17 Amazon HIDDEN GEMS You Didn’t Know Existed…everything is linked here & the comments!
1. Sleep Socks:
Bare August Foot File:
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2. Identity Theft Roller:
3. Erasable Pens:
4. Laptop Tent:
5. Body Pillow:
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6. 24K Gold Eye Masks:
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7. Toothpaste Squeezer:
8. Oribe Clarifying Shampoo:
9. Ecotools Makeup Brush Cleaner:
10. Makeup Brush Sponge Cleaner:
11. Broom Holder:
12. Bug Light Trapper:
13. EZ Jar Opener:
**Use Code 10EZWHITNEY For 10% Off Until 9/30/23**
14. Flint Roller:
15. Lettuce Edge Tank Tops(S):
16. Gauze Shirt(M):
2-Piece Set(S):
17. Romber Shorts Piece (XS):

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Today I am back with 17 hidden gems from Amazon things you didn't know existed Things you didn't know you would love Things I didn't know I would love so We're gonna Jump Right In as always Everything that I share will be linked Down Below in the description box and Pinned in the comment section by the Number you see on screen up first we Have something that I feel like so many People would love and I didn't even know This was out there and so I feel like Maybe you don't either but they're sleep Socks now this is the color that I got This is what it looks like I still have Another set here in the bag but it is Fuzzy gel heel socks that you can wear Anytime if you wear it during the day But I think it's best during night so Basically what you do is you put some Lotion on your dry cracked heels and Then inside of this there's like this Really gushy jelly material on the heel Of the sock but the thing is when you Slide this onto your foot it only Envelops the heel and so you can easily Sleep in them and that's my problem with Socks like I cannot stand sleeping in Socks so this allows your toes to Breathe your toes to move freely so in Combination with the lotion and the Jelly material this works through the Night to really soften your heels to Soothe them and then you wake up in the

Morning and your heels are so Moisturized but that leads me to the Next item because like this is a bonus Thing I was not planning on putting it In the video but they just work so well Together but it's the bare August foot File I've shared this so many times but It's just amazing at getting off dead Skin I mean it works wonders and so I Was able to reach out to them I got a Special promo code for you guys because I said I was putting them in the video Throughout this whole video I was able To get some discount codes for you guys None of this video is sponsored but this Is 15 off I'll put the code here on the Screen if you enter that at checkout on Amazon Um but this is like a really cool foot File it works really well and together Especially so use these at night wake up In the morning use this and you'll have Super super soft baby feet okay we're Going to be jumping around to so many Different random things in this video But towards the end there's some really Good fashion pieces so if you're into That make sure you stay to the end but Up next we have this identity theft Roller I totally didn't even know I Needed this but it's already come in so Handy and it's basically just this stamp Roller that works insanely well uh but It conceals all of your personal

Information so say you have like bank Account information or checks or your Address or like something where you're Like I don't feel comfortable like Throwing this away so you rip it up into A million pieces or you shred it this Just this really does come in handy just To like quickly conceal hide everything Um it also comes with a few ink refills And I I just keep it in that annoying Junk drawer in my in my kitchen but it's I feel like it's something that I that Everyone should have let's talk erasable Pens next okay I did an Amazon back to School video a few weeks ago and I Recommended the world best pens which a Lot of you agreed they really are the World's best pens but then so many of You commented for me to try these pilot Friction erasable pens and I know what You're thinking all of the erasable pens Of the past are rigid they don't write Smoothly they don't even really erase But so many people said I should try These that I I decided to give them a go And let me just tell you I am wowed by Them they write so smoothly and they Really erase and I'm finding like this Is all I'm using now because when I Write in my planner or my to-do list or I write on the calendar or I take notes If I mess up like I can erase it like if Plans change on a certain day I can Erase it and it actually erases really

Well so I had no idea these existed if You work or you write in planners or Calendars or like I'm telling you give These a try and they're not expensive at All moving right along to this laptop Tent or laptop sun shield whatever you Want to call it I I love it to pieces I Had no idea I would love this so much I Didn't even again I did not even know This existed so if you're anything like Me I thoroughly enjoy being outside and I love to work outside I even on the Beach like if we go on vacation Sometimes I like to take my laptop to The beach and I'll watch a Netflix movie I know maybe I shouldn't be doing that No who cares I'm on vacation I can relax However I want I know I'm not the only One that really struggles with the sun And their laptop so that's what this Does you can work outside relax outside Be on your laptop doing whatever you Want and you can see the screen Perfectly and so this looks pretty large But it just like pops open and then you Slide your laptop inside and there's Also this additional sun shield if the Angle of the sun is coming in and Hitting your keyboard you can put that Over top the keyboard just to prevent Your your laptop from getting hot or Anything you don't have to use that but It's just really nice like I use this Way more than I thought I would oh my

