15 Wardrobe Essentials You Actually NEED! Everything is linked here & in the comments!
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– I’m Wearing Striped Wool Sweater (S):

1. LILYSILK Seamless One-size Silk Bra:
Matching Bra Panty Set:
2. LILYSILK Black Turtleneck (S):
3. LILYSILK Tailored Silk Blouse (US 2):
4. Banana Republic White Button-Down Shirt (XS):
5. Classic Levi Ribcage Jeans (25):
6. LILYSILK White Silk Trousers (US 2):
7. Faux Leather Pencil Skirt (S):
LILYSILK Louisville Print Skirt (US 2):
8. SKIMS Black Dress (XS):
Sleeveless Option:
Scoop Neck Option:
9. LILYSILK Striped Wool Sweater (S):
10. Abercrombie Cardigans (XS):
11. Ann Taylor Tweed Blazer (2):
12. LILYSILK Toffee Cashmere Detachable Hoodie (S):
Toffee Cashmere Pants (S):
13. Adidas Sneakers:
Adidas Gazelle Sneakers:
14. Black boots:
Other Black Boot Options:
15. GAP Wool Coat:

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These are 15 wardrobe Essentials that You actually need that you'll actually Wear everything is so high quality You'll be able to mix and match Everything as well so that you always Have something to wear everything will Be linked Down Below in the description Box and also pinned in the comment Section by the number you see on screen Now a huge shout out to Lily silk for Collaborating with me on this video Obviously some items will be from Lily Silk some will not but if you are Interested in anything from from Lily Silk they are having the biggest sale of The entire year right now it's their Black Friday sale now keep in mind as we Go along I feel like you might find some Things you want to maybe buy for Yourself maybe it could be a little Christmas gift to yourself but a lot of These items could also be gifts for your Friends or your family maybe your mom a Sister your daughter a best friend Something like that um there's so many Things to choose from and again you can Really save some money right now also my Codes they actually gave me two codes uh One is Shea 15 for 15% off sitewide now Things are already discounted for their Sale you can use my code on top of that To save even more money and then they Actually gave me another code which is Shay2 for 20% off if you spend over $500

Number one we're starting with the Basics or the foundation for literally Every outfit and it is seamless bras and Underwear this is so essential guys if You do not have something like this like A high quality one you are missing out This is by Lily silk it is 95% silk so it's so comfortable on the Skin and it's moisture wicking it's Breathable it is so stretchy and Comfortable because this actually is one Size fits most so literally the material Just stretches to fit you if you kind of Fluctuate in sizing it's just really Easy it obviously comes in tons of Colors well there's two things that I I Love about this number one it's just Extra comfortable because there's no Wires or buckles or anything and it Doesn't really feel like I'm wearing Anything but then also there's no seams Like it it you you don't see the bra Straps and lines underneath your Clothing every wardrobe needs a high Quality black turtleneck sweater now This one is also from Lily silk and it's Extra special because it is 85% silk and 15% cashmere so it looks and feels so Luxurious it feels amazing on the skin And again that would make it a great Gift idea it just feels extra high Quality and it's just something Everybody needs there's so many Different ways to wear it you can just

Throw it on with jeans make it very Casual or you could dress it up with a Skirt or a dress you could layer it it's Just a quint essential classic another Wardrobe must have is a silk shirt now This one obviously is from Lily silk This is what they're known for I mean The quality of this silk is exceptional This is actually their tailored silk Shirt so it's very basic I feel like it Looks great on everyone and I feel like A lot of people actually don't have a Silk shirt in their wardrobe but I feel Like you need one because you can just Throw it on with jeans and it looks Great it kind of elevates you it makes You look more expensive Without Really Trying but of course this is also Amazing for going to work or going to The office you can really style it up And dress it up now keep in mind there Are a lot of different colors and Different silk styles to choose from as Well and I am wearing a size two in this And I will have all of my sizing details Listed down below beside each item next We have another just classic okay and I'm sure a lot of you actually have this In your wardrobe already but I would be Willing to bet it's starting to look a Bit dingy but it is a classic white Button-down shirt every woman needs this Hands down and this is actually from Banana Republic and it's called the

