13 Handbag Essentials You TOTALLY Need! Everything is linked below & in the comments…
**Louis Vuitton Hobo Bag:
**Louis Vuitton Victorine Wallet:
1. Bee Wallet:
2. Sunglasses Holder:
Gucci-Inspired Sunglasses:
3. Lipstick Holder:
Dior Lip Oil(001 Pink):
Amazon Lip Oil(Cherry):
4. Sticky Purse Ball:
5. To-Do List Book:
6. Top Tote:
7. Clear “Stuff” Pouch:
Clear/Black Square Pouch:
8. Tide To-Go Pen:
Shout Wipes:
Emergency Stain Spray:
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9. iWALK Phone Charger:
10. Compact Light Mirror:
11. Mini Wet Brush:
12. Pill Organizer:
13. Reusable Lint Roller:

Shirt I’m Wearing:
My Nail Polish Color:

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Today I'm sharing 13 handbag Essentials That you totally need that you will love They're very different all very useful Um so it's going to be a very classic What's in my bag type of video Everything that I share will be linked Down below but I am carrying still this Louis Vuitton Loop hobo bag which I Unboxed many many months ago and I'm Still loving and wearing almost every Day sometimes I do wear like a crossbody Fanny pack thing Um but this is really my go-to bag That's just kind of always filled with The things that I want to have on me and You're going to see that this holds so Much it's like honestly shocking how Much this will fit and it's not an Insanely overpowering bag I do love how There are various um strap options this Chain is just really pretty it's kind of A nice accent but you can also wear it Over your shoulder it also comes with This long strap if you want to adjust That make it a crossbody or make it a Shoulder bag you can also remove any of The straps that you want so anyway I've Just been loving this bag but let's see What I have inside so number one we have My wallet so this is the Louis Vuitton Victorine wallet and I feel like I've Had this for like five years it is the Best designer wallet in my opinion Because of the design so it is a mini

Wallet it's like a tri-fold mini wallet The snap is great it just snaps right up And it hasn't been weird or anything it Has the the card holders it has the Money section as well and I'm just a fan Of having a smaller wallet because that Way if you do want to switch to a Crossbody bag or a fanny pack or a Bigger bag like everything will just fit And be easily transferable so if you've Been wanting a designer wallet Definitely recommend this it holds up Great I will link it below but I'm under This this number like number one I'm Still going to link this mini B wallet That I have recommended for years as Well there was a time I had a black one That I wore that non-stop I recently Actually gave it to my mom she's been Loving it and it caused me to kind of ReDiscover it because I had it buried in My closet back here and I was like you Know what I'm gonna order it in the Camel color and I'm thinking about Switching back to this now just because I love the accordion style like it's so Handy you can fan it up you can see Everything it fits so many cards it fits Your cash your coins everything you need The zipper's so smooth and again it fits In so many bags next we have my Sunglasses holder which this is just From Amazon a lot of these items are Just from Amazon they're very affordable

But this has been great because it's so Buttery and smooth but you can hold two Different types of sunglasses which that To me is why I love it so much it does Also look like Chanel uh if I would have Gotten it in Black I feel like it would Have looked even more like Chanel Because of the the quilting but pink is Really girly and I do really like this One but you'll see it holds two Different pairs of sunglasses which is Handy because depending on what your Outfit usually I like to keep a more Brown toned pair of sunglasses and a More black one and then based on my Outfit I can just grab whatever Sunglasses would look better but this is Like they're pretty oversized so it fits That really nice these really look like Gucci Um also from Amazon I I never I never Buy expense sunglasses these are more Black uh but yeah great they both fit in Here and then I can just grab them Whenever I only ever wear sunglasses to Jazz up my outfit this next thing I've Only had a couple weeks but it's so cute It's actually a lipstick organizer or Like a lipstick holder and it totally Looks like Louis Vuitton Um and it it's like this little keychain That you can actually hook on to the Side of a bag to give it a nice cute Little Louis Vuitton accent if you want

