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Hi guys welcome back to another video Today I am sharing a 12 summer Staples That I feel like every woman needs in Their wardrobe now I feel like that's Definitely an over exaggerated statement Obviously not every woman needs these But I really wanted to focus on the core Essentials for summer so basics of all Basics the simplest of pieces that I Feel like look stunning on their own or You can combine them with more elevated Pieces and they also will always just Look stunning very Timeless very high Quality I have a mixture of inexpensive Pieces and more higher end pieces so It's just a mixture of everything in This video there's 12 different things From tops some bottoms a dress shoes and Again these are the simplest of pieces And that's the point of this video is to Share some high quality very basic Simple pieces that are specifically Great for the summer time everything That I share in this video will be Linked in the description box below for You guys if you happen to be interested In anything along with sizing details And let's go ahead and hop right in so Let's start off with tops first I have a Bunch of Tanks couple T-shirts so this Scoop neckline tank this is actually a Bodysuit is my favorite bodysuit I have Ever purchased Um it's by this brand called nudes and

They're actually a newer brand they Launched last like fall or winter and I Would say their pricing is like a Mid-range the tanks here are 48 dollars Which for what you get I think it's an Absolute steal so my only con with these Is that they get pilling however this Fabric is very smooth and stretchy that When you use a pill shaver you take off That pilling and the top still looks Like it's brand new a lot of tops that Get pilling or Basics you can get the Pilling off but then the fabric starts To look worn out but in this case the Fabric absolutely does not look worn out At all it still looks very fresh and Brand new and I love this it's just so Flattering I'm wearing a strapless bra With it you can wear regular bra with it Too which is amazing because the straps Are thick enough Um and it's just very smoothing very Polished and I feel like this top just It makes me feel so good I feel so Confident and it's like basic but it's Just so incredible then I recently Discovered from revolve actually months Ago I first got it in white it's the by The brand Tula Rosa and it's their tanks They're ripped tanks they come in many Colors I have it in white and I have it In green and they are so incredible it's Honestly shocking so uh these I've Washed and worn them so many times

Already and especially with the white it Still looks fresh and new because if I Compare this to like some other Basics I Got last year they already look worn out The white is very faded and looks dirty Even when you wash it it still looks Dirty it just doesn't look fresh and new This one lasts so much longer and it's So flattering too so I'm wearing a Halter bra with these tanks and they are Splurgy I mean it's revolve it is quite Expensive so if it's in your budget I Highly recommend it this is my favorite Rip tank that they carry specifically And in general out of all the ones I've Tried I feel like these will last the Longest next up is actually something That's inexpensive but very high quality It's this basic t-shirt from Uniqlo Which I feel like is a great summer Essential and of course this is very Transitional from season to season this Comes in many colors and what I think is Uh what makes it just very durable is Like the fabric and the stitching too Like it's very well made it's stitched Really well no fraying or anything and The material is a lot thicker too and This is a more of a fitted basic t-shirt So tuck it in it looks very nice and Crisp and Polished next item that I Think is so classic for summer is a Striped t-shirt and specifically a short Sleeve t-shirt especially for those days

That is going to be really warm I love This one by Uniqlo Um this one is actually again Inexpensive too but the quality is Fantastic I love the fit of it it's not Too long not too short do a little front Tuck and it looks so just simple and Polished and it looks so nice so I love How this is a really nice inexpensive Option and it's a really good basic and The quality is also fantastic next up Now I know not a lot of people are Wearing long sleeve shirts for summer Time but in case it's like for date Night it's a little bit cooler I love These off the shoulder bodysuits also From nudes that's where this tank is From I feel like this is great for an Evening date night wear it with a pair Of shorts Um you can wear some slides or heels With it I mean you can really dress this Up or wear it casually if you want to And I love it I feel like it's so Feminine and so sexy especially with the Off shoulder Um and this is also a transition I mean You can wear this easily for summer time In the evening for like date night or You can start transitioning into the Fall you can easily wear it for spring So anyways really good basic very high Quality the material is the same as the Tank so very smoothing has two layers

And the quality is just again fantastic Okay so if I only had to pick one pair Of shorts for the summer time that I Think they're the most absolute classic Pair that are very versatile this was Hard for me to choose because I have Many different kinds but I really wanted To challenge myself and share with you Guys okay if I had to only pick one Which one would I pick so my number one Short for summer something that's super Basic is a pair of linen shorts I feel Like I pull for these the most in the Summer time and for me are the most Versatile because I can wear it with Tanks I could probably wear with Something a little bit more girly on top I can pull them on over a bathing suit And wear them to the beach or a lake or I can wear them casually out and about In the summer time so I love these by Uniqlo so these are actually high Quality and inexpensive so I have a Mixture of different things as you can Tell some pieces are splurgy some are Inexpensive but everything here the Quality is exceptional like so good Um these shorts come in Many Colors I Really want to pick them up in another Color I'm so tempted because I love how These look so much they are so Flattering not tight around the thighs They are nice and stretchy on the Waistline and they're just so nice very

