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1. Beam Dream Powder:
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2. Avocado Mattress:
3. Heated Water Mattress Pad:
4. EMF Meter:
Another Option:
5. Light Alarm Clock:
6. Espresso Machine:
7. Espresso Beans (my all-time fav):
8. Weekly Planner Tablet:
Erasable Pens:
9. Five Minutes in the Morning Journal:
Five-Minute Journal:
10. Plants (fav place to order):
11. Loopy Phone Case:
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12. Black & White Phone Hack (see steps in video)
13. OnCloud Sneakers:
14. Magnesium:

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These are 14 items that will improve the Quality of your life now just a warning Just a quick warning some of these items Are going to be a little weird a little Unconventional I hope you at least stick With me hear me out but let's just jump In to the first thing which does have to Do with our beds I have some interesting Different things to do with our beds but I think you need a comfortable one That's I guess number one is a Comfortable bed and you know what a Comfortable couch we invested in this Restoration Hardware Cloud couch years Ago it's white I know and I have two Boys and it has stayed white we can wash It if we want but it's so darn Comfortable and I love it it was so Worth the investment and I'm not saying We should be lounging around on our Couch all day it's just this is the Living room and I feel like we should be Able to cuddle up be comfortable but the Same goes with our bed because we're Spending half of our life sleeping and I Actually just ordered a new mattress by By the avocado brand and it hasn't Arrived yet I really wanted to put it in The video and kind of review it for you Guys because a lot of you recommended it To me it's completely organic no Chemicals it was so expensive so stay Tuned for my review on that later now if You want to get a really good night's

Sleep I know there's so many people out There that actually struggle with either Getting to sleep or staying asleep or Both um beam powder the beam dream Powder could be so amazing for you I Recommended this like six or seven Months ago and I just love it now I Don't even struggle with really going to Sleep but I decided to try this because I know again so many people struggle With it and there's some other products By this brand that I just love they have A whole Coraline where they just it Gives you lots of vitamins and minerals It's like a delicious drink that I love So like I just love this brand but this Particular powder is called the beam Dream powder and um it tastes like a hot Cocoa drink you drink it 35 to 40 Minutes before bedtime and I when I use This again like I don't feel like I need This but I wake up feeling not groggy I Wake up feeling like I had the best Night sleep ever like it you just feel Rested you feel like it was a deep good Sleep if that makes sense um this has Amazing ingredients no sugar I'm very Particular about that you can get this In so many different versions you can Get it with melatonin without melatonin I know some people have preferences Between the two of those you can get it With CBD without CBD and then just so You know if you do want the CBD version

Um that's so calming it's not with THC So if you're scared about a drug test With your job like that won't even be an Issue there's different flavors as well This is just really really good and Again I don't use it every night but you Totally can use it every night if you do Struggle with sleep and people love it And so I will have it linked down below And I'll also put a QR code here on the Screen that you can even scan but you Just need to click the link down below And there's actually no discount code But they're having the biggest sale of The entire year right now where you can Save up to 50% and you just need to click the link The discount will automatically be Applied and just keep in mind the sale Will run until products sell out you can Get extra strength regular tons of Flavors tons of options just click Around I'm telling you guys you will Love this it is so delicious all right There is so much I want to say about This next item it has drastic improve The quality of my life and I feel so Good about using it and this is where Things get weird guys it is a water Heated mattress pad okay so in the past I have recommended to you heated Blankets and heated robes and I feel Good about the ones I recommended to you Because I I feel like nobody else does

This use an EMF meter to test them so That I am I am I am recommending ones That that have a low electromagnetic Field which is essentially radiation Coming off of them so if you purchased Ones you know in the past that I Recommended I have tested it with this I Feel good about it but still there is Some radiation coming off of them and if You use them here and there or just like For you know like a like an hour or so Like that's fine but a a heated mattress Pad that you're sleeping on maybe you're Using it on for hours at a time I wanted One that had no emfs so I found this one On Amazon it's amazing and I did get it In a California king size but obviously They have versions for every size bed um And you just lay it on top of your Mattress there's like a tube thing and Then it connects to I guess kind of a Hub which it is sitting on the Nightstand here but when I'm actually Using it and just daily I just have it Down on the floor beside the nightand I Never I never even really see it um but You fill it up with water and then you Turn it on you can set it to so many Different temperature settings so you Can make it kind of kind of you know Kind of warm not not nothing crazy or You can make it pretty darn toasty and It is amazing you can get into your bed And it just feels so warm I still love

