19 Amazon Items I use EVERY SINGLE DAY! Everything is linked here & in the comments!!
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Mary Ruth Liquid Morning Multivitamin:
Mary Ruth Liquid Nighttime Multimineral:
Mary Ruth D3 + K2 Liquid Spray:
Mary Ruth Chlorophyll Liquid Drops:
Mary Ruth Iodine Drops:
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1.Bamboo Sheets:
Avocado Mattress:
3. Breville Impress Espresso Machine:
4. Stainless Steel Ceramic Mug:
5. Healthy Deodorant:
6. Tangle Teezer:
Scalp Teezer Brush:
7. MAREE Lip Butter:
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8. Oversized Sweatshirt(M):
9. Fleece Pullover(M):
10. Planner:
11. Erasable Pens:
12. EMF Neutralizers:
13. Japanese Pot:
14. Bamboo Bowls:
Bamboo Plates:

15. Disposable Plates:
16. Cat Bag:
17. Plush Blanket:
18. MAREE Glycolic Facial Pads:
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19. Castor Oil:

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These are 19 Amazon items I use every Single day so the criteria to be Included in this video was pretty tough As always everything will be linked Down Below in the description box and I'll Also pin everything in the comment Section now the very first item that I Love and use every single day without Fail are my bamboo sheets which I have Shared before but I wanted to put them In this video because we recently got a Brand new mattress it was the avocado Mattress love it to Pieces highly Recommend um it's super thick but Because I got a new mattress I was like Ooh I'll try their sheets and they were Organic cotton sheets and oh my gosh They are just not good and the thing is I think they are good but they're Nothing compared to bamboo sheets so I Now put the bamboo sheets back on the Bed and I'm just telling you guys from The bottom of my heart if you have not Tried these darn bamboo sheets you are Missing out okay so that's number one um So I'll wake up in the morning uh en Enjoying those in my bed and then I will Go straight to the kitchen and I take my My Mary Ruth so I have teamed up with Mary Ruth for this video which is Perfect because I literally use their Products every single day so to my kids Even Josh they have such amazing liquid Multivitamins I love their multimineral

There's drops I'm going to share some of My favorites but the timing of this is Perfect because today when the video Goes live and for the next few days on Amazon Mary Ruth is having like a big Deal of the day that again covers a few Days but most of their products will be 20% off on their own but then they gave Me a promo code which is M Shaw where You can enter that at checkout on Amazon And get an extra 20% off on top so you Can stack that and really save a lot of Money so I know so many of you guys love Their products and use them and so you Should definitely take advantage of the Kind of like double savings so I want to Start with the liquid Mor multivitamin That's probably my number one Recommendation it's their best seller For sure and it is the morning right now But we're talking about what I do in the Morning every day and I just start with A spoonful of this actually I take two Spoonfuls is so good I have the Raspberry flavor so there's no sugar in This it's not hard to swallow there's no Capsules if you don't love swallowing Capsules this is perfect for you because It tastes delicious but it gets all of Those nutrients and vitamins into your Body that you're probably missing from Food now my other favorite is definitely The liquid nighttime multi mineral and They actually just came out with a

Smaller size um I usually just get the Bigger size because I use this every Night before bed and it gives you Minerals so minerals are very calming we Need all the minerals like chromium Selenium copper I mean there's vitamin D Uh zinc like all the things um I always Get the coconut flavor again you can get Other other flavors but it's so good and It's enjoyable and the thing is all of Their products taste so good that you Are very much inclined to want to Actually stick to it and use it every Day now they also have a lot of drops And and my favorite I've said this time And time again is probably the Elder Berry because it's really great for Immune support so I try to give my kids This every day which they half the time Ask for it because again it tastes so Good um I recently picked up this joint Health for Josh because he does have Some achy joints so he will take this I Also love the chlorophyll drops which I Try to do that every day too because That's the green pigment extracted from Plants and it gives you lots of energy It makes you feel really good if you're Interested in anything take advantage of The Amazon deal of the day of event um Where most things are 20% off and then You can stack my code M shw for an extra 20% on top of that and so you just enter That code at checkout but I'll have them

