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*Overnight Oats Recipe*
1/2 Cup of Rolled Oats
3/4 Cup of Milk (I like raw milk…you could do Almond or whatever you prefer)
1-2 Teaspoons of Honey or Maple Syrup (if you want a sweetener)
1 Teaspoon of Chia Seeds
1/2 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
Sprinkle of Cinnamon
Fresh or frozen fruit (strawberries, bananas, blackberries, raspberries and/or blueberries)
**If you like peanut butter, adding a small scoop is also tasty!

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This might be one of those controversial Videos guys I might get into some hot Water for things I'm going to say so I'm Going to share 17 products you should Not buy I take that back you can buy Whatever the heck you want these are Just my thoughts and opinions You can Disagree with everything do your own Research but sometimes it's interesting To hear another perspective so I'm going To jump right in with the doozy paper And bamboo Straws the shocks the fear the terror I Know you guys are trembling with this Like I completely understand that straws I agree straws are not good for the Environment plastic straws not great Google the pictures of the the poor Little animals I agree however recent Information has come to light I mean It's just everywhere now look it up how Bad paper and bamboo straws actually are They're they're full of those toxic Forever chemicals and they're actually Now considered worse for the environment And for us than regular plastic straw so I guess my thing here is maybe just try To eliminate at the straws or just you Use like the metal the the the glass or The the plastic straws that you can Clean out and just just keep using Speaking of forever chemicals which is Also known as peos if you don't know What peos even stands for because I

Didn't either it is poly floro alal Substance um so a forever chemical is Actually you know a chemical that never Goes away it's super harmful to our Bodies it's a known carcinogen meaning It causes cancer and waterproof Mascara actually has peaa in it I had no Idea so I would say buy regular mascara Don't buy waterproof I also just want to Say I'm definitely not perfect you're Probably not perfect I mean we're all Going to die okay I definitely Understand that perspective there's so Many people that don't even want to Worry about any of this and I get it and There's things that we specifically Choose to do in our life that we know is Unhealthy like I get my nails done Chemicals not great for me I still Choose to do it I guess I pick my Battles but I still think it's wise to Learn what might be bad and what could Be better and then we can choose what Healthier choices we want to make this Next one's going to be controversial They're all going to be controversial But this one especially because it's the Setap file Cetaphil oh jeez I don't even Know how to pronounce it this cleanser Here that everyone loves um it's so Popular even some dermatologists really Recommend it because it's great for Sensitive skin um but I don't really Think it's good because there are five

Ingredients that are carcinogens they Are parabens they're really not good Ingredients for you they're on like the Dirty dozen of likes to avoid you know It's a very affordable cleanser again Great for sensitive skin but I think There's so many other healthier cleaner Ingredient cleansers out there and I've Said this like a trillion times but the Makeup eraser cleansing cloths where you Don't even need a cleanser it works Wonders it literally gets off everything With just water I've talked about this Next one in a recent video it really has Nothing to do with health uh I just Think it's a stupid product it's these Blackhead eliminating pore strips I mean So dumb so so so so dumb gimmicky uh Don't buy it because it the thing is It's one of those products that sells Itself because when you peel off the Strip it kind of like peels off some Sebum and there's like spikes and you're Like oh my gosh I removed all the Blackheads and it's just like satisfying But it doesn't actually remove any Blackheads it just removes some oil and It's right back there in like a few Hours super goop sunscreen or really any Sunscreen with Avo benzone in it which Is an ingredient directly linked to Cancer and the thing is people get so Defensive about sunscreen and sunblock The thing is like obviously do whatever

