15 Best Christmas Gifts UNDER $50…everything is linked here & in the comments!
1. Butter Hoodie(S):
Butter Pants:
2. Fuzzy Shacket(S):
3. Long-Sleeve Nike Shirt(XL):
4. Rains Weekender Bag(Sold Out):
Rains Tote Bag:
5. Black Purse:
6. Travel Watch Case:
7. Customized Bracelet:
8. The Nod Pod:
9. Birdie Safety Alarm:
10. Makeup Eraser Gift Set:
Makeup Eraser (regular):
11. Bath Salts:
12. Stanley Cup:
13. Light-Up Basketball:
Light-Up Soccer Ball:
Light-Up Baseball Bat:
14. Lego Advent Calendar(Sold Out):
Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar:
15. Personalized Kids Books:

⭐️ MORE GIFT IDEAS…(all price points) ⭐️
Plaid Flannel Shacket:
Moonlight PJ’s:
Ugg Slippers:
Mini Always Pan:
Adidas Gazelle Sneakers:
Zip Jewelry Box:
Hatch Sunrise Alarm Clock:
Barefoot Dreams Blanket:
Mens Fleece Hoodie:
5-Minute Journal:
Dr. Dennis Gross Lipware Mask:
Dyson Airstrait:






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Merry Christmas my cat is insisting on Being in this video because she won't Stop meowing but she is definitely more Than $50 but everything in this video is Less than $50 they're really good brands Everything's from Nordstrom you guys Know I love Nordstrom you can you know Narrow down the price points uh they Have all kinds of different gift guide Sections on their website so I put Together 15 items in many categories That are all under $50 so it will all be Linked Down Below in the description box And pinned in the comment section by the Number you see on screen number one we Have this butter hoodie so they Literally named it butter hoodie I feel Like I'm always using the word butter to Describe soft cozy squishy blankets or Clothing pieces so maybe they took a Little tip from me but this is so Buttery and nice and I just love it so Much it is a really good price it's Under $50 comes in lots of colors I have This brown taupe color and you can get Matching pants which are also under $50 But because I was trying to keep the Gift under $50 I only ordered the top Because I feel like that's the most Wearable but again if you want to get This for yourself you could get the Matching set and curl up on the couch And you're going to feel just nice and Cozy this winter season but again it

Would make a great gift for anyone next We have this Sherpa Sherling shacket Which I am shocked by the price point of This it's way under $50 and again it's Surprising to me because this is by the Brand thread and supply which is a very Nice brand it's very high quality I Can't even tell you like I wish you Could just jump through the screen and And just feel how soft this is it's Extremely warm it's like double lined And this would make a great gift because It will work for any age group people That are young love this people that are Way older love this anyone can pull this Off and you can wear it open like a Jacket or button down like an actual Shirt so it's very versatile different Color options I am wearing a size small And I'll have my sizing details for each Piece listed Down Below in case that's Helpful when ordering next we have Something for the guys and then later on We have a few things for kids as well But this I literally just pulled out of The laundry because Josh has been Wearing it a lot but it is a long sleeve Nike shirt this is a classic this is Their best-selling clothing piece so if You don't know what to get your husband Your boyfriend maybe your dad you could Get them this shirt I feel like it works With everyone's style and it makes them Look really good like it fits really

Really well Josh went with the black you Could get it in gray white green like There's a lot of color options and again It's like a great price but just classic Next we have this Weekender bag or gym Bag it's by the brand Reigns and the Reason I'm so drawn to this is because Of the material it is so smooth it's Like the most interesting buttery Material it's waterproof and I am having Josh model this because this color combo Does look a little bit masculine in my Opinion so if you're stuck on a gift for A guy like I really think they would Like this especially if they do go to The gym or maybe they just don't have a Bag like this all guys actually need This but a lot of them ever don't ever Buy anything like this even if you don't Want to consider for a guy I'm telling You you will love this material it is Such a nice high quality bag Reigns is Such a good brand and again under $50 You can't beat it continuing on with Bags I I'm going to be so upset if this Bag is so out by the time this video Goes live because I like it way more Than I was expecting like I I initially Thought like o That's super cute I feel Like that's versatile I feel like it Would be a really good gift idea great Price point but then when I got it like I just want to keep it for myself it's So nice looking I love the top handle

Bag this strap you can use it or you can Take it off you can wear it crossbody if You want the inside has three different Sections so you can kind of have some Organization going on in here but it Holds quite a bit but it's also not too Overpowering on you like it would just Look great on everyone it feels so nice I love the style of I could just go on And on I love this bag and then we have This watch travel watch case uh again This would be great for a guy it would Be great for a girl anyone that likes Watches would probably really appreciate This I do think guys tend to have more Of like a watch collection than than Women um but like for instance Josh he Kind of flip-flops between two or three Watches depending on what he's wearing And then um he he doesn't really have Like a good place to keep them so I Think I'm just going to give him this Also we just went on a weekend getaway And he only brought one watch because he Wasn't really sure how to travel with The other one so I don't know I think This would really make a great gift idea A lot of guys or girls don't have Anything like this I love the camel Color to it it feels really nice it's Just a great it's a great gift option Now since we just talked about watches I Wanted to segue into this stunning Personalized or customized bracelet from

