13 Products That Are SHOCKINGLY Impressive…everything is linked here & in the comments!!
Sweater/Outfit I’m Wearing:
1. CC Creme(Light):
2. Emergency Stain Rescue:
Messy Eater Stain Spray:
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3. Toothbrush UV Light:
4. Sink Topper:
5. Elemis Green Fig Cleansing Balm:
Makeup Erasers:
6. Dots For Spots:
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7. 10-in-1 Split End Mender:
8. 100% Beeswax Candles:
Lamp Candle Warmer:
9. $10 Blanket:
10. Bug Zapper:
11. Plug-In Bug Trap:
12. Squeegee Mop:
13. De-Shedding Pet Brush:
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These products are shockingly impressive I was very surprised by them I'm so Excited to share these items with you as Always everything will be linked Down Below in the description box and pinned In the comment section by the number you See on screen okay so we're starting With a beauty product that legit shocked Me at how good this is for those of you That don't know I mean you probably do Know but my all-time favorite Foundation Is the IT Cosmetics CC cream I'm always Raving about it I love it but I kept Seeing amazing things about this Korean Version it's also a CC cream but it only Comes in three colors a light medium and Dark and apparently it comes out white I Mean it does here you're seeing it it Starts out white and then it Blends and Adjusts to your skin tone and I was so Skeptical but like the reviews are Amazing people are swearing by this so I Ordered it I got the light shade and it Legitimately you put it on your face It's white and as you blend it it Adjusts and it makes your skin look so Good so real like it doesn't look like You're even wearing anything but it Definitely makes so makes an impact uh There's also really good skin care in This there's 25 SPF like it's I'm just So impressed with this definitely Definitely recommend just so you know Throughout this video I was able to get

A few special promo codes that you can Enter at checkout I always say this but It's not sponsored I just like to reach Out to Brands and try to get some Discount codes so this next product I Was able to get a promo code this also Is shocking I want to just do a little Reenactment of what recently happened to Me for me to love this so much because I've definitely made fun of it in the Past the hate stain so there's the Emergency hate stains and then there's The Messy eater hate stains which is Like just a stain spray I love the Emergency one I use that on my white Couch all the time like it's great I've Recommended it in the past but I've made Fun of the Messy eater one which is more For food and I don't know what I was Using it on before that I it like did Not work and anyway so recently like a Few weeks ago I was eating in my bed Which I always do I love berries I was Eating raspberries I like strawberries Blackberries blueberries like all Whatever but I set the the carton down On my white sheets and I lifted up the Carton and there was so much stain there From The Raspberries like it was just Dumb and so I'm reenacting it here I'm Even making it worse just by like Smooshing the raspberry into the sheets Just to prove to you how well this works So I went out to my kitchen and I

Couldn't find the emergency version that I love I could only find the Messy eater One so I grabbed that one and I sprayed It on my white sheets instantly the the Stain was gone like it blew me away at How well this works and so I stand Corrected this stuff is fabulous I love Both versions they're great to have on Hand if you want to give it a try again Not sponsored but you can use this promo Code at checkout next I have this Product called Brill it is a toothbrush UV light meaning it kills 99.9 of all Bacteria from your toothbrush now I have Seen other things like this on the Market but you always have to use Like their version of an electric Toothbrush or regular toothbrush and Then you like stick it in their device And I just really like my flossing Toothbrush I've recommended this before Like this is what I want to use and this You can get in different colors like White navy black you can even Mount this On the wall and it's actually magnetic And I just like to keep my toothbrush in A drawer but you just stick the Toothbrush in as soon as you close it it Snaps close and the light turns on the UV light for three minutes and then it Automatically turns off but it kills all Of the bacteria on your toothbrush which I'm not even a germaphobe I'm not However there are bacteria that causes

Cavities and all of that and I want all Of that to be killed on my toothbrush so That it's not continually kind of Manifesting in my mouth so I can just Lay this in the drawer again you can Hang it on the wall it works with any Toothbrush I love it next we have What's Called the sink Topper Again so Impressive this is perfect for anybody That has a small bathroom or a small Countertop in in the bathroom you can Actually open this up and then put it Around the faucet and it's over top the Sink and it allows you to have like a Full counter to like get ready do your Makeup do whatever and just have all Like tons of extra space and the reason I ordered is because our guest bathroom Is actually pretty small and just when People are getting ready like sometimes Josh's mom even spends the night this is Just great she can just like put this Over you know over the sink like I said It literally doubles the amount of Counter space and she can get ready do Her makeup like whatever this comes in Many colors I went with gray just Because it went with the bathroom better And there are a couple different sizes So that you can get what fits your Bathroom the best moving right along to A product that I didn't even buy this Was sent to me it's by Elements which is My favorite skincare brand but it's a

