17 Problem-Solving Amazon Products You NEED! Everything linked here & in the comments!!
1. Neck Light:
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2. Sonic Scrubber:
3. Laptop Cleaner:
4. Cable Identifiers:
5. MAREE Glycolic Pads:
6. MAREE Eye Masks:
7. MAREE Lip Butter:
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8. Cat Slow Feeder:
9. Waterproof Litter Trap Mat:
10. Angry Orange Odor Eliminator:
Stain Remover:
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11. Anti-Scratch Protectors:
12. Pancake Mixer Bottle:
13. Pan Scrapers:
14. Hot Handle Holder:
15. Silicone Stanley Sleeve:
16. Battery Converters:
17. Paint Touch-Up Pens:

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Okay you legitimately need some of the Products in this video maybe not Everything but they will all solve some Type of annoying problem in your life so As we go along everything will be linked Down Below in the description box and Also pinned in the comment section by The number you see on screen now I do Just want to say none of this video was Sponsored but I did reach out to some Brands hoping to get some promo codes For you guys so you guys can save some Money I did hear back from some I'm kind Of waiting on others but if you see a Promo code on the screen you can ENT That it checkout everything's from Amazon and you can save even more money All righty so number one this first Thing is so impressive to me I don't Know why I like it so much if you are a Reader and you like to read a real book Like you know a lot of you like the Kindles and the e-readers but if you Want a real book in your hand and you Like to read at night uh you need this Neck lamp light thing oh my gosh so darn Impressive this works so much better Than I expected there's three light Settings and it shines directly onto the Book you're reading and doesn't light up The rest of the area and you can can Read so perfectly you're not disturbing Your partner your husband or whatever Even if you're in the living room and

You still want it to be kind of dark but Just you can still see what you're doing This thing is so cool I love it um a lot Of people actually get this for home Projects working in the garage whatever And it shines directly on whatever You're working on but I feel like for Reading this is perfect next this is Something I think you need I think you Guys need to just invest in this and Have this because it will solve so many Problems and it's a Handheld scrubber brush like a Sonic Scrubber brush Guys I am obsessed with this and I have The long one that was one of the best Purchases of the entire year for me in 2023 last year um and I love that it's Just really long and so I I use that a Lot uh for like high reaching places and Whatnot but I decided I wanted to get One that's just a little bit more easy To manage and I feel like I use this Even more than the other one just Because it's just so much more Manageable so this comes with a lot of Different attachments I love the corner One this is great for your shower this Is great for so many nooks and crannies Throughout your entire house um it has a Rechargeable battery and you just charge It up lasts such a long time look at the Reviews the reviews are fantastic this Is a flat one you can clean grout you

Can clean glass you can clean your Bathroom you can clean in your in your On your windows and the nooks and Crannies I could go on and on your stove Top it does all the work for you there's Also attachments that are more Sponge Like and more you know kind of abrasive But nothing that's going to scratch so Again you could do windows you could do Glass shower doors it gets off Everything I'm going on and on I just Feel like this eliminates hard work if That makes sense and I love it now if You're someone like me and you work on a Laptop this bad boy will solve your Problem of actually keeping it clean so There are two ends to it this top end You press the button up and it reveals a Bristled brush that is just really long And flexible and you can brush over your Keys and it gets in all the crevices and Dusts away and brushes away all the dust The crumbs it works really well and then The other end is kind of like a Microfiber nub and you can use this wet Or dry so if you keep up with your Laptop screen you can use this dry and It literally just wipes away everything But if you do want to get this wet or Even spray your screen with a little bit Of moisture this again just wipes Everything super clean your screen will Look like glass mine looks brand new now While we're talking about electronic I

Wanted to quickly mention these cable Labels because these are so good and Very necessary especially if you have a Big family which we don't even have a Big family there's only four people in Our household but people still fight Over and steal each other's Chargers Like the charging cables you know the Kids don't have phones yet but they do Have iPads so they'll steal their Chargers they'll come steal mine and It's just it got out of control and so I Found these they're great you just write The person's name on a tab that it comes With there's tons of colors everybody Gets a assigned a color you snap this Over the cable cord it lives there Everybody's everybody knows who is who It's just great you can even use these In the back of your TV or computer or Office where there's a million different Cords and everything's really confusing These are just really inexpensive but Again solve that problem all righty Let's get into some of my favorite Products of the entire video these items Were not even supposed to be in the Video they're morray so they solve Beauty problems okay and I reached out To this brand for another video that I Haven't even filmed yet and they gave me A promo code for 30% off which is like Such a freaking good code so I'll put it Here on the screen it's s Whitney 30 and