Watching movies in bed I love getting Into a warm cozy bed and I feel amazing About using this one because when I put The EMF meter up to it it is completely Green super low no radiation or emfs Coming from it it's actually a healthy Heated mattress pad I feel like there's Women out there some women just sleep Hot and they would hate this but for me I love it it's so worth it and so I want To get into number three number four I Don't know what number on the EMF meter I'm going to link um different options For this down below but I also think This would improve the quality of your Life because you can go around your home And really test things and you will be Enlightened into what the heck is Happening it's insane and I know some People think I am a whack job um and That's fine you can completely ignore me And think that this is nothing and that Again that is that's fine I just find it Very interesting that when you go around Cell phones bad lights up and we're Spend we spend so much time around our Cell phones um microwaves it just it Fills the whole room the whole room with Radiation the second you turn it on also Apple watches oh my gosh people are just Wearing Apple watches and it is just Flying off so I don't I don't love Apple Watches I'm so sorry I know a lot of you Use them and you can just again walk

Around your home and you can just see Bab based on the meter what spikes what Doesn't laptops are also really bad Especially if you have an Apple laptop Which is super annoying because that's What I have I feel like it kind of just Opens your eyes and you can kind of make Small changes in your life To be be better and if you want to know What emfs do it kind of causes damage to Cells like it's just not good look into It if you want I personally don't think It's good um and I'm I'm definitely Making a lot of changes in my home okay Last thing in the bedroom and then we're Going to move on but the light alarm the One that emits kind of like a simulated Morning Sunrise light to gradually wake You up in the morning it just gets Brighter and brighter and brighter until You naturally wake up and so it starts Probably like a half an hour before you Actually need to get up and then by the Time you need to get up it is very Bright and then there's different sounds That it can play like birds to me that The birds are the best because it's just Subtle and you just wake up you just Wake up completely on your own you're Not startled by an alarm sound you just Wake up happier you wake up feeling more Rested because you're not startled awake I I I just really encourage you guys to Try it if you have to set an alarm in

The morning your life truly will be Changed now if you love coffee an Espresso machine like a legit quality Espresso machine will improve the Quality of your life because it does for Me every day every day I appreciate this Machine it's by brevel it is so darn Expensive but if it broke today I would Already have another one by tomorrow I Love this thing so much and there's Other machines by brevel that are less Expensive they're just a bit smaller Mine kind of does all the bells and Whistles although there's there's new Versions out there with a whole Touchcreen I don't have that but anyway It does so much I make americanos every Single morning um Josh loves his lattes And flat whites like you can do Everything with it and if you're Wondering what coffee beans I like I'm Very particular with that as well I love This Allegro organic uh coffee beans It's oh I've tried everything out there Hands down the best because you do have To use real beans and it grinds it Instantly for you also improves The Taste again if you love coffee you need An espresso machine next item the weekly Planner tablet okay tablet not a regular Planner that's a book Style A tablet because you can do what I like To call the brain dump so at the Beginning of the week and really

Honestly almost every day I do some type Of brain dump but really the big one is At the beginning of the week like on a Sunday night or Monday morning I write Down everything that I want to Accomplish that week I mean it could be Dumb like I need to get a birthday card It could be a full-blown like I need to Film a whole video I need to film this Footage like it's I write everything Down kids haircuts everything goes down Here there's priorities there's a to do Section then I see everything that I Need to do that week and then I start Plugging it into the various days of the Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday and then there's A slot for next week it just really Gives you an overall look into Everything you need to accomplish that Week and it it it just spreads Everything out and it it just makes you Actually follow through you start to Cross things off you feel productive you Keep going sometimes you get ahead um Also this wasn't I wasn't planning on Talking about this but the erasable pen Pens my goodness I've talked about this At length but I will also link these Because I use this pen exclusively it's A actual erasable pen that actually Erases and it writes so smooth but if if Plans change or things change I can Easily erase and move it to the correct

Day and then the beauty of this entire Tablet is at the end of the week Everything starts to look cluttered and Messy you can rip it off start fresh the Following week and you can plug in the Items or the to-do list things that you Did not accomplish and then again assign Them to a future day so usually the Second time around you actually follow Through and get it done and you will be So much more productive with this Planner Tablet brain dump brain dump that's what I was trying to say this next item is New I haven't had it that long it was Actually recommended to me by my Assistant she thought it would be Something something I could try maybe Even recommend to you guys and it's Called 5 minutes in the morning and I Have recommended to you in the past the Five minute Journal which I think would Be such a good gift idea I put it in my Gift guide for her video this year it Just feels really nice it's a hardback Journal and it's really inexpensive I Think this might be cheaper than this But I think this is like $15 and it's Not a hard back it's more paper but What's interesting is this is different Every single day this asks you the same Questions you write what you're grateful For some daily affirmations highlights Of the day and it's kind of a a similar

