19 Amazon HIDDEN GEMS You Didn’t Know Existed! Everything linked here and in the comments!!
1. Lettuce-Edge Tops (S):
2. Sherpa Vest (S):
3. Bad Sweater (M):
4. Jeans (2):
5. Ugg-Inspired Slippers (true to size):
6. Steamer:
7. HydroCell Water Bottle:
8. HydroCell Braided Strap:
**HydroCell 15% off discount automatically applied on product page!!**
9. Melt-Away Cuticle Exfoliator:
10. Briogeo Dry Shampoo:
11. Nanobronze Drops:
12. MAREE Glycolic Pads:
MAREE Lip Butter:
MAREE Eye Masks:
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13. Colander and Mixing Bowl Set:
14. Cup Slicer:
15. Skout Organic Bars (Variety Pack):
Skout Organic Cookies:
16. Kindle Holder:
17. Kinde Page Turner:
18. Self-Watering Plant Bulbs:
Self-Watering Plant Stakes:
19. Handheld Spin Scrubber:

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These are 19 hidden gems from Amazon That you didn't even know existed these Items are so good you're going to love Them so everything is linked Down Below In the description box and also pinned In the comment section by the numbers You see on screen so as we go along just Jot down your favorite numbers up first We're starting in the fashion and I Guess clothing category but I have so Many different genres to get through in This video it's not just fashion stuff But let's start with what I'm wearing Which are these lettuce Edge tops which I've just fallen in love with I have Them in three colors so I'm obviously Wearing the beige or cream color you Know this is more of of a basic color But then I got it in this pink which is Probably my favorite I really actually Wanted to wear this for the entire video But it is bright in person but on camera For some reason it's crazy neon it's not Quite like this in real life I thought It might be a little bit too distracting For the entire video but I I love the Pink and then I also picked it up in This chocy brown color which I also just Love and I love the lettuce detailing Around all of the edges around the Neckline the sleeves the whole thing is Ribbed it's incredibly stretchy it's Really comfortable and it is just like a Wearable basic but I love the little

Extra details and then we have this Sherpa vest which is totally free people Inspired you know at a much better price Point on Amazon you can't even tell the Difference and what's so funny is I Legitimately made fun of vest for many Years even like on my YouTube channel I've just never been a fan of vest and I Would say in the last year I've kind of Like falling back in love with them I Think half for the style but I am Appreciating how I guess I don't know I Always said they just don't keep you Warm but now I don't know now that I've Been wearing them more I'm like maybe They do kind of keep your core warm Which I know everyone knows I just was I Guess antiv vest for a long time but now I keep reaching for them I love the Style but I also hate wearing a winter Coat and this is kind of a way to still Keep me warm but I don't feel like Completely oversized so I've just been Loving this and then we have this Sweater which used to be on my hidden Gems list and now it's off the list I do Not recommend this I don't know what Happened to this sweater because I loved It when I first got it it was so Different to me it almost seemed like it Was a crocheted material I just loved it But it started to stretch out like even Just hanging on the hanger when I tried It on for this video I was like this

Seems so weird it's like so long but I Couldn't put my finger on it and then Since I mean it is literally turned into Like a full fullblown dress but it's not A dress it's meant to be a sweater so I Don't understand why this stretched out So much so I definitely don't recommend It I'm more just sharing with you There's so much stuff that I order and I Hate and then there's stuff that I order And I initially love and then end up Hating so I just wanted you to know that I really try to sift through all the Stuff and really recommend what's Actually worth it but these I really Think these could be your new favorite Jeans from Amazon because they are Highight waisted kind of straight leg a Little bit wide leg but not nothing Crazy and there's so many different Colors they fit so well they're so Comfortable they're not crazy long so You can wear them with sneakers you Could wear them with heels you could Actually wear them with like clogs or or Or slides or something like that they're Very similar to a pair of jeans that I Always wear from Amazon but they're Completely discontinued and everyone Always asks me when they see those jeans Like where did you get them can you link Them and I can't these are almost Identical to those so I will link these Again they come in tons of colors I just

Got gray because I didn't have uh a pair Of jeans this color but there's like Light wash medium wash dark wash tons of Other Shades as well and yeah they're Just great now these are really such a Good Hidden Gem because they are Ugg Inspired slippers like these are all the Rage right now and if you were to get The Ugg version they are at least $110 Some styles are actually more than that So these are from Amazon a really great Brand but half the price or they're like 50 bucks which these are like really Really nice they're super soft inside With the faux fur I love the stitching Around uh the edge and you can also see That there like a slipper that you fully Put your foot in so it's not a slide in Where your foot's going to fall off like These stay on your feet really really Well and they do come in two of the most Popular Ugg colors and then we have this Portable handheld steamer which I just Think would be so great for you guys Well I first saw it it had just like Amazing reviews but it's not super cheap Like it's not really expensive but it's Like a good quality steamer um and I Love how it is so lightweight like it's 8 lb so it feels like a feather but it Packs a punch um it it heats up in 15 Seconds or less like it is very fast it Has a decent size Reservoir so it will Actually steam continuously for 10

