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So apparently the cool kids are saying These Trends and styles are out for 2024 They're not cool anymore and do you care Probably not you might still wear this Stuff myself included although I can Totally get behind some of these so Let's talk about what's out and what's In for 2024 starting off with a bang Because man I agree with this first one I can't stand this trend I've never Liked it it's curled hair with straight Ends why I knew I knew 5 years ago when This became popular that one day we Would look back on this and it would Date us and that time has come I know There's a lot of you that still curl Your hair this way you still love it you Still rock it and that's great that this Entire video If there's still things you Love just wear them who cares what I Think who cares what anyone thinks but We are seeing more soft curls in hair This year just soft nice voluminous hair With long layers and curtain bangs and I Do just want to point out I have no room To talk in this video my hair sucks Today like it's straight my layers have Grown out it's slightly curled at the End I have no volume like I have no room To talk today but I am excited for what We're seeing in hair number two Continuing on with one more hair thing But we have to talk about the Bold money Piece that is no longer a thing for this

Year and if you don't know what a money Piece is because honestly for quite some Time I had no idea what that was um but It's when like a section of like the Front section of your hair is a lot Lighter than the rest of your hair and Therefore for a while just like very Bold contrasting money pieces were a Thing and now uh they're still a thing But they're much more subtle they're More Blended they're more natural Hopefully in these photos you can see How again it's there but it's not the First thing your eye sees it's just Blended subtly and naturally into the Rest of your hair okay I'm going to get This next Trend out of the way just Because it leads into my next point I Have a purpose here but you knew this One was going to be on the list but Skinny jeans are out okay they were out Last year kind of but like this year They're really kind of getting out I Know so many of you still love skinny Jeans and the thing is you can still buy Skinny jeans you still see them Everywhere like they're not fully out But they're kind of they they just they Aren't cool anymore okay what we're Seeing are just pretty much all other Styles you like wide leg straight leg Flared high-waisted low-waisted like Literally every single style of Jean Except for skinny jeans

Kind of seem to be in style right now so With that said and this one's going to Make you mad but it kind of piggybacks Off the fact that skinny jeans are out But in turn skinny leggings are also Kind of out like regular skinny leggings With no show socks and sneakers are just Not cool anymore and I know a lot of you Still wear this uh myself included so I'm not saying if you wear this you look Terrible I'm just saying it's not the Cool thing to do anymore flared leggings Or Y yoga pants um are so much more in Right now and I I do really like this Trend too I just like both options I Love the flared leggings I'm going to Link a few flared leggings from Amazon Down Below in the description box you Should totally consider because they are Genuinely so comfortable and flattering So maybe get some flared leggings or Yoga pants whatever you want to call Them and rock those a little bit but if You still want to wear just regular Leggings you could also try wearing Higher up socks um you know that's Bringing the 80s back but that does kind Of make them cool for this year so you Could kind of go either way this next Very specific style has to do with shoes And it's the Golden Goose sneakers this Was so popular for a while and I mean You still see them here and there but They're definitely not as popular as

They once were and if you don't even Know what Golden Goose sneakers are like It's kind of ridiculous these are kind Of designer sneakers in a way but not Really they're $500 or $600 if not more Like they are so expensive and the Kicker is they are meant to look dirty When you buy them they look very dirty On purpose that is the style I also have Never really liked these I've also heard From numerous people that have them that They are unbelievably uncomfortable like They're not even a comfortable shoe and They just look dirty but that's kind of Out but what we're seeing in for this Year are the Adidas Somas which are a Very classic shoe they have been popular For decades upon decades they kind of Come in come out but they're back and They are a very similar looking shoe Kind of they're but they're meant to Look kind of clean um they kind of go With every outfit they are so much Better priced and so I'm liking this More so we talked about the Golden Goose Let's talk about the Canada Goose so Ironically enough there's another goose In this video um it's the Canada Goose Monclair jacket that was so popular for Many years and I think it got really Popular in very cold climates like Michigan Canada New York where these Jackets I think really are good um but They became so stylish and cool that

