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These are 12 fashion mistakes stylish Women never make but the question is do You make these mistakes because I Definitely do I definitely make some of These mistakes not all of them but some Of them so throughout this video we're Going to learn what to do and what not To do the first fashion mistake is Overly washing your clothes stylish Women don't do that they hang things Back up this is what I'm really good at Because I hate doing laundry no don't Get me wrong I definitely still wash my Clothes but man if I just have something On for like an hour or two I hang it Right back up because the more you wash Your clothes I don't care how great of Quality it is it starts to look old it Looks dingy it looks ratty and so if you Just hang things back up more often it Extends the life of the clothing piece And that is especially true of pieces That are like layering items like a Blazer Cardigans things that aren't even Touching your skin they're really not Dirty just hang them back up number two Now this this one I I'm bad at this this Is a mistake I make every single day and It's always choosing jeans stylish women Wear more than just jeans they'll wear Dresses trousers skirts jumpsuits they Don't always pick jeans I always pick Jeans because it's just the safe option And you know nothing wrong with that the

Thing is who the heck cares about any of This you wear what you want to wear but If every single day you're wearing jeans You might not be considered as stylish As maybe you could be and so I wanted to Share just some some ways to think Outside of the box so that leads me to Number three the next mistake is never Experimenting and so this is me Experimenting I wanted to share thread Up thread up is such an amazing amazing Online thrift store it's the world's Largest online thrift store and they Have collaborated with me for this video I've shared them before you can find so Many good things anything you're looking For at really good prices so they have a New feature and I'll have it linked down Below but you can now share your Favorites and so I'm going to share my Favorites with you and I picked so many Things that are very wearable like Everyday p pieces and I also pick things Geared towards the holidays you can Click my link down below use my code Sheay and you can actually get 40% off Your first order so I'm going to share Some holiday stuff but first I want to Share me experimenting so this first Outfit it's actually this shirt paired With a skirt and Boots everything from Head to toe is from thread up so I love All of these pieces I'm still torn if I Like this whole outfit together it's a

Little bit too tight everywhere for me But the shirt like I'm wearing it today It's great the skirt is such a nice Color the boots though the boots are it For me I am obsessed with these boots They are so comfortable they're they're Like so sty I just can't believe I found Them on a on a thrift store but I feel Like I want to make some changes here so I also got this beige sweater from Thread up and I decided to just put it On over top to see if maybe I would like That a little bit better and that Definitely improved it a bit for me but I then got this sweater that's a little Bit more of an eggplant purpley color it Kind of ties in with the skirt And I feel like this is more what I'm Going for the the skirt is so tight um That I wanted something a little bit Looser on the top but I'm still Incorporating the boots that I'm Obsessed with now I know this isn't a Holiday video but it is the beginning of December and so I wanted to share some Items that would be good for a Christmas Party or a holiday gathering we have This Zara dress just wait till you hear The price that I paid for this thing so This Zara dress is stunning it fits me Like a glove it is beautiful the Estimated retail price is $49 And I paid thread Up's price of $13 I Paid $13 for this dress and it fits me

So well so just keep thread up in mind If you have a dressy function coming up And you're like I need a new dress look At thread up you'll be shocked at what You can find and then we have this ugly Sweater because I have an ugly sweater Party coming up I'm sure a lot of us do So this is from H&M so it's actually From a Cool brand and it says Merry Christmas on it and and there's a bell There's a bell so any everyone can hear Me coming but the estimated a retail Price it was $27 and I paid thread of Price of $6.75 so again you can click the link Down below to shop my favorites or just Shop for whatever the heck you're Looking for and don't forget to use code Shay for an extra 40% off your first Order the next fashion mistake and this Is a good one you're going to learn a Lot with this one the next fashion Mistake stylish women never make is Ignoring the sandwich rule what is the Sandwich rule you might ask and I the Thing is I feel like a lot of times I Apply this rule but I didn't know it was Actually called something so the Sandwich rule is when you kind of pair Colors on the top and bottom together to Kind of create a sandwich it just Cohesively pulls the entire outfit Together and the same goes for sizing so Let's just give some examples here let's

Start with colors so first I have this Outfit with a black top a blackish gray Pair of jeans because I always wear Jeans and then a white pair of shoes Which this isn't awful it's just it's Just not good either either like there's Just something off about it because We're not applying the sandwich rule so Here is the updated outfit same shoes Same jeans but this time I'm wearing a White shirt it's actually this shirt and Instantly the outfit looks so much more Balanced and it's because we are Applying the sandwich rule I'm wearing White on top I'm wearing white on bottom We're kind of sandwiching the outfit Together now that rule also applies to Sizing of clothes like whether or not Something is baggy and loose or May skin Tight and so again I have some examples This first outfit the shirt is tight the Jeans are super tight the shoes are Small and tight now on the flip side we Have this outfit where the sweater is Very loose and baggy the jeans are loose And baggy it just looks frumpy in my Opinion so we're going to apply the Sandwich rule where the shirt is tight But the jeans are a little bit baggier And just bigger and then again we're Wearing the smaller shoes that aren't Overly clunky I feel like this is so Much more balanced it just makes your Silhouette so much better it makes your

