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He guys Merry Christmas I'm so excited For today's video I'm sharing my annual Gift guide for her I know this is a bias Statement because this is my video but I Really think this is the best gift guide Video that there is out there for this Year sharing tons of Amazing Ideas and Home and beauty and fashion and the Amazing thing is everything is Reasonably priced most things are under $50 $50 and under around $50 if we're Including tax there are just a couple Things that kind of made it more closer To like $60 around there just like one Or two things but I have I believe 14 or 15 different gift ideas I'll be sharing With you guys today as always I'll have Everything linked down below if you Happen to be interested in any of it and I want to go ahead and just start with All the home ideas first because these Are seriously such good idea so first I Wanted to share these vintage glass mugs Now I know mugs is such a classic to Give for the holiday season but these Are just so special because the design Is so vintage they come with a gold Spoon and they actually also come with a Lid and at first I was thinking okay why Do you need a lid for a mug but then it Came to me you know maybe if you're Having like a snack in here I see a lot Of people put parfit in here having a Lid on it taking it to work is really

Handy or if you're like me and you knock Drinks over constantly having the lid There when you're not using it helps so Much and it also kind of trap the heat In there for a little bit longer it Comes with two different designs so this Beautiful design here with all the dots Has these uh like swirls or Circle so Two different designs this is this was a Four pack for I believe around $20 which Is such a reasonable price it comes with A lid and you have four gold uh spoons That come with it as well next home gift Idea I am beyond so excited for is this Beautiful salad bowl now if somebody Gifted me this for the holiday season This would probably be my favorite gift Me first the color of the wood is Stunning and the reason why I love the Salad bowl is because the bottom of it Is flat so when you're mixing the Ingredients so you avoid having a lot of It spill out so it's just so much easier As far as like a shape for a salad bowl It comes with wooden utensils as well so It makes such a perfect complete gift And the wood color guys I have to say is Absolutely stunning it's really Beautiful the quality of it is amazing This has incredible reviews for a salad Bowl along with the salad bowl if you Have more room in your budget you can Also give the salt and pepper shakers With it or you can gift this separately

I feel like this works to gift together With a salad bowl you can just gift it Like this put the salt and pepper Shakers inside it and then gift it like This I think it would be a really Awesome gift or gifting these separately Also works as well just depending on What your budget is but I love these uh Salt and pepper shakers because they're Again wooden they look stylish they're Functional cuz you put salt and pepper In them and this is again also great for Somebody that's maybe a Hostess and you Know they have food out on the table and You added some salt and pepper on the Side this just looks stylish and also When you're not using it you're having It sit on your counter it actually acts As even a Decor piece when you have it Sit on your counter but it's also Functional I literally cannot make this Up you guys I didn't have the lid on my New mug and what happened I spilled it And now I'm over here cleaning my mess Before I proceed with the video so note To S these mugs are great have the lid On them if you're clutzy like me okay Next home gift idea I think is great for Two reasons one this item I really think A lot of people don't think about Replacing they have it for years and Years me including so it's a complete Set and it looks so beautiful these Wooden utensils so it also comes with

The spoon rest it comes with this holder As well so I think this would be such an Awesome gift as a set again for a Hostess you can even combine it with Like the salt and pepper shakers or the Salad bowl and I love that it's all Wooden you have so many different spoons Here it looks beautiful the color of the Wood is beautiful they're practical for Everyday use and again this is something I feel like a lot of people don't think About replacing in their kitchen would Make such a fabulous gift gift idea next Home idea is actually right next to me Here is this beautiful knitted blanket Now this looks just like the $13 Pottery Bar knitted blanket however this one I Think is around $30 37 it's from Amazon Comes in a lot of beautiful colors and This blanket is heavy like it is a heavy Knit and there's two sizes a smaller one And a larger one I went with a smaller Size and it's plenty large enough to Throw on your chair to throw on your Couch to cover yourself I mean I'm 5'1 There's not that much to cover Regardless it's a really long blanket if You want it on your bed then you would Probably go with a bigger size so heavy Again so thick so chunky so comfortable And this is 100% organic cotent as well And this feels like a over $100 knitted Blanket like easily so I'm really Shocked at the price really shocked at

The Quality I love how I'm segueing into The next gift idea so along with nit the 100% organic cotton fisherman crew is Probably my top recommendation for a Fashion gift idea especially a sweater It is probably the most classic of Classic I mean this color is stunning I Also have it in black and I also have it In white as well that's over there Soaking because I just spilled my coffee On it so I have I've collected it in Three colors already they also come in So many more colors this is priced at $49 for 100% organic cotton it is Thicker it feels so loved the way it Sits and lays on your body Just looks incredible and I've gotten so Many people hooked on this sweater they Keep grabbing it in more colors love This I think I recommend this every Single year for a gift idea this is Truly one of the best gifts to grab Somebody if you're looking for a Beautiful classic sweater next gift idea Is also great for the home and great to Pair with the other Home items I shared Or gifting it on his own too and it's Also another item that people forget to Replace me including so I'm glad I Bought these but it's these kitchen Towels and specifically getting some Stylish ones maybe in neutral colors or You can even maybe buy seasonal ones for Somebody a neutral color something basic

