15 CLEVER Organizational Items from AMAZON! Everything linked here & in the comments!!
1. Pill Organizer:
Label Maker:
2. Stackable Basket:
3. Cable Labels:
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4. Wrap It Storage Straps:
**Use code: 20WRAPIT for 20% off until 10/26/2023**
5. Broom Hanger:
6. Shower Hooks:
7. Wooden Wall Hooks:
8. Hanging Clothes Organizer:
Hanging Shoe Organizer:
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9. Vacuum Sealed Bags:
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10. Drawer Organizers:
11. Battery Organizer:
12. Under The Sink Organizers:
13. Backseat Hanging Organizers:
14. Trunk Organizer:
15. The Home Edit Book:

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These are 15 clever unique Organizational items from Amazon they're Going to make your life easier they're Going to make your life look better Let's get started everything as always Will be linked Down Below in the Description box and pinned in the Comment section by the number you see on Screen all right guys we're starting off Strong this is good they're all good but I'm gonna do like a classic infomercial Demonstration so look at all these Vitamins and supplements is your life Hectic and crazy let's just push those Away and insert this this vitamin Medication organizer oh my gosh I love This thing I do like to take a lot of Supplements I mean I've talked about Ritual that's like my favorite Multivitamin and but I love magnesium CoQ10 vitamin D my probiotic like There's so many and the most annoying Thing is that there's there's so many Bottles and opening the bottle one by One it takes up so much space so you can Get this there's seven sections and you Can put the whole bottle in each section It comes with labels so you can just Like create labels right but I actually Have a label maker which I can I can Link that down below as well because That is a great great organizational Hack right there so I created my special Little labels filled up each um section

With my supplements and then there's a Hole right here that you can just switch Over and then go one by one and pour out Your capsules and it saves time saves Space I love this next we have this Stackable kitchen counter or Pantry Basket and I just love this so much for A few reasons number one it just looks Aesthetically really stylish I just love The way it looks but the top is actually A cutting board so you can take that off Easily add things inside but you could Also just use it as a cutting board so You just kind of get more bang for your Buck there I like to keep it on my Counter we put potatoes and onions and Garlic on the bottom and then we like to Put fruit like bananas apples whatever On top and so if you get multiples of These you can actually stack them if you Do have more space like in your pantry Um you could put snacks on the bottom Stack them things on top you could put Coffee items in there the pods like There's so many different things you can Do with this and again it looks Aesthetically really nice but is super Functional now throughout this video you May see some promo codes or discount Codes that come up on screen this is Like a new thing I like to do I like to Reach out to Sellers and say hey I'm Going to put you in a YouTube video do You have any discount codes I could

Share with my followers sometimes they Say yes sometimes they say no sometimes They ignore me but I was able to get Some codes for this video none of this Is sponsored but if you see something You like and there is a promo code you Can enter that at checkout on Amazon and Get a discount so these next couple Things I was able to get a promo code First up we have these cable labels so Say you have an office or an Entertainment center or like there's a Lot of spaces in our home where there's Just tons of plugs and cables and we Don't really know what's going where and What goes to what and so you can get These they're super inexpensive and then Like really inexpensive with my promo Code but they're just velcro and you can Write on them with like a permanent Marker and then just attach them to the Different tables and then you can see Exactly what everything is there's tons Of colors to choose from and it just Looks it looks really nice so that same Exact promo code for 20 off will also Work on these rapid storage straps which Are clever straps that are heavy duty That will hang and organize so many Things in your garage so I'm talking Like uh big cables or extension cords You just wrap it all around hang it up On the wall with a hook like it's just Genius you can also do things like a

Leaf blower I mean like the list goes on And on these come in different sizes Some are really big some are a lot Smaller and you can do so much more with Them but again they're 20 off with that Promo code speaking of hanging things Though I wanted to mention this broom And mop hanger which we actually have in Our pantry but you could put this in Closets you could put this in the garage You could put it in a pantry like me it Attaches to the wall you can I think it Does come with like a sticky back but we Did drill it into the wall just because We hang a lot of things on it so we hang Different brooms mops there's hooks you Can even hang like an umbrella there's So it really holds a lot and it kind of Saves some space where normally you Would just like lean things against the Wall everything falls down this is just Wonderful and again it could go in so Many different spots in your home a lot Of people are starting to switch over to Glass shower doors in their bathroom and I think they look beautiful I mean There's pros and cons to everything uh But I do think they make your bathroom Look bigger but with that comes you know Just certain annoying things like where Do you put your shower towel you can't Really drill into it there's just Different things and so I found these Shower hooks that I think are just so