Cleansing balm which I don't typically Use facial cleansers because I really Like those makeup erasers that only need Water but this was sent to me because They just launched it it's the pro Collagen green fig cleansing balm and I Opened it up This smells perfect like I make fun of So many products that are fakely scented The fragrance is so bad it's too Overpowering but this like if I'm gonna Smell anything like this is what it's Gonna be this is this is such an amazing Scent I love it so much if you've never Used a cleansing balm before you take a Scoop of it and you actually rub it all Over your face and it melts off all of Your makeup it is so incredibly Hydrating like it just makes your skin Feel so soft but it melts off all of Your makeup you can use it in the Morning or the night and then you rinse It off and then just dab your face with A towel and like your your skin is so Clean so I love this stuff probably Wouldn't have bought it on my own Um but now that I have it I'm keeping it Dots for spots and so you may have seen Things like this Um there's the mighty patch out there There's this one there might even be Another brand that I've seen this is by Far my favorite one I've tested them all This one seems to work the best and

Maybe you don't even know what it is Basically they're little matches if you Have a zit or something like that on Your face you can get one of these Patches and you cover it up I do it Before bed it works through the night to Kind of suck out the gunk and dry up the Zit or the acne spot way faster and it Really works but I do wait to use it Um until like once once I actually see The zit like if it's kind of way under The skin it takes a few times of like Drawing this to the surface so I kind of Wait to actually see it on my skin use This and it actually kind of conceals The zit which is nice but I do use it Before a bed and it clears everything up Way faster and I was able to get a promo Code for this and it comes with 60 Different patches if you're enjoying This video I would love to have you back Please consider subscribing down below This is the last beauty product and then We're moving on to so many other things But this product main magic it's a ten In one split ends mender so it does 10 Different things in this bottle this has Rave reviews I think I first saw it Maybe at Ulta and then I did I did it Was on Amazon so that's just where I Ordered it from I don't know I just Default to Amazon so much because it's Just so convenient so it does 10 things But it the number one thing is it

Literally mends and like fixes split Ends I haven't been using it that long But I really think my ends look and feel Amazing it also minimizes breakage Reduces frizz it moisturizes it softens It increases shine it Smooths it seals The cuticles like it does so many things Again 10 different things the Consistency is it smells like like a Nice Light fresh scent it's kind of like A sticky material and then I just focus It on the ends of my hair and you can Use this on dry hair or damp hair after You get out of the shower to repair any Breakage or split ends and then whatever Is left on my hand I will go up through My hair and it really helps with Shininess and frizz control and all of That so it's a super healthy there's Like really really good ingredients in This so yes it's a thumbs up from me Moving along to some shocking home finds In a recent video I put this 100 that Pure beeswax candle so this is kind of a Bonus kind of a repeat but I have a Purpose in sharing it in this video but If you missed that one I normally am Just not a fan of regular candles Whether even like soy candles there's so Many candles out there with terrible Synthetic fragrance toxic things that is Burning off and you're breathing it in Your home I mean you can continue to use Candles it's fine I just have missed

Using candles for many many many years And I have learned that if it's a 100 Pure beeswax candle it actually is Really good to burn in your home Actually cleans the air there's so many Good things about it and I feel so Excited because it's like fall outside And I'm like again burning the candle And it smells so nice this actually is Homemade it is a small business on Amazon which is cool so I can link this Below but I do have a cat okay I do burn This like regularly but I kind of have To be mindful like I don't want the cat I don't think she would mess with it but It's still like could be a fire hazard So I receive recently ordered this lamp Warmer that you put the candle like Underneath the lamp and it's like a Really pretty Decor piece you can get it In so many different colors to kind of Match your home I have it on this table You you put it under there there's Different settings there's even a timer And it just warms up the wax and it just Fills your home with this scent without Actually lighting the candle or like a Fire you know what I mean Um and it actually makes the candle last Way longer it doesn't burn it as fast Yet it still gives you that same Glorious scent through your home so if You don't have a candle warmer and you Have pets maybe get it even if you don't

