15 Best Fashion Trends to ACTUALLY WEAR in 2024! Everything linked below & in the comments!!
1. Tweed Blazer(XS):
2. Slingback Pumps(true to size):
3. Mary Jane Flats(true to size):
4. Tall Boots:
5. Graphic Sweatshirt(M):
Another Option:
Another Option:
6. Pearl Necklace:
7. Adidas Platform Sneakers(true to size):
Adidas Sambas:
More Adidas Sambas Options:
8. Blue Sweater(XS):
9. Shimmer Top(XS):
10. Shimmer Mesh Top(XS):
11. Hair Bow(sold out):
Another Option:
White Hair Bow:
12. Bow Sweater(XS):
Another Option:
13. Blazer(S):
Another Option:
Another Option:
14. Bobbi Brown Skin Tint(Light 3):
15. Nars Multiple Stick(South Beach):

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Now I'm not saying if you don't wear These fashion trends you're out of style But I am sharing 15 fashion trends to Actually wear in 20124 that I think are Very popular right now they will be for The rest of the year I don't think They're weird I think they're very Wearable and you can incorporate them Into your existing wardrobe now Everything will be linked Down Below in The description box and also pinned in The comment section by the number you See on screen and everything is from Nordstrom I love Nordstrom I can always Find what I'm looking for they've got Classic pieces as well as new and trendy Items number one falls under the preppy Chic style that we're seeing everywhere In 20124 in so many ways and you'll see More throughout this video but the first Fashion trend is definitely a Tweed Blazer and this guys this one is so good It it oh my gosh it's so nice and Throughout this video we've got items That are very affordable all the way up To a little bit more expensive nothing Designer but this is over $100 but guys The details to this are topnotch the the Buttons are so intricate it's it's just So well made the quality of this is Amazing like I feel like this could Legitimately look like a Chanel Blazer But I love how it looks a little bit More up to date because of the cropped

Length now I think this looks amazing With jeans and I also love it paired With even shorts or a skirt you can wear This with boots like you can wear this In so many ways and I think it's Definitely an amazing item to add to Your wardrobe now since you did see some Shoe options throughout those Clips I'm Just going to jump to the inst style Shoes that we're seeing right now I'm Not saying you need all three of these But I think they're similar yet Different and depending on your style Maybe you're you're drawn to one over The other but if you are a heels person I do think sling back pumps are all the Rage right now they're again kind of Preppy kind of chic they're you know a Little bit more elegant looking and They're so wearable these are by Sam Edelman so many colors and options Because they're so popular the heel is Kind of a slight kitten heel so they're They're not hard to walk in I feel like They're very comfortable and I love the Kind of like longer extended toe they're Just great and I have them in classic Black because I think that's again the Most wearable if you're a Flats person These ballet Mary Jane Flats also very Popular this year I mean like mega mega Popular I'm seeing them everywhere and Every time I see someone wearing these I Just love them to Pieces so I got my own

Again I got them in black and I just Keep reaching for them they're they're Just an up up toate more stylish version Of a pair of flats now throughout this Video I feel like you guys get spicy in The comments if you hate all of this It's totally fine I don't make the rules I'm just sharing things that I'm I'm Seeing this year so definitely recommend These but if you're a boots person these Tall boots are just my favorite I do Think that knee high boots kind of went Out like the riding boots were not Really seeing much of now but these are Definitely a little bit different They're they're kind of still a Western Flare but they still also kind of look Like normal boots in a way and these are A little bit more designer but I did Find a different pair on Nordstrom site That are much more affordable so I will Link both options this was like my Splurge shoe purchase of the entire year And I have been getting a lot of wear Out of them you'll see them styled Throughout the video preppy graphic Sweatshirts big fashion trend right now I mean this literally says Beverly Hills Californ like it's very ritzy that's What we're kind of seeing I still think The graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts That say live love laugh like that's out But this is in and I I do really like it I feel like it's very comfortable it's

Easy to wear you can just throw it on Great with jeans great with leggings and I love the color combination of this I Can like several options but this one is My favorite pearls are also an example Of a classic jewelry piece that never Goes out of style but is a big fashion Trend for 2024 we're just seeing pearls Way more right now again probably Because of that preppy chic style that We're seeing and I love these because They're $15 I feel like they're very Wearable they're not overpowering and Huge and you can wear them with that Sweatshirt you know mixing and matching Casual with more dressy is is really Nice I love kind of that jux position or Of course you can wear this with much Dressier outfits as well you know what Let's go back to that sweatshirt and Jeans outfit because In that clip I am Wearing my Adidas sneakers that I love And they very much remind me of this Sneaker of 2024 I mean this is literally The number one shoe this year I think It's the Adidas Somas here I'm inserting A photo because I don't personally have Them I don't feel like I need them but They are so in right now even though Again perfect example of classic meets Trend they're just back in style even Though they've been around for decades So I will link several options several Different color options too under this

