15 of the COOLEST Things on Amazon Right Now! Everything is linked here and in the comments!
1. Fire Blanket:
2. Poo-Pourri – my 15POUSHEA code only works for the following Poo-Pourri products!!
Poo-Pourri Variety Set:
Poo-Pourri Original Citrus:
Poo-Pourri Tropical Hibiscus:
Poo-Pourri Sea Salt, Bergamot & Eucalyptus:
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3. Portable Washing Machine:
4. Micro-Stitch Gun:
5. Bra Insert Tool:
6. Nippies:
7. Digital Tape Measurer:
8. Radon Detector:
9. Happy Light:
Another Option:
10. Outlet Extender:
11. Mess-Free Paint Kit:
12. Pet Hair Remover Tool:
13. Dual Bowls:
14. The Ove Glove:
15. Butter Spreader:

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– These are some of the coolest
things on Amazon right now. Many of them I bet you
didn't even know existed. So as always, everything
will be linked down below In the description box. And I'll also pin everything
in the comment section By the number you see on screen. Now first. This is super cool And I didn't know it existed
until my mom got it for me. And I am serious when I say I
feel like every single person Watching this video should
have this in their home And it is a fire blanket. So most people do hopefully
have a fire extinguisher In their home so that if, you know, A fire would catch somewhere, They can like run to that,
pull the pin, if it works And then you like spray the chemicals And it's like a complete mess And it doesn't even work
that well sometimes. And so this is just such
a better thing if you are, Hopefully not, but like say
there is some fire happening, You can pull this out and
the blanket comes right out And all you do is simply
cover up the flame And it instantly
extinguishes it with no mess. It's just so much easier. You don't even have to think. I just feel like again, Everyone should have this in their home. So you can actually get
just one if you want Or you can get a two pack,
a three pack, a four pack, Maybe even consider that
get one for yourself, Give one to your kids
like my mom did for me. And I do just wanna say this
has a complete five star review From thousands of reviewers.

So people love this. And another good thing is you can reuse it Over and over and over again. So all you do is just fold it back up And put it back inside in
case you ever need it again, Which hopefully you don't. Next, we have something that
some of you may have heard of But a lot of you haven't
and maybe have never tried. And I'm deciding to put it next just Because I was able to get a
special promo code for you guys. It's not sponsored but it's Poo-Pourri. Clever, clever name. So Poo-Pourri is a lovely little spray That you can sit in
your bathroom somewhere And before you go to the
bathroom you just spritz the air And then when you leave the bathroom No one even knows you went, okay? So it works unbelievably well. It just like neutralizes things. So I am going to link the three pack, Which is just perfect in my opinion Because you get all three
of their bestselling sense And then you can just disperse them In your various bathrooms
and you will love it, Your husband will love it,
and your guests will love it. So again, I'll just put,
I didn't even tell you, I'll put the code on the screen here That you can use at checkout on Amazon For 15% off this variety pack. This is just the coolest
thing guys. Oh my goodness. It is a portable washing machine, Which I know some of you
would have no need for this, But there's a lot of you That might actually find this very useful.

So it actually expands
to be like double in size But it's, it can be
very compact like this, Which would make it great for traveling, It would be great for camping. Maybe you have an RV, Maybe you have a really small apartment, Someone's in college. There's actually quite
a lot of uses for this. So again, it expands to hold a lot more. You fill it up with water,
you just plug it in. And then there's three settings here For different wash cycles. So you can do like the standard
wash for like an outfit. You could do just like a quick
wash for maybe your underwear And bras or maybe baby clothes. Obviously, it's not gonna
hold an entire load, But it does hold a decent
amount and it works really well. Hopefully, you're seeing that
it spins, it like rotates, It goes back and forth, Like it actually cleans
your clothes really well. You just add whatever your favorite Detergent is, like normal. And then there is a little plug right here And so when you're done you
can just let the water out In your sink and then collapse it back up And it's just so cool. So I love it. I got it in purple, but
I think you can get it In different colors too. Definitely really interesting,
unique and cool find. Next, I feel like every woman should have This micro stitch gun, Which sounds way scarier
than it really is. But you should keep it in your closet