These three products that I'm going to Share on Amazon you can get 30% off not Sponsored guys I'm going to feature them In a future video but I I I love them so Much that I I just they you need to just Try them okay first we have the glycolic Acid pads facial pads so I love the Elmus facial pads that are like the Dynamic resurfacing they're $64 for that Thing and these identical I think They're like $24 but then with the 30% Off like this is such a good price and It has glycolic acid vitamins B3 B5 Vitamin E niacinamide tea tree oil Hyaluronic acid I like to use one every Single day and usually before bed but Like running all over your face and it Smooths the texture like it will really Smooth out your face in a little amount Of time uh you'll love using this and Then you'll be shocked at how much more Dirt and even makeup it gets So you need these and then if you have The problem of you know dark circles Under your eyes maybe bags under your Eyes just like texture and you know Roughness you also should try their uh Marine collagen eye masks I love a good Eye mask but the thing is a lot of them Out there are not good um so I tried These because I went viral on Tik Tok And these are like the most beautiful Eye masks I've ever seen there's like Biodegradable glitter who cares that

There's glitter but still they're really Pretty but they work really well and it Comes with a whole away of colors but The thing is it is Marine collagen so it Plumps up that skin you just stick it Under your eye usually I do it in the Morning because it makes it makes your Area just look so much better the rest Of the day but leave it on for like 15 20 minutes it's cooling it feels great Peel it off and I'm telling you you are So much smoother under your eyes now the Last Beauty problem that I truly Struggle with has to do with my lips my Lips are so dry and cracked and they Peel like literally every day and so There are some lip products out there That I love and I recommend and they're Uh it's again Moray again you can use my Promo code for this but this is their Lip overnight lip care now this Definitely reminds me of the Lan lip Sleeping mask and it is similar priced To the Lan stuff but with my 30% off Promo code that brings this down way way Lower and this is way better than Lan Okay I'm going to say it I I stand Behind it it is so much better than the Lan lip sleeping mask because of two Things number one I I think it just Works better but beyond that oh my gosh Does it make your lips look freaking Good so you can use this before bed for Sure that's the way it's marketed

However I like to use it during the day Because here is a clip of me using this On my lips with nothing else before and Then you just put it on and look how Glossy and beautiful it just makes plain Lips look now I also like to do it with Um lip liner over or underneath first um So that's what this looks like that's What I'm wearing right now you could put A lipstick uh whatever lip liner use This over top use it throughout the day It is just the best formula it again has Hyaluronic acid vitamin A E there's Collagen so again plumps up your lips so Anyway not sponsored at all I just Genuinely love these products so much And I'm shocked they're giving me a 30% Off promo code on Amazon Let's Talk About Pets next because a lot of us have Pets they are loving and they bring us Joy but they often come with Annoying Problems so if you have a cat like me Who maybe loves food and just gobbles up Her food way too fast and then proceeds To puke afterwards then you should maybe Get this cat feeder thing it's actually Really pretty it comes in a lot of Different colors and it has this Bone Fish design on the top but it's kind of Raised and so when you place the food in The nooks and crannies like of that Pattern it actually makes the cat kind Of have to dig out the food a little bit More like work a little bit more and so

It slows them down from just eating Super fast and it it it definitely works Another Annoying Cat problem has to do With a litter box now don't get me wrong I love cats because we can go on trips She hangs back at the house she's Self-sufficient she can take herself to The bathroom but the litter box can be Annoying because when the cat gets out Of the litter box the litter strewn Everywhere it can be a big mess but I Recently discovered this mat that you Can put in front of the litter box and It's really well done because there's Holes all over it so it catches the Litter but the thing that makes it extra Special is the fact that you can lift That section up and then it traps all of The litter that you can then dump out Later like in a few months and it just Makes cleanup super easy and it is Waterproof another pet problem can have To do with odors especially if you have A dog or even a cat I mean cat urine is The worst this odor eliminator by Angry Orange is the best I have ever found in My entire life okay it works so well and It's it's orange like it's a natural Orange smell it does not smell like Chemicals there's no parabens sulfates Uh Fates like it's actually really Healthy it's completely fine for pets And kids to be around it oo quick update I literally just got an email from Angry