Perfect shirt that is what it's named It's their best seller everyone loves This and I do too because of a few Specific details It just fits really Nice you can size up or down fit get get Whatever size you prefer some people Just like it to be a little bit bigger And baggier and then others like it more Fitted but the detail that I especially Love about this is the extremely Exaggerated and pointed collar that just Makes it look better it's a subtle Detail but a noticeable one there's also Longer cuffs along the sleeves again you Can roll them up or you can kind of Exaggerate that and emphasize that I Love really opening up the collar maybe Showing off jewelry or maybe just Showing off your neckline and just Keeping it really simple and basic but You guys know there is so much that you Can do with a classic white button-down Shirt now we've talked a lot about Shirts and blouses and tops and I do Have more to get to but let's talk about Some bottoms because my Go-to it just is jeans I love throwing On jeans and I have so many of them I Have too many of them but if I were to Just like only have one style of Jean in My closet it would 1,00% be the Levi rib Cage jeans they are the most versatile I Feel like they look great on literally Anybody of any age and they look good

With a lot of different shoes as well so I as you can see I have them in the dark Wash I have them in a light wash I have Them in a medium wash I think I even Have more than just this like this is a Style that I just buy in a lot of Different variations you can get some That are distress you can get some with No distressing the the options are Endless because this is such a versatile Well-loved style of Jean next we have Trousers which we talked about jeans Very casual let's take it up a notch I Feel like every woman needs a classic Timeless pleated pair of trousers now I Have it in white which I know seems Scary to some people but I just feel Like white Works year round you can Style it with anything any color I just Really like white but you could also get This in Navy and this is by Lily silk it Is very thick and uh heavy silk it's It's actually 40 Mame which is like a Thicker fabric of silk the the silk Shirt that I showed previously was 22 M Which is still really great but again This is just very thick nice quality Quality silk and it's very wrinkle Resistant which I love and again it just Looks great with everything there is a Nice detail in the back of like a Stretchy waistband so it's hidden in the Back but it still just stretches to fit You and is really comfortable moving

Into the next category which is skirts I Actually have two options for this one Depending on your personal style Preferences the first is a skirt by Commando I love it so much I have it in Camel and black but it is a tight Fitting pencil skirt and they actually Named it the perfect skirt so I already Shared the perfect shirt this is the Perfect skirt if you like a tight Fitting skirt I mean this is going to Show off your curves it is faux leather Um and I just think it's really really Flattering if this is your thing now if It's not if you want something more free Flowing and feminine and maybe even more Classic you might like this umbrella or A-line skirt this is by Lily silk it is A silk skirt um and I actually really Like the pattern although that's the Thing it does have a pattern it's very Equestrian and I like how it's black but It has some warmer tones on it too so You can really mix and match it with Colors if you want to go more brown or More black um there is a lot you can do With it I definitely wanted a black Dress to be in this video because that's Definitely a wardrobe essential there's So much you can do with a black dress But I wanted one that you could wear Every day I wanted one you could dress Up um there's lots of options out there But I think the best one is definitely

The skims long stretchy dress the Material of this is amazing it's such a Big bestseller and because we're in the Winter months I am modeling and showing The one with long sleeves but this also Comes in the sleeveless version which I Can also link that would be great for The summer or it would be great for People that live just in warmer climates But overall such a great dress and You'll see other ways I style it a Little bit later a black and white Striped sweater is so classic so Essential every woman needs one and if You've been wondering what I'm wearing Throughout this video this actually is Also from Lily silk but it is Marino Wool so it's a wool sweater it's not Scratchy on the skin it feels really Really nice it's a slim fit sweater so I Like that because it kind of shows off Your silhouette and your waistline you Can wear it with jeans wear it with Trousers you can even wear it with a Dress like I like I just said that black Dress is great on its own but if you Love a top or sweater you can actually Layer it over top of the dress like I Did with this now this next one might Surprise you not the category but what I'm actually suggesting so it is an Everyday cardigan everyone needs a good Cardigan but the one I'm actually Suggesting as just an essential are uh

