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1. Bed Sheet Label Bands:
2. Bed Sheet Clips:
3. Bamboo Sheets (major sale!):
4. Bestselling Pillows:
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5. Ceiling Fan Pulls:
6. 2-in1 Steamer/Iron:
7. Rice Washing Basket:
8. Measuring Spoons:
9. Drinking Glasses:
10. Healthy Wall Plug-In:
Wall Diffuser (similar to mine):
11. Body Trimmer:
12. Hair Shine Spray:
13. Hair Ties:
14. Elemis Facial Exfoliant:
15. Toothpaste Caps:
16. Five-Minute Journal:
17. Kindle Oasis:

Summer Dress I’m Wearing:

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(All my FAVORITE Amazon products in one place…FOLLOW ME!)

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These are items that could potentially Change your life make your life easier Make you think why didn't I buy this or Find this sooner they're really random But very good everything as we go along Will be linked Down Below in the Description box and also pinned in the Comment section none of this is Sponsored these are all just random Things that I stumbled upon up first we Have these stretchy bed sheet label Bands okay it's like everything in this Video is like you wouldn't expect it to Be so awesome but it really is so this Says King this says twin this says Queen We have so many different sheets because We have different size beds this one's a King Hayes actually has a queen my son Paxton has a twin like we just have a Lot of different sheets and I can never Remember which is which so this oh my Gosh you just put it over top your Sheets and then you instantly know like What is what and it's just it's just Genius I love it they're so inexpensive Everything mostly on in this video is From Amazon Um but yeah love now speaking of sheets I cannot be the only one with this this Problem that I used to have I recently Discovered this product where it's Basically these clips that you clip on To the corners of your fitted sheet Because we have certain sheets like this

One a few others that apparently don't Fit well onto our mattresses like they Just keep coming up and then every day It's like tuck it back in and it's the Most annoying thing in the world where These clips fit into the corners and Then you can tighten it and then your Sheets stay on your bed or on your Mattress and oh my gosh I just wish I Would have discovered this years ago Okay this is the last thing involving Sheets I promise but if you have been Watching my videos in the last year I Have talked about the life-changing Genuinely life-changing sheets the Bamboo sheets that I've become obsessed With Josh is obsessed I am obsessed my Friends and family are obsessed and I Wanted to put them in the video because They fit this category they're the Softest best sheets I've ever had in my Entire life but they are also really Discounted right now because I reached Out to the brand and I was like I'm Gonna put this in the video give me a Discount code and they already have a Huge discount running on Amazon there's Tons of colors there's tons of sizes Click around you will not be Disappointed by these 100 bamboo sheets There's so many other sheets out there That are like 40 bamboo 60 cotton They're not the same 100 bamboo is what You have to try they're the softest just

Best sheets we have ever used and I'm Telling you you will love them now these Pillows I was able to get a discount Code for you finally so I talked about These number one best-selling pillows From Amazon a couple months ago in a Viral video and I really thought I was Gonna be able to get a code for that Because it's my new thing to reach out To Brands and say hey can I like get a Discount code for my followers and Sometimes they say yes sometimes I don't Hear back this brand I just I didn't Hear back in time by the time I posted The video but I I did now so anyway I'm Gonna put it on the screen uh these are Just the best the best pillows I ordered Them originally for my son and he loves Them and now I want to use my own code To get the king size for my bed Um they're just so soft so gushy but Like it just in the perfect way um they Come in a pack of two so you can use my Code it'll discount it at checkout um The only time my code won't work is if There's a lightning deal in which case They might even be discounted further I Don't know if that'll happen or not I'm Just telling you um but anyway these are The best unfortunately I'm all out of Codes but these next things a lot of People are gonna say it's tacky yep Don't care I don't care they're sealing They're face fan I can't talk ceiling