Have pets this next one like maybe it's Dumb I don't know it still is really Impressive to me so basically it's a ten Dollar blanket from Amazon only ten Dollars in like so many different colors And hear me out this is why I thought This was cool because I I love blankets I don't need another blanket however I I Typically just order neutral blankets And in the fall or different seasons I Don't decorate that much I'm not one of Those people that has tons of holiday Decor but I do like to maybe add some Different colors that kind of match the Season with blankets or maybe maybe a Pillow even though I don't love like I Just don't love pill having a million Pillows I could have the pillowcases I'm Digressing this blanket was 10 bucks I Got it in like an orangey color I just Drape it on my chair or where or the Couch or whatever and it just gives Like A Little Fall Hue so you could order This in a few colors that kind of match The season it's 10 bucks it's actually Like a really nice blanket also would be A great gift idea it's more like I was Shocked that this was only ten dollars And it comes in So Many Colors now this This is quite literally shocking if you Hate bugs like me I'm so sorry for those Of you out there that are like they need To live you're probably right I don't Want them living in my house though and

I'm such a pansy when it comes to Killing bugs that's why I had two little Boys because I've I most of the time Just like do something with it they'll Take it outside whatever but if I'm by Myself I whip this bad boy out and it's Amazing and this is the the best one Compared to all of the other ones out There and there's a specific reason why It's because it swivels you need one That swivels and don't worry this isn't On I'm not gonna shock myself but this Is what you want because say you say say You see a spider on the wall I I created A fake spider here you can like kind of Swivel this so that bam you you shock it You kill it uh and so to turn it on I Should probably go over this you can go Like this and just always have it on or Uh you can kind of turn it half on and Then it only shocks the bug when you hit The button which is typically what I do Also though the fact that this swivels You can even do it on the ceiling you Know sometimes there's things above you Like a spider and you don't want to fall On your head on how you just get this Thing out I just attack it above you and Then it kills it it's oh this thing is a Lifesaver it also has an extending pole So if you really don't want to get close You don't have to speaking of bugs Though this next product had to be in The video because I want to give you an

Update on it but then I also just like Every day it just shocks me it's so Impressive this is just turning out to Be one of the best purchases I've found All year if you struggle with fruit Flies regular flies really just any bugs It's this plug-in light thing that has a Sticky back on it but has a purple light And so at night when there's not really Any other light sources bugs will fly to It get stuck they'll die and it catches Everything it catches everything and so I recommend it in a video before and Then my friends saw it in the video she Already had it and she was like I wonder What mine looks like so she sent me this Photo which was crazy like it blew her Away uh and then morning like I should Have warned you before this is what mine Looks like right now if you hate bugs Just skip ahead but this is what it Looks like so many freaking flies just Get stuck in our house and then this Controls this helps it helps I'm sorry I Feel like so many people need this so I Wanted to share another unexpectedly Surprising product is this squeegee mop It's called The Magic mop or the magic Broom I don't know it's not like a Normal broom it's a squeegee and if you Have hard surfaces in your house whether It's the kitchen or hardwood floors or The bathroom tile like anything that's Hardwood or like flat hard not carpet

You just like squeegee your floor Instead of using like a regular mop or Broom and it gets up the most disgusting Things that you didn't even know was There and then you just like scoop it up Like it it's it's crazy I really really Like this product Um it's so cheap too and it cleans so Much better than like everything else This next product has to do with my cat She's almost 16 guys isn't that crazy But this next product I use for her all The time it is this de-shedding brush They this is dramatic like every time I Use this I am shocked at how much cat Fur I get out of her uh it's like a I Have a whole new cat in my head with the Amount of fur so if you have a cat or a Dog consider getting this I was able to Get a promo code for this as well There's like these prongs and you just Run it over the fur and it just like Gently removes it you will you'll be Your mind will be blown with how much It's just so much better than a regular Brush so again if you have pets Definitely you need this in your life so Again everything in this video will be Linked Down Below in the description box And pinned in the comment section please Consider subscribing if you're new and I'll see you in my next one bye