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Happy New Year everyone and welcome back To my video today I wanted to kick off The first video of the year on my Channel with something different I Wanted to share 13 things to stop buying In 2024 and I really wanted to make this Video because consumerism is incredibly High this time of our lives and probably Year the past year or two years I feel Like it's just been really crazy lately I want to make these videos more often I Want to share things to stop buying or Things to buy instead things that will Help save money but also just things That in general to stop buying to save Even more money also they're very random This is a really random list I want to Kick off the year with something Different 13 things to stop buying in 2024 so let's get started so now in the Thumbnail of the video I feel like I was Really Throwing Shade at Stanley okay This was gifted to me I love it however What I wanted to point out is that it's Become so popular to have like 15 plus Stanley water bottles like you know Especially the 40 oz ones that are so Trendy like very clunky and large get People love to have collections of Things but is it really necessary to Have a huge collection of water bottles Unless you have a lot of people in your Family then I understand that but if It's for one person you don't need 10

Standley next up is excessive amounts of Subscriptions and I my husband and I Talked about this the other day you guys Let me know what you think companies Brands have really figured out how to Make a lot more money with subscriptions And how to make it really successful Very convenient uh auto pay a setup so You don't really notice it a lot of the Time and they pick a price that I feel Like suits almost everybody's budget and A price that specifically you won't Really notice too much that these are Subscriptions why do we need a Subscription for razors subscriptions For soaps and all these little things Like some things where I think they're Fine like I like Amazon I don't mind Netflix like one streaming Channel maybe Hulu you know pick a streaming channel That you actually watch and use Something you genuinely use almost every Single day weekly I think that's totally Fine but I'm just talking about Subscriptions where I think it's just You don't need so many you know one of The things that really upsets me with Spending money is buying something Specifically that's going to be thrown Away I get so upset about that you guys Just some that that literally that's Throwing money in the garbage I mean yes You're getting a product and something Out of it but still towels this is a big

One you know I'm not saying you have to Stop buying it completely I do like Paper towels but I minimize how much I Use by using Rags if I'm wiping down Counters cleaning my sink cleaning my Cabinets like anything in the kitchen The dining table I will wash and reuse These and I Sav such a significant Amount of paper towel so I'm you know Throwing less things away in the garbage And I'm just simply just reusing these This next one I feel like I'll probably Have a lot of people disagree with me I Actually brought this up to my friend And she completely disagreed with me and That's honestly completely fine most Useless things I've ever purchased in my Life that I'm donating are these egg Containers honestly I think something Eggs already come and if you're buying Eggs at the store I get it if you have Your own own chickens like my friend Does so it makes sense for her but if You buy eggsit the store like I do I Don't have chickens they already come in A wonderful container this is purely Just for Aesthetics at that point I got To say if something is behind closed Doors I literally do not care about the Aesthetics part I just want it to be Functional next up fast food now this is Not a health video or any kind I'm Purely mentioning fast food because of How freaking expensive it is my family

And I we went out to guys like several Weeks ago and it used to cost us like $22 to feed us now it's 50 and I don't Know if we're just eating more or if my Kids are eating more but that is so Expensive for fast food can I just say Nowadays so common to eat out to have All these Services door Dash and Everything that is so freaking expensive Like going to the grocery store paying For groceries and making things from Scratch is already expensive enough now I just want to point out and just really Highlight and just make your own food From scratch there are so many wonderful Recipes on YouTube actually you know What I'm going to link a channel that I've been binge watching on YouTube Specifically search for 30 minute Recipes because that's what really helps Me on busy days okay coffee is a big one Going out for coffee it's so common to Go out for coffee and coffee is so Freaking expensive a lot of times I'll Just make my own coffee at home and then Take it out with us in a thermos Sometimes you know we'll go out for but That you guys I kid you not that is Literally like once or twice a year and You don't have to buy yourself a fancy Espression machine if you don't have one I have this stove top espresso maker That I shared recently that cost $24 and I actually prefer that coffee over my

