17 Best-Selling LAST MINUTE Amazon Gift Ideas! Everything is linked here & in the comments…
1. Jewelry Cleaner:
2. Heart of Gold Bangle(Sold Out):
All Kate Spade Bangles:
3. Instant Camera:
Polaroid Film:
4. Hand Casting Kit:
5. Tea Box:
6. Perplexes Maze Ball:
7. Money Box:
8. Pickleball Set:
9. Jump Start Kit:
10. Foot/Back Massager:
11. Stone Bath Mat:
12. Castor Oil:
13. Goshi Japanese Towel:
14. Travel Mug:
15. Collapsible Straw:
16. Milk Frother:
17. Chom Chom Pet Roller:

Back & Neck Massager:
Fuzzy Fleece Pullover:
Battery Organizer:
Body Scale:
Charcuterie Board:
Herb Garden Starter Kit:
Light-Up Makeup Vanity Mirror:
Men’s Flannel Shirt (the best):
Rustic Leather Toiletry Bag:
Slim Wallet:
Survival Kit:

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You are not the only one to wait until The last minute to get your Christmas And holiday gifts so I've got you Covered all of these gifts are Bestselling and you can get them super Fast from Amazon Amazon Prime it'll all Be linked Down Below in the description Box and pinned in the comment section by The number you see on screen now I Definitely have something for everyone In this video but this first gift is Definitely for the ladies and if I'm Being totally honest I bought this for Myself I'm keeping it it's called The Shinery and it is a jewelry cleaning Gift set it's beautifully packed Packaged and I've had the shinery Jewelry cleaner before like years ago I Loved it so I saw this gift set and I Wanted to get it again but this time it Comes with this little scrubber brush And the beauty of this stuff is it's Very good for your jewelry you don't Have to take off anything that's what's Different you just squirt it on take This brush and just scrub your jewelry While you're wearing it even while You're washing your hands it's Completely plantbase so it gets rid of All the dirt and oils from your jewelry But doesn't harm any of the diamonds or Metal so if you know any jewelry lovers Out there they will love this it works So well speaking of jewelry this is a

Kate Spade gold bangal so first of all It's like Kate Spade designer you can Get it on Amazon I think it's even Really on sale like a lot on sale like Just over 20 bucks for this gold bangle Now the reason it's so special is it is Engraved with the words Heart of Gold on The inside so I think it'd be great for A mom or a sister a best friend someone You really love love and it's Kate Spade So it's it's like I don't know they Think it's like really expensive the Quality is great and it'll look good on Everyone another great last minute gift Idea if you're just like I don't know What to get this person consider an Instant Polaroid camera I actually am Giving this to my kids who are eight and 11 but teenagers would love this so many People would love this who doesn't love A classic Polaroid camera you can Instantly capture memories instantly see Them they develop right in front of you I just love this IDE idea you can get Them in different colors you can get Them extra film usually each box does Come with some film though it's just a Unique and different idea now this is a Really unique idea and I actually don't Even have it but I'm going to insert Photos for you it's a number one Bestseller really good price you can get It super fast it is a hand casting kit So here's what I mean it comes with a

Bucket it comes with like this gel Casting mold that you can do with your Husband or your signif other or maybe a Kid or a grandparent basically you just Hold hands dip your hand into the bucket There's a couple steps but you create a Mold of like an actual imprint and Molding of you holding hands with your Loved one it is such a unique idea Nobody would expect to get this it's Just so special I also love this gift Idea I really do want to keep this for Myself as well but it is a tea Assortment but look how beautifully it's Presented it comes in this nice box with A ribbon you lift it up and there's all Of these teas again beautifully Presented and organized and it's it Looks like it's loose leaf tea but it's Not it has like a really kind of like High quality mesh so people don't have To have loose leaf tea things to drink It you can just dip it into hot water in A regular mug and they can enjoy so many High quality varieties of black oolong Green white and herbal teas there's so Many to choose from an amazing price Point and it's presented really really Well now if you're looking for a kid Gift idea this is an excellent one this Is so good because it covers many many Many many many different age ranges my Kids have two of them they are the Perplexus do you know what a Perplexus

Is it's a really interesting um maze Like there's a ball rolling around in Here but it's a maze that you try to Complete challenges and you like go down Pathways and zigzags and twirly things And you get to different levels it's so Cool we got one for my kids and they Loved it so much we ended up getting Another one sorry if this is so loud but They still to this day they're playing With it all the time like it's a really Good gift idea again for a lot of age Ranges now if you want to give kids cash Instead like sometimes you just want to Give them money depending on their age Or or whatever I loved getting money as A kid but this is the most fun and Interesting and exciting way to do it so It's a money box and so it's really Inexpensive but it's a box and it comes With 100 clear PL IC covers that you Insert the money into so you can do all $1 bills or you can do $5 bills like Whatever you want I feel like $1 bills Would be really fun though and you just Put everything in the box and so you Present them the Box the money box and Then they start pulling out the money And it just never ends and it keeps Going and it's so fun and exciting they Will love it heck I would love it pickle Ball is all the rage right now and I Found this set on Amazon such a good Price Point amazing reviews you can get