Nor now the only caveat is it is Technically $58 so it's the only thing In the in the whole video that's a Little over $50 but it's so worth it to Me I'm going to insert some photos here It's so darn stylish I love it you could Get your name or your best friend's name Or your sister's name you know to give Gift it to them and it just makes it Such a better gift because it it seems Like you put so much more effort and Time into making it personalized but Again it is so stylish um and you can Even use symbols like hearts or stars or A peace sign you can get it to say I Love you I just love this bracelet so Much and it's very size adjustable Because of the slider design I was going To order it for myself uh but the thing Is it does take a couple weeks to arrive Because it is personalized so just keep That in mind but you'll definitely have Plenty of time to get it before Christmas and then we have the nod pod Which I think I recommended this maybe a Couple years ago but this thing every Year it sells out so fast because it's Such a good gift idea for a lot of People it is a weighted sleep mask so it Applies gentle light pressure to your Eyes there's a whole science behind I Think they call it the 3 minute magic Where it just makes you feel tired Within like 3 minutes again because of

The light pressure but there's little Micro beads in here it doesn't smell Like anything either sometimes things Like this have lavender or essential Oils and some people like that some People don't but this doesn't smell like Anything you can put it in the freezer If you want it to be cold you could put It in the microwave if you want it to be Hot or you don't need to do that all um It also comes in I think like seven Different colors I obviously have gray But it's such a good gift idea and it But again get it before it sells out now This is definitely an unusual or Different gift idea it's called the Birdie and I would say it's it's geared More towards girls females um it's a Personal alarm system as you can see It's kind of like a keychain you can Keep it in your bag it comes in lots of Different bright vibrant colors I think That's so that you can easily see it and What you do is if you pull on it really Hard it sounds off a super loud alarm so People that go running by themselves or Honestly even if you're just you're Going shopping by yourself you're Walking outside in a dark uh parking lot Or something like that I mean women are Always like yeah I don't know it's nice To have this so that it just causes a Ruckus like there's crazy alarm it Scares the person off there's just more

Safety in it um so I feel like it'd be Great for a teenager maybe somebody Going off to college uh really any Female I feel like it's just something Most most girls and women don't have now I love a good gift set and man I love This one it is the makeup eraser gift Set it comes with my beloved makeup Eraser cleansing cloths I'm always Raving about these always I just want Everyone to try these and so this set Comes with different size makeup Removing cloths now I've said this like A bajillion times if you watch my videos But these cloths remove all of your Makeup with only water so waterproof Mascara all of your foundation it could Be like cakey thick Foundation red Lipsti it removes everything with only Water and that's how I clean my face Every single day I have multiples of These I just rewash them and just reuse Them I've been using them for years so This is a great gift set I will also Link just the the regular box like the Just the regular one if you want to get That instead or try it for yourself but This comes I don't know it's just like Presented well it looks like a gift next We have some bath Sals now this would be A good maybe like add-on gift because It's it's a really good price although It's kind of higher end this is Definitely luxury very healthy I love

The scense that it comes in so I got Eucalyptus and peppermint Blossom so There's arnica tea tree oil Epsom salt Dead sea salt I will link all of the Other scents and whatnot like the other Configurations I there were so many that I wanted to try but eucalyptus is just My favorite so I got this um it does Come in different sizes and I think you Can also get an actual gift set next we Have the good old Stanley Cup because Yeah everyone's obsessed with this I Have the Stanley Cup I also have another Brand that I've recommended I love both I feel like they're both very similar But let's be real people would probably Be more excited to get the Stanley Cup It's almost like a Barefoot dreams Blanket people just know the name they Know it's kind of expensive although This is under $50 it comes in lots of Colors people like to have more more Than one it's just become like a thing So I wanted to put it in the video Because you can get it at Nordstrom now This is one of my favorite gift ideas of The entire video it's obviously a light Up basketball great for kids of any ages And this works so well here is footage Of my kids using this at like 10:00 at Night it was Pitch Black outside they Can still go outside and play basketball Shoot some hoops it's so fun we also Have a light up soccer ball we have a

Light up football I will link all of Them under this number I think they just Released a baseball bat that lights up With a light light up baseball like it's Just so fun and I feel like if you have A son or daughter or maybe a niece and Nephew sometimes kids are so difficult To shop for but this is something that I Highly doubt they have and they they Will love it another gift idea for a kid Would be this Lego Advent calendar now This is only $35 which I think is such a Good price for a big Lego set Legos are So darn expensive but this would be Something you would give to them before Christmas because there is a section or A day every day in December leading up To Christmas so maybe every morning or Maybe every night after dinner they can Open it and they get a like a Lego piece To play with which is really fun and Different it's very christmy again the Price is really good and I just thought It would be a fun little Christmas thing To do oh my goodness now under this Number I'm going to link all of the Personalized children's books you can Consider they're way under $50 and they Look and feel and seem just so special Because you can customize it to the Child's actual name and there's tons to Choose from so many different genres so Many different books for different age Groups as well obviously boys and girls

And just it it's such a such a good gift Idea I keep saying that about literally Everything but if you have a son or a Daughter or maybe you're an aunt or an Uncle and you want to get something for Your niece and nephew this just seems Extra special and the price is really Really good it's actually surprised me So everything in this video will be Linked Down Below in the description box And pinned in the comment section by the Number you saw on screen I hope you Enjoyed this merry Christmas happy Holidays and I will see you in my next One bye