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These are some of the best and worst Popular products that maybe you've been Wanting to try and I'm going to share What I think is really worth it and what Is totally not what you should steer Clear of what I think is terrible and I Think a lot of you are probably going to Disagree with some of the things I say Which is totally fine everyone is Different but let me know your opinions Feedback comments down below but let's Get started with the first item it's the Ever classic Biore pore strips these Have been around since I was probably in Elementary school I mean they've been Around a long time and it's more than Just Biore so many other brands are Coming out with their own version of These pore strips and it's suddenly Super popular again like everyone is Buying these pore strips and I just Don't think they work at all like the Thing is there's some level of Satisfaction because when you do peel Off that strip there is some Gunk stuck To it so you think oh my gosh this is Like such a good before and after it Like it sells itself in a way but it Doesn't actually remove any blackheads Like it seems to it does remove some Sebum so you think you're doing Something but that comes back literally In six hours so I feel like it's one of Those gimmicky things that doesn't

Actually do anything next we have orbe Hair products do we think it's the best Do we think it's the worst okay for this One I'm kind of I kind of I'm going both Directions here hear me out with this And by the way for the longest time and A lot of videos I've said a rebate Because that's what I thought it was and Then like everyone corrected me so I Think they're the worst a lot of the Time which goes against what everyone Thinks because I cannot stand how Fragrant they are it is next level you Know things are scented this is like 10 Times the amount of fragrance and scent In their products so much so even though The quality is fabulous I mean these Products are expensive I can't take the Smell for the majority of their products Now I'm gonna go with the best With their darn clarifying shampoo I was Sent this I did not buy it I love it I I Don't think I've ever been so Mesmerized by a shampoo before and I'm Not even saying it's going to make your Hair like oh it's so shiny it's so like Like it's it just really cleans your Hair and it is a foam I've never used a Foam for a shampoo before it is the most Luxury experience it's like a slice of Heaven you won't know until you try it It lathers so nicely and as far as the Fragrance let me get to that this is Like the only product I've ever tried by

This brand that doesn't have an insane Smell like there is a scent but it's Just normal it's just kind of light it's Just awesome it's expensive but I love This and just so you know everything That I mentioned in this video whether It be the best or the worst I will have Linked Down Below in case you want to Check it out further read more reviews See what you think this next product is So popular it's so viral it's so cool Like look at this thing it's so Interesting do you know what it is do You want it I know I did too it's a it's A mascara Shield a mascara Shield so That when you're putting on mascara Protects the back of your lid from Getting like Gunk on it and it makes Your lashes longer and Fuller and it Sucks it's terrible I have no idea why This is so popular it makes no sense to Me this is the most awkward device it Really like you can barely no no no no No I Thoughts maybe I'm being dumb because Again it seems so popular I gave it to My assistant Katie and I was like try This out maybe I'm being stupid have Your sister try it everyone hates it I Feel like it is one of those stupid Cheap items that somehow like popped off Somewhere on Tick Tock and a person got Rich but it really does nothing I don't Know I'm sorry I'm being harsh this is

Really hard for me to do because I know That probably somebody invented this I Know there's probably small businesses Selling it that's why I rarely get on Here and share what I just really don't Like Um so I apologize do I I don't know While we're on the subject of eyelashes And popular products let's talk about Magnetic eyelash strips Because in theory this is what I should Have like this this is for me because I Can't do it they should just Magnetically stick and I'm good to go no No no no no no I can't do any of it so I'm probably not the best person to even Be having this opinion I can't even put On regular lashes with glue I feel like I'm not alone though so I was like oh Magnetic lashes like that's it for me The worst the worst out of everything However I I can't even really get the Hang of these press-on lashes like just Press and go what the heck I cannot do It my friend Brittany like I see her in Person I'm like how do you do it it Looks so good like if people can get This down to me this is the way to go You can even get this bonding glue and It'll last you like over a week and it Looks like you have natural but kind of Like eyelash extensions I can't do it at All so I'm not I'm not really Recommending this I just think this

Would be like what you should try Instead of anything magnetic okay let's Talk about something happy like Something that really is the best that's That's popular I do have some good Products in this video I want to share The Chrome powder the ever popular Chrome powder for your nails totally Worth it this is so cheap if it makes Such a big difference and impact on your Nails if you do your nails at home this Is amazing even if you get them done in A salon a lot of salons have this but if They don't you can take this to them and Say can you put some Chrome on top it's So simple all you do is pick whatever Base color you want and then take like a Little sponge and rub it over top of the Nails and then paint a clear polish over Top to set it and it's so pretty you can Make it really light and kind of hardly Noticeable or you can make it really Dark and dramatic but I love this and I'm wearing it on my nails right now Next we have the Laneige lip sleeping Mask do we think this is the best do we Think it's the worst I've recommended This a lot so I definitely don't think It's the worst I mean this stuff really Works like it is great but there's one Aspect of it that I think is the worst There's one thing that this does I can't I despise I still use it because I think the actual product itself is

