15 Amazon Items That SIMPLIFY Your Life! Everything is linked here & the comments!!
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Mary Ruth Liquid Morning Multivitamin:
Mary Ruth Liquid Nighttime Multimineral:
Mary Ruth D3 + K2 Liquid Spray:
Mary Ruth Elderberry Drops:
Mary Ruth B-Complex Drops:
**Use code MROSHEAW20 for an extra 20% off**

2. Wet Dry Vacuum:
3. Glass Storage Food Containers:
4. No Tie Shoe Laces:
5. Sunscreen Roller:
6. Eyeshadow Sticks (Pearl Shimmer, Coco & Ginger Matte):
7. Extra Large Pill Organizer:
8. Suction Cup Hooks:
9. Click & Carry:
10. Self-Watering Plant Bulbs:
11. Clip-on Strainer:
12. Can Opener:
13. Magnetic Measuring Spoons:
14. 2-in-1 Wisk:
15. Erasable Pens:

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Today I'm sharing things from Amazon That will simplify your life it's not Going to be junk you don't need it's Actually going to help you and make your Life easier so as always everything in The video will be linked Down Below in The description box and I'll also pin Everything in the comment section but First we have another Amazon deal of the Day with Mary Ruth and it's actually More than just a deal of the day it's a Whole event from May 1st to May 5th okay Scratch that it's actually only until May 4th May the 4th be with you and I Know a lot of you love their products Like me and need to reorder things each Month so their products are up to 20% Off right now on Amazon and then I have Teamed up with them and they gave me an Extra code I'll put the promo code here On the screen that you can stack with The existing sale on Amazon um for Another 20% off so again you can stack Everything and really save a lot of Money on maybe your favorites or maybe Trying some some new things so it's Going to simplify your life the very Most is absolutely their liquid morning Multivitamin this is my number one Recommendation this is their number one Bestseller it's what they're known for And you just take two tablespoons in the Morning it's delicious if you hate Taking capsules or swallowing pills you

Need to get this because it's so easy And you're going to be motivated to keep Going because it's so tasty but it just Covers your bases like you don't have to Take all these different capsules to get The vitamins and nutrients that your Body needs it's just 2 tablespoons and You're good to go now you can also give This to kids you would just lessen the Dosage and everything's written right Here but I just love this so much also You don't have to try this but I did a Few days ago because I saw someone else On Instagram do it but they turned the Liquid morning multivitamin into like a Tasty summer drink so I muddled some Raspberries and lime juice and then I Put in some pomegranate juice that Josh Had then I did two tablespoons of this I Stirred everything up I added some ice Some club soda or sparkling water one of The two I forget even what it was I Think I stirred it and I added like a a Mandarin orange thing anyway it was so Delicious Josh drank the whole thing it I made it for me but he stole it I mean You can definitely just take two Tablespoons of this but I'm just saying You can actually incorporate it into Things and just enjoy it that way too Now another personal favorite and I've Said this before but it's the liquid Nighttime multi-mineral I feel like People don't talk enough about the

Importance of minerals and how we're not Getting enough minerals into our body so This is different and that you do at Night time though because it's going to Calm you and relax you and again it's Just one Fell Swoop it tastes delicious And you'll want to keep doing it because It tastes so good but I will link some Of my other favorites and some of the Best sellers down below as well you can Check out you don't need everything but I just again love how you can kind of Hone in on whatever area you want to Kind of focus on whether it be Probiotics or immune support and their Products just have so many good Ingredients again all combined and then You can just take it don't forget though Make sure you use my code with the Existing deal of the day Amazon event um And you can stack that and just save so Much compared to normal but if you are Watching this after May 5th but actually May 4th you can still use my promo code I think until the end of the month to at Least save 20% all right now we're Moving on to one of the best purchases I've made from Amazon in a long freaking Time okay this is going to simplify your Life times 100 and it's going to knock Your socks off it's going to blow your Mind I'm really talking this up but it Is worth it it is the tinaco wet dry Vacuum I know that it's really popular

On Amazon uh so maybe some of you Already have it but I can't be the only One that has just now trying it so again It's a wet dry vacuum it's great for People that have hard floors like Hardwood floors or just different types Of floor and clearly we have some carpet In our house um some people hate carpet I don't mind it but we do have quite a Lot of hardwood floors and different Types of hard floor throughout our house So I ordered this and within two minutes I knew that this thing was one of the Best purchases I've ever made like it's Shocking uh so basically you fill it up With uh water and your favorite type of Floor cleaner and then you turn it on And what's cool is it's kind of like a Vacuum but also a mop at the exact same Time it it puts water on your floor but Like just the perfect amount um and it It cleans your floors but it sucks up All of the the crumbs and the dirt and The weird pieces that are like for on Your floor and it sucks everything up Cleans everything and then within 2 Minutes 2 minutes this is what my water Looks like like it's honestly Embarrassing like I thought I had I I Thought I had clean floors every Friday I clean my floors I even have a cleaning Lady that comes every once in a while She she really cleans the floors too Like I thought I was totally fine with

