12 Bra & Underwear HACKS You Should Know!! Everything is linked here & the comments!!
1. Tank Top With Built-In Pads(S):
2. Racer Back Clip:
3. Bra Extenders:
4. Neiwei Fixed Cup (non-removable) Bra’s:
Neiwei Bestsellers:
5. Panty Liners (healthy & organic):
6. Nudies:
7. My Fave Period Undies(XS):
8. Plunge Bra:
9. Boob Tape:
10. Nippies:
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11. Silicone Bra Inserts:
12. Sticky Bra:

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(All my FAVORITE Amazon products in one place…FOLLOW ME!)

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Today I am sharing 12 bra and underwear Hacks that every woman should know okay These are really good and we're gonna Start out simple we're gonna start out Easy and then we're gonna work our way Up to a little more involved Manipulation yes now I want to warn you Guys some of these hacks are so good That I have to wear a t-shirt underneath To demonstrate and and that's really Because a previous video YouTube are Restricted because apparently it was a Little too sexual which it really wasn't But there definitely was a lot of Cleavage Um and we want to keep things PG okay so As I mentioned we're starting out super Simple sometimes people don't want to Bother with all of these hacks they just Want to throw something on and not think Twice now a lot of us wear Camis and Crop tops and we have to figure out a Way to wear a bra with it or not wear a Bra with it whereas this is a tank top With a built-in bra but it's done Extremely well it doesn't Bunch up or Look weird it's super smoothing the best Part is it's only 22 bucks from Amazon Was on so many of them from other brands And department stores are very expensive Whereas this has a nice thick bra it Comes in tons of colors as I mentioned The price is really good and you can Just throw it on and you're good to go

As we go along everything that I talk About and mention and demonstrate will Be linked Down Below in the description Box and also pinned in the comment Section now a lot of us when we wear Tank tops they are often racerback tank Tops because those are really stylish I Love the way they look on our neckline I Just love a good racerback tank but it's So annoying to wear a bra with it Because here's the before you guys know The drill you see the bra straps hanging Out the side and it's just annoying so You totally need to try these bra Clips They are so incredibly inexpensive and You can get them in tons of different Colors all you do is take whatever your Favorite bra is and then insert the Straps on either side and then it pulls The straps in so that it works perfectly With any racerback tank top another Little bra add-on you you can get are These bra strap extenders a lot of People don't even know these exist and Again they are super inexpensive and They're perfect for people that maybe Have a favorite bra that used to be Super comfortable maybe you have put on A little bit of weight and it's starting To get kinda tight all you do is get These and then this will extend the band To fit you perfectly next I want to talk About the brand nay y because they have Several bra and underwear products that

Are extremely Innovative and different Now I have worked with them in the past Because I love them so much but this is Not that this video is not sponsored They have no idea I'm filming this video But there's certain things I want to Mention starting with their seamless Bras with non-removable cups totally Game Changer the majority of seamless Bras which I love seamless bras is Pretty much all I wear but almost all of Them have those stupid annoying Removable cups with the little hole on The side you guys have to know what I'm Talking about they get super twisted and Flipped in the laundry and then you have To figure out a way to get them to slide Back in very straight like here I'm Literally trying to fix this and I can't Fix it it is so frustrating and so Naiwai has non-removable cups for their Seamless bras not all of them you have To like pick that one on their website And it truly brings so much joy to my Life I just appreciate it every day so I Just wanted to let you know that those Exist and then I'm also just briefly Going to mention their seamless Underwear because it is by far the best Seamless underwear of all time it is the Thinnest most high quality stretchy Material ever it just takes seamless Underwear to the next level where you Truly cannot see a line and it's so

Comfortable tons of colors again not Sponsored but it's just what I highly Recommend now while we're on the subject Of underwear I'm going to jump to some Underwear hacks I still have a lot of Bra tricks to share with you though but Let's talk about leggings so when we're Wearing leggings things or really just Thin pants in general some women Unfortunately can struggle with The camel toe I hate that word so much It paint it pains me to say it it's Almost like the word moist for some People But on Amazon there are quite a lot of Gimmicky Gadget things you can get to Conceal the camel toe you don't need any Of that no no no all you need is a good Old panty liner I also hate the word Panty but you're gonna take a panty Liner and you're just gonna stick it in Your underwear just like you normally Would for your monthly friend about a Boom bada bing you have concealment of The camel toe now obviously I'm Demonstrating this on the outside Instead of the inside but you still get The picture another underwear hack is Getting a box of these nudies they're Called nudies and it's it's a box of Seven underwear that is completely Biodegradable 100 cotton underwear that You can wear and literally just throw Away at the end of the day and so a lot