Linked down below just click around look At the reviews look at the flavors and You could try a few things okay so I'm About to make I guess kind of an Announcement I'm sharing new information I haven't shared here on YouTube before But after I take my vitamins in the Morning and I'll take some of the drops Throughout the rest of the day but the First thing I do is beine to my espresso Machine I love coffee I gave up sugar Replaced it with coffee coffee is my Happy place so I love my espresso Machine it's the brevel one it's Expensive I use it every day multiple Times a day but the reason I'm putting It in this video is because I got a new Version of it and it it's because we got A new house but it's like we're staying In this house but this new house is I Guess kind of like a getaway vacation Place it's only half an hour away from Where we live right now but it is the Most beautiful stunning magical log Cabin in the mountains along the river It has the most beautiful view I've ever Seen in my life and it's honestly a Dream come true it's it's come fully Furnished and I don't want to change Anything about this place but it needed An espresso machine so I got a newer Version of this brevel it's called the Impress and so what's different about it Is when you grind the coffee beans it

Goes directly into the puck um and Grinds don't get all over your counter And that is a game changer and then it Has like this automatic Tamp thing that You just press down and it tamps it Perfectly again no mess whatsoever and Then you can Brew the espresso and it Works unbelievably well it is a little Bit more expensive the whole thing is Just expensive but again it's so worth It to me and I will share more about the Cabin and a tour and just oh my gosh you Guys are oh my gosh I just I know I'm Sounding ridiculous but it is the most Stunning place I like I just can't even Believe we got it it was months and Months months of negotiations going back And forth like I thought we were going To get then I didn't think we were going To get it I will share more about it in The future my point is I love the the This newer version of the brevel Espresso machine oh but speaking of Coffee this is called the fellow um and It is a ceramic travel mug that you can Use at home or when you're on the go but The thing is it is metal so it's going To keep it super hot for hours and hours And hours but the inside is lined with Ceramic which is healthy uh healthier Than metal and actually doesn't alter or Change the taste of any of your Beverages and with coffee especially and Metal I can tell a difference and so

Sometimes I do just walk around the House and drink it it's almost like You're using a mug you're not using a Straw or like using it out of like a Little hole on top you're like literally Drinking from a mug but it keeps it so Much warmer and you don't have to like Leave it on one of those mug warmer Platforms that you plug in like I don't Really love those either so this is Great but I often take these on the go Like maybe I'm running errands maybe I'm Going to church maybe I'm outside like Whatever I have these in multiple sizes And colors and I I just love them now Once I have my coffee in hand then I Will go into the bathroom just to Freshen up I usually take my showers at Night but I want to share my newest Favorite healthy deodorant this has no Aluminum no baking soda um it is mainly Coconut oil based but it Glides on super Clear it really works well I I think With odor and Sweat Protection but again No bad toxic ingredients and it just Seems like real deodorant some healthy Deodorants are just dry or sticky or They leave a weird residue this it Smells great there's different different Scents and whatnot but I just love it I Love it so much I ended up getting it in A few small travel sizes so that I can Take it with me when I travel and then Of course I brush my hair every single

Day I wanted to share my favorite hair Brush which is the tangle teaser brush For years I was stuck on the Wet Brush Which still think is great but this is a Step above it just works so well on wet Hair dry hair any hair type at all it Just literally Glides through like you Could have the tangiest naughtiest hair And this just just it Glides through Your hair so if you have little ones Even like little girls I think you Should get this as well the bristles are Just unique and different you can clean It really well too it's really Lightweight um I also love their scalp Massagers which it fits over your hand Again it has like a similar nubby Bristle material and it just it's so Nice to massage your scalp now I do my Makeup every day because I'm usually on Camera or I'm filming or whatever but Most of my makeup isn't from Amazon but This lip butter is from Amazon and I do Use it every single day all day even Before bed it is the Marie overnight lip Care uh so I think it's intended to to For you to put on before bed kind of Like the Lan lip sleeping mask I think This is 10 times better than that but I Use it all day as well I'll wake up in The morning put it on it looks amazing On bare lips it literally fills in all The lines and wrinkles if you have not Tried this guys you really need to they

Gave me an updated promo code It's s Whitney for 20% off all of their Products on Amazon so if you've seen This in previous videos they gave me a Different code before that one is Expired so I want to give you the Updated code try the lip butter guys I Have it on right now over top my lip Liner it works just it stays on so long It makes your lips look so good like I Could go on and on about this I am going On and on about this I just think Everyone needs to try it because you Will seriously love it and then let's Talk about a couple clothing pieces that I probably wear every day and I'm not Just saying that this sweatshirt if it's Dirty I might not wear it but I wear it Day after day after day like shout out To my friend Rachel we Marco Polo do you Know that app where you can like do Videos send videos back and forth we Talk like every day I would say nine Times out of 10 it's this sweatshirt That I'm wearing it's from Amazon it is So expensive looking like it's plush It's beautiful it's thick but the price Is amazing on Amazon and you can wear it Around the house lounge in it it's comfy It's just warm but it's kind of like High-end looking in a way that if you Want to run errands or you want to go Out and about like this is a great Sweatshirt just to always wear um and I

