15 Budget Items from H&M that Look EXPENSIVE! Everything is linked below & pinned in the comment section…click SHOW MORE to expand description box!



Lace Blazer (XS):
Similar option:
Similar option:

2 Piece Set -Top (XS):
Bottoms (XS):

Platform Sandals (do NOT recommend):
Camel Slides:
St. Barts/Paris Slides:

Beige Pants (XS):

Striped Linen Top (S):

Camel Clutch Bag:

Blue & White Skirt (0):

Pink Skirt (0):
Black option:

Nude Heels:

Floral Dress (XS):

Jeans (0):

Pleated Shirt (S):

Western Boots (Similar):



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[Music] So today I'm going to be sharing some Recent finds from h m which is one of my Favorite stores this is not sponsored by The way but I can often find really Stylish and well-priced items from h m That I think look extra expensive like They look like they cost way more than They really did so I'll have everything Linked Down Below in the description box And also pinned in the comments section Along with my sizing but up first we Have this laced Blazer which is so Stunning The Lace detail on the entire Thing just really makes it stand out Again makes it look like it cost way More than it than it did um this does Come in a few neutral colors but I went With the mint green just to again kind Of make more of a statement I don't have A mint green Blazer I feel like everyone Needs a few Blazers in their wardrobe And this one will really stand out now I Do suggest a little Pro tip into looking More expensive is to wear a monochrome Base layer so what I did was uh where I White crop top with some white jeans and Then I threw this this over top as again The statement piece I love the Monochrome layer underneath it just Looks Chic it looks very elevated now Speaking of the Chic monochrome look we Have the matching two-piece set next now This is a beautiful neutral color

Throughout this video some things are Going to be very neutral other things Are going to definitely have some color So we have something for everyone but For this it very much reminds me of a Vacation outfit a very casual running Errands outfit but the collar is really Beautiful you can add some jewelry to it But I definitely recommend tucking it in Just a little bit just to give your Waist some shape now grab your favorite Sunglasses maybe a camel tote bag but Let's talk shoes because here's where I Ran into the problem so I got these Shoes Um at first glance I really like the Style of them they look very designer to Me they look kind of expensive they look Like Dior Um they say Paris on them I love the Coloring they're definitely on trend the Price is great I hate them though do not buy these I Have a terrible things to say about These uh first of all like they're so Clunky they make my feet look like boats Um but beyond that they are so Incredibly uncomfortable there's no give Or bend to them so they hurt to walk in So then I tried these platform heels That I already have that are actually From h m they're beige and I think those Look great that gives me some height and Then I just fell back on these Sam

Edelman Bay slides that I'm basically Always wearing I feel like when in doubt I can just wear these and they look Great with everything so again these are Not from h m but they kind of remind me Of the Hermes sandals that are so Expensive these are a much better price Point and will last you for so many Years and I also just want to quickly Mention these Steve Madden slides Because they kind of remind me of the h M platform ones that I was trying to Kind of imitate like this also looks Very dior-esque so this says Saint Barts There are ones that you can get that say Paris again these are not from h m but They look designer and they look more Expensive so again I will have Everything linked down below even the Stuff that's not technically from h m But next we have these beige linen pants These are so nice I am so incredibly Impressed with this these look very very High-end and they're not uh the texture Just is it's just so nice they're not Wrinkly but they're flowy they uh They're so comfortable they're not Insanely long I feel like I'm very Average height I'm five foot five and These aren't dragging on the floor I Think if you're a little bit taller They'd be great if you're shorter they Would still work wear them with so many Outfits you can make them super dressy

Or make them very casual okay so I have One other linen piece and this is Completely natural linen um made in Indonesia h m is really trying hard to Be better as far as manufacturing and Just make their pieces a lot more Sustainable Um so I really do like that but this is Such a nice shirt I love the color that I picked out obviously it is very Neutral with the striping but it's Vertical stripes which I think look way Better than horizontal this does come in Other solid colors and other patterns But to me this was just my personal Favorite I did get a small so this is Meant to be oversized you're going to See when when you know I added it to the Outfit with the with the linen pants I Love this whole outfit together it is Very flowy it's kind of meant to be Oversized but it looks great but you Could also use this as maybe a swimsuit Cover-up Um you could also pair it with jeans it Is just a very very versatile piece that Again with the linen the natural linen Texture it looks really expensive okay So we're gonna get into some color now And we're gonna start out slow and work Our way up so this first color Combination I will forever think just Looks expensive I love this color Combination and it is blue and white

There's just something so beautiful About this color combination and this is A stunning skirt and it looks so much Better on than I was expecting and I Think it's because of the ruching and The Slit now it's not a crazy the high Up slit that's revealing I think it just Gives you a little bit more of a sexy Vibe it just flatters you shows off your Legs a bit but I just think this is so Pretty and I'm so excited about it I Think it's easy to even wear you can Just pair it with a white top I did Decide to add some white heels that tie Up the ankle which I'm kind of torn About I think I like it but again it Kind of cuts off my legs so that my legs Don't look nearly as long but Nevertheless this is a beautiful skirt Now another skirt that makes a big Statement but in such a good way is this Pink ruffle skirt not only is the pink Color very vibrant and eye-catching but This ruffle detail is done so well it Truly looks like it's a designer ready To wear piece Um it's just beautiful I honestly didn't Know how it was going to look until I Put it on but it hugs you in all the Right ways I feel like it's just great For a special occasion Asian people are Going to be asking you about it the Detail the design of it is just very Different now I did decide to pair it

With some flesh toned heels to make my Legs look longer and I think that trick Always works so be sure to have a good Pair of heels that match your skin tone Perfectly now what I'm not sure I love This this is my Wild Card piece this is What I I want your opinion on okay I Feel like this goes against so many Things that I say I'm torn about it I Don't know this is the dress Um it is a dress it has so many vibrant Colors it has a big floral patterns This Truly is something that I feel like in Past videos I would be like this looks Cheap this looks out of style this looks Dated however I'm torn because I feel Like it really does fit me pretty well I Feel like the cut and style of it with The the wider arms it just looks fresher It looks it looks better than I was Expecting Um so I'm torn I really want your Opinion do you feel like this is Something that looks expensive and looks Stylish or is it horrible dated should I Return it comment down below at first Glance you're gonna think I'm crazy You're gonna think that these do not Look expensive but hear me out it's These light wash ripped jeans now the Reason I think these actually look Expensive is because they look identical To the best-selling 200 of Goldie jeans I have them people want them people love

Them and these look identical to them They're so nice they're really thick They're super soft they're cut the exact Same way the coloring is the same and These are under 50 bucks so if you've Been wanting those Goldie jeans go for These instead okay so we're back to Another neutral option but very wearable It is again an oversized shirt but it's The texture the texture on this shirt is What makes it look so expensive it's Completely pleated the entire thing is Pleated and the color is just so Beautiful and there truly is so many Things you could do with this shirt you Could wear in so many ways but I decided To style it differently I actually added Some boyfriend denim shorts and some Cowboy boots because we are in summer Concert season western boots are just Really stylish right now I know it's not For everybody at all but even if you're Going to maybe a concert or something I Don't know I just wanted to do something A little bit different with this shirt Just to show you that there are many Ways you can wear it uh but it's just so Soft and I love it everything in this Video will be linked Down Below in the Description box and also pinned in the Comment section please subscribe if You're new and I'll see you in my next One bye