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1. It Cosmetics CC Cream(Light-Medium):
2. Born This Way Concealer(Nude):
3. Laura Mercier Setting Powder:
It Cosmetics Concealer Foundation Brush:
4. MAC Eye Brow Big Boost Tinted Brow Gel(Stud):
5. Anastasia Clear Brow gel:
6. Gucci Bronzer (Color 3):
7. Bobbi Brown Lip & Cheeks(Calypso Coral):
8. Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand(Pillowtalk Light/Medium):
9. Naked Mini Eye Shadow Palette(All 3 Options):
Too Faced Sunset Stripped Eyeshadow Palette:
MAC Blending Brush:
10. Hourglass Smudging Brush:
11. Gucci Mascara:
12. Melt Sheer Finishing Powder(Light):
13. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner(Iconic Nude):
14. Dior Lip Glow Oil(001 Pink):
15. Makeup Eraser:
Makeup Eraser (smaller version):
Makeup Eraser Minis:

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These are my 15 Holy Grail beauty Products these are the items that if I Was taken to an abandoned Island this is What I would want with me would I care About my makeup on an abandoned Island Probably not but I love these products And it was really hard to narrow it down To 15 things and everything is actually From Nordstrom I feel like a lot of People always think of Nordstrom as only Being clothes and fashion and shoes and They actually have an amazing Beauty Department and that's where I order the Majority of my products so everything Will be linked Down Below in the Description box and also pinned in the Comments section by the number you see On screen so jot down your favorite Numbers and then in the description box I will also put my specific shade Numbers and colors so I'm going to go in The order in which I actually do my Makeup now am I going to start with a Primer no I just don't really care about Primers every once in a while I find a Good one but do I actually use it if I Go to an island do I care about primers No so I'm just going straight in with The IT Cosmetics CC cream this is my Holy Grail Foundation guy guys no Surprises there some of these things are Obviously going to be repeats because They're my Holy Grail must-haves other Items I feel like are kind of newer and

I I all of these things are so good Though if you have not tried the CC Cream foundation by It Cosmetics please Humor me please try it it's the best It's just great for oily skin it's great For dry skin it's great for everybody it Is full coverage but like it doesn't Make your face all cakey it's just the Best number two a concealer you need a Concealer no I need a concealer maybe You don't but this Too Faced Born This Way concealer is the best of the best I Feel like many of you are still stuck on The tarte shape tape and if you are I Feel like you haven't tried this yet Because it is so much better I love the Applicator granted that the tarte shape Tape is also an applicator like this Um but this type of thing is is very Necessary for me I put it in kind of Like the corners of my eyes I don't go Overboard but I also put a little on my Forehead down my nose and my chin and I Just slightly slightly brighten the Center of my face don't get an insanely Light color because I feel like that Just looks very outdated but it Blends Beautifully it covers so well it doesn't Make creases and lines it's just the Best at this point in time I like to go In with the Laura Mercier translucent Setting powder this is a classic this is An oldie but a goodie I feel like it's Many people's favorite setting powder

And I just take a big brush and just set My under eyes and kind of my face now I Don't want to tease too much but at the End when my face is all done I have Another setting powder that is so Glorious it's like a glaze just wait Wait just just make sure you get to that Part next we have a life-changing Product okay it is that serious I'm I'm Dead serious It is the Mac what is even called fiber Gel eyebrow Big Boost it's basically an Eyebrow product that instantly creates Hair Strokes on your brows I hate I hate Doing my eyebrows and I've gone through The whole journey of using the pencil Then I switched to like a powder with a Brush then I discovered the gel like the Pigmented gel and there's so many out There that are really good but hands Down this is the best and so I have the Darkest shade but hopefully you're even Seeing in the footage like you just run It through your eyebrows and it Literally adds like hair strokes and it Makes doing my eyebrows so much easier And they look so much better now I do Like to set my eyebrows all day with a Clear brow gel and there's so many on The market I even have I would say I Have like five or six different clear Brow gels the best one the one that Lasts all day Um I think it's the easiest to use it's