Do and then this is a newer purchase I've had it for about a month and a half Maybe two months but it's this blue Fleece pullover which it's dirty right Now because I've been wearing it so much Um but you can see it here in the b-roll It is such a beautiful color you do not Need to get it in blue it comes in Probably 10 to 15 different shades it is So warm and soft I wear it around the House I wear it when I'm filming videos I wear it out when we go places like I Love this so much it kind of reminds me Of free people but at again at a much Better price point now we have to talk About my planner or my calendar that I Use every single day and I will continue To repurchase year after year after year And for the longest time I did not share This with you guys because you couldn't Get it anywhere like it would I would Find them random places but they're now On Amazon and oh you guys need to try This I've tried so many planners I want I even still sometimes do try new Planners because it's like fun for me But nothing is as good as this bad boy Okay because it is kind of like a Calendar like a month's calendar uh at a Glance and but there's lines on every Square and so you can write down all of Your appointments your meetings your Kids events like everything and you can See it all listed here um month by month

By month and it's just the best it's Thin you can take it places but it's Great for people that still do like Paper and it's just so much better than Thick planners that are heavy and chunky And there's like a whole day for a whole Spread and it's just like you have to Flip through so many pages this is the Way to do it I'm telling you but then Insert the erasable pens which go hand Inand these pens are the only only pens I will use now I know I've talked about Them in previous videos but I don't care I use them all day every day every Single day you need to try them they are So smooth like they write really well But they actually fully erase and so Many pens in the past don't actually Erase but these do and so it's perfect For writing things on the calendar it's Perfect for you know putting things in Your planner or even just like work Stuff or anything you can easily erase And make changes and it's it's nothing Smears it's just the best and but They're actually really really good pens Like I know it's silly but like I can't Ever go back to like a normal pen now All right we're getting into something Kind of weird so I have talked about the Dangers of EMF radiation I even have Like a radiation detector I can go Around and like your cell phones are bad Laptops are bad microwaves are horrible

Like there's so many things in our house Get like putting off emfs which are like Okay I personally think there's a lot of Like damage being done to our brains and Whatnot so um I've been researching a Lot of EMF neutralizers and I found These on Amazon they have really good Reviews there's a lot of science behind Them and basically they're just these Little stickers that you can stick on Items that emit a lot of EMF radiation So again cell phones you can stick two Of them on the back of your cell phone And then put the cell phone cover over Top and you don't even see them and it Just Neutralizes the the emfs um so I put Five on the bottom of my laptop it gives You suggestions of like how many to put On each item you can put them on your Mic microwave like in the back you could Put them on um your router like your Wi-Fi router is really bad so this is a Really cool product from Amazon and Obviously now that I have them different Places I am using them every day now I'm Not one to enjoy spending tons of time In the kitchen obviously we cook we make Food but there are a couple things that I feel like I enjoy using every day it Makes my life a little bit easier one Being this Japanese pot it's a stainless Steel pot I believe it's called called a Snow pot pan but I just love it I think

It's really healthy because it is just a Thin stainless steel pot which I use for So many things I'll make oatmeal in this I'll I'll make soup um bone broth this Is a clip of me putting some bone broth From a local Farm in here to warm that Up I just find so many uses it's really Lightweight with this bamboo handle um But again there's no toxic covering on It but nothing really sticks to it Either it's just a really good pan and It's super lightweight which makes it I Don't know easier to use and then we Have these bamboo bowls and I actually Have bamboo plates I don't really use The plates as much I really just Recommend the bowls um but I use these Every day for snacks the kids especially I will cut up apples for them put them In here they'll eat their cereal out of Here like all of the things and I just Love how it is a much healthier but Lightweight Bowl compared to plastic This is bamboo again you can put them in Your dishwasher they're totally fine With like all heat levels or whatnot but You're not leeching bad chemicals into The food and again they're just Lightweight I feel like I hate glass Like I love and use glass but I don't Enjoy it because it's heavy you have to Worry about it breaking it just it Clanks around like this again Lightweight easy to use Easy to clean

