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Today I have another round of gift ideas And today specifically we are looking at Gift ideas for men and I'm so excited Because they can definitely be a Challenge to shop for so hopefully these Ideas and suggestions will be helpful For you guys um I will have everything Linked down below according to the Number that you see on screen today if You missed my previous gift guide video I did gift guide for her and pretty much Everything was under $50 and that was Such a good video so if you haven't seen It watch it after this one especially During uh Black Friday weekend since There's lots of sales going on hopefully You can snag something for less and get Some money off today we are focusing on Gifts for men so this first thing I want To grab is a really cool gift idea Honestly I think for any men in your Life so this kind of looks funny in the Package so this actually is light strips I thought this would be so cool for Honestly any men in your life uh your Husband your dad maybe your grandpa These light strips are actually really Neat so you can just attach them under Cabinets under a desk in a bathroom These are by the brand wise and they Have a lot of really cool Tech Gadget Things for a very decent really fair Price this brand is actually one of my Husband's favorite brands have a

Teenager this would be so cool for their Room they can add it underneath their Bed and so when you walk in there's a Sensor that it turns on when it senses Movement when it's darker so that's Really neat and handy so anyways this is Just an interesting gift idea that I Think a lot of guys would really like Next up I want to share some like travel Gear so my husband's favorite breand and A lot of these things I'm sharing is my Husband's favorites so I trust his Opinion so much cuz he is literally the Even more picky than me you guys he is Just beyond picky with things so as far As travel I love or my husband loves the Swiss Gear brand he has the toilet trees Bag he has the backpack he has the Suitcase uh this one is great and very Simple and you can hang it on you know Your wall a hook and he loves using this Every time he travels and it's a really Nice durable pair this has lasted him I Think like 10 years same as like these That I'm putting on the screen the Backpack the suitcase same buy the same Brand the same style so depending on Your budget you can get one thing you Can get a couple or you can get all and Have like the ultimate Travelers pack so Again this is great for honestly any guy In your life that does a lot of Traveling these next gift ideas I have a Box right here I'm most excited sharing

These because this is obviously a Fashion Channel most things I share is Fashion so I love sharing clothing Recommendations so here's some clothing Recommendations for men okay so first I Got this awesome my husband hasn't seen These yet but I got this ribed Sweatshirt zip up super cozy super soft And actually a lot of these things or All these things I got from Macy's feel Like honestly Macy's is really Underrated you guys they come they Actually have a lot of really good stuff For men they do really really nice sales At this time of the year so definitely Check them out if you want to get some Like clothing for your men uh this one Is really nice thick and like really Soft and stretchy but see it's nice Because I feel like he wouldn't get too Hot in this I feel like a lot of men get Overheated really easily so it's Something that'll keep them warm but I Feel like they won't get too hot in it As well next one is more lightwe I got This dark navy color for Alex and uh Really stretchy really soft it kind of Has like a waffle texture material to it Has a good zipper in the front here Actually it's a really nice Zipper very smooth I also love gifting Outerwear to guys during the holiday Season I feel like you know it's a Really nice option to give them a little

Bit more variety uh I got my husband This puffer vest I love it I think it's So handsome I'm not going to say cute I'm going to say handsome and inside They have like this flannel print in it And it comes in different colors Different colors of the flannel in here Honestly again great for any guy I mean Your son your husband your dad maybe Your grandpa this is just a great one And I was specifically looking for a Vest with a pocket inside my husband Specifically Alex he loves outerwear With pockets on the inside so so that's What I was really specifically looking For and I found one so this has a pocket Inside they can keep their phone or Wallet in here next up is another cozy Sweater uh this one is the softest one Out of all of them so if your guy loves Really soft thin stretchy items this one Is really nice really soft actually Really soft this just seems very Comfortable also a really really good Smooth zipper I always pay attention do You guys do this too I always pay Attention to the zippers they have to be Smooth they can't be fussy and I love That so this is a great zipper next I Want to share two shoe options for men I Feel like gifting shoes is a great idea For men keep it simple you know and a Lot of times they need to update their Pairs too so anyways the sporty option I

Actually gifted this pair from Adidas to My dad and he's obsessed with he says They're so comfortable he uses them for The gym um and he like lifts weights he Does cardio at the gym he kind of does Everything there and he says he loves These so much can't Rave about them Enough and I feel like the price on These are really good too and they're All black um very manly looking I guess I should say so he loves the way they Look and the way they feel on his feet And next pair I got these for my husband It's more of a dressy pair it's these Brown uh leather shoes and I Specifically got these because uh for I Guess my husband's job he wants Something that looks dressy but it's Still kind of casual like not too dressy So I guess what you you would call that Business casual right so that's kind of What he was looking for for a shoe so You can see the soulle here is a little Bit more casual looking but then here It's definitely more dressed up and I Really think he's going to love these And I'm really hoping he likes how these Feel on his feet I'm like have my Fingers crossed on this cuz he hasn't Tried them on but the reviews on these Are great okay next up I always Recommend this specific wallet from Andar every year in my gift guide I own This wallet my husband uses their

Wallets as well he uses a different one I think he uses the Diplomat I use the Denner wallet but they have so many Options to choose from really good price Real leather quality is fantastic I Think I've had my dinner wallet for 2 3 Years now same with my husband they just Really L depending on what your guys is Looking for check out what they have I Personally love the dinner wallet and my Husband personally loves the Diplomat so I will link both of those down below of Course I can't do a gift guide video Without recommending socks I recommended Socks in my previous video of gift Guides for her now for men when has Great cashmere socks that you can get For your men you can even get like the Be the cashmir beanie or cashmere scarf To kind of make it a complete set just Purchased this for myself personally to Put in another gift guide I'll have Coming out soon but these are again a Great option as like a dress up sock for Them they can wear with their fancier Shoes or something to keep them extra Warm their belts are also a great idea For men for this time of year as a gift Idea um I will link several options down Below for you guys but again I think It's nice to get maybe something that Maybe matches the color of their shoes Or that'll match the top that they're Wearing or Je jeans um give them a

Little bit more variety an engraved Pocket knife I asked my husband like Okay what's a good gift ideas for me a Lot of these ideas I'm sharing is Actually his idea so thank you to alexes Men love that uh you can even take it up A notch and get one from Etsy with Engravement on it so you can engrave his Name on it I think that also makes it More unique and special so that's a Really neat idea and then he my husband Owns this so I don't have it here but he Loves uh the wise watch it looks like an Apple Watch but obviously it's not it's Actually a really good price I forgot How much it is but I think it's under $50 so this would be great if you have Maybe a teenager that wants like a Smartwatch that's not too expensive Something for them to try out see if They like it said it's good for the Price it's not something that'll last For years and years but he says for the Price it's a really good watch and he Prefers this over Apple watch you just Wants something that has a really long Battery and this one does this one you Charge I think every six or every 7 days And that was his biggest thing cuz he Hated charging his Apple watch every 24 Hours it was annoying for him he found This one where it has like a 7day Battery life six or seven day battery Life and he's loves guys so that brings

It to the end of this video I have my Gift guide for her video that I just Posted a few days ago so if you haven't Seen that and you're doing shopping Right now during Black Friday highly Recommend checking that out because There's probably going to be a lot of Sale going on with an items that I Mentioned in that video and as far as This video all of the items will be Linked down below I love you guys so Much and I'll see you in my next video Bye