The Anastasia clear brow gel so this is Not going to add any color it it really Just allows you to kind of like Manipulate the hairs and just have them Looking great all day and in place next I like to go in with my all time Favorite bronzer no surprise here again It's the Gucci bronzer it's the best of The best I know it's designer it's Lux It's expensive it's worth it okay it Really is I'm wearing the shade zero Three and you'll see me here applying it I like to you know apply it kind of like On my cheekbone a little bit upper and Then I really go into my hairline like Up on my forehead and I get in my Hairline so my hair is always just so Wonky and just like flying everywhere I Just wanted to give me a natural Sun-kissed look so that when the sun you Know hits your forehead down at the top Of your cheekbone it like Just Hits Naturally and just Blends right into my Hairline it just gives me a beautiful Glow it's the perfect color obviously There are different shades depending on Your skin tone but it just Blends Beautifully I feel like it never looks Splotchy or weird it's I keep saying This but it's the best next we have Blush and oh my goodness I have so many Blushes it was really really hard to to Narrow this down to the best of the best But I feel like I did I narrowed it down

To two options depending on if you like A matte blush versus a glowy blush and So I'm going to start with what I think Is just the best all-around okay this is What I feel like will work for everybody It is a little bit more matte but it's Super easy to work with and it's by Bobby Brown It's called The Pot Rouge Lips and cheeks so this is actually Mainly for your cheeks like as a Rouge Or a blush but you can also use it on Your lips to kind of get a cohesive look Which is really nice but I have it in The coral shade it's called calypso Coral but this is so popular and so best Selling that they recently launched it In many other Shades so you can really Get this in whatever color your heart Desires um but I love the coral shade I Feel like it just looks great on all Skin tones and a lot of people just take Their finger and just blend it with Their finger because it so easily Blendable but I actually like to take a Brush and I'll just dab it on my my Cheeks but what I love about this is how Easy it is to use because you can really Just make it very subtle but if you want To build it up and make it more Pigmented you can do that as well and I Like to really focus on the tops of my Cheeks and like bringing it up kind of Along the side of my face and it just Lifts everything now if you like

Something a little bit more glowy you Can kind of see that slight glow there You should really try the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty light wand this is so Popular so I'm sure a lot of you Actually already have it but if you Haven't tried it yet it has an Interesting applicator it is a little Puff cushion thing and you just squeeze It the product comes up through and many People will just dab it on their face And blend it in with a brush or a beauty Blender but I actually like to take a Brush and dab the brush on this cushion Thing and then go in and kind of go back And forth to build it up to my liking Eyeshadow is next now this one was easy For me because I use pretty much the Same thing every day whether or not I'm At home if I'm traveling if I'm stranded On an island this is what I'm using it's The naked mini eyeshadow palettes now Granite I do have a few of them I will Just link all of the options down below Under this number I just think they're The best blendable eyeshadows I love how These are great sizes like you can Travel with it like so many eyeshadow Palettes are so big and this just has All of the shades that you would need Light shades Dark Shades my favorite is The naked Half Baked um it's very like Warm and bronzy whereas this one is very Matte and more cool so I would just

Click around I just think this is the Best all-around really good price but Still great quality eyeshadow palette Okay I was not planning on putting this In the video this is a bonus edition Okay this doesn't this is gonna be under The same number um this is Too Faced Born this way and though this is like a Big palette but I've just been really Liking it so I thought I would just Quickly share it it just has all of the Shades that I would love and you'll Notice there's many Matte and Shimmer Shades but just like Like if I were to create a palette I Feel like this would be what I create Um so I know it's not for everybody it's Sunset stripped it smells very like Summery actually smells florally I don't Know it's just like really pretty Shades I actually never use eyeliner anymore so That is not going with me to the Deserted island but instead I am taking My secret weapon which is The Hourglass Brush it's it's like a smudging brush Kind of like a pencil brush but it's the Perfect density the perfect size and I Will take whatever eyeshadow I'm using On my top lid and I'll bring it down With this brush and smudge my lower lash Line to kind of give an eyeliner look But not really it's just very subtle it It it's more blended it just looks way More up to date it's just way better