Great like you put this on before bed it Works through the night it plumps up Your lips makes them look juicy it Hydrates them like really well but the Scent again is ridiculous like it is so Fruity it's like a sugar bomb has gone Off under my nose and I smell it all Night long and so I recently have Discovered the tatcha lip mask this is An expensive brand and so I was just Kind of like oh should I share this but The thing is it is so worth it to me and I don't know if you can even see in this Clip here like this product is glorious Like it is beautiful there's no scent Whatsoever but it really makes your lips Shiny and glossy and hydrated like it Works so well and I just really prefer This I'm still again I'm not completely Not knocking this because I really like It I just wish it wasn't so powerful so If I'm going to choose any of these it's One thousand percent going to be this One and super quick if you're enjoying This at all please subscribe down below Okay I'm just gonna make this one quick Because by now you guys are definitely Thinking I'm a lunatic with fragrance But I really don't think I am but I've Said it before I'm gonna say it again The Brazilian cream Can't do it it probably is a good Product it probably really helps that Bum bum but this is so fakely scented

Like it just smells like a b a fake Beach it's a fake Beach I feel like it Is too potent that I can't even I cannot Put it on my body Um so I've recommended the necessary Product before I've even worked with Them I stand behind that this is not Sponsored they have no idea I'm saying This but these are the best lotion Products I have ever tried they're Completely unscented the ingredients are Really really good so this is all that I Use and unfortunately I can't use this This but I know I know a lot of you do So again I'm probably in the minority Here hopefully throughout this video You're finding this somewhat interesting Maybe a little entertaining and I'm not Actually making you mad because everyone Is different but I'm about to make more People mad because I'm gonna say some Not so good things about the Stanley Cup I know like obsessions like people have 15 of these throughout the house like You see these everywhere and I have two Of them and I use it all the time in Fact this is full so like I was using This my point in putting in this video Is not to say like this is the absolute Worst but I think the simple modern is The best okay I think that the price is Better the style is better it's less Leaking like get this one don't get this I mean you can I'm not saying again it's

Not terrible I think this is just really Underrated and before we move on I just Want to clarify these hold the same Amount of liquid they keep liquid hot And cold for the same amount of time They fit in the same cup holders there's Really no difference between the two of These except this one is less expensive Okay let's talk about a very popular Product that I absolutely love it is the Snail mucin essence I know it's so weird it's like the and I I have a point at putting it in this Video because I tried something else That goes along with this but it's the It's the like goofy stuff from a snail And everyone's like disgusted by it and I was too until I tried it it has no Scent to it it doesn't smell gross it's So gloopy but it hydrates and Moisturizes your like your skin within a Few days feels so nice it's very viral And popular but so worth it to me it is One of the best but I recently got this It is the snail mucin sheet mask and I'm Not usually a fan of sheet masks but I Love this one because I I think I just Love this product so much and when you Put it on it does just like it like goes Into your skin and it really absorbs Well but I love how it's that same Product but it just it's like it it Takes it to the next level and it just Really sits on your face it absorbs but

Also sits on your face and I feel like You just get kind of like instant Results from it I'm not gonna use these Every day or anything it's more just Kind of like a little fun thing to do Maybe on the weekends but definitely one Of the best products but then we have The rare Beauty viral blush I I just Don't like it I don't like it at all and It's so popular it's so popular and it's So pigmented and that's what it's known For I mean like a little goes a long way And I understand the value in that like This will last you your entire life Maybe twice over you just need a little Dot and then thing is it's just so hard To work with like you're on the brink Always of potentially looking like a Clown you're on the brink of potentially Ruining your entire makeup look and so I Just feel like it's extremely hard to Work with and so it surprises me that it Is that popular now you guys probably Already have so many blushes I have so Many blushes I think the Bobbi Brown pot Rouge lips and cheeks blush it's a cream Blush and I just feel like it's so easy To work with you can even put some on Your lips to give you some pigment but You can build it up you can make it Super light you can just do whatever you Want with this and it just Blends Seamlessly so again I love this brand I Just don't love this product I have a

Lot to say about this High smile purple Toothpaste it's like super purple and Maybe you've seen it every everywhere Everywhere it is everywhere it's cool Like it draws you in because these People are brushing their teeth with This super purple pigmented stuff and It's supposed to like instantly whiten Your teeth and so I because I test Everything I was like I ordered it and I Have terrible teeth in the like the Structure with like all the issues I've Had in my like I don't have great teeth But I have like decently white teeth That's like literally the only thing I Have going for me but Josh's teeth are Kind of yellow so I was like you're the Perfect specimen let's give this a go And we did it and I'm not a fan not a Fan at all I almost think it made his Teeth look like kind of green like it Was odd what the purpose of this let me Just quickly explain it it counteracts The yellow to make them look whiter So In theory it sounds great but I don't Think it worked well at all it is not a Substitute for toothpaste a lot of People I think think this actually is a Toothpaste like it cleans your teeth and Is working every day to whiten your Teeth no no no this is like a Superficial thing that if you're going Out at night you can do this before and Your teeth should look whiter I just

Don't think it works at all I think it Can actually make them look worse and it Scares me that people think they're Working on whitening their teeth and They're not so I don't recommend that uh But I am going to say because I always Get questions about toothpaste and I Just love this stuff so much because it Actually is a really good toothpaste to Clean your teeth and make them healthier But it actually is a whitening like a Healthy whitening toothpaste it's by Hello read the reviews they have even if It's the charcoal toothpaste so that Really does just like suck out all of The pigment and it works over time very Well and it's not gritty it's nothing Like the charcoal toothpaste of the past Okay but even if you don't want a Charcoal toothpaste they have just the Regular minty version and I just love The ingredients in this so if you're Going to work to whiten your teeth in a Good way get this to me this is the best This is the worst but that is everything As I mentioned it'll all be linked Down Below in case you want to check it out Further but please subscribe if you're New and I'll see you in my next one bye