12 things that INSTANTLY make you prettier! Everything is linked here & in the comments!
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7. Lash Comb:
8. Maroon Mascara(Deep Burgundy):
9. Eyeshadow Stick(Pearl Shimmer):
10. Peel Off Lip Stain(Rose):
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Now I don't want to seem superficial Because looks are absolutely not the Most important thing but I love sharing Tips and tricks of how to instantly look Better to instantly look prettier more Attractive you just feel better about Yourself I will be sharing a lot of Befores and afters instant gratification Is what we're going for so let's get Started number one we're starting with Hair because your hair can really make a Big difference in your appearance and I'm thrilled to be teaming up with Vegamore for the launch of a brand new Product I think it launches today maybe Yesterday but it is their hydrate Weightless repair oil and it is Completely different than any other hair Oil I have ever tried because it Actually has no silicon in it and every Other hair oil has silicon which can Make your hair look good for a little While but the silicones build up on your Hair over time and it really weighs down Your hair but this one is just Completely different it's actually more Of a liquid but also kind of an oil it's Just a different formula and the stats Of this thing first of all let me just Show you the before and after because it Really like that's where I feel like it Shines speaking of shine it gives you 96% shine instantly so here's the before Of my hair it's not terrible um but I

Feel like my hair looks dull I feel like It looks a little bit frizzy it just Doesn't look as good as it could and a Lot of times you know I I have my hair Like this a little will go a long way Just start with one pump put it in your Hand rub your hands together and then Start you know putting into your hair Usually around like the mid length all The way down to the ends and you will Instantly see how much shinier your hair Looks it will tame flyways and Freez for 72 hours which is amazing and the first Time you use it it reduces breakage in Your hair by 92% so this is just very Healthy for your hair it gives you Instant gratification and it literally Makes your hair look so much better for The rest of the day but again it doesn't Continually weigh your hair down with Bad silicons now this is me for all hair Types but if you happen to have thin or Fine hair you should try this because Again it doesn't make your hair heavy And greasy it's it's just completely Different so if you're wondering you Know what's in this it has marula oil it Has vitamin C oil it has a chia seed Blend and it smells phenomenal it's like A warm cardamom like a hint of vanilla a Little little bit of a stage like I Looked up what it smells like cuz I Couldn't even put it into words but I am So impressed with this and you know I've

Worked with vegamore for several years Now so I still have my code with them if You're interested in giving this a try They have the regular size they also Have a travel size but you can use code Sheay for 20% off sitewide it doesn't Just have to be for this if you've been Wanting to try their famous scalp serum That I've been using for years you could Try that and then under that same Hydrate line there's the hydrate shampoo And conditioner and this is like the Only shampoo and conditioner I ever Tried where I truly see an instant Difference in my hair for hydration and Moisturization the first time I used it So love this stuff too but again my code Will work for everything on their site You can click around read reviews look Up before and after photos I will have Them linked Down Below in the Description box and also pinned in the Comment section number two also has to Do with hair and I feel like a lot of You aren't going to like it because I Mean it is definitely instant however it Can be a big change and it's actually Dying your hair back to your natural Hair color because there's a lot of you And I used to do this myself that you Know I just went on for years being a Blonde let's insert a photo like I used To be blonde and and people thought of Me as a blonde and looking back it's odd

To me because now my hair is the natural Hair color that God gave me and again This doesn't work for everybody but There was some experiment done um I saw It on Tik Tok where people wore wigs and Then you know votes came in and and it Turned out that people's natural hair Color made them look more attractive Than the color that they had been dying Their hair and again it doesn't work for Everyone but it's something to at least Consider if you feel like you're stuck In a rut okay let's move on to the face Because this video is all about looking Prettier and so we're going to hone in On some specific features with great Befores and afters to make a big Difference we're starting with the lips Because I always do this before I start My makeup and I actually use this Product throughout the day even before Bed this is legitimately I would say a Life-changing product because here are My lips before okay this is what my lips Look like every day they're dry they're Chapped they're peeling they are a Desert and this works on bare lips but It also works over top lip liner and Lipstick but let's start with the bare Lips you put some on and you know you Just wait like 20 seconds for it to fill In those fine lines to kind of plump up Your your lips it has hyaluronic acid it Has collagen oh my gosh look at my lips

20 seconds later it is drastic I love This so much today I'm wearing it over Top my uh lip liner and it just it's Beautiful I use it throughout the day Many times but this is actually a night Treatment so you could put it on before Bed and it'll work overnight I would say It's like a 10 times better version of The Lan lip sley mask like this is way Better now I want to be clear this video Is not sponsored by morray um but I did Get a code from them for another video So if you want to get 30% off of this on Amazon you can use that code let's talk About eyebrows next and this is not what You're going to expect me to say so There's kind of two two things I want to Share here um number one if you do Nothing else at least in the morning at Least brush your eyebrows and you might As well just get a brow tint that Already has like the eyebrows spoolie But it has the brow tint stuff on it and Then you just take 5 seconds and you at Least brush your brows it adds a little Bit of pigment and it it it just like Here you can see the before and the After so much better it makes your face Look looks so much better and it's it's So simple now if you want to take it a Step further this is this is what you're Not expecting me to say this is called Tattoo brow but I'm not actually saying You should tattoo your brows but a lot