Fan pools Yeah so basically I have this Hideous hideous ceiling fan in my Basement you want to know why because Sometimes I filmed on there and man That's good lighting so if you guys Still have ceiling fans in your home I'm Pretty sure I've done like a outdated Video where I've said said these are Really ugly uh still have it in my house I think I even admitted to that so if You have ceiling fans where you're like Darn it which one is the light and which One is this to the fan this you can just Put it right on there and it'll tell you And I don't know I really like it so it Makes my life easier and you can get it In silver bronze like whatever colors You want and it's like four dollars five Dollars a lot of these items I've had For months but this next item is a risen Discovery and man it's good it's a two In one steamer and iron it does both and My goodness is this thing powerful most Handheld steamers they do not impress me I'm very picky because I order so many Clothes I'm always doing fashion videos I have this massive professional steamer That takes up so much space I mean it Works really well but it's like really Big and I feel like most people wouldn't Want that uh but this is more powerful Than that I'll turn it on and I'll show You like there's so much steam just Shoots out of this thing so I'm actually

Just gonna turn it on and hopefully you Can like maybe see see It also irons your clothes like Sometimes you need like a crisp crease You know and this gets really hot and Also works as an iron so if you do not Have a steamer this is the one you want To get let's talk about rice next so I Love rice I make rice multiple times a Week the only thing I don't like about Rice is rinsing the rice which you Should do because it makes it taste Better and also gets rid of some of the Starches and bad things coating the rice But it takes forever to rinse rice Because you're you fill it up then you Dump and then you fill it up and you Dump and this just allows you to pour The rice directly into this bowl there's Microscopic holes like all through this And then the water runs through it and You can just continually rinse as it Drains and and it once it gets clear you Know you're good to go so I use this a Lot for rice but for a lot of other Things too like fruits vegetables it's Just like a better a better colander now I hate cooking but I do kind of enjoy Baking I'll make like muffins that are Kind of healthy or cookies that don't Have sugar in them but these measuring Spoons bones are magnetic that's not Even why I love them but they're dual Ended okay and that is why like I've

Noticed how much I appreciate these all The time because there's wet ingredients And dry ingredients and so often there's The same that you need a teaspoon of Baking soda you need a teaspoon of olive Oil and it's so annoying to have to like Wash and and like the wet and the dry it Doesn't work whereas this is dual ended So I can just keep one side for the dry One side for the wet and I don't have to Keep like rinsing it you know what I Mean not to mention they're stainless Steel they're all magnetic they don't Take up much space these are just the Best measuring spoons I know it's weird This is the last thing from the kitchen But these are drinking glasses okay They're by the brand duralex and they Are two and a half times stronger than Typical drinking glasses which like I Really like these but this is my last One because it continually chips cracks Like we've had to throw so many of these Away I don't even feel comfortable with My kids really using I'm doubt that's The only one I have left a while back I Ordered these because they had had Insanely good reviews and they're two And a half times stronger like they're Sturdy they're thicker they're way Better they come in tons of sizes I Think they're really pretty and I just Feel way better about my kids using These I'm not saying they will never

Break but they don't chip they don't Crack even if you drop it on I mean if You like throw it it's gonna probably Break but they're just way better than Typical drinking glasses so a while back I shared a life-changing product it's Still life-changing for me but it's been Sold out on Amazon for months I don't Even know if it's coming back it's this Wall diffuser where you can plug in your Own essential oil and it shoots out Sporadically and fills your home with Essential oils rather than a typical Wall plug-in that has synthetic Fragrance that's not good for you I just I refuse to use those and so when I Discovered this I was obsessed I still Am but it's like I don't know why I it's Not available so I went on the hunt for A different option which I'm going to Link this option this is available it is Different though it's a bit larger and I Don't have it but this is an option that Is currently on Amazon but I am gonna link these because I've been Loving this as well this is more of like A typical plug-in but it's natural Non-toxic sense so this is lemon and Thyme there's other ones you can get and You can just get the refillable things Once this is done but this you just plug It into the wall it heats up and it Fills your home with just like a natural Scent and it smells so good and it's not