Because it adds little
tiny stitches instantly To whatever piece of clothing you want. So it comes with different
plastic stitches. So there's like some that are
black, some that are white And you just stick it in the
gun and there is a needle here. So you have to be careful about that. But I think the easiest example Of what this can do would
be say like a blouse That keeps flapping open. Maybe it's too low cut And you want it to come
together a little bit more. All you do is put whatever
color stitch you want in the gun And then put the needle through
the two pieces of fabric, Hit the button and it instantly adds A tiny little micro stitch. You cannot see it whatsoever. It doesn't damage the clothing at all, But it keeps the two
pieces of fabric together And you're good to go
for the rest of the day. And if you wanna cut
it out later, you can. So people will use this to
quickly hem their pants. People will use this to
roll up their sleeves And then like stitch, Stitch it together so it
doesn't roll back down. Like there's so many uses for this. So again, it's just great
to keep in your closet. So since we were just talking
about this area of a woman, There's a couple of
things that I wanna share That are super cool that kind
of go along similar lines. So next we have this,
they look like scissors, They're not scissors, I don't
even know what this is called. It's like a tool to help you Or assist you with
getting your bra inserts Back into your bra.

I hate the bra inserts but
I feel like I need them. Some people just take them
out but I need them in there. But they get twisted in
the laundry, they'll get, They'll sometimes they'll
fall out or they'll again just Usually they just get twisted
and you have to take 'em out And figure this, insert this. You just put it, wrap
it around the two ends And literally slide it back
in, open the scissors up And it just perfectly
inserts the bra inserts. It's like the cheapest,
coolest tool but say, Say you don't wanna wear a bra Because sometimes I don't
like today I'm wearing Just my nippies. And so I've definitely
talked about nippies before But since I just reordered another set, I wanted to put them in the video. For those of you that
haven't tried these yet Or maybe haven't heard of them, I know not everyone watches
every single one of my videos, But this is one of my all
time favorite purchases From Amazon and I've really
only had like one pair of them And I'm wearing them right now And they're still going strong. But I just wanted another pair 'cause I'm going on a trip soon. And anyway, these are the best. I have tried so many other nippies, Which if you don't even
know what they are, They're like nipple covers And they come in tons of
different tones like skin tones And this is the best brand. That's what I'm trying to
get at, the nippies brand, By far the best. I've tried probably four other brands

And these are the best Because they are the
thinnest around the edges So it just blends
seamlessly into your skin. And they last for so long,
I can't even tell you How long I've had the ones I'm wearing. I know it's not for everyone
if you're a lot larger than me But still I'm much
prefer not wearing a bra And it there's just, you cannot
even tell I'm wearing them. I'm going on and on,
but truly so worth it. Next, we have this digital tape measure, Which is just super cool Because to turn it on, you just
hold down the center button And it turns on And then there's this
little wheel at the bottom That you can use to run it over Whatever surface you want to measure. And it gives you a precise measurement Because sometimes it is hard if like, Especially if you're measuring
something kind of long, You need two people to
like hold the other end Of the tape measure. Tape measures can be big and bulky. So this is lightweight, small, compact And you can just like
throw it in your purse. That's actually why I bought this. I just wanted to keep it in my purse Because there's so many times Where maybe I wanna measure
something here first Before we go somewhere and then we go out To a store like Home Depot, Lowe's Or like a home decor thing And I wanna like measure to
see if something's gonna fit Or if it would look good on a wall. Like this actually just comes
in handy probably more times.

I mean think about it, there's
a lot of times in your life, You need a tape measure. Now this thing has also
been very fascinating to me. Enlightening. I didn't even know this
was a thing on Amazon, But it is a radon detector. So the reason we purchased
this was actually For another purpose in like another house, We have like a rental thing. So I decided to try it in my house And lo and behold, our radon
is a little bit elevated. It's nothing crazy, But we don't have a radon, Well radon is like the odorless gas That comes up from the
ground and if it's too high, I think it should be
under four is like ideal. And then anything over four,
it's probably recommended To get a radon removal system
installed into your house. But I mean there's times
people have this at like The levels are like 100 And it's like off the charts. Mine was a six. It just takes a reading every 10 minutes And then over time, it'll
start to average it. So anyway, I just feel like
this is a really cool thing To get to test your home to
make sure everything's good And then if it's like crazy elevated, You know that you should
definitely call someone. So this is a happy light And I recommended this around the holidays Because I did think this Would make a great gift idea for people. But the thing is, if you
don't have one for yourself, I do think you should consider it.

