13 Products That Dramatically UPGRADE My Daily Life! Everything is linked here…
1. Pure Eucalyptus Shower Spray:
Fresh Eucalyptus Twigs:
2. Goshi Japanese Towel:
3. Bamboo Nightgown:
All Bamboo PJ Styles:
Bamboo Sheets (the BEST!):
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4. Pillows (the BEST!):
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5. Blanket:
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6. Planner Tablet:
7. Herb Saver:
8. Kitchen Scissors:
9. Duralex Drinking Glasses:
10. Snail Mucin Essence:
Lancome Serum:
11. MAC Brow Gel (STUD):
12. Nail Scrubbers:
13. Diamond Dazzle Stick:

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(All my FAVORITE Amazon products in one place…FOLLOW ME!)

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Here are 13 products that will Dramatically upgrade your life so in Other words you don't need these things But you kind of need these things They're really good so everything that I Share will be linked Down Below in the Description box and also pinned in the Comment section okay I am starting off Strong so pay attention this is this is One of my most favorite Amazon finds in A long long time so this is 100 pure Eucalyptus oil shower spray so you spray This in the shower when it's like Steaming and it's hot and you just spray It around and it is the most glorious Amazing scent it's pure it's like Menthol like it's the most amazing Spa Experience and that's that's the thing I Discovered this like six years ago like A long time ago maybe even longer than That at a very high-end Spa it was Literally wired to the shower wall Because everyone kept stealing it and I Was like I need this I need this and so I went to the spa Store where the only Place you could buy it and it was Unbelievably expensive and so I just Didn't get it I was like I'll try to Find on Amazon I've never been able to Find it on Amazon Um you could really only get this at High-end Spa stores and so like six Months ago ish I I tried to find this Again and it's finally on Amazon at a

Much better price I'm telling you guys You you will love this so in my quest of Finding this I also discovered another Option and so I decided to give that a Go and that's actually getting real Fresh eucalyptus like sprigs that you Put in your shower and so when you're Taking a shower again it steams up and It's like this fresh scent and it's Coming from like the real plant and so The ones I've been purchasing it's again A great price it's from Etsy I'll link It down below I there might even be some That you can get from Amazon Um but it's just different I I still if I'm gonna pick anything this is still my Number one but I think that the real Eucalyptus Twigs or whatever that you Can hang in your shower it beautiful It's like a it's like a really nice Decor piece it again smells so fresh and So nice it truly is a spa experience and It lasts at like like two weeks and then When it starts to to get like I guess Dried out it it does just turn into a Dried Decor thing that you if you want To like put in a vase or something you Can reuse it I've just been throwing Mine away but it's just I'm not a fan of Buying bouquets of flowers but Eucalyptus yes one last shower thing Um that will upgrade your life so again All of these products will just enhance Your life to make it more enjoyable but

It's the Goshi the Japanese shower towel I think I talked about this a few months Ago but it's truly amazing you can only Really get it or see it in Japan but it Is on Amazon and I discovered it I just I love it you you wash your body with it And it's just the right grit I guess so It does exfoliate your skin but it makes It just it just feels so good like like You know I'm someone's scratching your Back and then afterwards you're just Like that's how I feel when I get out of The shower I feel extra clean I feel Exfoliated I feel like my skin all over Just feels really nice so yeah Definitely recommend now we're moving Into the bed sleeping lounging that kind Of genre so in my past videos I have Raved about the 100 bamboo sheets okay I Don't need to talk about them again uh They're the best ever though so if you Haven't tried them I will link them down Below but because of my obsession with The 100 bamboo sheets I decided to Dabble in the 100 bamboo pajamas They are so nice I I just feel like People aren't even aware of this fabric Like it's so stretchy it's so soft it's Just cooling it's just like the best Material and when I saw PJs I was like Why haven't I tried this sooner so I Ordered like this nightgown I ended up Getting it in Black there's tons of Style options I just feel like a good