It really fast and it comes in so many Different colors and designs and it Works for people of all ages I think That's why it's becoming so popular it's A sport that gets your heart rate up you Kind of move but like people that are Really old love playing it people that Are really young love playing it and Everything in between so it's definitely A great gift idea for so many people now I was going to say this next gift idea Is great for guys because it totally is Josh actually wanted me to put this in The video But the more I think about it this Really would be good for anyone and I'm Talking even like a teenage girl who Just got a driver's license someone Going off to college anybody anybody at All this is a jump starting kit it's Great to have this in your vehicle at All times Josh has used this multiple Times for other people alongside the Road they need a you know a jump start To like get their car started there's Other things you can do with this as Well I think you can charge things up With it but the main purpose is if you Are straining alongside the road it's Good to have this for emergency Situations guys love this this is one of Josh's favorite um Amazon purchases but Again it it's really good for everyone So many people would also love this gift

Idea it is a heated foot and back Massager so shout out to my friend Marissa she has this and loves it and Recommended it to me but it's different Because it is a foot massager it gets Warm you can use it on the floor put Your feet on it it's great like if you Work from home or even if you work at a Desk an office you could take it there And put it under your desk and while You're working massage your feet it gets Warm and toasty it's just really Luxurious and nice but you can actually Take this because it is flat and you can Put it behind your back and have a back Massage as well most foot massagers are Only for your feet but this one is a lot More versatile and this is removable so You can wash it price is so good Excellent gift idea now this is a Dious stone bath mat and I recently got It for us like I just really like it in My bathroom in front of the shower or a Bathtub and it's really unique because It is Stone but it's very anti-slip but More so it instantly absorbs the Moisture like when you step on it the You can see the water and it absorbs Within a few seconds it's really really Cool so I just thought this would be an Interesting gift idea for people rather Than having the stupid um mates that Just I don't know they get gross and This one just doesn't it comes with like

An anti-slip thing for the bottom as Well it's really stylish looking and and Different if you know somebody in your Life that is into health or natural Health remedies you should get them a Bottle of castor oil oh my goodness I Recently did a video about how my life Was essentially changed from using Castor oil this does so much it makes Your eyelashes longer your eyebrows Longer it grows hair um it helps with Digestive issues it helps with Inflammation it helps with pain it helps With menstrual cramps it help it helped Literally you think of it oh your skin Oh my gosh your skin there's so many Things um so this kind that I have is Currently sold out but I also highly Recommend the queen of Thrones brand it Checks all of my boxes it's organic Hexane free it's from a glass bottle Like it is excellent quality this you Can get um super fast it's the number One best-selling castor oil on all of Amazon if you don't have this I get get A bottle for yourself but it would also Make a great gift idea for anybody into Heal now this is the GOI Japanese shower Towel you may have seen me talk about This in another video but I think this Is a great gift idea because nobody has It but it is so popular over in Japan it Is the most interesting texture it's a Great exfoliator but it's not too harsh

But it really makes you feel like you Had the best shower of your life your Skin is so soft afterwards you feel so Clean every time you use this it is just Excellent it's a it's a really low price But again nobody has it now this is a Travel coffee mug and this is a personal Favorite of mine because it's different Than a typical travel mug like you know I love coffee um I love hot tea I love Taking it places but most travel mugs They are metal right so to keep it hot a Long time but this inside is coated in Ceramic so it's really healthy it still Is metal on the outside so it keeps it Hot a really long time but it doesn't Change the taste of your coffee or tea Because there's that metal metallic Taste it just tastes different so the Other thing that I love about this is It's like you're actually drinking from A real mug like you like you're actually Sipping coffee but it comes with a lid So you can take it places sip your Coffee it stays really hot a long time I Have it in two colors this is kind of Another travel thing but this is Something that you would just take with You and maybe keep in your purse and I Think it would make a great stocking Stuffer idea because it's very small the Price is really low but it is a a Collapsible metal straw that you can Just keep in your purse like it's it's

It stays in this little silicone holder Thing so when you're out to a restaurant And you don't want to use the straws They have there or maybe they don't give You a straw and you love a straw this is So little you just pull it out of the Silicone thing open it up boom you have A straw so that's really fun it also Comes with a little brush cleaner that Also expands and it just stays in this Little silicone tube that you can just Keep in your purse this milk Fror would also make a great stocking Stuffer because it is small very Affordable and I feel like everyone Should have one the reason these blew up In popularity is because it froths milk So nicely so you just froth milk you can Add it to coffee and it's all luxurious Like you're having a latte and whatnot I Just don't ever do it like that I love Having this because I'll add drink Powders to water or juice or whatever or Or protein powder smoothie stuff and it Just blends Blends everything so quick Rather than stirring it or shaking it so I feel like everyone should have this in Their kitchen now if you're struggling For a gift idea for a certain person Think about whether or not they have Pets if the answer is yes you must get Them the Chom Chom roller they will Thank you for it they will love it they Won't even remember a time without

Having this thing because it is that Amazing I have a cat I will go around I'll spot treat areas on my carpet I'll Use this on my couch Upholstery uh I'll use it on my bed Spread and it's instant that it works Rather than busting out a whole vacuum And then to clean it out I mean there's Stuff still in there now um You you Easily just clean it right out it's it's Just a lifesaver everything in this Video will be linked Down Below in the Description box and also pinned in the Comment section by the numbers you saw On screen so merry Christmas happy Holidays and I'll see you in my next one Bye