Gosh and then we have this body pillow Oh my gosh I'm obsessed with this and I Was able to get a promo code for this I Worked hard I basically begged and I did Get a 10 off promo code for this body Pillow it comes in white and gray I got Gray just so that it would hide dirt More but it is the softest most squishy It is memory foam body pillow that is Green guard certified meaning it's Really healthy good materials that You're sleeping on it's so soft it's Cooling it's great for pregnancy I'm not Pregnant a lot of you I'm not pregnant Either but you would still love a body Pillow because you can wrap yourself Around it it's great for your back it's Great for your hips you just sleep Better you're more comfortable when it Arrives it's vacuum sealed I mean they Suck out all of the air so it's going to Be really flat when it comes which is Normal you can either throw it in your Dryer for like 15 minutes and it Instantly fluffs it up or you could just Let it sit there for a few hours and it Will start to rise and it is also Machine washable and there are Instructions for that so you can clean This it's just it's great this is by the Brand dermura This is a puffy eye and Dark circles eye mask but it's like a 24 Karat gold eye mask I know it sounds Like stupid but it is not I'm never

Impressed by eye masks I feel like I see So many people especially on Instagram They'll be like cleaning their house Like wearing an eye mask and I have Quite a few of them I've just I feel Like I peel them off and my eyes look The same not with these ones the first Time I've ever peeled them off and I see A visible difference so this one's Actually a really good prom they Actually gave me 20 off promo code Um so if you want they have just Different versions I have the puffy eyes And dark circles version so just click Around it works for their entire brand Basically you just put it on under your Eyes go about your business you could do Your hair you could clean a little bit Leave it on it feels amazing like it's So cooling but you peel it off and it's Like Smooth not puffy like it just you Look younger so love these definitely Try them if you're intrigued the next Hidden Gem really is a gem this thing is Amazing it is like a toothpaste holder Squeezy thing that's metal it basically Solves the problem of the tube of Toothpaste I mean like you just stick The end of the tube of toothpaste that's Getting low in this and you crank roll Roll roll crank it and it rolls it up Inside pushes all of the product to the Top and it just easily sits there in Your bathroom so it's not flopping all

Around being annoying you can Continually use all the product in the Toothpaste it comes in so many colors That look nice in your bathroom like I Have matte black you could also get gold You could get silver rose gold whatever Your heart desires and this is this is Just a like a product that aesthetically Looks really nice in your bathroom but It also serves a purpose and is Extremely functional super quick if you Are not yet subscribed to my channel I Would love for you to take two seconds And do that it's totally free I recently Did a video where I did didn't wash my Hair for seven days I actually made it To full eight days but in that video I Talked about either starting like the First day with washing your hair twice Or using a clarifying shampoo to really Get off all the gunk the build up the Dead skin just whatever is on your hair A clarifying shampoo you should not use Every day but maybe like once a week or Maybe once every two weeks well I really Really love this Uribe clarifying Shampoo it is the most interesting Shampoo consistency what like First of All it does just get off all of the Build up on your hair and it makes it Feel so clean but I I really just love How it's actually like a foam so you put It on your hand and you rub it together And it just like gets super lathery and

Luxurious and it just it's just fun to Wash your hair it works really well um But then the smell is not overpowering That's one thing I don't love about a Lot of Arabia day product sometimes it's Just like I can't even use it because It's too strong of a scent this has a Scent but it's not overpowering it makes Your hair just feel so clean I just yeah Didn't even know this existed it is a Bestseller though Um I just didn't know it was out there So I wanted it to share in another Recent video I recommended this blue Cinema Secrets makeup brush cleaner it Works instantly to get off the makeup From your brushes but a lot of you Weren't loving that because it is a very Strong chemical which I completely agree With I mean I do use it every once in a While but that made me be kind of on the Hunt or the search for a healthier Makeup brush cleaner and I did find a Really good one it's by ecotools it is a Makeup and brush sponge cleaner that Works so well I actually just put some In my hand I take my makeup brush and I Swirl it around and it just like Instantly dissolves all of the Foundation and makeup buildup so Definitely consider this if you need to Clean your brushes which you probably do Like me Um but another thing I stumbled upon one

Is this makeup brush sponge cleaner so There's no chemicals not even any Solution in this it's really just the Texture of this sponge you can keep this Beside you like when you're doing your Makeup and you just swirl the brush on It when you're done and it just Instantly gets off all of the the makeup And the pigment you can even use it when You're doing eye shadow and like Switching between colors you can be Using like a bright pink or something Swirl it around and then jump to another Color and it's like perfectly clean so This is super inexpensive but it does Work really well now we're moving down To the kitchen area and the next item is Something I don't have readily available Here because we installed it in our Pantry so it's a broom holder but you Can organize so many things with it um I Think it'd be great for a pantry a Closet maybe even a garage but I just Had so many brooms and dust pans and Umbrellas and brushes and like things That were just like flopping around Everywhere and this is so nice it you Just pop in the handles of brooms and Just all the things that I just said and It organizes everything and there's even Little hooks that come down and you can Hang like your umbrellas and I have like This little mini brush thing that I hung There and it's just great so again