Minutes which is really good you can Actually turn the nozzle different ways So that you you can steam different Directions or whatever but it's just so Small and Compact and lightweight so Again great for everyday use and keeping It in your closet or drawer or using it For travel I was just looking at this on Amazon and I noticed that it's on sale So it's one of those situations where You check the coupon on the product page So don't forget to do that there's a lot Of these products that if you check the Coupon or the promo it's discounted at Checkout this is such a good Hidden Gem And you guys didn't even know it existed Every one is obsessed with the Stanley Cup I mean I do like my Stanley Cup However I have since fallen in love with The Hydro Cell and this is half the Price of the Stanley Cup and this Quality I think is actually better my Kids are even like they have their own Now so let me just first talk about the Actual water bottle it is stainless Steel like a really highgrade stainless Steel it's never going to rust oxidize I Mean it keeps liquids cold for 24 hours Like hot liquids it also comes with two Different drinking spouts so Some people Prefer just like sipping other people Prefer the straw so I kind of go back And forth but this comes in many sizes So I have the 40 oz but there's like

Five or six other sizes lots of cool Color combos I am trying to get a Discount for you guys for this so it'll Either put a code here on the screen or I'll I think it could just be applied to The link down below there's like Different options they're talking about But I really think that the price of This is already fabulous but with that Extra discount I mean this it's a steal In my opinion so the next Hidden Gem is Actually this rope carrier that I ended Up ordering that's also by Hydra cell And you just attach it underneath the Spout here so it's very secure and it Comes with one of those like metal Caravaner things but I ended up taking That off but if you backpack or you want To have your kids like attach it to Their backpack you could use that um but It's like really really sturdy and it's Just nice to carry it around I think it Looks really cool and again this also Comes in tons of colors so you can match It to your water bottle and I just want To clarify none of this video is Sponsored I just always try to reach out To Brands to get promo codes or Discounts for you guys sometimes it Works sometimes it doesn't but I do have Another one coming up later on in the Video but I do want to get to some Beauty products that I just think are Fabulous hidden gems all around um this

Butter London Melt Away cuticle Exfoliator I had no idea this existed Maybe I'm just the one late to the game But this works like magic so you know People hate cuticles it's like really Annoying to like push them up cut them Off scrape them off peel whatever all You do with this is you paint it onto Your cuticles wait like 2 minutes wipe It off it melts them away legitimately Just melts them away and it's easy peasy And then we have this dry shampoo by the Brand bioio which is a really really Good hair care brand but they recently Launched this it's called scalp Revival It's a charcoal and biotin dry shampoo So it has really good ingredients that Actually go into your scalp like it's It's not an unhealthy dry shampoo um There's no sulfates no silicones no Parabens and the best part it's a manual Pump so you're not spraying butane and Propane into the air it it doesn't oh so Many dry shampoos it's like they knock You out they work well but it's just Like a whole chemical bomb in that You're spraying this is so much better Um and it really does work it's pretty White at first but you just brush it Through your hair and you're good to go Now this stuff I'm so annoyed I didn't Film my myself putting it on today uh It's called Nano bronze so it's bronzing Drops so it's kind of like a fake Tanner

But it's not at all actually cuz you Just put one to two drops directly into Your moisturizer or your primer and then You put that on and it just gives you a Subtle tan or like bronzy sun-kissed Glow so it's like the dead of winter I Am very pale right now but I don't know If you can tell I look just you know not As pale I I I feel like there's a little Bit of a bronze tint to my skin I even Put it down my neck but it's very subtle But it just looks real so you can make It darker if you want if you want to put More drops I usually just do one or two But again you can build it up and it Just washes off at night okay so we have Made it to the products where I have a Promo code for you guys so under this Number there are three products I'm Going to link it's the brand morray Which I'm sure some of you in a recent Video you saw me talking about these Products um because I reached out to the Brand I loved them so much they gave me A 30% off promo code for Amazon on and I Was just so ecstatic about that I ended Up putting them in a a recent video but The whole purpose of me reaching out to Them before was because I wanted them to Be in this hidden gems video because I Feel like nobody knows these existed I Didn't either and they are now like two Like specifically these two products are Like my new favorite things that I've

Discovered I don't even know which one I Like better I kind of go back and forth I'm just going to start with the Glycolic acid pads they're so freaking Good there's the elmus pads that are 64 $4 for this tub which I have repurchased Over and over again these are like $24 On Amazon and I swear they are identical So get these instead this is a really Good gentle exfoliator I almost feel Like it kind of polishes the skin and it Just really helps to reduced texture and Then use my promo code s whitney3 that They gave me use that at checkout and it Gives you 30% off this which is such a Crazy good discount and then I have just Oh my gosh I've fallen in love with Their overnight lip balm or it's not It's like a butter but I don't use it Just at night I use it all throughout The day because it genuinely makes my Lips look beautiful my lips look not Good originally and then I put this on Like 30 seconds later I feel like my Lips are smooth they're juicy they're Just so pretty it's like the prettiest Gloss and I also love to put it over lip Liners or lipsticks it just makes your Lips look amazing so I also really Recommend this you can get it 30% off as Well um and then a lot of people also Love their eye masks which I do as well If you're an eye mask person this is a Marine collagen eye mask and you can put