The heck you want to do I just I Personally feel much more comfortable Slathering sunblock all over my body if It does not have that ingredient so my Personal favorite is the necess a face And body sunscreen it's a mineral Sunscreen but it does not leave that That annoying weird white cast on you And the ingredients are so much better But I've said it before and I'm going to Say it again this is some of the best Advice in my opinion that I could give Anyone get some sunlight get some Sunshine get some real vitamin D on your Skin I'm not saying bake in the Sun for Hours burn yourself no no no no I'm just Saying go outside get some natural Sunshine and vitamin D onto your skin Unrestricted for like 15 minutes 10 15 Minutes and then add the sunblock let's Move on to dryer sheets and fabric Softener which I've talked about this at Length I mean we all know lots of Chemicals really bad fragrance not good The only reason I'm putting it in this Video is because I have found a solution A really good solution dryer balls drier Balls have you tried dryer balls they're 100% wool and they do so many things so You throw them in your dryer and they Actually kind of keep things moving well And they things get less Twisted they They dry evenly um but the the real Benefit is this wool material is a

Natural fabric softener so it does that But then if you want your clothes and Your sheets and your towels to smell Really fresh you can actually drip pure Essential oils onto these balls it Absorbs and then you can throw it in Your dryer and it makes your laundry Smell Super Fresh and nice if you've Been hating me in this video thus far It's about to get worse so you can just Think I'm a wacko for this next one but I personally would never buy an apple Watch or really just a smartwatch at all Um and hear me out So we have enough screen time as it is So there's that aspect of it I mean We're always on our phones we're always Watching TV Netflix like screen time is Abundant um and so I feel like apple Watches smart watches I know there's the Athletes out there they do they count Your steps they like monitor your heart And you're sleeping there's definitely Benefits to them But I we know that there are emfs and There's emfs with our cell phones There's emfs everywhere I have a meter Like it's off the charts with the Apple Watches as our cell phones and I just Don't love that it's just like on it Would be like on my body at all times Again you can think I'm a wacko you can Think I'm just spreading misinformation I am just some lady with a YouTube

Channel I am claiming to be no expert in Anything so again do your own research Just ignore me but let's talk about seed Oils seed oils another heated one uh but This one is so bad that if you look into It I don't know how you disagree with This but I would say don't don't look Into it live in denial you'll be happier Because you cannot escape this and it is So bad for our bodies it's vegetable oil Sunflower oil canola oil it's in Everything at the grocery store it's in Everything when you go out to eat uh so Really there's again just no escaping it Just if you're going to cook at home Which a lot of us do I would suggest Olive oil avocado or coconut oil Let's move on okay so I actually have Some more food ones I'm sorry we'll just Go we'll Breeze through them pretty Quickly flavored oatmeal packets don't Do it it's bad lots of sugar and guys Overnight oats so easy I I can put my Favorite recipe down below I have many Recipes but you can do this overnight And you can make it so delicious and Tasty don't buy the darn flavored Oatmeal packets anymore and then this One this one's difficult white processed Sugar it's it's hidden in a lot of Things but I I just know no longer ever Well I just don't eat sugar in general If for those of you who don't know me I Know that's crazy but like I actually

Just don't eat any processed sugar like Brownies cakes cookies pies like I Haven't done that in 11 years so my Other option coconut sugar that's that's An option I actually don't even really Use coconut Su that much um but honey And maple syrup if I'm making like some Breakfast bars and I want them to be a Little bit sweet or I'm making muffins That are healthier I'm just sweetening It with honey or Maple maple syrup like Real maple syrup and it works darn well Speaking of maple syrup though the fake Ant Jima uh Log Cabin just the fake Maple syrup it's just a chemical bomb And so I also no longer buy that I just Buy Real expensive it is expensive real Maple syrup is expensive but it's just So much better for us it comes directly From the tree now this next one is Interesting because these are so viral Right now they're the crumble cookies my Gosh if I ate sugar like I would love These okay and I was under the Impression that they're darn expensive So I was thinking like these have to be Like homemade cookies with really good Ingredients no I'm like shocked at the Ingredients that are in these cookies There's tons of artificial flavors and Artificial coloring like red 40 like so Many things titanium dioxide which is Banned in Europe hydrogenated oils like