Of people love getting a box of these to Take on a trip so you can pack these you Can pull one out of the box wear it all Day and then literally throw it away at The end of the day rather than packing Up and bringing home all of this gross Underwear so you can get them in nude Black lots of different cuts and just so You know you can wear them and wash them Up to 10 times they don't have to be Thrown away immediately but again people Love these for trips and vacations I'll Try to be super brief with this next Underwear hack because I've mentioned it So many times but it's period underwear And I always say don't knock it till you Try it because they work so well I truly Think they're life-changing and I will Link my personal favorite because those Are the ones I really think you should Try because they have no bad chemicals There's so many other brands out there That have terrible chemicals living Inside the underwear and then you're Wearing that so these work extremely Well they're so absorbent and you can Wear them during the day you can wear Them during the night and what I try to Do is wash them all together in one load And you can just reuse them over and Over and over over again with no other Feminine products alright so we're back To the bra area and I feel like this Next item is perfect for any woman that

Likes to wear a plunging top or dress I See it more often with fancier dresses That just have a a very low low cut top You need a plunging bra this is very Plunging and it's just like a regular Bra has a little bit of a push-up Element but it just allows you to wear Whatever top or dress you want with a Super low cut front another plunging bra Option would be boob tape I feel like Every woman needs this in their closet Because there's so much you can do with It so basically it's like fabric tape That is designed to actually stick to Skin so what you can do is manipulate This in whatever way you want with any Shirt or dress to conceal yourself and And just make yourself look good a lot Of the celebrities use this all the time Another thing would be to stick it right Here and lift up and then put it down Your back to lift your girls up and also Give you a lot more support next we're Going to talk about the nippies which Are the sticky boobies as I like to call Them so I'm wearing them currently They're perfect for any top where you Just don't want to worry about a bra or You don't want a strap showing they are Silicone they're super super sticky and You literally just stick them right to This area and these are the best I've Ever found they are so incredibly thin You can get them in different flesh

Tones so that they blend seamlessly into Your skin tone and then you can reuse Them over and over and over again Because you can just rinse off the Sticky part and it gets super sticky Again now the hack comes in where of Course you can just stick these right in Like I'm wearing right now that it's Stuck to my flesh Um but if you don't love the way that Feels or maybe you think you're going to Be sweating all day which Granite I Genuinely think even if you're sweating They still stay stuck but some people Actually prefer to flip them inside out And actually stick them to the shirt Instead so just keep that in mind that's Also an option we're moving into the Spicy section next yeah the x-rated Section just kidding I have to share These silicone bra inserts with you Don't go under the knife and get Implants no just get these they work Just as well so much so that when I Demonstrated the before and after of Putting these things in YouTube Demonetize me and age restricted the Video so those are some results but I Have some specific instructions of how You're going to do this so you're going To put on your favorite push-up bra Which I'm going to actually ask you guys A very important question and I want you To answer me in the comment section

Because I was recently at a little party Get together with some of my girlfriends And I was shocked that there's actually Different ways people put on their bra Are you somebody that you put the bra on And then you clasp it and in the back or Are you somebody that you actually put The bra on around your waist clasp it in The front swing it around and then pull It up put in the comment section down Below because this rocked my world I'm One of those girls that I put it on and Clasp it in the back like a big girl Just kidding guys I'm I'm really just Kidding it doesn't matter how you put on Your bra but it was more just like Shocking to me that people actually do It in the front and then flip it around I know maybe it seems easier but I feel Like I'm a pro at the back okay back to My tutorial of cleavage because guys I'm Flat as a board and this works what you Do is put on your push-up bra then you Need to take these These are the small Size I would say heck you could go up to The large if you want you'll bigger Impact and you have to put them to the Side okay that's the key I'm gonna put These to the side and then it just lifts Everything up and you'll look down and You'll be shocked at what you see now You could stop there because I promise You you will be happy with those results But if you want to take it a step

Further You could also get this bra it's so Sticky it's almost too sticky Um but this is like a sticky bra insert And it clasps in the front and what You're gonna do is stick one on one side The other on the other side and then You're gonna bring together and clip in The center and man That really works everything that I Mentioned and demonstrated in this video Will be linked Down Below in the Description box and also pinned in the Comments section please subscribe if You're new and I'll see you in my next One bye