It on and do it in the morning and it Just makes you look so much younger and More awake it makes the skin under your Eyes look way better all day moving Along to some home and kitchen and just Random items I wanted to share this Kitchen colender uh strainer set with Different attachments this thing is so Cool so first let's talk about the Strainer because is one of those gravity Strainers that when you're rinsing or Straining vegetables or fruits or salad Or whatever when you dump out the water It just keeps the strainer level so You're not actually dumping out the Stuff if that makes sense it's so it's Really cool but then if you take out the Strainer it is just a regular mixing Bowl and so it comes with a lid and then You can maybe mix some mashed potatoes It's not going to Splash everywhere but It comes with attachments that you can Put in the hole and you can grate cheese You could grate some vegetables it comes With different options here and there Are different colors it's just I don't Know it's really stylish looking and Actually really useful now this thing is Super viral on Tik Tok have you guys Seen this it's the cup slicer but I did Get it on Amazon and it's really really Cheap it was like $7 I think um but the Bottom comes off and it's these my maybe Knives I don't know it's not super sharp

But you just instantly slice banana or Strawberries or fruits I think it's Great if you do have kids but you just Like boom boom boom boom and then pour It out and everything sliced to Perfection speaking of kids though I Wanted to share this brand from Amazon It's called Scout and they make a lot of Kids snacks that are legitimately very Healthy no seed oils it is so hard to Find things without seed oils and I know The majority of you guys probably don't Even care about that but these are very Healthy and my kids actually really like Them even Josh loves it he'll steal These I just get the variety pack but There's chocolate peanut butter there's Peppermint brownie I mean there's so Many I put them in their lunches they'll Grab them out of here and have them for Snacks they also make really healthy Cookies that's what Josh keeps stealing Is the cookies but they're so low in Sugar I mean there's not even any sugar Added it's just like dates um and Himalayan sea salt like it's really Healthy and you just get it on Amazon I Feel like it's so hard to find Legitimately healthy kid Brands talk About this Hidden Gem next shall so this Thing is for those of you that love Reading your Kindle okay I love reading My Kindle I recently shared a product That was great for those of you that

Love an actual book but if you are a Kindle lover then you might really enjoy This thing with that you can actually Attach to a nightstand or uh whatever Table is near you wherever you're Reading and it will hold your Kindle or Your iPad or or tablet or whatever but Again this is for my Kindle um this is Like how lazy I am but you can put your Kindle here and literally curl up in bed And not have to be like holding it and Like being on your side like still like Turning the page like it it's it's first World problems I know but this thing is Really nice to just lay there and be Completely handsfree and then I'm going To take it a step further so under the Next number I'm going to link the page Turner guys the page Turner that you Attach to your Kindle on the side and Then it has this little remote and again You can kind of curl up with the remote And it turns the page for you so you Don't have to touch anything and I know Some of you are totally understanding How amazing this is and then the rest of You were like you don't you don't get it And that's fine but I wanted to throw it Out there if you are a Kindle lover ooh Look at these things so this is a Self-watering bulb and I love my plants Uh but I get really annoyed with having To water them all the time and then I Discovered these another little Hidden

Gem you can get so they're really pretty I just have the iridescent kind but you Just fill them up with water and then You stick them in your plants and at Different angles like if you put it more Upright it Waters them a little bit Faster but if you put it more of an Angle it slowly Waters them over time And so this will last like four to 6 Days and the water slowly comes out and Self Waters your plants so it's great if You're traveling but it's also just Great to be lazy like you don't have to Water your plants as often so I will Link these um there's also these like Terracotta steaks that I got I haven't Used yet but that is if you really want To go a long time without watering them You stick the steaks in the plants and Then actually get like a wine bottle Filled with a lot of water and stick it Right in the staks and again over time It slowly Waters it without overwatering And yeah it's just like a great thing I Didn't even know existed and then we Have this mini handheld scrubber brush Which I think I did put in a recent Video because I was just so excited About it but it's okay not every Everyone watches every single video but I love these electric scrubber brushes They come with several different heads And I use this all throughout my house It's such a good thing to have because

It literally takes the work out of Everything I'll use it on my stove I'll Use it on my bathroom it's great for Grout it's great for Windows it's great For any nooks and crannies it's great For baseboards like I could go on and on And on about this but you just charge it Up there's like two different settings And the charge lasts a really long time It's very powerful lightweight but it Works so well so those are all of the Amazon hidden gems everything will be Linked Down Below in the description box And also pinned in the comment section By the numbers you saw on screen so Don't forget about the promo codes and The discounts that I shared um but Thanks so much for watching subscribe if You're new and I'll see you in my next One bye