Clever Um you don't have to use any adhesive or Anything you literally just hang it at The top of your glass shower door and Then there's a hook for your towel so Just consider these you can get them in Tons of finishes and I feel like it adds So much functionality to your bathroom Okay so this is the last thing to do With hooks and then we're gonna move on I just wanted to quickly share this Little tip or suggestion of actually Putting hooks on a wall behind a door Which is just a little bit different Than what most people do um so hearing Out like I recently got these wooden Wall hooks or door hooks I love them I Can link them below I think they're Stylish I love how there's kind of a Hook on the top and bottom so you can Really hang a lot but most people tend To put them on the back of a door which Does work but you have to do it more Horizontally you have to put them kind Of close together you can't really hang Too much stuff because then it's putting Too much weight on the actual door However there's just such a so much Space behind doors that we're losing Like we can hide so many things back There so I would consider putting them On the actual wall and you can stagger Them you can put them at different Levels and so that is what I did I have

Too many kind of inexpensive affordable Handbags that I really like I just don't Know where to put them and so I can hide Them back there okay these next hanging Organizers for clothes and shoes are so Clever I have a really interesting hack Like a different way to use them Especially if you're a mom out there and You do have kids but even if you don't You could use this for yourself you can You can just use these in a lot of ways So I was able to get a 10 off promo code For both of these in all the colors so Again you can you know order this and Put that in at checkout I want to start With this hanging clothes organizer that You can put in your closet and most People use it to like maybe put jeans or Shirts you can fold things and just you Know have like a vertical hanging space But the hack comes in if you have kids You can actually plan out their entire Week's outfit using this like it's so Genius you can you know plan out their Their t-shirt their maybe a sweatshirt Pair of jeans their socks underwear put Everything that's matching perfectly in Each section there's a spot for five Outfits Monday through Friday you do That at the beginning of the week and They're completely set they can just Grab them in the morning and their Clothes are already set now there's also This hanging shoe organizer which if if

You have a lot of shoes like this is Great for women it's great for kids it's Great for men like this is just like a Great thing if you have a lot of shoes But you could also use it for clothes as Well if you have little ones because I Don't think it would work for us like we Have larger clothes but little ones Maybe toddlers or even just like I think It works for my son he's eight years old And I can still roll up his clothes and Put full outfits in each little section And then every day he can wake up get Dressed for the day and he has like a Matching outfit ready to go if you're Enjoying this video or maybe you just Really like Amazon videos I would love To have you back please consider Subscribing down below next I want to Talk about vacuum storage which I'm sure A lot of you have heard before but I Feel like there's still so many people That haven't done this and what's Annoying sometimes about organizing like There's things that you really just want To get rid of but you shouldn't get rid Of but it's taking up so much space it's Making your life feel so cluttered and That's where vacuum storage comes into Play I'm sure a lot of you have seen the Classic ones um by the way I was able to Get a promo code for all of these as Well enter that at checkout but there's The classic vacuum storage thing you can

Put pillows blankets like so many things Put it away in the Attic put it away in A closet it drastically cuts down on Space by like I'm just making this Number up but like 80 like it's crazy But I did not know they made garment Bags for like like coats and and and Suits and and things for your your coat Closet like that's where I struggle like We have so many winter coats they take Up so much space I really can't get rid Of them I mean I could get rid of some But I I love these garment bag versions Use the promo code you're seeing me use It here you can like I fit like five or Six coats in one bag suck out the air And I mean you saw the before this is The after like look how much extra space I have from using two of them I Literally cut down like 10 coats so Anyway these are just game changers Let's talk about organizing drawers next I just want to say don't try to tackle Everything in one day let's oh that's Bad just do one drawer wait a while then Do another drawer and then before you Know it a lot will be done but I love These clear inexpensive drawer Organizers they come in so many Different shapes and sizes more than Just this and then you can configure Them perfectly to fit whatever drawer You have and it's just made such a big Difference in so many areas of my home

