15 Best WEARABLE Fall Fashion Trends…everything linked here & in the comments!
1. Wide-Leg Jeans (25):
2. Flower Sherpa Jacket (S):
Another Flower Sherpa Jacket (love this too):
3. Textured Knit Top(XS):
4. Cargo Pants(XS):
5. Chunky Loafers(true to size):
6. Knit Dress(XS):
7. Skims Maxi Skirt(XS):
8. Plaid Mini Skirt(XS):
Brown Top(XS):
9. Chanel Inspired Flats(true to size):
10. OnCloud Running Sneakers(true to size):
11. Chunky Knit Sweater(XS):
The Squared Toe Boots:
12. Bell-Sleeve Top(XS):
13. Layered Top(XS):
14. Collared Sweater(XS):
Another Collared Sweater:
Another Collared Sweater:
15. Emerald Necklace(Green):
16. Green Drop Earrings:

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Today I'm sharing some fall and winter Fashion trends that are very wearable They're not weird at all I think they're Great to add to your existing wardrobe Just to keep your style a little bit More up to date so I think there's Something for everyone in this video It'll all be linked Down Below in the Description box and pinned in the Comment section by the number you see on Screen and everything is from Nordstrom You guys know I love Nordstrom and I Always find such amazing items there the Quality is fabulous so let's get started With the first item which honestly Surprised me because I order a lot of Jeans and sometimes I like really like Them sometimes I hate them these shocked Me because of the way they fit and the Length so these are by the brand bbong And they're wideleg jeans so that's kind Of the trend right there you you either Love it or you hate it but I do think That that is the the trend we're seeing As far as Denim and a lot of times People they just they struggle with Looking good in wideleg jeans because They feel frumpy now this this comes in A medium wash and a light wash I Obviously have the medium and they're Nicely cut around your waist like They're high-waisted but the the gem of It all is the fact that they are not Dragging on the floor and that's the key

I realized like that's the secret I Don't know if you can see by this clip But you can kind of see my ankles here And that little sliver of ankle is The Sweet Spot that's what makes these look Really stylish and not frumpy you can Wear this with so many different tops so Many different shoes nothing is dragging On the floor these are just done very Well I'm naming this next Trend flower Power because that's kind of the trend The The '90s Inspired flower pattern but I love it even more that it's kind of Being combined with the popular Sherpa Jackets now Sherpa jackets were Definitely in last year they're still so In this year but I feel like this Particular pattern just brings it even More up to date it's just a little bit Different and I love the color combo Here the neutral color combo you can Really just just throw it on and wear it With anything I also paired it with Those jeans I just showed you and just The whole outfit I am loving I really Hope this does not sell out I feel like It's going to sell out because I think Others just love this too the next Wearable Trend we're seeing is textured Knit so it's actually what I'm wearing It's like this Polo top you can see it Is slightly cropped I'm just wearing Some high-waisted jeans here but I love This textured knit top it is so me and

You can wear it in so many different Ways which I'm going to show you so I First did pair it with those same jeans That I first showed you they look great This is something that you could wear For years and it's like it's very inst Style right now but it's also it has Classic Vibes to it but I also love Pairing this top with these green like Army green cargo pants that's the next Trend that's still here I have ordered And tried so many different cargo pants I have probably like three different Pairs this is by far my favorite one I've had it for probably 6 months They're still available at Nordstrom They're the best cargo pants I've ever Had in my life it's really the silky Soft material of the pants that kind of Sets them apart from others I love the Color as well they just come up very High waist on you they're flattering They're easy they're not too long at all But I love pairing them with the chunky Loafers which is the next Trend these Are by Sam Edelman and they do come in a Few colors but I do recommend make be Giving the uh Brown tone a try with the With the gold detail here I just think a Lot of people have black but Brown tone For fall and winter is just chef's kiss Love it to Pieces it just goes with Everything and it just brings that Warmer tone that we're seeing everywhere

Now because I liked this knit top so Much I ordered the matching dress Version did I need it probably not Definitely not but I just love this Material so much I love the color combo It like just arrived so yeah it's Bilabong and I just really like it it Just looks very fall winter with the Long sleeves um it's a longer length Again you could wear boots with it you Could throw on a jacket it's just an Elevated more like dressy piece compared To some of the Casual things I've Already shown but that does lead me to The next Trend which are maxi skirts so This is kind of a maxi dress but this is A maxi skirt can you guys see the Material on this oh my goodness I love It so much and it's actually by the Brand skim this is one of her most Popular pieces I didn't even realize Like they keep launching it in more and More and more colors but the reason it's So good is because of how flattering and Customizable it is so first let me just Quickly say like the material silky Smooth it's going to make you look Really good but the reason I love it so Much is because you have a long zipper In the back you can actually customize The zipper to create a a slit up the Back to whatever desired height you want So if you want this to be you know more Skin tight the whole way down you can