By abomi and Fitch and they're shorter And more fitted which is literally Opposite of everything I've been saying For the last few years and I'm not Saying I don't like the big oversized Chunky Cardigans I think they're very Casual and very wearable I love them Still I do but I was trying to think of Something that again can be worn in a Lot of ways and these are really nice Because if you do just want to throw it Over something to keep you warm it looks Great and they're they're shorter and They're it's just coming back in style It just is these are again nice to throw On over top to keep yourself warm or you Can wear them by themselves and that's Kind of what sets them apart if you want To wear this cardigan buttoned up as an Actual top you can do that and it just Gives you even more versatility I love This one so much I did get it in kind of Like a creamish white color and classic Black the next category is one of my Favorites and it's a Blazer now I could Go the easy route and just share a Classic black blazer I think those are Great however I wanted to show this one Instead because it's a Tweed Blazer but It's one that looks so good it's a tweet In general just is is extra in style Right now but it's also just a classic Classic piece um it looks like Chanel But it's not it's by Ann Taylor a much

Better price point sometimes Tweed Blazers are just hard to find because They are really expensive iive or they Just look really cheap this one does not This one is a really good price I love The color combination of black and beige So you can really wear it with a lot of Different colors it just looks good with Everything and it's a style that you can Really dress up or down it's just it's Just such a good find I'm so glad I Found this next we have loungewear now For this category I wanted something That you could wear out and about and Run errands or you could Lounge in your House all of the pieces in this video Are definitely a little bit more High-end and just really good quality Because this is 100% cashmere so if I'm Going to spend money on something that's Going to last it's going to just be Really really nice and I'm going to feel Extra luxurious I kind of want it to do More than one thing and this is a Perfect example this is actually a 100% Cashmere sweater with a 2inone Detachable hoodie so you can make it Literally be very casual run errands Have a hoodie um and the the matching Pants just the overall outfit look so Nice together uh but you could take off The hoodie and this turns into just like A nice higher end cashmere sweater that You can wear on its own or you could

Wear it maybe over top that white Button-down shirt with the color popping Out it just becomes like an actual Sweater that you can wear in your Wardrobe but again the combination is Just a nice ath leure loungewear set Let's talk shoes I've got two categories Of essential shoes but I want to start With with the everyday sneakers because Maybe throughout this video and even With that last loungewear set you may Have seen these adus gazelle sneakers That I just keep reaching for over and Over again because they go with so many Outfits and I want them to be like when You're considering something like this Cuz there's tons of options out there I Think they need to be neutral and they Need to not look overly athletic like They're not exercising shoes like these Are shoes that you can just throw on and It definitely makes the outfit casual And comfy but it just looks good with Everything and so these are the gazel With the platform it's a slight platform Some people might like that I do like it Because it gives me a little height and I just like the detail it's nothing Crazy I'm not a huge fan of big Platforms but I like these I can also Link just the regular version of the Gazelle Adidas sneakers a lot of people Like these as well they come in tons of Colors but again I do recommend

Something a little more neutral and then We have black boots which I'm going to Link a few options under this number This was definitely itely a Splurge Purchase for me and I'm not even sure I I don't know I'm not sure I really Recommend them they're by the brand Kate Which is the luxury like these were Freaking way too expensive um but I saw Them on some stylish fashion person on Instagram and I was like I need those um And now that I have them I mean I really Like them but you don't need these I'm I'm going to link similar options at a Much better price point than these I Just liked how they were really long I Like how there is a slight heel but Nothing crazy like I could wear these All day and still be comfortable like That's kind of what I'm going for but Again these would look great with Everything in this video and they can Just be a go-to the next category is Outerwear or just a good versatile coat Now I feel like in this category Everyone says a trench coat which I'm Just not a fan of because it just Doesn't keep you that warm I've just Never really liked them whereas this Gives that same kind of vibe just with The color working with everything but This is a wool coat from The Gap so it's Going to keep you a lot warmer this also Does come in a charcoal gray and a black

Lots of sizes and this is very on sale Right now which is great but you'll see This works with literally every outfit That I just showed you you can grab it And it's going to look amazing Everything as I mentioned will be linked Down Below in the description box don't Forget about the Lily silk Black Friday Sale and then my two codes which I will Also have listed in the description box So you can save even more money I hope You enjoyed this and got some Inspiration Please Subscribe if you're New and I'll see you in my next one bye