Nightgown is the most comfortable when You're walking around the house when You're actually getting into bed I feel Like pants sometimes ride up and get Twisted but I will link this brand down Below I'll link the ones that I have and Love along with a few other styles but Again if you haven't tried bamboo Pajamas you're missing out now I'm only Putting this next product in the video Granted I mean it's gonna upgrade your Life I'm obsessed with it but I think I Was able to get a promo code for it it's The the number one best-selling pillows On all of Amazon I'll put the code here On the screen none of this video is Sponsored but there's a few products in This video that I was able to reach out To the brand and say hey I'm gonna Feature your products in this video yo Do you have a discount code I could give My audience sometimes they say yes Sometimes they say no Um but I love these pillows you probably Have seen them maybe in my previous Videos or maybe just on Amazon in General because they are the number one Best-selling pillows and so again the Code you can enter at checkout and get Some money off next we have this blanket Which I was hesitant to even put this in The video because I mean let's be honest How many freaking blankets have I talked About in my day but I've had this for

The last couple of months and it is just So good at so hear me out in case you're Interested this is by the brand the art Of lounging and I didn't buy it like This was sent to me otherwise I just I Don't need any more blankets you know What I mean but oh my gosh it is so good It really looks and feels like a Barefoot dreams blanket but it's so much Better in a lot of ways so my first Thing is this print is so stunning it's So classic it looks designer I feel like A lot of barefoot dreams blankets are Either solid and kind of like boring or Like leopard you know what I mean this I Just love this print and it does come in Other colors and also it is double lined So it's just way thicker than a Barefoot Dreams blanket Um and then lastly it is massive Compared to a Barefoot dreams blanket Like this is just a huge blanket and I Just love it like I feel like my feet Are never sticking out the end I feel Like I can cuddle up with my kids and Everyone has a lot I just love this so I Think I am going to be able to get a Promo code for this I'll put it here on The screen if I was able to get it I Have no idea of what how much is for or Whatever Um but you can enter that at checkout And get a discount again this is not Sponsored so I am planner tablet

Obsessed okay I love finding to-do list Planners that you can fill out Throughout the day and then feel Accomplished productive I really do Think this upgrades and enhances your Life to to accomplish more things and Feel really good about it but I I like That at the end of the day you can Literally just rip it off and start Fresh the next day so here on the screen I'm going to put what this planner Tablet even looks like you can see the Various sections I think all of these Sections are are things that you'll Actually utilize like some of them are Just some of them out there are just so Dumb like you'll never actually fill any Of it out whereas this you totally will The price is amazing and again every day You can start fresh another product That's going to totally enhance and Upgrade and kind of be life-changing for You is this herb saver if you're Somebody that likes to cook with fresh Herbs if you don't you should just try It I feel like you could add it to Anything and it's just gonna make Everything taste better truly but the Thing is I don't I used to not love Buying fresh herbs because they last Like three or four days before they Start to go bad until I discovered this So This is called the herb saver and This is cilantro I love mint basil you

Can get so many different things and you Open this and you just lay in the Various herbs that you have into this And then close it up and then you stick It in this base and then you fill this Bottom up with water so you can just do It at the sink or like in the footage Here I'm just using this cup to pour in The water but basically it feeds water Into the stems of the herbs to make them Last like three to four times longer Like these herbs I just have them Sitting in my kitchen will last me weeks And weeks and it's just amazing Um so anyway I just thought I would Share this it has amazing reviews I Really think you'd like it this is a Perfect segue kitchen scissors upgrade Your life with kitchen scissors now hear Me out these are the herb cutter Scissors and they're like four prong to Like just chop herbs lickety-splits in Seconds you're gonna have freshly Chopped herbs now the thing is these two Kitchen scissors come as a set I do love These but this is where the hero comes In these are kitchen scissors that you Can use instead of a knife and this has Been life-changing for me I will use This to cut Pizza I will use this to cut Chicken nuggets I will use it to cut Cheese vegetables fruit literally almost Anything in the kitchen instead of Getting out a knife I just use the

Scissors and a chop chop chop chop it Saves so much time this next thing it's Not the most fun thing but it really has Improved my life it's duralex drinking Glasses these are only made in France They're very very famous and they're two And a half times stronger than normal Drinking glasses so they don't chip they Don't crack I mean obviously if you Dropped on a hard floor it is glass it Will break but the thing is I've gone Through so many different glasses Um even just like setting them down in The dishwasher wrong or then banging Together and chipping like this is so Strong they're sturdy I love using these Every day I feel better at my kids using Them I think they're super pretty Um and you can get them in so many Different sizes and Designs moving on to Some beauty items that you will love Starting with two different serums I Couldn't decide between the two so I'm Just putting in both Um one is much less expensive and one is Pretty pricey so first up we have the Snail mucin I think this might have been My number one best seller for Amazon Prime Day so a lot of you probably Already have this and are loving it but If you haven't tried it I know it Literally is from the secretion of Snails I was super hesitant I thought This would be weird but everyone was