Have the zipper down or you can have it Come up that makes it a little more sexy But also makes it a little more easier To walk in so this is really like a Perfect maxi skirt to add to your Wardrobe now plaid mini skirts are also Very on Trend right now and I know it's Not for everyone I think there's some People that just don't feel comfortable Wearing a mini skirt and I don't blame You half the time I don't either it's Just I don't know it's not that Comfortable however this particular one I like it for two reasons number one It's not crazy short like it's not too Long where it looks kind of weird but It's not so short that you feel exposed Or you can't like move around the other Reason I think it's great is just the Pattern it's a very subtle plaid pattern With that brown tone that I'm loving Very very in for fall and winter and I Also paired it with this brown kind of Tight top I can also link that that is From Nordstrom I think it just goes Really well together if you do want to Create a nice outfit and then just Bringing it back to these Brown loafers These chunky loafers look great with This whole outfit also kind of tying in That '90s Trend that we're seeing Definitely an outfit I will be wearing In the coming months anything Chanel Inspired is another Trend we're seeing

Which is a complete oxymoron honestly Because Chanel is just so classic it Just never goes out of style but we are Seeing a lot of Chanel characteristics Being incorporated into jackets and Blazers and shoes and so I wanted to Share these Steve Madden flats that Remind me of Chanel and I think they Look really nice with the that skirt I Just shared and and I think that's Another kind of like positive to that Skirt you can you know wear more brown Tones and neutral tones with that skirt Or you can wear a black top and kind of Incorporate the the black and the brown Together that actually works really well And there is this black cap right here Um these shoes look really nice with More straight leg jeans you can actually Wear them and make them casual they're So comfortable and they just look really Expensive and elevated for a much better Price continuing on with shoes this next Trend is not even a stylish I mean They're it's stylish it's practical this Is a practical Trend it's the oncloud Running sneakers okay you see them Everywhere like that's what I mean like They're they're in style because Everyone has them for a good reason they Are my favorite athletic sneakers now And I did try the Hoka sneakers which I Still have and I really like them However as soon as I got these these put

Those to shame and that's just my Personal opinion so if you are looking For a pair of sneakers to run in like I Said these are running shoes but I don't Run that often but if I'm going to be on My feet all day if I'm going to be Walking around all day or if I am going To be exercising or going outside like This is what I have to wear these are Kind of dirty looking I wear them all The time they're so comfortable Definitely recom like definitely Recommend next we're going to move into Some tops that I think are very Different and on trend for fall and Winter but this this thing I'm going to Share right now this definitely seems a Little more fall than than winter only Because it does have shorter sleeves but It is a chunky knit sweater I mean like The knit the sweater like it's big it's Chunky and I wouldn't say this is a vest I would say you could maybe wear it as a Vest and have a shirt underneath but I Don't really love it styled that way I Actually just love it on its own I love The bulkiness of it I styled it with Some darker jeans some expensive boots I Can link the dang boots guys I splurged On these boots they're really long they Remind me of England like the Beatles Would wear these I don't know I just Love this whole outfit I've just been Loving so I wanted to share it and then

This Bell sleeved top with the texture Like the silky satin texture also very On Trend with the the Bell sleeves I Like how it's a shorter length there's Like a nice lettuce Edge to it it's also A mock neck top so it doesn't you know Actually come up it's not like a full Turtleneck it's a nice mock neckline to Me this particular piece just looks Expensive it looks more elevated but it Is a piece that you can dress up and Wear with dress pants you could wear it To the office make it look more Professional or of course you could very Easily style it with jeans and then we Have something that I ordered on a whim I really thought I was going to hate This but I was still drawn to so I took A chance and I ended up loving it so it Is one of those shirts that I kind of Make fun of sometimes where it's kind of Like a fake shirt you know like here's The sweater piece and then the the white Part is kind of sewn into it so the Reason I do like it so much is because The quality and the texture of it it it Really feels Lux like it feels really Nice it I feel like it it really shows Off your waistline as well I think the White pops and stands out against the Sweater material so I again it's just Very flattering another thing I love About it is the fact that it gives you An instant layering look which is always

Great for fallen winter it looks like You tried and put a lot more effort into This than you really did I decided to go Ahead and put on this next sweater Because if you know me at all hi my name Is Shay I love a good colored sweater This is such a good version because it's So thick like this feels luxurious it's Very thick the cable knit detail is very Well done the collared neckline shows Off jewelry more it makes it look more Feminine it makes it look more expensive And elevated I think it just shows off Jewelry which leads me to the next Trend We're seeing which is incorporating a Little bit of color into your jewelry But like subtly so this green bezel Necklace I love because of the subtle Green you can get this in other colors There's even a bright emerald green Which is pretty popular but this one is More of like an amethyst green you can Wear it on its own or you can style it And pair it with existing jewelry you Already have which is what I like to do Now these earrings I just wanted to Quickly shout out these Green Drop Earrings that I ordered I specifically Ordered I had them in my hand I opened The box they came in a small little box From Nordstrom um we were doing garbage And uh I I I think I accidentally threw Them away I thought I had already taken The earrings out so anyway I saw them in

Person I love them I bought them and Then I threw them away in the trash so Honestly for the amount of boxes that I Get and I have to go through I'm Surprised that's the first time it's Ever happened I'm debating do I order Them again but everything in this video Will be linked Down Below in the Description box and pinned in the Comment section I hope you enjoyed Seeing some of these Trends Please Subscribe if you're new and I'll see you In my next one bye