19 Amazon Items To INSTANTLY Make You Look BETTER! Everything linked here & in comments!
1. Japanese Shower Towel:
2. Korean Pore Scrubber Stick:
3. 24K Gold Eye Mask:
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4. Good Genes All-In-One Serum:
5. Shapewear:
6. Black Bodysuit(S)(20% off coupon):
Black Shirt(S):
7. Bra Inserts:
8. Jean Buttons:
9. Eyelash Comb:
10. Lip Plumper:
11. Eyeshadow Stick(Pearl Shimmer):
12. Whitening Eye Drops:
13. Hairline Powder:
14. Flyaway Stick:
15. Cuticle Oil:
16. Magnetic Necklace Layering:
17. Deodorant Removing Sponge:
18. Fabric Shaver:
19. The Blurring Sunglasses:
Versace-Inspired Sunglasses:

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These are clever Amazon items that will Instantly make you look better instant Gratification with very little effort Everything will be linked Down Below in The description box and pinned in the Comment section I think I'm just going To go in the order in which you would Get ready so up first we have the GOI Japanese shower towel this is incredibly Exfoliating in such a good way and it Makes a visible instant difference on Your skin it makes it softer it makes You like the cleanest you've ever like You say you have self- Tanner on and Like there's little little bits and it's Not not completely off this gets Everything off even if you don't use Self-tanner though this just exfoliates Your skin better than anything else I've Tried and I truly enjoy this every Single day and as I mentioned it is Japanese it's a famous textile from There and it's made its way over to the US it's very inexpensive but I Thoroughly enjoy this like I said every Day in the shower and I think it just Gives you a really good foundation like A good skin Foundation foundation for Everything else we're going to do so Next we're going to do a few skin things To our face to instantly make it better This is a Korean product I found it's Famous over there it is a blackhead and Pore scrubber stick and I think it works

Way better than those beor por strips That I always make fun of um but this is Very inexpensive but it's very textured And it's kind of a it feels kind of Soapy but also textured and you Literally just go in circular motions All around around your nose it gets in The little nooks and crannies and it Just cleans out the excess sebum if you Use it a few times a week you really see A big difference in blackheads but Overall the first time I used it I could Tell that my pores looked way smaller on My nose and then for puffy eyes or dark Circles there's these 24 karat gold eye Masks this like these wow me every time I'm never impressed with the eye masks That you can get like I've tried so many Of them a lot of them are sent to me I've purchased some on my own this is The only kind that I've I I actually see A an immediate visible difference after I use them so this whole video I it is Not sponsored um but I did reach out to Some Brands I only got one code for this Video but th this brand did agree to Give me a discount code for you guys That you can enter at checkout on Amazon It's for 15% off I'll put it here on the Screen I believe the code is 15 Shea Masks and you get 15% off any of their Products so um I have the puffy eyes and Dark circles version but you just peel It off it's all slimy it's actually very

Cooling you can even store these in your Refrigerator not the freezer but the Refrigerator and it makes them so cold And you just put it under your eye it Feels amazing and I just like brush your Teeth like do a few things and then peel Them off like 15 minutes later and it's So much smoother it's de puffed it just It you look younger okay last skin thing Before we move on to Fashion and things We're going to do to our body but this Good Jeans by Sunday Riley this is like An all-in-one serum there's so much Skincare out there I feel like it's Overwhelming there's stuff that I like Stuff that I don't like this like I've Recommended this for years and the Reason I think it's perfect for this Video is because again it is an All-in-one serum like it does so much For Fine Lines wrinkles brightening your Skin like it just checks all of the Boxes so it's like a simple step but it Literally Works in 3 minutes I mean look It up like that's what they're known for This works in 3 minutes to reduce the Fine lines the wrinkles to plump up your Skin and so I actually like using this In the morning before I put on my makeup It just Glides on my face it absorbs Quickly it makes my makeup go on Smoother but it is actually working Throughout the day to give me really Good um Skin Care in in my face moving

On to our bodies I am going to come back To the face a little bit later but I Wanted to jump into like you know you do Your skincare let's let's put some Clothes on for the day um if you want to Just look snatched like you want your Body to look so good you're going to Feel confident you're just going to feel Way better this shapewear it's from Amazon amazing reviews there's so much Shapewear out there that actually have Really bad reviews the only reason I Ordered it is because of kind of the Hype around this and I think the way It's designed is is why people love it So much so let me just start with the Front and I'm not even going to try this On for you because if I was just wearing This like it is a little bit too Revealing so maybe I'll just insert a Photo so this is what it looks like um We'll just let's just show the butt the The butt is it like it enhances your Butt so much it lifts your butt it makes It look more plump it makes it look more Smooth you're going to like your butt The front though is very nice for I Guess making your waist look more flat There's X's um it really is just sewn in A lot of ways and design in a lot of Ways to make you look flat to make your Curves look really nice so you can wear Wear this as kind of underwear you can Wear it under jeans you can wear it