If you are somebody that struggles During this time of the year, I'm in the US, it's
February so it, you know, It gets dark out really early. It's just, it's not summer and we all, A lot of us at least,
suffer from the winter blues And this helps tremendously. So it is again the happy light. So it mimics the sunlight. All you do is turn it on And there are different
levels of brightness And what you can do is
actually just sit it Literally beside you while you're working Maybe at your computer
or like in your office Or maybe right where
you're doing your makeup. It just kind of tricks
the brain into feeling Like it's getting outdoor sunlight. Like you just actually feel happier. It's crazy and this is a
completely different type of light Than anything you have in your home. As soon as you get it, you'll
kind of know what I mean. But it's small, compact And I really think it would
be great for a lot of people. Now this is a wall outlet
extender, so worth it guys. It's 8.99, amazing reviews. All you do is plug it
into a regular wall outlet And it literally like
quadruples what you can do. And also it has a USB port spot, It has the other types of plugin things Like I feel like anytime
you get a new product It comes with different
ends to charge it with Now like not everything is a plug anymore, So it just has everything you need. But it also again quadruples
like different things

You can do and it's super safe. Only 8.99, so worth it. This is so freaking cool
like this blows my mind. This is for kids though, And I would say like younger
kids, maybe ages like 3, 4, 5. So this is completely mess free. It's called the Color Wonder
Mess Free activity book. And I've demonstrated it for you guys. On my white couch, I want to, I want to for you to point out. So here is the book it comes
with, it's like a coloring book And then here is the magic. So these are like paints but
they're completely white clear. You just take your finger And you can use whatever color you want. You just rub it around, it
kind of feels like nothing. It's shocking. And then you can take your finger And then color in whatever
you wanna color in. And it takes like a second, But whatever your finger
touches it turns to that color. It's crazy. Like this blew my mind. Again, I'm doing this on the white couch And anything else you touch at all It does, it's just nothing goes on. Nothing happens. So it's only on this magic
paper with the magic paint. I colored some balloons, it's, it was, I wanted to have my kids do
it, but I was like, okay, They're a little older for this, But still if you have
little ones, get them this Or maybe grandkids. So cool.

So this thing is a pet hair remover tool, But it's specifically for fur or hair That's like really deep and
like embedded into carpets Or sofas or the backseat of your car. I have the Chom Chom
roller, which I really like And it works well to like
get up surface level hair 'cause I have a cat. This thing is great Because it has rubber teeth that if you go And pull back and forth, It literally pulls out the embedded hair. So here's a photo of like a backseat Of like a car or a truck or whatever. And if you always have
your dog back there, Over time the fur just like
really kind of accumulates. This thing is what you can
use to really get it off. I feel like for certain people this thing Would be a lifesaver. So these are dual bowls. Dual bowls, that's like hard to say. But basically, the reason
that these are so cool Is because you can put
like salsa on one side And chips on the other or
maybe veggies on one side And dip in the other, or
maybe cereal on one side And milk in the other. And then you never get soggy cereal. Like there's so many cool
uses for these bowls. My kids love them, I love them. They're great for snacks, It's great to separate things. It's just cool. The theme of the video is cool. Here's the Ove Glove. This is an oldie but a goodie.

I feel like this has been
around for decades and decades, But I recently got it and
Josh and I really like it. So I wanted to put it in the video Because it's just really cool. So it's, you know, an oven
glove that really protects you And it's way grippier
like you can actually Like use your hands when you're
putting things in the oven Or taking things out. Josh, has really big
hands, it fits his hands, But it also fits mine really well And it just gives you so much protection. You've definitely probably
have seen these before. Still, I really, really like them. But you probably haven't
heard of the butter spreader, So this is super cheap but really cool If you keep your butter
in the refrigerator. And when you do that, I feel
like if you have real butter, It's really hard to spread
because it's rock hard. So what you can do is get
this, put the stick of butter In this and then there's like a little Like thing you can push down,
but say you're making toast Or a bagel or whatever,
rather than chopping Or cutting rock hard butter,
you can just get this off, Take the lid out, push down
the lever down a little bit And then easily swipe it
and spread it on the toast Or whatever you're making. And it just works really well. It just like spreads the
butter really evenly. You don't have to dirty anything else. You can put the cover back on And then stick it back
into the refrigerator. So everything in this video
will be linked down below In the description box. And I'll also pin everything
in the comment section.

But please subscribe if you're new And I will see you very
soon in my next video. Bye.