take up a Little bit more of the room I think Sometimes a kind of misconception can be If you have a small room to put small Things in it but that's not always true Sometimes by adding a large rug it can Actually help make the room feel bigger Or kind of give it a more Cozier feel so If I see something I always try and go For the more kind larger option so for Example with artwork I always try and Get quite large artwork so it fills the Wall a little bit more and creates more Of a statement or if you've got smaller Pieces of artwork or photos that you Want to hang putting lots of small ones Together in a nice kind of pattern on The wall can work really well too the

Next tip is so simple but it really does Make such a difference and that's to opt For a lided washing basket just by Having the lid on it just makes it look So much more tidier and put together Again and I feel like this is one of the Biggest ones is to opt for warm Lighting In your living spaces so in places like Your living room parts of your kitchen Um the hallway I think opting for warm Lighting so anything with more of a Yellow kind of tone to it really gives It a homely feel and just looks so much More inviting you want to save your kind Of white kind of star lighting for Places where you're kind of working so Places like your office or um parts of Your kitchen where you know you need a Nice bright light to really see what You're doing but otherwise try and opt For the yellow warm lighting to give Your home a more cozy luxurious feel tip Number five would be to stack objects And books kind of together this is again It sounds so simple but just by having a Nice kind of stack of your books all at Different kind of levels or your Ornaments placed on top of the box or Propping the boook up are just little Ways that can really make your room look Luxurious just adds that little bit of a Homely feel without it looking too Cluttered I think a really easy way to Do this is to stack things at different

Heights so maybe if you've got a tall Vase put that at the back then do like a Little medium object and then a smaller Object at the front and that just really Helps to kind of add a little bit more Interest to the area tip six again is Really simple and probably a little bit Strange but a remote control holder in The middle of your coffee table honestly It just looks so much more tidy to have A place to put your remote controls Maybe I don't know your glasses anything Like that you can just put in the middle Console and just keep it neat and it Just looks so much better rather than Having your remotes thrown all over the Living room and different things like That these from so many places I Actually think I got mine from eBay I'll Link some Down Below in the description Box so anything that I'm actually Talking about I'll link down below as Well just a couple of options that you Might like really they just make the Place look so much tidier the next tip Is to try and keep things symmetrical if You can so if you have quite a large Space to work with or maybe even Something like your fireplace by keeping Things symmetrical it just again looks So much more cohesive and really pulls The room together so if you have two of The same bares put them either side or If you've got two sofas have them facing

In towards each other or two similar Kind of artworks you can have them Either sides of the room it just really Again helps to bring the whole room Together and look so much much more kind Of carefully um placed brings me on to The next one you can always do this Symmetrically too and that's your Cushions and your throws it just gives It such a luxurious kind of homely feel To have cushions and blankets scattered Over your sofas so again you could do This symmetrically by having two of the Same cushions either side and then that Would look really nice and put together You wanted to add pops of color you Could also do this with your cushions And throws as well so if you felt like Your room was a little bit kind of I Don't know all one color maybe gray or Beige adding some nice brightly colored Cushions and throws really does make Such a difference candles and diffuses Are another big one not just for how They look but also the smell can be Really inviting and give your home a Luxurious feel again you can get these From anywhere Zara home I really love For their diffusers I just feel like They smell so luxurious and expensive You can use these to stack objects too You could put your diffuser on top of a Stack of books or you could if you're Stacking like objects and things you

Could put the diffuser on the top of That as well or your candle they're just A really great way to make your home Smell nice and look nice too and the Last tip and I think one of the most Important ones are plants so this can be Artificial or real it depends what you Would prefer or you can use a mix of Both I've got a mix of both here so I Have some artificial flowers there and a Real plant here and just by adding the Plants I feel like it just makes the Home looks so much more cozy and nice Even just having a vase of flowers on Your kitchen island can make such a Difference they're a great way to add a Bit of color to your room as well so Again if it feels quite kind of one Color maybe a bit too neutral we're Adding a green plant into the corner it Just really changes the whole feel of The room my favorite are the Palm plants Cuz they're just very easy to look after You just kind of cut off the dead bits And just water them every now and again And they can really last well in your Home but for things like orchids I Always really struggle to look after Them so I always tend to go for Artificial orchids um but again real if You want to do that too you can get them From so many different places again your Garden centers even supermarkets do them Too I think dun Elm does a really good

Artificial plant section as well so Maybe check out that area too let me Know if you have any tips on how you Make your home feel very kind of homely And luxurious too cuz I would love to Hear them hope you have a great day and I will speak to you all in my next video Bye guys