Just like the cheap con like I don't Know I just if you look it up like There's so many other things too that Are very very questionable and so I more Wanted to put this in the video that if You love those cookies I found a recipe I will link the blog down below I think It's pretty pies.com but she has this Recipe where it is gluten-free it's Sugar-free she uses monk fruit sweetener Um it's just like a really really Healthy version of some of the crumble Cookie recipes so I would say just give That a go and I don't know I think I Think it's really good this is the last Food thing and then we're moving on but The super processed cheese like the Craft cheese squares that like you open With the plastic you know cheese is one Of those items that it's meant to go bad Kind of fast so I would say get the Healthier cheese it's going to have a Much shorter shelf life but with that Much less chemicals and preservatives Okay so this next item I'm so excited Because you should buy it but I first Want to share what you shouldn't even Though you'll all just ignore me because You all love it and it's candles I've Made it very very well known like I'm Not a fan of candles I think they're Full of synthetic fragrance and toxic Stuff and then you're lighting it and Breathing it in so I've just never used

Them but I have discovered and not even Me my assistant Katie shout out to Her 100% pure beeswax candles I didn't Even know these existed it's so good I Actually got this on Amazon I will link This below not sponsored um but it's a Small business on Amazon this is only Beeswax and it smells kind kind of like A light honey scent you can also get Them where they are slightly scented With just pure essential oils so I also Feel great about those and I just feel So excited again because it's fall it's Starting to get chilly outside and again I am back to like I can use candles and Feel good about it speaking of fragrance Though and making your home smell really Luxurious and nice everyone loves the Pura plug-in fragrance things and what's Interesting to me is they really sell That as being just so pure and healthy I Mean it's called Pura I personally would Never buy them because if you actually Look up the clean ingredients a lot of Them are potential endocrine disruptors That mess with our hormones and I mean It's it's it's just not pure in my Opinion so I I wouldn't buy those I've Mentioned this before but I really love The essential oil plug-in diffuser where You just get your own bottle of Essential oil like whatever fragrance You like just make sure it's just pure Essential oil you just screw it on put

The lid over top plug it in and then Every few minutes it'll just puff out Essential oil there's no water you don't It's like so nice that you can just set It and forget it and it just fills your Home with just a nice natural scent and The one thing everyone always tells me Is I have a cat you shouldn't be using Essential oils with a cat and I have Done my due diligence and my research And I only use ones that are fine and Like pet friendly speaking of pets I Didn't even plan the segue but flee and Tick products a lot of them I would Never buy because they are just not Healthy for your pet they work really Well I think they work really well but Um there's two options that I think are Just healthier for your pet um one is Wonders side so I'm going to link it It's from Amazon it's just a much Healthier uh formula that you spray uh I Have not used this but a family friend Swears by this so I will share that if You want to just give it a try like look Into it and then the one my mom uses Like her dog's like indoor outdoor it's Like an ultrasonic tag that cats or dogs Can wear and it really works to like not Get fleas or ticks so again I will link That below look into it my cat just Stays inside so I don't feel like I need To use anything but so many of us have Pets and we love them and we want to do

What's best for them another thing that I try to not buy and I just don't think You should because there's better Options but anything that just Constantly needs to be refilled like the Perfect example of this would be like a Swiffer Swiffer mop I I feel like I Don't know that's like a good marketing Tactic because you buy the initial thing And then you must keep buying refills It's almost like they cracked the code On how to just like always be making Money um and so I have since discovered This squeegee mop I had no idea this was Out there um another family friend Recommended this I love and my friends You guys subscribers followers I get Emails messages like you should try this Product I find some of the best things From you guys but this squeegee mop is So fascinating it just like I'm just Going to insert b-roll it's honestly Hard to even explain but it gets off Everything on your hardwood floors you Can even use it on your showers or your Glass doors I mean it's disgusting what This picks up compared to a mop next I'm Going to see you in this video where I Share 17 Amazon hidden gems that you did Not know existed these are insanely good You'll love them I'll see you on over There