Of people do that with the microblading This is kind of similar to that but it Only lasts 3 to 4 days but it saves you Time and you paint this formula onto Your brows it looks really freaking Weird and you let it dry for like 20 Minutes and it says that you're supposed To peel it off I've actually never been Able to peel it off I just wash it off But it stains the skin underneath your Brows so when you wake up in the morning It's like your brows are already filled In and I don't think everyone is going To like this I think if you have darker Hair this could work it could save you Time and energy in the morning but this Actually pleasantly surprised me next We're going to make your eyes look 10 Times bigger and better than they did Before so you're going to need a black Eyeliner and a white or beige eyeliner Or a tight liner this is actually by the Brand tarte and it's called called fake Awake how cool is that name um because a Lot of people kind of know this trick Already where they take a white a white Eyeliner pencil and put it on the bottom Uh waterline and it can brighten your Eyes but it looks a little fake and That's why I think the beige color is Way better and way more natural but Let's start with the black you want to Put that on the top waterline and that's Going to make your eyelashes look longer

And Fuller it tricks the eye but then go In with the fake awake or the beige Again you could do white and put that on The lower lash line and it makes your Eyes look bigger and just prettier now We're going to come back to the rest of That but I wanted to share another eye Trick if you have blue eyes I saw this On Tik Tok I am not taking credit for This I just had to share it with you Because it is so good if you have blue Eyes so I'll put you know the video here Her handle and everything I'm pretty Sure she kind of like invented this but What you need to do is get a blue like a Bright blue eyeliner and you're going to Put the blue blue eyeliner on your Waterline but just in the center to kind Of extend or brighten your blue eyes and Then you can put some black kind of Around the edges but that Center Blue Brightens and makes your eyes pop I mean Look at that it is it's such an Impressive trick okay so back to my eyes If you're like me and you struggle with Super short stubby lashes you might want To try this lash extension fiber stuff Like this stuff is so weird it's not Like regular lash extensions and it's Not like strip lashes so what you do is You put on one layer of mascara like Normal but then you go in with this Stuff and it looks kind of like mascara But it's not there's like little micro

Fibers on this and you brush it on to The wet mascara that you put on and it Literally kind of like makes you look Like you have extensions like it extends Your lashes makes them look fuller and Longer and then you lock it in with Another coat of mascara now I will say This does does give you some Fallout Afterward so you have to brush off the Fibers that like fall down onto your Face it doesn't like smear anything but Just keep that in mind but I really Think the before and after of my lashes Is pretty darn significant I've talked About this before but this lash comb or A Lash separator can really come in Handy when you're trying to build up Your lashes because you can literally Brush through your lashes to separate Them and make them not look clumpy Because you're not going to look pretty If your lashes are clumpy and gross so I Shared that blue eye trick that will Instantly make your blue eyes pop and so That got me thinking like what can the Girls with brown or green you know my Color eyes what what can we do we could Do something similar with maybe like an Olive green eyeliner it's just really Hard to find that shade so I discovered L'Oreal's voluminous maroon or burgundy Mascara and this is a subtle pop but if You have brown brown or green or hazel Eyes you should try this maroon mascara

Because it's like the opposite on the Color wheel it it just really subtly Makes your green or Hazel or brown eyes Look more vibrant um and so here is the The the difference between black and This burgundy and I do have that lash Extension stuff on underneath so I feel Like this isn't popping as as much as it Could but it's still like a subtle Difference that I think will make you Look better but people won't even able To pinpoint why now this is a repeat Trick but I don't even care because it Works for literally everyone it's using A shimmer ey Shadow stick in the corner Of your eye it takes like 4 seconds but You can see the immediate difference From this eye to this eye this eye looks More awake it's better it's younger it's Youthful you should just try it if you Haven't now we're coming back to the Lips but from a different perspective And angle so if you want to look Prettier and more attractive one thing You can do is have wider teeth you can Use the strips you could go to your Dentist but a faster way to trick the Eye into people thinking you have super White teeth is to actually wear red Lipsticks with blue undertones now I Hate wearing red lipsticks you guys do Too like I'm not the only one it smears It's messy it's just difficult so I have Discovered this and it works very well

It's using the peel off lip Stains have You guys seen this it really works so This is me demonstrating it um it comes In tons of color col this is actually The first time I've ever used this Particular color but you paint it on Your lips very similar to that brow tint That I showed you previously but you Paint it on your lips let it dry and sit There for 15 minutes you'll feel your Lips if it's not sticky anymore you'll You'll know okay it's time to peel it Off and you literally just like peel it Off like it's skin and it truly stains Your lips and you can then put a lip Gloss over top of it and I do just want To say like this color kind of surprised Me cuz it is pretty bright they're not All this bright but you want to go for Maybe just like a a very cool tone Because that will cancel out the yellow In your teeth and make them appear a lot Whiter but even if that's not your goal This lip stain just really is cool Because as the gloss wears off like it Doesn't smear it lasts all day even into The next day you know a lot of people Are doing those lip blushes where it's Kind of like a tattoo on your lips don't Do that just try this it it lasts so Long long time so those are my instant Tricks don't forget about vor's new Weightless hair oil I'll have them Linked down below along with my code

Sheay for 20% off sitewide you can check This out along with their other products And then everything else I talked about In this video will be linked down below As well subscribe if you're new and I'll See you in my next one bye