It's not Louis Vuitton but it really it Looks like it it's just cute in my Opinion I love a little scarf dangling Here it comes in different colors if you Want the more white Azure color you can Get that this is the brown it comes in Pink when you unzip it it holds Different lipsticks or lip glosses or Chapsticks I I keep my favorite lip Gloss in there my ChapStick and I Usually just throw it in the bag um but Again because of this little hook or Chain you can really put it anywhere but Under this number I am going to link the Two lip oils that I am obsessed with but They are very very different in pricing So they are both trying to be or one is The Dior lip oil it's expensive it's Designer it's like forty dollars it is My Holy Grail like I love it to Pieces But there is the Amazon version that is Almost identical and it's like way under 10 bucks and I honestly it's hard to Tell a difference between the two so if You love this I really do think you Should try the Amazon version and kind Of compare the two I feel like everyone Should have a good lip gloss or lip oil In their bag oh my gosh everyone needs This next thing and what's funny is I Totally made fun of it I knocked it and I think it's because I got a really bad Version and let me just tell you what it Is it's actually a little handbag or

Purse sticky ball you just throw this in Your purse and there's this sticky ball Inside that you can reuse and wash off And clean so what you're seeing here It's like super sticky I had I just Washed it off so you can kind of like See how shiny it gets and then you just Put it in this like plastic thing and You just put it in your bag and then as Time goes on it rolls around as you get Those annoying problems and dirt and Stuff in your bag it just gets all Attached to the sticky ball and it's Great now probably like a year or two Ago I ordered this because I saw them And I thought it would be cool but I got A really cheap version I don't know the The it wouldn't stay together it wasn't That sticky like I just hated it and I Remember putting it in a video saying Don't buy these they're terrible and so Many people commented saying you got a Terrible version get this brand everyone Commented this brand it's like it almost Looks German I don't know so I ended up Ordering this it is night and day better It's sturdy it's super sticky and it Just keeps your bag really clean this Next item probably isn't for everybody But I've just thoroughly enjoyed having It available in my bag it's it's a to-do List book I love lists I mean you know that about Me if you watch my videos I love

Hands-On paperless and ideas for Groceries for videos things I need to do When I get home like things come to me In the shower and what I'm out and about And I know a lot of you just love Putting things in your phone which is That would be probably what I should do I just don't like it so I like to have Just a place where I have like a I have Grocery list kind of going I have like Video ideas that I'll think of randomly I'll write down I love kind of just the Layout of this it's just boxes that you Can check off you can make lists you can Flip back to them like you know keep Them in there and just have ongoing Lists or just keep making new ones as You go along but this is really like Floppy and you can like really open it Wide it has a protector on it you can Get it in lots of colors and it is Pretty small I have the small version And it fits easily in my bag oh this Next thing I I actually don't ever carry Around that much but to me it really is A good handbag essential that a lot of People don't know even exists it's Called the top tote and it's a really Nice way to easily carry around a hat It's a hat holder so you can put this on The side of your bag I don't ever really Do it with this bag although it would Work Um here you might be seeing it on my

Other Louis Vuitton tote bag that's it Is quite a bit larger um you can just Easily attach this around a purse or Handbag strap or your luggage this is Great for a suitcase as well but there's These really strong magnets That you actually just put the brim of a Hat on with it and the magnets are super Strong it it holds the hat and you can Be hands-free you don't have to worry About packing the Hat in your suitcase Or the purse and it's just really cool So anyway I just thought I would share This in case it would be useful to Anyone alrighty now we're getting into You know the nitty-gritty of the bag Like the the messy stuff just like the Essentials it's it's this catch-all um I Love a good clear catch-all type of Pouch or bag within my bag oh that Sounds so weird but this is a newer one It just says stuff it looks very much Like the Stony Clover it's not it's a Much more affordable or like cheaper Version again on Amazon it looks very Summery I love how it's clear you can See everything inside what I used to use Before I got that were these bag smart Clear bags which are great for travel But again I just love having a catch-all In my bag that is clear so that when I Reach for it or I grab it out I'm not Like digging I can see exactly what I'm Looking for and I I can just easily grab