Hyping it up so much it's so popular in Korea it's just blowing up everywhere so I decided to give it a go a while back And I instantly within three days became Obsessed with it this is actually the Second bottle that I have I didn't even Know this everyone commented this on my Prime Day video that to enjoy it even More you actually have your face be kind Of damp and then you put this on and it Just I agree it's better to do it that Way but it hydrates your skin it makes Your skin so soft I genuinely think Within the first week you're gonna Notice a drastic difference in the Moisturization of your skin it doesn't Smell weird the consistency is kind of Slimy so I do like to do it at night but In the morning I've been loving this Lan Comb it's called genifique and it is it Is pricey but I do think this is a major Upgrade to your skin care routine if you Want to give it a go Um so basically it's going to do you Know all the good things for your skin Helps with fine lines and wrinkles Collagen production it's going to make Your skin so radiant and glowy I liked My skin better I guess within a week and I was going on here to see how much this Was because I knew it was expensive and I like scrolled down and I looked and it Was in there in their literature about The product it literally says you will

See a visible immediate difference in Seven days of using this and I agree so It is a serum it's kind of like this Dropper thing and it says you can use it In the morning and or the night so I Enjoy using this in the morning because It just sucks into my skin and I feel Like it still makes my makeup look Really good it works throughout the day And then since this is a little bit more Slimy I love putting this on before bed This next eyebrow product has become my Holy Grail eyebrow product okay that's a Big statement I hate doing eyebrows and When I can find like the best product Ever I'm excited and this has trumped Everything in the past and it actually Is a funny story because I was on a trip Months ago like a long time ago almost a Year ago I think and I was I forgot my Eyebrow gel that I love and I was Desperate I had to buy something at the Airport Beauty place and there was a Mac Store and this is Mac Big Boost fiber Gel for your eyebrows and I was like Okay I guess I'll just get this the First time I used it I hated it I Literally put it in the bin of things That like I hate this if I ever do a Video about products I hate like this is Going in it and so I ended up like Wherever whatever City I was in I ended Up getting the stuff that I really love And that's what I actually used on the

Trip well fast forward months later I Ran out of that again I was desperate And I'm like I think in that bin I have This stuff so I pulled it out again and I don't know what changed but I suddenly Fell in love with it and I've used it Every day since it's so good it's Pigmented and there's just something There's something about the I guess the Brush that it just creates instant lot Like instant hair brush lines on you Like it it just you could do your Eyebrows in like 10 seconds and they Look so natural they stay in place it's Just it's great and it's Mac I think This is the only MAC beauty product that I own next we're going to upgrade and Enhance the appearance of our hands uh I Want to start with nails because if you Get your nails done or maybe you don't Get your nails done and you just have Some longer Nails I really struggle with The undersides of the nails looking okay I know I'm not the only one and so I Finally purchased these nail scrubbers These are the exact ones you can see and Find in nail salons they're like a few Dollars you get like a four pack I keep One in various places around the house I'll keep one in the shower I keep one In my bathroom Um I actually have another one in Another bathroom that one's hidden Though but if I am washing my hands or

Whatever and I just feel like there's Gunk or whatever you can just quickly do This and I feel like the rest of the day I'm not annoyed so get these if you Don't have them and then there's the Diamond Dazzle stick which will Instantly upgrade your diamond ring Because most of us I mean truly Whoever's watching this you know you Rarely clean your diamond it's because It's annoying if you like take it off if You have like a solution you have to put It in the jar let it sit there for three Minutes and you scrub it it's like a Whole process you just never do it and Then over time you just like don't even Realize like how dingy your diamond Looks but this is so cheap it's like Seven dollars on Amazon and it's so Quick and easy you just twist up the Bottom it puts this like blue solution Around the brush it allows you to Quickly while it's still on your hand Scrub your diamond and I love how this Brush allows you to get up on the Underside the sides of the diamond where It really creates that sparkle in the Diamond and it just makes your diamond So sparkly so glisteny it's it's Stunning and so I do this every day or Every other day and then I love and Appreciate my ring so much more you will Too like everyone should have this and Try it

Um but everything that I talked about in This video I hope you enjoyed it Everything will be listed and linked Down Below in the description box and in The comment section so subscribe if You're new but otherwise I'll see you in My next one bye