More people need to be talking about This and then we have healthy Biodegradable uh disposable plates made From the fibers of sugar cane I will Find any excuse at all throughout the Day to put my food on this so so I can Just throw it in the trash and not Create extra dishes like we use these All the time and I just feel so much Better about them because they're not Plastic which is not great for the Environment but then also not great for You for you you're putting food on the Plastic plates and then the Microplastics are getting into your food Especially hot food this is so much Better and again you just throw it away You don't make dishes okay I just want To be clear before people come at me Obviously we're not using these for Every single meal especially dinner like We don't eat our dinner on these but we Definitely them throughout the day I'm So excited to share this next item with You because I finally found it on Amazon So this is what I call the cat bag which Makes no sense to any of you only my Immediate family this is like a thing You put in your microwave to warm up and You can snuggle with it you can put on Your head if you have a headache like You can do a lot of it like if you have Backache shoulder achee whatever but my Mom and I like years ago like probably

20 years ago we were at a craft show and We found one of the and it had cats all Over it and we loved it and we used it For years she might even still have it But we dubbed it the cat bag because it Had cats all over it then we found I I Have this chili pepper one that I Probably found like again at a craft Show like a few years later and I was Like well I love the cat bag so much Let's get this one I use this all the Time but the thing is all over Amazon Even at Nordstrom different department Stores there's things you can put in the Microwave but the beans or whatever's Inside smells really weird there's often Lavender or essential oils and I don't Want any scent I just want to put this In the microwave and cuddle up with it Or put it on my head if it hurts you can Put these in the freezer as well but I Just want them to be moldable like the Good size and no scent finally finally I Have found an equivalent on Amazon this Is the best guys it's so it's like the Same it's the same size it doesn't smell Like anything it's like it it moves you Need it I if I'm if I got chills in my Bone and I'm like just cold I can put This in the microwave for like 2 minutes And then curl up under a blanket and It's just so nice I use it truly every Night because I'm always I tend to be Cold in the evenings um we just set our

House at a lower thermostat or whatever And I love it I mean I ordered so many From Amazon to find this isn't good I'm Not recommending this one it's only this One now in that last clip when I was Snuggling with this cat bag you saw the Leopard print blanket that is my Favorite favorite favorite blanket of All time I also use this every single Day and I have purchased and recommended A lot of blankets on my on my Channel Through The Years and there's a lot of Them that I still have and I love and I Like I think they're good but this is The the best of the best of the best it Is the best price it is massive it's Thick it is so soft it is the closest That I've ever found to being a Barefoot Dreams blanket but at a fraction of the Price I actually think this one is legit Imately better than the Barefoot dreams Blankets that I have and I probably have Four Barefoot dreams blankets this one Is thicker it's bigger it's like half The price even maybe even more than that So I will link this one you should get It for your living room you could get it For any I don't know there's different Colors and different styles and whatnot But it's just the best blanket all right So we've made it to the evening and I've Really cut back on my skin care regimen I'm not using tons of products at night I will wash my face get rid of the

Makeup and then I'll go in with these Marie glycolic acid pads which are also Phenomenal so again that promo code the Promo code is not this is not sponsored Okay um It's s Whitney for 20% off these Pads as well and they are so similar if Not the same or better than the uh elus Glycolic pads that are $60 these are such a better price and They're the same and there's one side That is a little bit more uh exfoliating And the other side's a little bit softer And I'll go over my whole face down my Neck and it just just Smooths out the Texture of your skin like you will Absolutely notice a difference within a Week or two of how much smoother your Skin is and there's so many other good Ingredients in this for your skin and Then I will end the night with my castor Oil on my face this is such a good skin Care Elixir guys it does everything it Does everything it just and don't go too Heavy on it because it is a really thick Oil but it's just enough that it's on Your skin it'll absorb through the night I put it in my belly button I I've done A whole video I can link that video Right up here um it's castor oil has Just popped off in popularity for good Reason but that's the video guys I will Have everything linked Down Below in the Description box and also pinned in the Comment section by the numbers you saw

On screen also don't forget about all of The Mary Ruth products that are already 20% off on Amazon Plus my promo code for An extra 20% off that you can stack so I Hope you enjoyed this video please Subscribe if you haven't already and I Will see you in my next video bye