$800 espresso machine that my husband And I invested in like eight years ago I Actually prefer the $24 one cuz I don't Know somehow the coffee tastes Absolutely freaking incredible in that This next one is incredibly random it's Something to Avid but what to buy Instead pre-shredded cheese not only is It more expensive but honestly this Doesn't taste as good they coat it with Something so that way on the shelf and Packaging blah blah blah so the cheese Doesn't stick together so it has a Coating so it just doesn't melt the same It doesn't have the stringiness the same So instead just buy a big old block of Cheese it's cheaper and it tastes so Much better next one you should stop Buying bread I know what you're thinking Oh my God another influencer telling me To cut out carbs no on the contrary I Freaking love Bren we eat two loaves Every week sometimes three and we love It but instead of buying it make your Own and I promise you guys it is not as Intimidating as you think and yes you Can make your own homemade bread if you Work outside of the home have to commute Have an 8h hour shift you can easily fit That into your schedule so much more Simpler than you think so here I am Making my bread I personally like to use Starter I I think it makes the bread Taste better you get more of a sponge

Delicious bread you can either make your Own starter you can purchase it from Somebody online and they'll ship it to You or if you have a friend that already Does this you can just ask them for some And then you just grow it yourself and You just keep maintaining it it's Actually so much easier than anything Just look up a video I will link a good Video down below for you guys where I Learned a year and a half ago guys Making bread is one of the easiest Recipes I ever make I do everything by Memory I don't use a recipe book or Anything I have a recipe in my head that I use but it's literally just flow Water salt and your starter which your Starter is just flour and water oh and Not only is it cheaper but it's much Healthier because again this is not a Health video but it is much healthier Because you know all the ingredients That are in there flour water salt next Up is gift bags and tissues did you guys Know you can save all this stuff every Single year during Christmas and Birthdays now with you know Christmas That just passed I save everything yes I Even save the tissue paper I'll fold Hold it up I have my own little storage Box where I put everything you guys I Haven't purchased tissue paper in Probably 5 years yes I realized tissue Is so freaking cheap but again that's

Another thing that goes in the garbage And I hate that it just feels so sad to Me just throwing away something you can Actually use for some the next gifts Next one is probably kind of Controversial but honestly I'm just Going to be brutally straight up honest And not BS you guys stop bleaching your Hair it is so damaging it dries out your Hair it is so expensive to maintain I Bleach my hair almost 2 years ago still In the process of recovering it I still Have a little bit of color at the bottom Here let me put a before photo or video Of my hair and it was at its worst state And just how fried it got now I know Everyone's hair is different some People's hair can handle it and such it Can only handle it for so long in my Experience and honestly if you don't if You have Grays I totally understand that You know I'm not going to judge people That want to cover up Grays you know Obviously when I get there I will die my Hair to cover up the grace let's be real I won't bleach you I probably just use Permanent dye which I know isn't great If you have natural hair that's you know Wonderful beautiful natural hair is so Beautiful can I just say whatever color You have it's gorgeous you don't need to Do anything to it please leave it alone Next one I feel like I'm going to get a Lot of backlash probably on this one but

You know what me being honest and Straight up no BS here stop getting your Nails done on a regular basis it is so Expensive and completely unnecessary in My opinion I get if you want to do once In a while to treat yourself whatever That's fine but that's something you can Learn to do yourself it just takes Practice you need time obviously to get The hang of it and learn it and get Better and better at it so many services Out there for things that you can easily Do yourself and I don't know why it's Just so normal to like get your nails Done on a regular basis I guess girls Want to treat themselves pamper Themselves I personally choose not to It's expensive and it takes so much time I you love doing it I'm not going to Judge people for it this is just my Opinion and final one is continuously Upgrading your phone why is it so normal To constantly upgrade your phone to the Newest Apple version actually you know What's so funny I have the iPhone 10 Plus which the newest one is the iPhone 15 I literally get people laughing Laughing at me that I have the 10 There's absolutely nothing wrong with my Phone like it takes great pictures it's Not slow it works wonderfully the Battery health is great why do I need to Upgrade it constantly this one I even Purchased used to top it off that's just

How I am if something's not broken then Why fix it that concludes today's video I really hope you guys enjoyed seeing This really unfiltered and honest video On 13 things to stop buying in 2024 Anyways happy New Year I will see you Guys in my next video bye