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These are 15 new and surprising ways to Use castor oil now if you miss my Previous castor oil videos I did two of Them I will link them right up here the One you should definitely watch if you Haven't is the one where I use castor Oil in kind of weird ways on my body and After 30 days I saw crazy results so Definitely watch that one but today I'm Sharing like I said new ways that you Can actually use this stuff is literally A miracle Elixir now I will link my Personal faite brand of castor oil down Below in the description box I'll also Pin it in the comment section I do just Get it from Amazon it is a really really Good company and this stuff does wonders So you want a good quality castor oil Now this is 100% organic it is extra Virgin it is cold pressed it's also Hexane-free and it is in a dark glass Bottle which is really what you want I'll also link a few other brands down Below just in case this happens to sell Out but I'll make sure they meet all of The the criteria we're actually going to Start in the beauty realm and then I'm Going to work my way up into weirder Kind of more surprising ways to use Casor oil and then I'm going to end the Video with just sharing more details About the story of my mom and her chest And what castor oil did for her I was Really vague before and I kind of still

Need to be semi vague but it really can Change people's lives number one you can Actually use castor oil as a natural Facial cleanser like like a cleansing Oil so if you have a lot of makeup on it Doesn't even have to be just to remove Makeup but you can put a little bit in Your hand a little goes a long way with This stuff it is pretty thick but you Just you know rub it on your hands and Put it all over your face a dry face by The way and it will melt off your makeup But it's going to give you so much Hydration it's going to plump up your Skin it really is good for your skin but Again it cleans your skin it melts that Makeup off then you should go in with a Regular water-based cleanser and then Wash everything off and it really gets Off all of your makeup you could also Add castor oil directly to your favorite Body gel and so you can kind of start Out slow just add a little bit at first Shake up the bottle it'll mix all Together if you want to add more you Totally can but the real benefit here is Getting castor oil all over your body so You're actually going to find that this Will make your body gel lather even Better but it will also add moisture and Hydration to your skin so when you get Out of the shower you will feel like you Don't need to then slather lotion all Over your body now if you are somebody

That likes to get tattoos or maybe you Just want one in the future or your Husband wants one or whatever consider Using castor oil as the after care Ointment because this has a lot of Antimicrobial properties meaning it Actually better prevents infection it's Extremely healing and soothing again Very moisturizing and in my previous Videos I did talk a lot about how cast Cter oil is so good for many skin Conditions and skin ailments if you see Something weird on your skin try putting Castor oil on it for a few days maybe Even a few weeks and I would not be Surprised that it either helps it or Just completely takes it away but in This video I wanted to share things I Haven't talked about before and I just Keep reading how good this is for Treatment of like fresh tattoos I love This next one so castor oil is also a Really great natural insect propell so I'm talking like mosquitoes ticks like All the annoying bugs we get in spring And summer and also let me just say Regular bug spray is horribly toxic such Bad chemicals I mean really bad I refuse To use any of it I will not put it on my Kids so I'm very excited to use castor Oil this year you can even add essential Oils to it to add even more protection Like peppermint oil tea tree oil Frankincense citronella they the bugs

Just really don't like that stuff either I will also link these little roller Balls you can also get these on Amazon You can add castor oil to them put some Of your favorite essential oils in it And it's just an easier way to apply in Different areas of your body you can Even take it on the go throw it in your Purse you can even use it as perfume Now Using that same exact glass roller Bowl You can actually use that to apply Castor oil to your cuticles it's a great Cuticle softener you can just add it to Each nail and cuticle area rub it in and Then it'll soften everything you can Push your cuticles up trim them if you Like but that leads to the next thing That you know castor oil is great for And that's just your nails in general it Is so amazing for your nails and growing Your nails longer harder Stronger Faster It is amazing and I feel like that Roller ball is a perfect way to actually Apply it now this is the last Beauty Treatment I'll be talking about but Castor oil is also amazing for split Ends it's a great split end treatment Now you're going to want to do this a Few hours before you want to wash your Hair and take a shower or you could Actually do it before bed and let it sit On your hair all night but again a Little goes a long way put it in your Hands and then you will apply it to the