Routine every day whereas this you never Know what you're going to get it asks You such interesting questions and you Just spend 5 minutes in the morning and It just sets you up for a more positive Day and a more productive day plants Live real plants will also improve the Quality of your life because it Literally adds life to to your home it Adds oxygen it cleans the air naturally There's actually some plants out there That are specialized like their Specialty is getting rid of formaldahyde And and different chemicals that you Know arrive in our home from things we Buy or or whatever um so I have a whole Plethora of plants and they they just Bring me joy and happiness I I honestly Think it's it's healthier for my home And you can go online I love the website Bloomscape um and you can order plants Online and you can even narrow them down By pet friendly you can narrow them down By like how easy they are to maintain I Have super easy ones and I just love Them I feel like with this next one it's Going to totally contradict what I said In the beginning of the video because it Does have to do with my phone which I Think you being on your phone all the Time isn't good socially and just for Our human nature and also with just the Emfs and the radiation it's just like Not great however let's be real we are

In this day and age where we have to be On our phones and a lot of it's my job Um and so something that truly every Single day I appreciate makes my life e Easier makes my the quality of my life Better it's dumb but it's the loopy Phone case it's not dumb though this Freaking phone case once you get it you Will never ever ever go back it has a Rubber Loop built into it so it's never Going to fall off it's never going to Pop off if I get a new phone immediately I go on Loopy's website and I order Myself a new one I do have a code with Them this is not sponsored by them it's Just Shay W10 you can always use that Code I have Josh hooked on it my mom all Of my friends I know some of you have it And you can carry around other things um You can it's just so much easier to hold Your phone don't always be on your phone But it's still a great great product but This is a good segue um this isn't Actually an item that will help your Life but it will help your life it's a It's a little strategy or trick and I've Seen this Suggestion on Tik Tok so I'm not going To take credit for it I had no idea you Could do this to your phone but if you Are somebody that struggles with just Always grabbing your phone and you're Just always on your phone you should try This little hack you just go to your

Settings and this is for people with IPhones but you go into your settings Then you go to Accessibility and then you scroll and Find display and text size and then go To color filters and you actually turn Turn off the colors on your phone and Your entire phone will be black and White you can still do and see Everything like normal but everything's Black and white and you are so less Enticed to be on your phone you're not Getting that normal stimulation and you Just you just don't reach for your phone As much you have to commit to it but it Really works let's talk about getting Outside and going for a walk so to me The product here is just finding a Really good pair of walking shoes or Running shoes these are my favorite Sneakers that I found in years um They're the oncloud sneakers um there's Probably different variations but they Are the most comfortable shoes and I Wear them anytime I'm outside and I Think that if you just go for a walk 15 Minutes a day not only is that actually Good for our bodies you're kind of Getting your heart rate up you're moving Your muscles it's good for your joints It truly does so much in only 15 minutes Granite if you want to do more exercise You want to go to the gym you want to Pump some iron you want to go for a long

Run you do all of that that's that's You're going the extra mile literally But I'm saying if you don't do anything You should at least try just going for a Walk for 15 minutes a day it's over Before you know it you feel happier Because you're outside breathing fresh Air getting some natural daylight and It's just amazing for our bodies in only 15 minutes but you could do more Magnesium Also people should try this now he me Out though this is Magnesium oxide okay so there's Magnesium in this beam dream powder Which is great this is the one that's Great for making you feel calm making You get a better night's sleep this is a Completely different type of magnesium And it's not going to make you sleep It's it's it's actually a cheaper Version of magnesium it's magnesium Oxide but and this is a subject I've Never talked about um it's going to make You regular just Regular and I don't use it every day but If I maybe have too much bread I have Too much has some macaroni and cheese I Mean you get the picture here I take This before bed um sometimes I take one Capsule sometimes I need to take two Capsules this is fantastic you don't Ever get addicted to it it's just Magnesium which is actually good for you

Like this is this is great but it has to Be this kind back tonight I do this Before bed and then if you want to try The beam dream sleep if you have um Trouble sleeping I'm telling you guys This is fantastic 93% of people that try This saw amazing results like a deep Restful sleep so again I will have this Linked down below just click the link The 50% off discount will automatically Be applied or you can scan the QR code Here on the screen everything else will Also be linked down below I hope you Enjoyed this video subscribe if you're New and I'll see you in my next one bye