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Shop ALL Deals Here:
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I have never done anything like this Before These Are Mother's Day gifts that I personally handpicked I've been Working with these brands for months Getting them to offer you guys only 50 To 80% off everything in this video These deals are legitimately insane They're not going to last long guys you Can just start shopping now there's a Link down below a full-blown custom Website where you can look at everything There's a few hundred available in Certain items and as little as a few Dozen in in other items all of the deals Will expire April 29th but there's no Way they're going to last that long There's no catch again there's limited Inventory but I've been begging these Brands I wanted to do something crazy And I don't know if it will be Successful if it is maybe I'll do it Again in the future but I'm going to go Over everything right now and if you Love something Jump On It number one This might be one of my favorites of the Video but I'm going to be saying that The whole time because everything is so Good this is the hush Cooling pillow the Best pillow guys and throughout the Video I am going to put on the screen The full retail price the Shay's deal Price and the percentage off so this is 55% off for you guys only and I'm not Kidding if you went to their website

Right now you would pay full price for This this is only for you guys and I Wanted these deals to like blow your Mind this is an award-winning pillow That is is a hybrid pillow an adjustable One it's amazing for both your back your Side and and your stomach sleepers like It covers everybody the way you sleep Now the the thing that I personally love About this the very most is the fact That it has this cooling cover it's like An ice technology cooling cover that Actually is like a pillowcase and as Soon as you pull it out of the box and It it starts to fluff up you are Immediately going to notice how cool it Is and it's completely different than Any other pillow I've ever ever tried Now another amazing thing about this is It's adjustable so it comes with a Little pouch and you can unzip the side And pull out the fluff and let me just Tell you it is glorious fluff and you Can customize this to Perfection some People like a more flat pillow some People like something more in the middle Some people like a really stuffed pillow And you can just keep doing it until it Is perfect so this pillow is extremely Breathable again the cooling technology Is just unlike anything else I've ever Ever felt in a pillow and it has 4.8 out Of five stars 1,700 positive reviews I Mean this really legitimately is an

Award-winning pillow now throughout this Video you can be selfish you can get Things for yourself it doesn't just have To be a Mother's Day thing you get Something for your husband I mean that Pillow is a perfect example of a great Gift idea because they can customize it And because everything in this video is At least 50% off or more if you were to Get two of something it's technically Like a buy one get one free next we have The TOA self-cleaning Sonic facial Brushes and it comes with all the brush Heads this is 50% % off it's usually $100 and you can get it for under $50 And it comes in different colors this One is my personal favorite but what Makes it completely different than any Other facial brush out there is this Docking station so this docking station Has a UV light that when you put this Facial brush in after you've used it it Immediately cleans it and sanitizes it It gets rid of 99.9% of all germs and bacteria so that It's ready for the next use you may have Seen this on The Today Show Good Morning America it is a bestseller it has 800 Fstar reviews and like I said it comes With all of the brush heads and so you Can change them out you can even use This in the shower there's a body Scrubber um that you can take in and Like really exfoliate your skin I love

It on my face I mean after you use this You will immediately notice how much Smoother your skin is and there's heads For sensitive skin there's like the Regular brush head there's all these Different things you can choose from and Again you just simply put it in the base And it instantly cleans it next we have Some higher price point jewelry and Don't worry I have some more affordable Options a little bit later in the video But this is for all the diamond lovers Out there we have rattani Diamond Jewelry so there are three options to Choose from there is a pendant round Necklace then there is an emerald cut Pendant and then we have the diamond Studs which I am wearing which are Stunning let's just take a moment and Let's just open the diamond stud box I Mean if you gave that to somebody it's a While Factor okay and these are Legitimate real diamonds they are lab Grown which are identical in properties To Natural diamonds but the the price They're normally still pretty darn Expensive because it is Diamond Jewelry But everything is 50% off now there are A lot of combinations you can choose From with this everything does come in 14 karat white or yellow gold options Rattani is really famous actually I mean They're very well known in New York City For their high-end diamond engagement

Rings and they they follow the Kimberly Process which is the ethical sourcing Standards for Diamond so they they Really are just a good company now for All of these options there are different Sizing options so you can get different Diamond sizes everything comes with the Color grade and Clarity specifications I Know these are like a higher price point So again it could be something Splurge Worthy for yourself or again your mom Maybe even a sister but these are Stunning next we have the coost Arina Extra virgin olive oil Trio this is one Where like I just want to shot my own Link down below and stock up on this Because it is so good I'm not going to This set normally retails for $92 but It's 51% off bringing the deal down to 44 you get three of their bestselling Olive oils now this is a family-owned Business like a a Greek family in Southern Greece they do all early Harvest everything's imported from Greece and you get the uh like the Regular extra virgin olive oil Everything's cold pressed again early Harvest I mean it is chef's kiss there's Also the everyday extra virgin olive oil And then there is the garlic olive oil And this is amazing obviously for Cooking it's great for dipping bread It's delicious you can also use this for Dressings another thing I wanted to