Here's just an example of my makeup Vanity I've got stuff for my hair in one Drawer I've got makeup in in the other And it just makes everything better I Have extra ones and you know I can do This in my office I can do it in the Kitchen I can do it in the bathroom These are just great to have on hand and They're so inexpensive I feel like it's Been a while since I've recommended this Next item but it needed to be in this Video because it is such a clever Organizational item and it is this Battery organizer I love this thing so Much everyone needs this everyone needs This even consider this as a gift idea Guys people will love you so basically It just cleans out a whole drawer of Just like unopened battery packs things Falling out there's a spot for every Size and type of battery we're talking Double a triple a nine volt like it's Just fabulous and it comes with a Battery tester which you will use way More than you realize I mean when a toy Doesn't work a remote doesn't work I'm Like is it the battery is it just broken I don't know I can test the battery you Just line up the the negative and Positive sides and then it'll literally Tell you if it's good if it's starting To go bad I mean this has saved me so Many times I love it and then again There's just a spot for everything you

Can just easily put it on a shelf in a Drawer and it's oh it's just such a good Organizational item next let's talk About organizing under your sinks Because that's a lot of wasted space and There's really clever ways to save space Make it look better you can do this in Your kitchen your laundry room in your Bathroom here's a before of my bathroom And see the thing is like under the sink Is such a it's just annoying it's like a Black pit I feel like you can lose Everything there's an annoying drain That's like bizarrely shaped and so this Is the after I definitely recommend Getting these under the sink organizers Because they're specifically designed to Fit on either side of that drain you can Get them in different colors to match Your space well and the reason I love These ones so much is because there's Drawers that you can pull out and get Easy access to everything you put there And it is utilizing the vertical space That you're usually missing out on and I've maintained this so easily I keep Saying this but I really need to do it In my kitchen now I've shared a lot of Things for the home but let's move to The car real quick because we spend a Lot of time in the car and there's a lot Of clever things out there as well so if You don't have the back seat hanging Organizers for your vehicle you should

Totally consider getting them if you Have kids because not only does this Provide protection from them kicking the Back of your seat heat or mud or dirt or Whatever but it also gives you so many Additional spaces to put things that you Need on a daily basis and so they're not Just like laying around on the floor Flying around we put books we put games Back there we put little plastic bags I Mean that comes in handy you can hide Garbage like there's so many things and You can get them in a lot of different Colors so they match your vehicle Perfectly and then if you don't have a Trunk organizer I feel like you're kind Of missing out I feel like these are Just wonderful I used to use a different One that wasn't really a trunk organizer It was okay but this one we I guess We've upgraded this one is so much Better it's so sturdy it holds so much And you can actually configure it in Different ways you can actually even Make it smaller if you want we just put So many just necessary things like a Roll of paper towels we have a jump Starter kit thing we have our our car Vacuum a cleaner like we just put all Kinds of stuff in there it just stays Back in our in our trunk nothing is Flying around it's just like a really Good thing to have and you can even use It for other purposes as well for

Example you could take an empty one into The grocery store stick it in the Grocery cart fill up everything you need From the grocery like your produce your Bread like all the things you need and Then don't use plastic bags just take That whole thing put it directly in your Trunk now if you want even more clever Tips and tricks into organizing your Home in a very simple way I definitely Recommend the home edit book um if you Can get it on Amazon like I don't Usually recommend books but I really Like this one have you seen that show on Netflix that's what this is It's these Two women that come in and transform People's lives with their organizing Tips and this has everything in the book Plus more and it's organized surprise Surprise very very well it's all color Coordinated you can go room by room and Every suggestion is so simple there's Like three steps to every tip or hack Like it's so simple so I definitely Recommend this but I hope you enjoyed This video like I said everything will Be linked down below by the number you Saw on screen everything will also be in The comments section please consider Subscribing if you're new and I'll see You in my next one bye