Classic and simple and I think they're Just perfect for summer now living in Washington state I always wear jeans in The summertime I mean it's just kind of How our weather is it doesn't get too Hot here in the summer we do have some Really hot days but then we'll have days Where I can wear a pair of denim jeans So my number one recommendation is a Pair of light wash jeans for summer and My favorite brand as you guys know my Regular viewers is girlfriend I I just Wear them in so many videos I style them So much for you guys I've gotten so much Good feedback from you guys that's Purchased these that you love them I'm So happy to hear that because Um gosh it's been about eight months Since I own these and they're literally The only light wash straight pair that I Pull I think they're just absolutely Perfect the color is amazing the fit is Amazing they wear so well and the Quality is absolutely phenomenal like Nothing like it my absolute favorite Brand favorite style this is the Carolina jeans I have them in multiple Colors so anyways I'm wearing them in a Size 24. I would say they do stretch out A bit so if you want them to be tighter You can go down a size they'll give a Little bit as you wear them or you can Stay true to size and they'll kind of Have that like a little bit more relaxed

Fit so just keep that in mind when it Comes to sizing okay I'm really excited About this one so if I had to pick one Dress for the entire summer time I would Pick this one I feel like I shared this To death with you guys already I put it In so many videos I hope it's not Annoying at this point but truly this is My favorite dress I purchased this Summer it's like the perfect dress That's in between casual and dressy you Can wear it casually with a pair of like Strappy sandals or you can dress it up With heels and it looks absolutely So stunning I love how it's a halter Style it's very Breezy very light and Flowy and again something you can easily Make it dressy or a little bit more Casual Um it's smocked in the back it's Fuller Bust friendly it's petite friendly I Feel like this is like one of the most Size inclusive dresses I've ever come Across and I'm just wearing this in a Size small I feel like it just looks Fits and feels amazing okay now I want To talk about shoes so I think I have Four pairs I think we're in the last Four things and it's all shoes spare I Feel like you guys can probably already Guess it also has been in countless Videos it's pair of beiges so I love These so much they are my most Comfortable white sneakers out of

Everything I have so if I am going out For a day where it's a lot of walking Which has been the case lately I will Pull these out because I can literally Wear these all day long my feet will not Ache they will not hurt which is Surprising I mentioned this before There's been a lot of reviews out there Saying these shoes are uncomfortable That has absolutely not been the case For me these are real leather 100 Leather So they give as you wear them And they soften over time and they just Feel more amazing each time you wear Them at least it's been like that in my Case the tongue of this it's also padded Here so it does not rub there or like Provide blisters or it's not Uncomfortable in any way you know again I'm speaking just in my experience here But if they're just absolutely wonderful I think they are a great investment if This is your style now a pair of flats I Love knit flats for spring and summer I Feel like these are great classic very Minimal essential you can wear these With shorts with jeans with dresses Um they're just a really good piece and Especially since they're in this knit Material like I've always mentioned or At least every time I've mentioned these Um they don't ache they don't give you Blisters they are apparent they are a Pair of shoes you can wear all day long

Without your feet hurting and they're so Stylish too like very minimal very big Basic again that's the whole point of This video is to share the simplest of Pieces Um that I feel like look great on their Own or you can style them with other Pieces as well in your wardrobe so these Are fantastic option come in Many Colors Also again these are inexpensive they're From Amazon and the quality of them A Plus like absolutely fantastic I think They're done really well next up is a Pair of slide sandals I've had these for Three years now so worth every penny I Mean I'm constantly wearing these for Three years now and they're so stylish So these are by Steve Madden I know They're an Hermes dupe and I had no idea They were an Hermes dupe until someone Mentioned it to me a long time ago I was Like oh wow I literally had no idea I Bought them because I just love the Style of them I think they just look so Timeless and these sandals are under 100 So I think they're like eighty dollars So I mean they're not cheap but they're Not like super expensive I feel like They're in the middle but a really good Investment piece that is long lasting as Well I mean I'm on my third year and I Feel like they still look fantastic okay Last up is a pair of strappy sandals so I've had a really hard time deciding

Which ones to share because I have two Different styles of strappy sandals so I Have these black ones here that I've Shared so many times these are from Steve Madden I wore these with that long Black maxi dress these are so Timeless So beautiful so minimal great for spring And summer like highly recommend these And then I also got these white ones From Amazon they're still in that like Same strappy minimal style but it's just A little bit different if you compare it To the Steve Madden version this has More straps Um and I don't know I could not decide Which ones to put in this video usually I try to stick with like one like I have Been for this video but I love both of These I'm just sharing both of these in This same number number 12 and then you Can decide which style you like best if You're looking for any but I would say Both are the same in quality the same in Comfort which I would say the comfort is Great they don't hurt at all for my feet And my feet are a little bit wider Um so they're great all right you guys So that is it for this video that was 12 Of the simplest basic pieces that I feel Like are great to include into your Summer capsule wardrobe now I did share A variety of different things today and Different price points um I would say if You're looking to invest into some

Really high quality like basic tanks Highly recommend this company nudes Seriously cannot recommend them enough Also these rib tanks from Tularosa this Is your style very high quality long Lasting wash and dry really well some Inexpensive pieces from Uniqlo that are Also fantastic really good quality Um wash and dry really well too so Anyways my videos is always a mixture of Like inexpensive and some higher end Pieces I always include a mixture of Things I'm always testing and trying out Different things to see how they wear And look over time all of these pieces Even though some are expensive and some Are inexpensive they're all apps Absolutely fantastic and really Wonderful to include in your wardrobe I Really hope this was a helpful guide for Anyone that is looking to add in some New basic pieces for their summer Wardrobe I hope you guys enjoyed this Video and again I'll have everything Linked In the description box below if You wanted to check anything out don't Forget to subscribe if you're new and I'll see you next time bye