Less harsh Um and again this is just like the Perfect brush to create that effect Sometimes I'll even bring it up on my Upper lash line right where you know I Would put eyeliner and it just like Frames your eyes in a much better way my All-time favorite mascara if I could Only use one mascara for the rest of my Life it would one thousand percent be The Gucci mascara Thank you I just love the applicator the the Formula just everything about it I don't Even have good lashes I just want to say That like they're puny they're pathetic I have really bad lashes um but this Gets them to be the best that they can Be that it just adds length it adds Fullness you can really build it up and It's not clumpy I know it's pricey but It's worth it to me okay I am not done I Still need to share with you the best Lip liner and like the best nude color Like I have more to get to but we have Made it too the Melt sheer finishing Powder the one that I I teased you Towards the beginning of the video this Was a new discovery I only ordered it Because everyone is obsessed with it It's like newer on the market I love it It's it's called the glazed skin sheer Finishing powder so you'll just take a Big fluffy brush after you're done with

All of your makeup you'll just swirl it Around and just apply it to your face And it I don't know what it does I mean It just creates a really pretty sheer Slight glow but nothing like a Highlighter nothing that's going to show Texture it kind of like blurs your skin It makes it look so much younger so much More alive but like in such a subtle way I am very impressed with this I'm Wearing the shade light you can get it In Darker Shades if you actually want to Use it as a slight subtle bronzed effect So there's a lot of options but I Ordered the light and I just apply it All over I would say one of the most Asked questions on my YouTube channel on My Instagram Facebook like all of the Things is what lip products I'm using And I would say nine times out of ten I'm using the exact same lip liner but I'll just change it up with a lipstick Over top or a lip gloss over top or an Oil or whatever but the main lip liner That I'm always using every single day Is the Charlotte Tilbury and that the Color is important okay it needs to be In the iconic nude shade it is the best Color uh just like for everybody it is The best nude out there like it it's not So nude that it doesn't give your lips Any color but it it's just such a Universal color it's so much better in My opinion than the Charlotte Tilbury

Pillow talk this is this is what you Should try Um and I'll just slightly over line my Lips nothing too much and then I will Fill it in a little bit then it kind of Changes based on if you go in with a lip Gloss or a lipstick or whatever over top So if I were to only pick one lip Product Which would be very sad I do think it Would have to be the Dior lip glow oil I Mean look at this it is like almost Completely empty can you see that I Think I have another one somewhere in a Purse I need to order more but this is Just the best in my opinion it creates The most glossy juicy it lasts so long But it is like a lip oil I mean it's Very similar to a gloss but thicker and Better and longer lasting than a gloss Oh it's so wonderful so that is my Entire makeup now I'm not done still I'm Still not done once you want to get it Off like later in the day it's the end Of the night going to bed Makeup erasers yes that's my other thing That I must have with me at all times I Put it in so many different videos this Is like a very used one I I I I use this To take off my makeup at the end of the Day with only water I don't need to use Any products like it literally will get Off everything waterproof mascara red Lipstick and you only use water and I'll

Typically use one end one night and then The other end then flip it and this Lasts me about four days so this is a This is what I need to wash Um but it comes in so many different Colors I've got patterns I've got black Um I also have the mini ones so you can Get all of these at Nordstrom too um the Mini ones are great just one use throw It in your laundry and then they'll wash Completely clean and you can just reuse Them over and over again but once you Try these I don't think you'll go back So those are all of my Holy Grail beauty Products I hope you try a few of them I'm very confident that whatever you try I think you'll really like so again It'll all be linked Down Below in the Description box and also pinned in the Comment section if you're new I would Love for you to subscribe and I'll see You in my next one bye