For every day is perfect as well this Comes in a pack of six I love the Neutral colors it has stripes it has Like different textures has this Beautiful brown color a really simple And basic idea but I feel like everybody Would love these and they're also very Stylish this next gift idea is Definitely different like everything I'm Sharing I feel like it's really stylish Neutral aesthetic and whatnot this is Just purely because how cool it is I Don't know if it's the same with you Guys maybe you know somebody that has The same issue anytime I chop onions my Eyes suffer I can't even chop half an Onion without my eyeballs suffering this Takes away my problem but not only can You chop onions in this you can make Wacamole you can make salsa you can chop Up a lot of things with this technically A veggie Chopper but I mainly use it for Onions you put the onions in there you Pull this here it literally dices your Ingredients so fine in probably like Five PS PS 5 to 10 pulls you can make it As thick or as small as you want to just Depending on how many times you pull it To slice it this is manual and I love That because I don't have to worry about Batteries I don't have to worry about Plugging it in and doing it manually Literally is no effort this so much more Easy to clean great to gift to others

Comes in many sizes as well I love Gifting Lounge sets for the holiday Season for Christmas time I who doesn't Love comfy clothes I love it home comfy Stuff like all that it just I love it And I think others really love it too so My favorite place to go to is Abra cromi Because they do sales a lot you're able To get like their matching sweat set for A fairly good price um just depending on What the discount is but if you're Shopping for Black Friday now would be a Really good time to grab it if you want To gift it to somebody or maybe gift it For yourself so I have these classic Sweatpants that I just added into my Like Lounge collection um I have a lot Of their like gray sweatshirts and I Really wanted the I think these are Called the Sunday sweats uh so that it Could be a matching set depending on how Much you get it on sale um I think you Can get for maybe $40 around $30 on sale Depending on what the discount is I Don't know what the discount is right Now same thing with the sweats so you Can either gift one of the pieces to Somebody just depending on your budget Or you can gift the complete set like This site is fleece lined very soft very Warm if the person on your wish list is Like a cozy girl they love this soft Thick cozy stuff this is a fabulous idea Along with the fisherman crew sweater

Both great ideas okay this next item is Another cozy item that I think everybody Will love these maybe you won't like the Specific style but uh they have Different styles to choose from I'm Wearing them I could not take them off Since I got them in it's these gorgeous Ugg slipper dupes now I don't own Uggs So I can't compare these to the original Uggs but I do own a pair of slippers Similar to these that are around $80 That I got last year these are $49 from Quin they feel just like my $80 Slippers so to me that's amazing I'm not Going to spend that much on slippers Anymore especially you know they do get Worn out pretty quickly I wear mine Every single day almost all day so they Get a lot of love so these are great $49 For this beautiful like um chestnut Color and I think this makes such an Awesome gift idea I mean who doesn't Love a fresh new pair of slippers for Holidays for Christmas uh these are just Amazing quality if you have more room in Your budget I think Buying these combined with a pair of Neutral Cru socks would combine Perfectly with it I love these because One they're neutral colors and they're So stylish and these have been really Popular lately just like the ribbed Cru Socks here's like this chocolate color This taupey color ivory another kind of

Like taupy beige color white and black The set comes with six pairs and I Believe they're like $14 um so I would say that's a really Good price for stylish neutral pair of Rib socks like these every single color I love these and that's really rare for Me to love every single color of Something U but these are just done Really well I love the ribbing they're Very comfortable so I love recommending A purse gift idea every single year this Year I feel like the quin's uh full Leather bag would be such a nice gift Idea I've had this for over a year now I Love it it's very minimal and simple and To me if I'm gifting a purse to somebody I want the design to be really minimal And simple something that I feel like Everybody would love and the size isn't Too big either because somebody could Just easily wear this just fit their few Essentials in it I think it might come In another color maybe just this one but It's priced at $39 so really fair uh the Strap is adjustable the quality is Amazing this one is worn a lot by me and It's also petite friendly as well so if You have someone that's petite on your Wish list I think they'll really like This one especially if they like really Minimal and simple designs and then one Thing I love doing if I'm gifting a Purse I love to put stuff in inside it

As like an extra gift and I think makeup Is such a great gift idea so one thing That I think will fit perfectly inside That purse specifically is the Anastasia Lip luster Duo I love the colors of These I really think if you're gifting Makeup to somebody lipsticks gloss is The easiest like makeup to choose I feel Like because you know it's really easy To find beautiful shades that look good On everybody and I love these they're Kind of like a Dusty light pink a Dusty Rose um I'm wearing the lighter color of The two on my lips today and it's just Stunning let me just layer another coat On for you guys right now and I love the Consistency of it too it doesn't feel Too heavy or anything it doesn't feel Sticky I personally don't like lipsticks Or glosses for that reason but these are Actually absolutely wonderful and then Another makeup gift set that I think is A great idea is the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk on the go kit this has five Different things in here it has a lip Liner it has a mascara it has a cheek Stain it has a beauty blush wand so Anyways this has five different things Things and it's kind of just like a nice Complete set for somebody that is priced Really well so again great to honestly Gift on its own like this I think this Is a great gift itself as far as a great Gift idea um makeup sets is a fabulous

Idea Nordstrom has really good deals I Know Sephora has really good deals too So you don't necessarily have to go with What I recommended but these are the two That I really like that I think are Priced really well and that are really Popular and the colors are also Absolutely stunning then if you want to Add on something to the makeup set to Make it a little bit more complete um I Love recommending makeup eraser wipes Every single year I've been hooked with On these for years I've had the same I Think five or seven for like 3 years now 2 or 3 years and they still work Perfectly I use them one time to take Off my makeup and then I throw it in my Hamper wash it like I normally do with All my other clothes and then I have a Fresh new one for the week so I don't Use any makeup wipes any solutions or Anything just these rags and they get Off makeup perfectly I really think Other people will love this too so this Is great to gift if you want to add add On to maybe some other makeup sets you Guys so with that that brings it to the End of this video I really hope you guys Enjoyed seeing these different gift Ideas for her all of it will be linked Down below if you happen to be Interested in anything so again thank You guys so much for watching this video Thank you so much for your love and

Support I love you so much and I will See you in my next video bye