19 Christmas Gifts For YOURSELF! Everything is linked below & pinned in the comments!
1. NEIWAI **Use code SHEA for an extra 20% off your first order**
Fleece Robe:
Sherpa Fleece Pajamas:
Plush Fleece PJ Set:
Barely Zero Wireless Bra’s:
ALL Wireless Bra Options:
Barely Zero Underwear:
Barely Zero Leggings:

2. Hot Water Bottle:
3. Barefoot Dreams Inspired Blanket:
4. Mini Black Bucket Bag:
Larger Bag Size:
5. Amazon Beis-Inspired Bag:
6. Beis Weekender Bag:
7. Book Stand Holder:
8. Do It For Yourself Journal:
9. Bobbi Brown Skin Tint (Light 3):
10. Best Ever Lip Liner (Iconic Nude):
11. Dior Lip Oil (001 Pink):
12. Knotty Brush:
13. Dyson Blowdryer:
Dyson Airstrait:
Dyson Airwrap:
14. Elemis Gift Set:
Another Option:
Another Option:
15. Dr Dennis Gross LED Face Mask:
Lip LED Mask:
Eye LED Mask:
16. UGG Slippers:
UGG-Inspired Slippers:
17. UGG Mini Boots:
UGG-Inspired Boots:
18. Always Pan:
19. Wooden Spatula Set:

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NEIWAI is truly my favorite for all things seamless bra’s & underwear!! They also have THE BEST leggings! The Barely Zero line is my personal favorite for all of those items, but there are many options. The PJ sets & robes would also make amazing holiday gift ideas this year!!

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The holidays are all about giving but This video is all about giving to Yourself now obviously as we go along if There's anything that you think someone In your life would love great but keep Yourself in the back of your mind maybe Send some ideas to your husband or Splurge on an item for yourself and put It under the Christmas tree now as Always everything will be linked Down Below in the description box and also Pinned in the comment section by the Number you see on screen up first we Have naywi which I am so excited because They're one of my alltime favorite Brands I mean I'm not just saying that I Cannot recommend them enough go back Years ago and I was recommending their Items so what's really exciting is I Have teamed up with them for this video Because I have a promo code for you so If you want to try anything I'm going to Share my personal favorites that I've Had for years um well this is new but um You can use my code Shay for an extra 20% off sitewide for your first order so Definitely consider something let's Start with this Rob which would make a Great gift for yourself or this would be Great for you know someone in someone You love because it's so darn soft it's A cozy fleece robe I love it to Pieces It's such a pretty color it's like a Light green color um there's also

Alabaster gleam it's just super thick And soft on the inside and the outside There's a normal tie but there's also a Secure tie inside so you you feel like Extra like you're not revealing anything As you walk around there's Pockets I Love it so much also these PJs I have Had these for quite a while now um I Think this color unfortunately is sold Out but they're are there's another Color still available but oh my gosh I Wear these all the time they are so warm And nice and then there's also this um PJ set which I'm eyeing up myself so Anyway definitely PJ's robes consider Them but my all-time favorite products By Nai and why I discovered them in the First place is because of their seamless Bras and underwears now oh my gosh if You have not tried nawi seamless bras And underwear like get them for yourself Or they could be gift ideas but just Humor me and try them they are the Stretchiest most comfortable just the Best seamless bras and underwears of Your life of my life there are many Different styles there's ones with Spaghetti straps there's ones where the Neckline is lower so you can wear like a Lower cut shirt there's ones where There's a fixed cup insert so like the The cups aren't like sliding in and out During laundry and then there's also Ones with clasps so there's so many

Options and some of them are the barely Zero line which is my favorite um and so It's kind of like a one siiz fits most You I would definitely look at like the Sizing details but this the fabric is so Stretchy if you gain weight or lose Weight it still stretches to fit you I'm Obsessed with these definitely order Some if you've never tried them now Super quick I also wanted to mention the Naywi barely zero high-waisted leggings Because they are Next Level they are so Nice they're so thin there's no bunching There's no seams they're so smooth up Your whole leg around your ankle they Just look really expensive and they just Feel really comfortable just great for All day wear they're also moisture Wicking they come in several colors I Have several colors I love black I love Like this eggplant purpley color that I Have definitely recommend those as well Now again everything will be linked down Below don't forget to use my code sheay For an extra 20% off your first order up Next we have this faux fur lined hot Water bottle again such a good gift for Yourself and I I used these so long ago When I was growing up my mom had one and I loved it and then I don't know what Happened to it but I discovered this a While back and I just feel like you know 95% of my audience is is women so a lot Of these are girly products but this