Didn't know it existed and now I Appreciate it almost every day this is a Repeat item I don't even care it needed To go in this video because it is a Hidden Gem of all hidden gems it is an Indoor bug light trap If you missed that video This is for Those people or maybe you just were like Oh you forgot to order it you need this This thing is insanely good if you have Fruit flies if you have annoying flies That come or like you know get into your House and or any bug really like this When you plug it in it emits like a Bright purple light that is very Attractive to bugs and so it usually Works better at night when there's no Other light sources but the bugs fly Toward it or crawl toward it and then This is like a sticky piece of plastic That it comes with a few of them um but Once it gets really full you can change It out but this just gets rid of all the Bugs I just want to show the reason that I wanted to put it in the video is Because I was sharing this like a couple Days ago on Instagram and like how Amazing this is because I had a lot of Fruit flies and I've had a lot of History with fruit flies but it like Overnight like got rid of them and one Of my friends was like I have that I'm Gonna go see what it looks like and so She keeps hers in like a hallway

Um and she hadn't even looked at it even One time in two months like she got it Two months ago plug never looked at it This is the photo that she sent me she Was mortified by this guys she is she's Such a nice clean house like she is one Of those like she cleans all the time I Do not like she was shocked by this as Was I so let me just tell you this works So well oh and then we also recently Installed this easy jar opener Underneath our kitchen cabinets and so This is something that you're not going To use every day it's it's really only For females women like guys would never Need this okay but it's for those Annoying jars that you just can't get Into it has like these really sharp Metal teeth and you you just like stick The jar underneath it like digs into the Lid and you can easily Twist Off the jar Like it actually works really well so I Was able to get a promo code for this Too so that's exciting 10 off if you're Interested you just put it underneath a Kitchen cabinet you cannot see it at all Um I I first just stuck it there it has Like this really sticky pad that you can Use Um but I think it works so well I am Okay with officially like screwing it in So here's another product that I've Recently shared and this is not what I'm About to share but I want to explain

What made me find the next thing so this Is a reusable like lint roller it has The sticky ball and you can keep it in Your purse you can keep it in your car And once it's like fully like unstuck And it's like you can rinse it off and Just keep reusing it like I really like This thing a lot but Some of you said that it's good until it Loses its stick and you have to like Take the time to wash it off so there's Like pros and cons to everything so I Found this it's called the Flint it is a Lint roller that is really small and Compact also great to keep in your purse Or keep in the car I really like that Idea Um and you just roll it up and it's like A real like paper Lynch roller and then When you're fully done you just rip it Off I think each one comes with 30 Pieces of paper and then it also comes With extra sheets and you can get these In so many different colors and then you Just roll it back down and it's like Super small and compact so I just wanted To share that this existed if you're More of like a traditional lint roller Fan now we're moving on to a few fashion Items that I've been loving that I think You will love as well so I wanted to Start with these lettuce Edge tank tops They're like spaghetti strap tank tops They come in so many different colors so

I got kind of like a neutrals pack with White beige and then black and I just Love how it's kind of like a sweetheart Neckline the rippled lettuce edging is So cute and feminine you can wear these By themselves they're not too cropped Either like they're a regular tank top Length so you're not revealing your your Stomach or anything but you can wear Them by themselves you can wear them Um underneath things as like a nice Layering piece I just I just keep Wearing them and then I wanted to share What I'm calling like a gauze shirt Because it's like this Gauzy cotton Material with this really interesting Texture I also have this in white it's Dirty right now I think but every time I Wear it in my YouTube videos people are Like where did you get that shirt I Think they're just really attracted to This texture and so I ended up also Ordering it in this like pink corally Salmon color so I love this I got it Oversized so if you have been wanting a Shirt with this texture and material I'll link it under this number and under The same number I'm also going to link This set it's like a two-piece set it's Literally the exact same shirt but it Comes with a pair of matching shorts and I like to wear it with like these tank Tops it's just like a really nice Summery outfit beachy outfit vacation

Outfit instant outfit it just all goes Together and it comes in some really Pretty colors and then I wanted to share This shorts Romper piece that is the Definition of a Hidden Gem the quality Of this is next level if someone told me This is from Nordstrom or this is from Revolve it was over a hundred dollars I'd be like okay yeah I mean that makes Sense this feels so nice it looks Expensive it feels expensive and it Comes in so many colors I love this army Green color Um my size is an extra small in case You're wondering all of my sizing will Be down below in the description box and Pinned in the comment section with Everything else so I hope you enjoyed This video and enjoyed the hidden gems Please Subscribe if you're new and I'll See you in my next one bye