Orange saying they would give me a 10% Off promo code I'll put it here um and This works for the odor eliminator and Their stain remover so again you can Enter that at checkout but it works Really really really well so I think Everyone should have this in their home Especially if they do have pets or for Other situations as well you don't want To have guests walk into your home and And know that you have a dog if you know What I mean last pet thing and then We're moving on but back to the cats if You have a cat with claws who likes to You know scratch at your furniture but These clear acrylic couch protectors are So inexpensive they're like $11 and they just attach to different Sides of your furniture to protect from Any scratches so just thought I would Share that in case you have that problem Okay so next let's move into the kitchen And this is one of those products where You definitely don't need it but it's Going to make your life way easier and It's going to solve the problem of the Pancake okay this thing is so cool and I Thoroughly enjoy using it it's kind of Just a pancake squeezer bottle and you Can literally make the pancake mixture In this there's there's um actual Measure meas on on the side it comes With a little ball thing that you just Shake up the the the pancake mixture

Directly in this and then you turn the Nozzle here and just squirt out the Pancakes directly onto the pan into However big or small Siz pancakes you Want it's mess free you don't dirty a Lot of different utensils and bowls and Like everything's done with this and you Get the perfect Siz pancake every single Time it's genius and then these pan Scrapers have come in clutch solves the Problem of all the food being stuck to The pan just scrape it off um I'm really Trying my hardest to always use the Stainless steel pans we have which can Be annoying because food sticks way more To that there are tricks for sure that You can use to have your food not stick I'm just lazy and I skip those steps Half the time and then food is stuck and I can get these it's still hard but it's Kind of more flexible rubber end to it You can take that and literally just Scrape off the food and it makes Cleaning your pans so much faster now This thing solves a problem for Josh not Me I never do this but he will make food Kind of he'll start it on the stove like A steak for example he'll sear the sides Of the steak and then he'll put the pan In the oven um to cook further uh but Then when you get out the pan then the Handle is ridiculously hot and then you Accidentally grab it you you burn your Hand so he found these where you can

Stick it over top the handle and then it Prevents when you touch it from burning Yourself okay now this next problem's Kind of petty uh this isn't a big deal But I just really really like it uh so It has to do with a Stanley Cup now the Stanley Cup obsession is out of control I actually talk about that in a future Video that I haven't posted yet but I Mean it's it's the obsession is it's It's out of control however if you have A Stanley Cup I recently found these Super inexpensive and cheap Stanley Cup Silicone I don't even know what they are You just put them on the bottom of your Cup and the reason I am enjoying it so Much is because this is so hard that Every surface I I put it on it's like a Clank and it's like annoying I don't Know how to explain it but but this Makes everything quiet I feel like it Sticks down on surfaces so much nicer And smoother and also when you Continually put these in cup holders it Can scratch the bottom and then this can Start peeling so it just actually Protects the Stanley Cup again I know This is first world problems I just Really like them this next product is Such a problem solver like whoever Invented this is just genius so usually When your remote dies or your kid comes To you and like my toy ran out of Battery like nine times out of 10 you

Need a doublea battery but You mostly have aaa's because you run Out of the double a size so these Battery converters are fantastic to have On hand all you do is stick in a triple A size battery snap it together and you Instantly have a double A battery so Again so inexpensive but solves the Problem of running out of doublea Everyone also needs these paint pens on Hand you know when you paint your living Room or your house or whatever it looks Great at first and and then over the Coming years maybe something gets nicked On the wall or there's a chip or Whatever you can actually get these Paint pens and fill up the tube and it Has like a little brush on the end and It actually lasts in the tube like the Paint lasts in the tube for up to seven Years and you can just keep these like In your drawer maybe in the kitchen and Whenever you see like a Nick on the wall Or something on the on the molding you Can take the pens and literally just Slightly touch up the paint throughout Your home like it is such a good product To have on hand and I think I Recommended these years ago and I Recently used it and I wanted to feature It again in case you missed that prior Video everything from this video will be Linked Down Below in the description box And also pinned in the comment section

By the numbers you saw on screen I'll Also have the promo codes for the Products listed down below enter those At checkout on Amazon you can save even More money subscribe if you're new and I'll see you in my next one bye