Would make such a good gift for yourself Because you can fill it basically what You do if you don't even know what a hot Water bottle is you uh can boil some Water and then you just pour it directly In here I usually use an oven mitt now This will stay hot and like pretty darn Warm and hot uh for like 6 to 8 hours And you can curl up with it so sometimes If it's just like chilly in your house You can just like curl up with it or lay In bed or if you have cramps if you have Um like back issues neck issues and you Just want something to actually last a Long time a lot of like the microwavable Things are good but then within 20 Minutes they're cool again this lasts For 6 to 8 hours and this is washable It's cozy it's soft I love it now that Hot water bottle was a great price from Amazon and this blanket is also from Amazon an amazing price compared to the Barefoot dreams blankets you would never Know that this wasn't a Barefoot dreams Blanket it is thick it's extra large Like it's not a small blanket the price Is insanely good there's different color Combinations it's the best Barefoot Dreams inspired blanket I have ever Found so if you've been wanting one Splurge get one for yourself now this Really would make a great gift idea for A lot of others in your life and then we Have this black purse from Nordstrom

Which is under 50 bucks and I originally Bought it as a potential gift idea for a Friend but then I loved it so much I'm Keeping it for myself it's just so cute I love the size of it although I'm also Going to link the next size up which is A little bit more expensive but not much And I might even like that size a little Better I feel like that's more Well-rounded than this um this one is Just really cute it does fit quite a bit For its size um the strap is adjustable It's removable there is a handle if you Want to carry it like that and then Inside there is a zip compartment down The center but then there are sections On either side it's just a really nice Looking bag now if you're anything like Me you just like bags did I need this no But I wanted it and that's the whole Point of the video none of this you need It's just stuff that you might want and This is the super popular base Weekender Bag now I am going to show here the Amazon inspired version of this same Thing it's much cheaper I can link that One if you want to try it I I've used That over and over and over again and I Do like it I definitely recommend it but Because I liked that one so much I Decided to order the much more expensive Version um the the base Weekender bag It's sheay Mitchell's brand and I There's like lots of colors too and so I

Got this chocy brown color and it is Much sturdier and thicker I really Really do like it you can tell it is More expensive uh even just the whole Main compartment opens so wide It fits so much also the bottom I love The bottom because you can actually fit A lot of shoes in there so they don't Get your clothes dirty there's a lot of Other features as well even this Compartment where you can unzip it and Stick it over top your luggage there's Just a lot of things so anyway great Thing to consider moving into a lower Price point this is very fun and Different if you are a book lover so This is a wooden book stand and you Might be confused on like what you even Do here so you can set it on maybe your Night stand or a little table beside you Where you like to read every morning or At night and when you're done reading You simply put the book over top of this And it keeps your place it's almost like A Decor piece but it's a book marker too And then there is a spot for a pen if You want it and a cup of coffee or tea And it does come in different colors if You don't want this natural word there There are other tones but it's so cute And different since the theme of this Video is gift for yourself I wanted to Share this do it for yourself motiv Ational Journal now what sets this apart

From other journals is it's just unlike Anything I've seen before it's just so Different every single day you have no Idea what to expect it's so colorful and It keeps me motivated to keep going just Because I don't know what the next day Is going to be like but the whole Purpose of this is to motivate you to Inspire you to have you have like a just A more positive outlook on life it kind Of gets you out of ruts I don't know It's just really cool and a great price Moving into some beauty products because We all like to look our best and Sometimes it's fine to splurge a little So I've been really getting into skin Tints just because they provide some Coverage but it still just makes you Look like you're not necessarily wearing Anything like it's just your real skin But better um so this is the Bobby Brown Vitamin enriched skin tint it does have An SPF of 15 and the only reason I Discovered this maybe I'm just late to The game but this is the number one Best rated across like every website I Checked skin tin out there like this is The best of the best according to all The reviews that I I just went down deep Into this search for the best and this Is what just kept coming up so I ordered It I do really like it um it does give You some coverage it's definitely not Full coverage but it just makes you look

Like you like I'm wearing it today um But sometimes I throw it on in and just That's all I'll throw on and I just feel So much better and next I wanted to Share my all-time favorite lip combo in 95% of my videos this is what I'm Wearing I get questions all the time so First I'm going to share the lip liner This is the best lip liner I have ever Tried I reach for it basically every day It's by Charlotte Tilbury it's called Lip cheat but the the shade color that You want this is what you want to buy You want to get iconic nude because There is still some color it's not like Completely nude where it washes out your Lips like a lot of nudes this is Iconic Nude and it is Iconic like it's such a Perfect shade and then I go over top of It with the Dior lip glow oil so that's The next number here guys if you just Skip the even if you even if you skip The lip liner maybe consider the lip oil This is probably the fifth one I've Ordered of this I have friends I've got Family hooked on this and they're not Even into like designer items but this Lip oil is the best ever it's so like Juicy it's so glossy it's such a good Consistency it it's def definitely Something that you should get for Yourself and then we have this naughty Brush it says can you not it comes in Black it also comes in this ivory color