Ends of your hair and this works great For people that don't even have split Ends because it will help prevent them From ever happening if you do have Visible split ends the castor oil will Help seal the cuticle it will help Reduce the appearance of them and then It will help prevent further damage all Right we're going down a completely Different path here if you have pets Maybe a cat who gets hair balls you can Put just a couple drops of castor oil in Their food each day because this is so Lubricating this will actually help the Fur and whatnot pass through their Digestive system rather than upsetting Their stomach and having them puke all The time but you have to start small With this literally put like maybe one Maybe two drops and it will make a big Difference but again you need to start Slow because that leads me to the next Weird way you can use castor oil and That is relieving constipation which I Briefly talked about that in my previous Videos but I'm more touched upon how you Can apply this directly to your stomach Before bed and then it will help with Digestion the following day I was kind Of leery about recommending internal use Of castor oil but it just works so well And I I've seen so many comments about How people take spoonfuls of this and it Just it's amazing so I think usually

People start with only a teaspoon and Then kind of like work their way up from There it's definitely a much better way To address that concern than a lot of Other stuff out there now this next Thing might sound kind of dumb but not Really as I mentioned this is very Lubricating so you can actually use it As a WD40 replacement so if you have a Squeaky door or a squeaky hinge Something that makes noise when you move It you can take castor oil and just put A little bit on a paper towel dab it on The hinge move it back and forth to get It covered and then it instantly takes Away the sound so Josh was actually very Impressed with this next surprising way To use castor oil and it's using it as a Leather conditioner on like shoes bags Belts like really any leather you can Again add some to a paper towel and you Know apply it directly onto the leather It's going to shine everything up it's Going to increase the suppleness of the Leather it's it's going to prevent Cracking and you can see these shoes That we did the before and after is Pretty impressive the one on the left Was very kind of like dry and matte and Then it just spruced up his shoes and so Again it's just it's just interesting Anything in life if something's wrong or Like messed up consider castor oil it it Might fix it but what's funny is I was

Watching one of tati Westbrook's YouTube Videos on Castor oil a few months ago And she said something that totally Cracked me up because I've said the Exact same thing but do you guys Remember the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding where there was the dad who just Put Windex on everything well castor oil Is the exact same thing if there is a Problem put some castor oil on it now This next one I actually haven't Personally tried but I've read in Several forums that it works really well But you can use castor oil as a rust Remover so if you have something just Like full of rust it's super hard to get Off I mean it's honestly just a Nightmare you can put castor oil let it Sit for a few hours or even overnight Take a pretty strong uh bristled brush And scrub it and it will remove the rust Now back to the pest repellent thing if You are a gardener or you like to have a Garden outside you don't want to use bad Chemicals but you want to ward off the Things that are going to hurt your Plants gardeners love castor oil as a Natural pest repellent so what they do Is they take equal parts castor oil Water and dish soap and you put it all Together in a bottle like a spray bottle And you just spray the leaves and it Works to repel the pest now say you are Sick you're very congested it's hard to

Breathe you can get a humidifier and Actually put some castor oil directly Into the water now at first you're Probably thinking like castor oil and Water like they don't mix but they Actually kind of do if you stir it with A spoon it will actually incorporate Into the water and then you can use the Humidifier at night while you're Sleeping and again it will loosen up That congestion it will help lubricate Your your sinuses and it just it really Is a big help I actually did this when Was it it was a few months ago my my Kids haven't been sick in a long time But Hayes was pretty congested with a Cough and I used it in his room and I Really really think I mean he enjoyed it But I think it did make a big difference All righty so now I want to share just Some more details about what happened to My mom when I was just a little girl and What truly planted the seed in my brain That this stuff can be miraculous again I was very very young but my mom ended Up developing some lumps in her breast And um I remember her like waiting a Long time to go to the doctor which is Like not what you should do but she Finally got so concerned she ended up Going to the doctor which is like not Normal for my mom let me just tell you They were very concerned like the way They felt like they were like you must

Get a biopsy it was just like not a good Outlook at all and I remember my mom Crying like I and it was just like not a Good it was not good but I before I move On though I just want to say if you have Lumps in your body I'm not saying you Should not get a biopsy but my mom is my Mom and she wanted to go the natural Route she wanted to try something first And so she used castor oil packs on her Chest every single night she was Extremely diligent she also limited Sugar but the main thing she did was use Castor oil packs on her chest every Single day did not miss a day after a Few months they started to go down and Then they're completely gone and so I I Don't want to throw around the CW but we Will never know she never got a biopsy Because it completely went away if you Go back to my original castor oil video There's like 6 or 7,000 comments on that video I Really Encourage you to just go read through Those comments because there are some Seword situations that H it blown my Mind there are so many amazing Testimonials in that video I will link It right here watch this video next it Will blow your mind bye