They kind of you know came down to other Areas probably not like Florida but if You had any winter whatsoever the cool Thing to do was to get a Canada Goose Jacket and that's kind of out now um I'm I'm sure they're still great jackets but The aritzia puffer jackets are all the Rage now so I don't even have an aritzia Near me but I do really like that store But the aritzia puffer is what everyone Is wanting so fun fact there's actually Like 59.2% of you that continually watch my Videos but aren't actually subscribed to My channel which is totally fine it's Totally fine but if you are one of those People I would love for you to take two Seconds and subscribe down below next we Have the Gucci belt the double G Marmont Gucci belt and this one I can say with Strong confidence that it is completely Out it's one of those examples that it Was so popular and so on Trend so Quickly that it became pretty uncool Kind of fast it's kind of weird how that Happens and I have another example of That that I'm predicting later on in the Video so stay tuned but for belts what We're seeing this year instead are more Skinny subtle belts so I have a few Examples um but speaking of designer Because I talked about the Gucci Designer belt I recently shared this Hermes inspired belt from Amazon it is

Such a good price and I shared it in a Recent video and so many people loved it So it's skinny belt it's adjustable it Looks amazing with jeans it looks Amazing with dress pants it looks Amazing with dresses and I just think It's such a good quality piece for such A good price I will link that down below If you want something that does in fact Look designer okay so another pair of Shoes that are definitely out for this Year the Tory Birch sandals and it's Kind of sad because I have I think three Or four pairs of these they are more of A contemporary designer so they're still Pretty pricey but they do hold up well Um but they're just they're just really Not in style anymore um and so what We're seeing instead are just more Subtle slides we're back to AES I think What everyone wants to be wearing this Year are the Ares oron sandals which They are so expensive so expensive That's definitely like what people want I just have the Sam Edelman version Which are still kind of expensive They're like $100 but I've had them for A long time and they're still in style They still have held up amazing they're Simple they're classic I love them I Also think this next style or Trend will Come as no surprise but I'm more sharing This to share like what's in instead of Out because you guys know like the leper

Print is out it started with the Chevron We'll take it a step further back the Chevron was the was the print then that Went out then we had the leopard print And man I was on the leopard train for a Long time I don't know if you remember Like I did a whole thing with how much I Love leopard I had leopard everything That's officially out and I would say Now the print is either really just no Print or like a vintage floral we're Seeing that so many places like a Vintage florally print almost something That maybe your grandmother would like Um which I I I I do kind of like this uh But we're also seeing Patchwork I'm not Saying I like this I don't I don't think I do like this uh but it's still it's Still a thing for this year okay here's Another one I'm going to fully stand Behind I do not like this trend it's the Tote bags with words on them and I have A few examples here the one that Immediately comes to my mind is the Marc Jacobs tote bag that literally says the Tote Bag this has always confused me thank Goodness it's out like that is it's not It's not good anymore also the ones that Uh there there a tote bag and it just Say words like um sunshine or Ola Beaches which play on words there kind Of funny what is a better option more Inst style for this year are the puffer

Bags um which this one is so popular by Free People and I found a better option Less expensive it's not sold out it's on Amazon again I can link it below it is Literally like identical to the Free People one it is so nice it has texture To it it's puffy it fits a lot a lot of People like to use this as a gym bag Other people just wear it you know as a Regular bag like crossbody I love this Puffer bags anything with texture is Really in for this year so this next one Doesn't really have to do with fashion And clothing but it kind of does because People would do this and it would make a Statement with their outfit it was cool To go to Starbucks and buy Starbucks Merch people would carry around their Star Starbucks tumblers their Starbucks Cups in fancy glitter and like ombre Styles and that's not really a thing Anymore but can you take a wild guess What is yes you're thinking of it Because it's out of control the Stanley Cups have reached a new level of Obsession I don't know what has happened People are literally going insane over These Stanley Cups and the thing is I do Like my Stanley Cup like I do but but I Also like a lot of other options as well And here's my prediction with this it is So popular right now it's it's a Literally similar to the Gucci belts They are so so popular right now that it

Is going to crash and burn so hard I'm Telling you either later this year or Next year it's going to be uncool like So uncool to have a Stanley Cup mark my Words so we haven't talked about jewelry Thus far so let's talk about Pandora Pandora Jewelry specifically the bra Lets were so a thing so cool everyone Wanted one I remember walking through The mall seeing the Pandora store and it Was like that's the dream like I wanted To pick out my charms and the thing is I'm just not even a silver person and I Don't like how they mix silver and rose Gold but anyway it's out and I would say What's in for bracelets these days are Just simple Stacks people definitely Like stacks of bracelet nothing like Crazy but just simple affordable either Gold or silver jewelry so anyway that's The video guys I hope you enjoyed it This one was fun everything that I Mentioned that I actually really do like I will have linked Down Below in the Description box and Pinn in the comment Section subscribe if you're new and I'll See you in my next one bye