My floors this is what happened in 2 Minutes I kept going and it got worse so Anyway if you have hardwood floors in Any way you should buy this I think the Price is really really good and it's oh It's so lightweight it's cordless and I Did it for quite a long time and the Charge was great just consider it Depending on what kind of house you have Another way you can instantly simplify Your life and this is actually going to Make a much bigger impact than you even Realize but it's getting all of the same Size glass food storage containers okay Now if you have a few containers you Just love and you cannot get rid of like You can keep a couple but I would say Donate the majority of what you have and Get a set that is all of the same size Okay so like the same size Liz I cannot Stand finding containers this one's Round this one's Square this one's Rectangle this one's big small like it Is so annoying keeping everything Organized uh so I researched for a very Long time finding what I thought would Be the best glass food storage Containers this set that you're seeing Here it's a set of 10 the price is Really good and the lids are like the Locking Lids but they attach so easily And this is what it looks like just so You know if you want to store everything With the lids on okay I kind of prefer

To do that actually then you can just Grab it and and it's just easy but if You do want to condense it down like Maybe you have a smaller space this is What it looks like when you just put all Of the containers together and you put All of the lids together and it's just Like it's just so much more simple Because everything is the same size and Everything matches now these are called The expand shoelaces and I think it's Going to simplify your life but it could Also simplify your kids life and it's Really interesting because you basically Can just flip on any sneakers or Anything that has shoelaces and you can Get them in different colors and styles But you never have to tie your shoelaces Again it's just simple on and off and It's really easy to do I did this shoe Just as an example um so these are my Converse sneakers that uh it's actually Kind of annoying to put them on they're High tops it's hard to slip them on and Off and then I actually think the tied Laces look bad so here's kind of like The before and after these actually just Make the sneakers look better but again You can just slip them on and off so Much quicker and easier it's going to Make your life more simple now speaking Of kids and making your life easier if You have kids at all guys you need to Get solar buddies it is a sunscreen

Applicator and it's going to make Putting on sunscreen to your kids 10 Times easier 10 times faster uh like It's the one thing about summer that I Don't like I mean I love summer bring it On but my goodness the time spent Putting on sunblock on my kids faces Arms legs it's just like a whole process And so this makes it easy in that you Put your favorite sunblock in here it Has this roller ball and this foam Applicator and you can just go to town Rub it all over their arms legs chest Face and it just like Blends everything I usually go over really quickly with my Hands just to like fully blend Everything in but it speeds up the whole Thing by a lot now let's talk about Simplifying your makeup routine I used To spend so much time doing my makeup Every day and I still do my makeup a lot Of days because I'm filming but I've cut Out a lot of steps I'm taking a lot of Shortcuts and things now now and so I Have shared the jewel up eyeshadow Sticks before but I really kind of Concentrated on this Pearl Shimmer stick That I have that I love putting in the Inner corner of my eye to pop make my Eyes pop and brighter and better um so That's still great but because I loved This so much I recently like a couple Months ago ordered uh the shade cocoa And the shade Ginger matte they're just

Different shades of brown and they have Probably like 50 different colors to Choose from so I mean click around but There's such good prices and it's just Kind of like a crayon and I'll kind of Go under my eye a little bit above my Eye blend things with my finger and it Just it gives like some definition to my Eyes but I'm not doing eyeliner eyes Shadow blending different colors I just Do it with my fingers add some mascara And I'm good to go now I know I already Talked about Mary Roots multivitamin and That it can really simplify your life Because it eliminates the need to take Like a bajillion supplements throughout The day but maybe you do want to take More supplements or maybe you're on a Lot of medication maybe your parents are On a lot of medication morning and night And it's a lot to keep track Of so you need to get this let thing This is like one of the best supplement Or medication organizers I have ever Ever found and I feel like I've tried a Lot but this one is so good first of all Like I was wooed by the colors I think It's just really colorful and pretty but You can get other colors it's just jumbo It holds a lot which is really nice and Each pod actually has a separate section For morning and night which is amazing And another favorite feature of this you Can actually pop each pod off toss one