Number and if you're drawn to them Definitely recommend them you can style Them in so many ways okay so I was kind Of unsure what to name this next fashion Trend that I'm seeing but I'm just going To go with vibrant colors now what I Mean by that is this is a very vibrant True color I I feel like so many clothes That we pick out and have and wear are Either neutral or they're very muted in Their colors and tones this is vibrant I'm not saying highlighter just like True vibrant Shades and this blue is Exceptional it just really brightens Your whole complexion I think this does Come in other colors but it's so soft It's thick it it is an extra small by The way uh so this is meant to be Oversized so if you want to even size up More and make it even more oversized you Could do that but all of my sizing Details for every piece will be listed Down Below in the description box beside Each item okay so we talked about Vibrant colors let's move into something Kind of similar yet very different and That is Shimmer I'm not talking about Sequins I'm talking about Shimmer and Some slight Sparkle and I've got two Options for you one very easy and Wearable the other very bold and 90% of You will actually hate it but it's still On Trend so let's start with the easy One it's what I'm wearing it's just this

Long sleeve wardrobe essential just like A nice basic top to have in your Wardrobe but it's different because of The subtle Shimmer so I did get it in Gray it's very neutral but when the Light catches it ever so slightly There's a nice Shimmer to it and I love It on its own and I also think it would Be a great layering piece but let's move On to the Bold option so many of you Will hate this but it's this layering Shimmery Sparkle top which I feel like The camera and the lighting is not doing It justice this all kind of looks like a Mermaid top like it's really kind of Cool and I and I I know a lot of you Hate it but again it's on Trend so I Just wanted to share it I feel like this Would be probably more for the younger Generation um but you would just wear a Tank top or even like a bralette Underneath and then put this over top And I feel like this could be really Cool for certain situations like a Concert like wearing this to a concert Would be really cool or like an Interesting party or event it's Definitely more for special occasions It's definitely in now we're moving in a Completely different style Direction Let's talk about bows because bows are a Very big Trend this year let's start With the hair bows so this black one That I got is exactly what I'm talking

About and I know not everyone would even Want to wear this or maybe even Depending on your hair you might even Not even be able to but I'm seeing Celebrities wear these I'm seeing Regular people wear these I feel like if You're drawn to this style it's a nice Little accent you can add to your outfit To make it more up Tod dat I love it in Black I can link this one along with Several other options but if you just Hate the hair bows you could consider Incorporating bows into your clothing And so this sweater I got I realized Like this has a nice like bow effect Right around the waist you can kind of Cinch your waist and tie off your waist To create a nice silhouette so I feel Like it's very flattering but again is Incorporating that bow style and I love This color it's more neutral it's not Vibrant but we're still incorporating That bow Trend this next fashion trend Is nothing new it's been around the last Couple of years but it's still going Very strong for 2024 and it's what Everyone is calling quiet luxury so Quiet luxury is when you're dressed very Luxurious and almost designer looking Although it might not be a designer at All but there are no logos whatsoever so It's very subtle and quiet and the Perfect example of this would be this Blazer I love this Blazer it has a nice

Herring bone print so so it looks High-end it looks sophisticated but it's By the brand vichi which is very Affordable and I feel like it just Really exemplifies the quiet luxury Aesthetic so let's move into some beauty Trends that we're seeing for this year And again this will come as no surprise But natural beauty is what we're seeing And and and what I mean by that is no Heavy thick caked on makeup with bright Eyeshadows and thick thick mascara That's just not in right now um just the Subtle no makeup up makeup look is what We're seeing and so I feel like the Easiest and best way to achieve that um I found is this Bobby Brown Skin tint This is by far and I I like I talked About this in another video but I went Down a crazy Rabbit Hole of finding like The best skin tint out there like the Best reviews it's just the number one on Like every list out there again it's the Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched skin tint It does have an SPF of 15 and it goes on It does cover some it's definitely not Full coverage but it's enough that it Makes your skin just look so much better And it looks natural another way to Achieve this natural makeup look is this Nars multiple stick so that's what it's Called it's called the multiple stick Because you can use this stick in so Many ways so I feel like this is such a

Good purchase because you can use it on Your cheeks you can use it on your Eyelids you can use it on your lips as a Lipstick and you can even use it on your Body to give you some body glistening so This just oh my gosh it just makes you Look like a glowing goddess but in a Nice natural way I highly recommend the Shade South Beach I feel like it's just The color that works the best on all of These areas but there are some other Shades as well and again you can use it All over your body and all over your Face everything in this video will be Linked Down Below in the description box And also pinned in the comment section Thank you so much for watching subscribe If you're new and I'll see you in my Next one bye