Toxic it's healthy and it's good for Humans and pets a lot of times people Worry about pets with essential oils I Always kind of do my research with that But I don't know this is like a really Good healthy option next we have Something in Josh's department or my husband's Department the thing is this has been Game changing for him and because Father's Day is coming up I thought okay I should put this in the video because He's been loving it so much and honestly Women could love this too hear me out This is the Schick body trimmer so this Works anywhere and it's completely Waterproof meaning you can use this in The shower wherever you want and it's Totally fine there's no cords you just Charge it up and it works really really Well Um also oh this is good so you hit this Button and it changes the angle to like Whatever angle you want so if you do Want to use it in a weird spot you can Get that angle or it's like good for Your neck Josh loves it on his beard he Keeps his beard trimmed and there's not A bajillion attachments this just Adjusts up or down so you can adjust it To whatever length you want it to be I Just thought I would share it because Father's Day is coming up Um get it for your husband your dad

Yourself I don't know this has just been Really good now this is definitely my Department I mean guys could use this But this is definitely like a girly Woman thing saying that oh my God it's The Kenra shine spray it's for your hair Only purpose is to make your hair Instantly look shinier okay I think the Product is really good but I think it Also has something to do with the super Super fine Mist like this bottle like The spray nozzle is like impeccable look At this it's like just so so Misty and So you just spray it onto your hair and It instantly makes your hair look Shinier I do this before I film YouTube Videos to make my hair look shinier and Again it's not a hairspray it doesn't Make your hair greasy or oily it just Adds shininess to your hair speaking of Hair we have to talk about these hair Ties they really have been life-changing For me because all I use it's all I use For hair ties now they are so Inexpensive too they're like this foamy Stretchy material I don't even know what They're made of but it's like five or Six dollars for 100 of them so I've got Black I've got brown you can even get You know nude ones that kind of look More blonde and like hide them in your Hair but the whole point of it is to Give volume to your hair so here's a Clip of me using them I have a lot of

Hair a lot of long heavy hair that Typically it's really droopy but these Just like grab on to the hair and it's Just like instant volume for ponytails It's so much better you don't have to Buy those gimmicky things anymore like The these really work and if you don't Have them and you like to wear your hair Up just try them now this is the elemis Pro collagen glow boost exfoliator it's A mouthful and this is expensive I'm not Saying you need it I've just fallen in Love with it everything in this video I Have discovered and purchased myself This was sent to me and I just love it And I look forward to using it almost Every single day I use it in the morning It has these little microscopic beads And by the way when you're seeing me do It I used way too much for this clip I Think I was under pressure like filming You don't need to use that much a little Goes a long way but you just go in Circular motions and it's just such a Good exfoliator but it really makes my Skin feel glowy and super smooth Afterwards I've just been loving it this Next thing is kind of dumb I told you Full of random things but I've started To like really appreciate this product And I feel like it's only for people to Have kids uh I don't even know what They're called they're like toothpaste Closing caps okay you put them over top

Tubes of toothpaste and when you squeeze The toothpaste comes out but when you Stop squeezing this automatically closes So no more do you have to put on and off The cap especially with kids they forget To put the cap back on then it just gets A mess everywhere this automatically Opens and closes and it's just way Better this is called the five minute Journal and I first discovered it at Nordstrom which I don't even think you Can get it there anymore but you can get It on Amazon and I gifted it to my Mother-in-law Josh's great grandmother I Love it for myself and it's just more my Speed the first chunk of the book is a Lot of like inspiring things things like Tangible lessons but the bulk of the Book is daily things to just write down Like things you're grateful for what Would make today great a daily Affirmation highlights of the day what You learned and it's just like a bullet Style thing and and it's just great to Like build memories and look back and Realize how great your life is and Things that you should appreciate about Your life but also it's it is kind of Like a form of journaling and and again It's just something I can actually keep Up with if you are a Kindle person which I am in spurts I am here to say the Kindle Oasis totally lives up to the Hype I totally think it's worth it if

You've been on the fence I love my Original Kindle but to turn the page it Was really annoying so this has the Actual physical buttons where you can Turn the pages by hitting the button and Oh my gosh oh it's so much better and The screen is so much better too like I Can literally do this outside the sun is Blaring onto it and this literally looks Like it's a book you can change the font Sizes the themes the Styles like you can Customize this to make it so much better Um not to mention I can read with the Lights out while Josh is still in bed Sleeping like this is just just great um So if you've been on the fence about the Oasis I think it's worth it everything In this very random video will be linked Down Below in the description box and Pinned in the comments section so please Subscribe if you're new and I'll see you In my next one bye