Legs look longer um I just love applying The sandwich roll almost every time I am Getting dressed I want to move on to the Next fashion mistake which kind of ties In with this and it's just overly Concealing your weight now I hate Talking about weight I I kind of feel Like it's something I should just never Even bring up because obviously Something I don't struggle with I'm Definitely on the thin side some people Think I'm too thin and it's something That I'm sure a lot of you do struggle So who the heck am might even give you Guys any tips but I do think going back To that outfit where it's loose on top And loose on bottom a lot of people that Are just concerned about their weight They'll dress like this because they Want to you know conceal what they're Worried about and I totally understand That I just genuinely think that if you Maybe wear something looser around the Area that you just don't feel Comfortable like that's fine but if you Can maybe pair it with some something a Little bit tighter or form fitting Somewhere else again just to balance it Out like here are some examples on the Screen of what I mean again you just Dress however you feel comfortable it Was more just something just like food For thought just something to consider The next fashion mistake is never adding

Outfit tweaks and I'm going to give you A whole list of outfit tweaks you can Add to your outfit stylish women use These all the time first one is adding a Third layer such a good one here is me Adding to that sandwich outfit a Blazer I got this from thread up um it's it's Oversized but I love it um it it's just Add simply adding a third layer it takes It up a notch same with adding a belt That's a really good one ooh back to a Blazer if you're wearing a Blazer like Here's a Blazer I got a couple months Ago it's a Tweed Blazer and it's kind of Boxy like I love the coloring of it but Because of it looking so boxy I feel Like rushing up the sleeves is a really Nice touch it's like a cool tweak you Can do and you can take a hair tie and Actually put it around your arm and it Actually keeps the the sleeve up all day Long and so it's like again a subtle Little outfit tweak that takes it to the Next level now obviously the easy outfit Tweaks would be adding accessories like Jewelry or maybe a pair of sunglasses or Maybe a handbag or a purse that looks Kind of expensive to make the whole Outfit look designer the next fashion Mistake is wearing weird color Combinations and don't get me wrong Pairing interesting colors together can Actually make you look really stylish I Did a whole video about it but sometimes

It fails and and this was me trying to Experiment I ordered this Blazer I mean Look at it it's floral the colors are so Vibrant they're so neon they're so just They don't pair well together and Honestly like I'm I'm torn about this so Like most of me thinks this is ugly but Then there's a small percentage of me That's like I don't know maybe it does Work comment your thoughts down below is This good is this bad is this old lady I Don't know but here is a Blazer that Does have some interesting pattern it Has some vibrant colors but I feel like It looks better it's it's like kind of Stepping outside of the box but in a Good way being overly sexy is another Fashioned mistake stylish women never Make the perfect example of this is this Shirt here where there's a cut out right Where the cleavage is like the only Purpose of that hole is to show off your Boobs and your cleavage which I don't Have this it would be a flat surface if I order order this shirt I feel like a More stylish woman would be more Alluring more mysterious with their sex Appeal and so a good example it would be That dress that dress that I showed Earlier in the video there's lace the Whole way down there's no cleavage I'm Not revealing anything but it's still Subtly sexy or you could show off your Deete or you could show off your legs if

You like your legs like there's a lot of Ways to be more alluring stylish women Never wear the wrong coat and what do I Mean by that I'm back to that lace dress Perfect example so say you're wearing Something dressy about ready to leave The house a stylish woman would not not Put on a super casual coat I mean I love This coat I've recommended it over and Over and over again but there are Certain instances where it looks Horrible so again here's the dress with A more dressy elevated coat it looks so Much better I'm not saying you need a Million coats but I do think you need One that's more casual and something More dressy I didn't know what to call This next fashion mistake so we're just Going with wearing clown shoes and what I mean by that is if you have massive Feet there might be some popular shoes You unfortunately just can't pull off And so what I mean by that are the Ugg Platform boots or platform slippers They're all the rage some people love Them people hate them but a lot of People are loving them right now but Again if you have really big feet They're already just massive they might Make you look like you're wearing clown Shoes and the same goes for platform Sneakers I recommended these Adidas Platform sneakers uh a few videos back And I love them I feel like I have very

Average size feet so I feel like I can Pull them off but again if you have huge Feet it might just look more clownish on You than stylish and so I would get the Version with no platform the next Fashion mistake stylish wom would never Make is wearing leggings wrong some People would argue that stylish women Just actually never wear leggings but We're not going to take it that far Because I do like leggings and I feel Like you can really style them well but Wearing them wrong would be wearing them Fully as pants where you can see the Front and the back I just really don't Think this looks good I'm sure a lot of People are going to disagree with me About this and that's okay I think again We're kind of back to the sandwich rule I would do something bigger and bulkier And longer on top wear the leggings and Then wear chunky boots on bottom we're Applying the sandwich rule we're still Wearing leggings we're feeling Comfortable I love it the next fashion Mistake is buying out of style clothes Meaning just because you see something In a store store or online does not mean That it's actually in style so Everything that you're going to see here You could buy today because it's Available there's cold shoulder tops Sweaters like oh my gosh these are so Out of style yet you can still buy them

There's Bermuda shorts not good there's Weird colored animal print weird colored Camo so in a way this should hopefully Just help you save some money like I Would stick to just a foundation of Classics and then if you notice a trend Or just really like a trend you could Add some pieces just to keep you up to Date but overall I hope you enjoyed this Video everything will be linked down Below including thread up you can shop My favorites and don't forget to use my Code Shay for an extra 40% off your First order if you enjoyed this video Give it a thumbs up subscribe and I'll See you in my next one bye