It's super lightweight but what makes it Different is it has a combination of Bristles so there's the bore bristle Bristles in there which I love a bore Bristle brush but it it just is so hard To actually brush your hair with it but It makes your hair look like princess Hair so there's that but then also like The regular plastic super flexible and Soft bristles too with like little Nubbies on the end so it just like Actually brushes your hair let me just Demonstrate it just Glides through your Hair and it just I don't know there's Something about it it seriously just Makes your hair look so nice and I love How there is air flow through it so it Really helps when you're blow drying Your hair the the air kind of like goes Through and it dries your hair faster Let's talk Dyson next and I'm talking About the Dyson air Sonic blow dryer I'm Talking about the D Dyson air straight And the Dyson air wrap now I'm not Saying you need any of it I'm not saying You need all of it I'm just saying that If you have had your eye on any of those They're so darn expensive but I really Think they are luxurious and nice again You don't need this you might want it so Perfect time to maybe splurge and get it For yourself and then also maybe perfect Time to just send off the gift idea to Your husband or boyfriend or significant

Other whoever my favorite skincare brand Of all time is elmus and so the reason I'm mentioning it is because there's a Lot of gift sets out there right now Where you can get like full-size Products but save a lot of money because It's a gift set and so if you've been Wanting to try anything I'm going to Link all of the the best gift sets out There and you can try some things and I Bet you'll be hooked as well my all-time Favorite product without a doubt is the Dynamic resurfacing facial pads I use Them every night they're oh my gosh They're just so good and they really do Just like resurface your skin my skin is So much more smooth ever since using Those um I've definitely repurchased it Countless times now again these are kind Of splurge worthy products definitely Wants versus needs but these are the Dr Dennis gross LED red light masks for Your face this is actually a red light And a blue light I've had this for years Sometimes my mom will even be over and She'll like steal it out of my Nightstand and use it on herself but This is really good it builds up Collagen it just makes your skin look Better after you use it a while and then This is a newer thing I did recommend This like a couple months ago but this Is the LED red light lip mask which it Visibly plumps up your lips because it

Creates extra collagen in your lips and You just wear it it's only like a minute Long um and again you just can keep it In your nightstand and make it a routine Before bed I also just want to say it is Still early afternoon when I'm filming This yet it is getting dark outside Already I just am not a fan of this Whole dark situation but moving on to Some Ugg slippers so real Ugg slippers Inspired Ugg slippers so I will link Several options down below they're all The raid right now and I wear both I Love both but I feel like these are Definitely fun things to gift yourself And that leads me to Ugg boots again Real uggs and inspired Uggs I used to Make fun of these so bad so bad and I Know so many of you watching right now Are still hating the Ugg Trend but I do Like them a lot more when they are Shorter I think they look really good Actually with leggings even with socks Peeking out a little bit they're so Comfortable they're great for the winter Dark months I just love them so much so I will again link several options the Uggs and the inspired versions moving Into the kitchen this is the always pan Such a bestseller but if I'm being Totally honest I would not buy this for Myself I just I don't like cooking Things but it is a really good healthy Non-toxic nonstick ceramic cooking pan

And it's also very very deep which is Great so you can boil things in here you Can like roast things in here it's it's Good in the oven up to 450° um but you can you know it's still Like a pan though so it's deep but also Shallow enough as well it also comes With this basket which you could steam Items in you could strain items it comes With this wooden spatula there's Actually a little Nook right here where You can rest it while you're cooking and Then of course it does come with a lid Tons of colors I don't know if I already Said that but it's super Chic and such a Bestseller now I don't love cooking but I do love me some wooden cooking Utensils so I did buy these for myself And I just really like them they're Actually Olive Wood and they're so much Healthier for you and they're stunning They're just so pretty I love them in my Marble utensil holder I've had that for Years um but these are just so much Better to cook with I feel better about Using them with the food that I'm eating And again not to mention they're just so Pretty they're like a nice Decor piece In your kitchen so everything in this Video will be linked Down Below in the Description box and also pinned in the Comment section and don't forget to shop Nayy you can use my code Shay for an Extra 20% off your first order thank you

So much for watching happy holidays Merry Christmas and I'll see you in my Next one bye