Point out that this is in a tin uh Casing which is exactly what you want Because anytime that daylight or Sunshine hits olive oil it oxidizes it And so this is really how you want it to Be presented for legit real good olive Oil that's so healthy it's full of Antioxidants it's high in polyphenols Again it's cold pressed early harvested I mean this has won so many awards it's USA Today Women's Health Magazine Self Magazine the the food and wine magazines There's 700 full complete perfect five Star reviews on this so you like humor Me try this all righty guys we have made It to the biggest discount of the video And I do just want to say there were Other brands I wanted to have in this Video but the most they would give me Was only like 30 or 35% off and that Just wasn't good enough I wanted Everything in this video to be so good It was borderline hard to pass up so These next items are 80% off they are the Alisia Adams alpaca Blankets this is luxury LX luxury Blankets these are always $495 again they are 80% off bringing Them down to 98 I mean you see these on Private jets you see them on yacht Charters this is a huge celebrity fan Base they're very expensive like I said Again limited inventory lots of colors To choose from this all started about 20

Years ago well there was an an ethical Alpaca Farm in Upstate New York and and It was family-owned and I think it was 13 years ago this whole brand started Because they would Shear them and it was You know just extra Shearings uh and they started to create Blankets and it just grew into such a Well-known blanket they have other Products but the blankets are definitely What they're known for I mean these have Literally been gifted to the the royal Family Prime Ministers like I'm not just Saying that so you can you know style These so beautifully in a lot of Different ways obviously you can curl up With them you can even wear them as a Wrap a a again though there's lots of Different patterns and colors to choose From get one for yourself you could gift It away like get get a few of these Because because they're 80% off if you Went to their website right now it would Be full price next we have the mo foot Massager which this is Josh's favorite Item of the video so again it could be a Great Mother's Day gift uh or really Anyone's going to love it this normally Retails for $200 but it's 50% off for You guys bringing it down to$ 99 so this Is intense though this is a legit foot Massager okay there are five modes and My mom was using it the other day she Was on level five she actually had to

Turn it down a notch so it's not a pansy Foot massager it's going to really Massage your feet there's vibrations There's kneading there's air pressure There's also a warming feature it gets Nice and toasty if you want it like that It comes with two different remotes you Can use and it actually just magnetizes Directly on top of it it uses a patented Shiatsu technique there's an automatic Shut off timer there are 14,000 positive reviews on this thing if You happen to work from home you could Slide this under your desk and use it You know throughout the day maybe you're Somebody though that is just on their Feet all day you could come home and use This moving right along to the Villa Floriani Tuscany skinc care set you get Three of their Global best sellers this Retails for $126 it is 61% off free you guys bringing it down To $49 the reason I fell in love with it Is because it has plant extracts sourced Directly from different spots in Italy So this is just like a high-end just Luxurious brand and you get three again Of their bestsellers so there is the Exfoliating body cleanser then there is The nourishing satin oil and then you Also get the exfoliating olive oil balm That's more for your face though so this Is like a skin and like body set now

Everything is super clean crueltyfree it Smells amazing guys again it's because It's those plant extracts like Everything just smells so natural and Real so I just love like the body Cleanser you use this in obviously the Shower you can exfoliate your legs and Your arms and all over the smell I just Keep going back to the smell it it truly Is amazing the the body oil the satin Oil it just quenches your skin you can Just rub that especially like on your Legs on your chest like it just gives You a beautiful glow and it's just such A better product in my opinion than Lotion and then the the olive oil balm You can exfoliate that all over your Face leave it on for maybe 10 minutes It's going to hydrate your skin plump it Up it helps to reduce fine lines and Wrinkles like it's just such a good Brand this comes beautifully packaged so It would make a great gift idea because It is presented so well I've obviously Ripped everything out but again you Could get this set for yourself speaking Of beautifully packaged though and an in Gift this is 3 lb of gourmet made from Scratch brownies it's by the brand Brownie points it's 50% off and it Normally retails for $78 but the deal Brings it down to39 and it comes with 19 Individually wrapped brownies tons of Delicious flavors um salty caramel uh

Red velvet birthday cake cookie dough There's obviously classic brownies in There as well uh but this is Mother's Day themed there's even one that says Love Mom on it but I first saw this on The Food Network it's even been on the Today Show as the perfect brownie it's Been gifted in gift baskets at the Gramys the Billboard Music Awards I mean This is so welln so I thought this would Be such a great addition to this video As like an instant Mother's Day gift now You could serve this at a party you Could you know keep it for yourself and You know eat it throughout the month Keep it in the refrigerator or even the Freezer but I served this at Thanksgiving and I took it around to Everyone I was like please try this like I want to put this in the video and Everyone was raving about it and I loved How there was such a a huge assortment So as I mentioned I did want a more Affordable jewelry option in this video So these are by the brand McCrae which Is a small female-owned business and They are offering 50% off on these two Mama necklaces so you could get one for Yourself if you're a mom um you could Obviously gift one to your mom or even Get a few and give them to friends they Are 18 karat goldplated they're normally $40 each and that brings them down to $20 a piece so there are two different

Styles to choose from though one is Definitely more Chic and simplistic Looking whereas the other is a lot more Fun and trendy so it really just depends On your Vibe or the person that you'd be Gifting it to and which one they would Prefer but I think these are just really Pretty everyday necklaces that are going To look great with any outfit so that is Everything there will be a link Down Below in the description box and I'll Also pin it in the comment section you Can shop everything through that link And website but I'm not just saying this If there's anything you want you need to Get it fast because the deals do Officially expire on April 29th but Since there's limited inventory on Everything I do think things will sell Out very fast but I hope you enjoyed This I've never done anything like this Before so if it's successful I'll try to Keep doing it but happy Mother's Day Happy shopping and I'll see you in my Next video bye