It so let's see what we have in my clear Catch-all pouch so I do like to always Have some type of stain remover so There's the classic tied to go pens or Shout wipes which are great I usually Have those but I also wanted to share This emergency stain rescue spray this Stuff has impressed me so much I'm going To try to get a promo code or discount Code for you guys I don't know if I'll Be successful I haven't even asked yet But I am in contact with this brand none Of this is sponsored by the way but I I'm gonna try so I'm gonna put it here On the screen if I'm successful you can Just enter this code at checkout on Amazon and it should give you a discount But this stuff is really great I'll use This in my house I I'll like I have a White couch with kids I know shocking if I get anything on the couch I spray Spray this works so much better than Anything else I have I even have full X And I really like full X but this beat That recently so this works on that Coffee uh blood like all kinds of stains On clothes carpets upholstery anything There there's also another stain remover They have that's like a it's more for Like Toddlers and like food and berries I don't love that one as much but I Don't really have little babies anymore Um but anyway definitely recommend this And it's small enough that I do just

Keep it in my bag and then this I've Talked about like a bajillion times but It's the iwalk phone charger so if you Have an iPhone this is fantastic Um it's a portable phone charger that's So small and compact like look how small This is you don't you don't have to Carry it in a big bag you just throw it In a small crossbody bag and if you're Out and about towards the end of a day And your phone is starting to get low on Its battery you just whip this out you Can take off the little cap here plug it Right into your phone and charge it up Like it's just great to have and again I Love how small it is and um it does come In several colors okay what should we Talk about next let's just go with this Compact mirror it's a lighted lit Compact mirror so when you open it up it Has really high quality mirrors on top And bottom they're just different Magnification levels and then there's This little light bulb it's a touch Screen you just double tap it and it Will turn on the light and it's a super Bright light so I've used this to get Stuff out of my teeth I've used it to Fix my makeup or check my makeup or put Makeup on or whatever if you tap it Again it will turn it off and then if You turn it back on but then you hold The light bulb button it will actually Dim it lower so you can really just

Adjust it to your liking you just charge It up it lasts like a really long time On a single charge but yeah I do just Keep this in here I also keep this Little mini Wet Brush in here it's just Like I've talked about how like the Wet Brush is the the brush of my dreams so I Have these in like the regular size all Through my house but I also recommend Getting a mini version so I can link These of course uh they're just small They fit in your bag they work great on Wet hair they work great on dry hair They don't rip your hair they're just The best brush in the whole world so Definitely get the mini version too okay So we have a few things left um this Next thing sometimes I keep in this but Half the time I just forget and I just Throw it in my actual bag but it is a Like a Pill organizer so I like to Always have on hand my Advil my Annison Sometimes I like to take magnesium Throughout the day uh so if you are Somebody that likes to have vitamins or Medication or whatever on hand this is a Perfect size for a bag it's perfect for Travel that's the original reason I got This was purely for travel Um but it's just a good size to have in Your bag and you can you know have the Different sections it's all magnetic it Just snaps close and yeah I just think It's great and I actually just got it in

A pink color too okay there's a few Other things I want to share Um that I see in the bag here but Another reason I love this Louis Vuitton Loop hobo bag is because it also comes With this pouch or wristlet so again a Nice Louis Vuitton canvas piece there's A couple sections inside you could use This for a wallet you could use it as a Wristlet you could use it to run errands I don't know it's like a nice little Addition Um to this bag but another thing that I Wanted to share is this reusable lint Roller so you just hit the center Buttons the it pops off and then this is Again like a sticky ball that you can Quickly run over your clothes if you Have cat hair or a lint or something on Your clothes uh and this ball is Reusable so you can just rinse it off And just keep keep it going and it's a Perfect size to just throw in your bag So those are my handbag Essentials I Thought it was super fun so everything Will be linked down below but also be Sure to check out this video next where I share life-changing I'm serious Life-changing products that I really Think upgraded my life so I'll see you Over there next