In your bag your purse and take it on The go also I think it'd be great for Travel you could prep this for travel or Maybe you're only going away for a Weekend you could pop off the Friday Saturday and Sunday pod and pack that Away in your weekend bag but overall Like I just love how this is going to Keep you so organized and I feel like It's going to save you time every day Rather than opening like 20 different Bottles I just feel like it could be a Game changer for so many people next we Have these suction cup hooks which are Like the coolest thing to me and it's Only going to work on smooth surfaces so If you've got like brick or like porous Wood like it's not going to work but They are so good and I wanted to order Them a long time ago but they kept Selling out that this is like a really Popular product but it's back in stock In it you can get them in different Colors but basically anywhere you need To just like hang something up Specifically like I have a a glass Shower door that I really don't have Like a a towel spot um you can just just Stick it to a wall a a shower door Whatever and you just stick it and twist It and it's instantly a hook that will Hold up to 15 lbs so I you know Obviously can hang my towel there now I Don't have to drill into the wall I

Don't have to damage the wall and I just Feel like there's a lot of places Throughout the house where it would make Sense to hang something but you don't Want to damage the wall now this is Called The Click and carry and this is Actually a product that is very famous From Shark Tank it blew up on Shark Tank It is a very cheap an inexpensive Product it's like 12 bucks but I think It could be so helpful to a lot of People maybe even people that are a Little bit older because you click it Open and then you can add tons of Grocery bags shopping bags um paint cans Things that are heavy and then you click It back into place and it distributes The weight of the items evenly so you Can carry a lot more so it's going to Save you time and a lot of trips going Back and forth but more so uh you can Also even car things on your shoulders So there's a gushy spot right here and It's kind of bent where you can actually Put things over your shoulder like say You're going shopping for the day and You just have a lot of bags you can whip This out and carry things on your Shoulder and it's just going to make it A lot easier but again I do think it's Just great to have in your car and I Think it would be helpful for people That are a little bit older another Thing that's just going to simplify your

Life save some time if you have a lot of Plants and clearly I have a lot of Plants I have even more on the other Side of the room but it's these clear Watering bulbs I think they're just Really pretty on their own but it's Great because you you fill them up with Water and then stick them in the the pot And it slowly Waters your plants Throughout the next few days and so I've Just been enjoying that just because Again it takes something off my plate This honestly kind of goes along with The glass storage containers and just Making everything easier because this Clipon strainer is going to save so much Space rather than having the huge Colander strainers you just clip this on To any pot and then strain out the water It's so much easier to clean it takes up So much less space and whoever invented This is a genius ooh another kitchen Item that really has made my life a lot Easier is this jar opener It's amazing And even if you have a husband like I Live with a strong man but sometimes He's not around and I can't open the Freaking jar or maybe you are older and You just don't have a lot of strength um Maybe you're younger and whatever who Cares what the reasons are I think this Is great to have in your kitchen you Just put it on underneath the cabinet it Has these metal teeth that just grip on

To whatever jar lid and you just twist And it opens the jar every time maybe You can tell from this video I didn't Want to just order a bunch of new stuff And and and sometimes I do that and I Test things and I share new things but I Really did want to just go around my House and see what truly simplified my Life and one thing I kept coming back to And it sounds so stupid but it's just These magnetic measuring spoons I love These and I appreciate them every single Time I use them because again they are Magn itic so they stick together it's so Easy to keep them organized and they're Not just floating around all mess up in My drawer there's no clip that I need to Use to clip them together they're just Always where I need them to be and I can Find exactly what I'm looking for and I Love that each spoon has two ends to it One for liquids and one for dry okay This is the last kitchen item and then We're moving on I'm not even a kitchen Person but again simplification this Believe it or not is actually a whisk All you do is twist it it instantly Turns into a whisk like a regular high Quality whisk in fact it is it's Silicone it's great but then you simply Turn it to be flat so much easier to Clean guys and so much easier to store It's not taking up that annoying space It's flat it's super thin it's great and

Then we have my beloved erasable pens I'm sorry this is a repeat product maybe You don't watch all my videos though so If you haven't seen me rave about these Friction erasable pens humor me and Please give them a try I use them for Everything and they really are so much Better than the erasable pens from back In the day when they like didn't really Fully erase this is this these pens are Like so smooth and then they fully erase And I use them for everything I'll write On my calendar I'll write on my planner I'll have the kids use them I take notes With them I do everything with them if Anything changes or I mess up or Deadlines change the times change plans Change whatever I simply erase and it it Actually erases they're super cheap too And and I just feel like everyone should At least give them a try but don't Forget about Mary Roots Deal of the Day Event I will have my personal favorites Linked down below but you can obviously Click around and see what you might be Interested in but don't forget to use my 20% off promo code on top of the sale Okay so thank you so much for watching And I'll see you in my next one bye