Under a dress you can wear it under a Tight top however you want comes in so Many colors different sizes it's the Best that I found now I do just want to Say because I know there's people Probably watching this video being like Sh you don't need any of that like I I I Know I don't need it but there are times I wear dresses or things that are very Skin tight and again I I don't think I Look terrible it's just this makes you Look really smooth and like the Cur is Perfect so I don't I don't always need This but it's good to have next I want To share a top that will instantly make Anyone look better and it's this black Black is key this black bodysuit now Under this number I will link both the Bodysuit version and the shirt version Because it comes in both and I know some People have different preferences but This shirt really is so good because of The black I mean it's just like a trick It tricks the eye into making everything Look smoother I mean news a anchors People on TV they love wearing black Because it literally I mean it it it Really does take pounds off of you and I'm not saying anybody needs to lose Weight but it just makes you look Instantly better definitely consider This one as just a good wardrobe basic It's a good base layer even if you don't Feel comfortable in just like a plain

Tight top it you can add a Blazer or a Jacket or cardigan over top of it and You still see your nice silhouette Underneath giving that feminine touch um Speaking of feminine touch this neckline Is just perfect I love the squared off Neckline you can see this very nicely it Is just such a good wardrobe essential That looks good with dress pants with Jeans with literally anything okay does Anybody notice anything different about Me right Now that is not normal okay let me just Take these Out don't want to reveal anything and We're back to normal so these things They work wonders I am very uh flat and These are actually the small they look Like little chicken cutlets but they're Just like insert things you can insert And again these are the small you can Get the large if you really want to pack A punch but I actually featured these in A video back in it was like almost a Year ago and I showed such a dramatic Before and after of my cleavage that I'm Not exact like YouTube demonetized the Video it literally demonetized the video Because and it wasn't even like I showed Anything but there was a lot of cleavage And so I'm like almost scared to even Talk about these but if you are somebody That this is important to you maybe you Someday want to get some implants like

I'm not really for that I mean if you Want to that's great I just I just Scares me like the health things later On I know there's people that have them And they feel great and that's awesome But if you're somebody that just wants Those and you like you just dream about That I would say give these a go first Because Wow it's instant results next I want to Talk about G jeans if you have a pair of Jeans that are just too loose or too Baggy I have been loving these very Cheap inexpensive buttons um that you Can get from Amazon and they come in Silver gold um like a bronzy color Because all the different Jean buttons Are different shades and what you can do Is actually just like it's like a little Needle thing and you create an Additional button on your jeans and it Does create more of like a diagonal Crossover style which is very popular Right now but even when it's not popular It still just makes your waist look so Much better it makes your butt look Better it makes the jeans fit instantly Better if you're enjoying this video Please consider subscribing down below Okay next I want to share a few makeup Products that make a big difference Really fast starting with this eyelash Comb uh so you you open it up and I have Shared something similar to this

Probably a year ago it was the the first One that I found it was super cheap and It did work but this one is good this One's a little more expensive it's by The brand tweezer man it's $12 it's not Terrible but the teeth on this like it's Sharp it's strong I love how you can get It to be whatever angle you want and Basically when you put on mascara though If you put on more than one layer it can Start to look a little clumpy and it's Not great whereas this you can go in and It just it it separates all of your Lashes it's like a a comb that brushes Through the lashes to make them look Longer make them look better and I find That whenever I use this not only does It get rid of the clumps but it also Lifts my lashes next we have the lip Plumper of all lip plumpers and I was Hesitant to put this in the video Because on Amazon this actually only has Three out of five stars which does not Meet my standards but I noticed at Sephora at Nordstrom a few other Websites this had really good reviews so Maybe just people on Amazon I don't know Maybe they weren't expecting the lips to Be on fire because that's what happens With with this so if that's not your Thing don't buy this but the first time I used this I was shocked because it Really does bring all the blood to your Lips it plumps them up noticeably and it

Also has hyaluronic acid and some other Good ingredients so it doesn't dry out Your lips like it does add moisture to Your lips here's just a before lips Aren't great I've never had injections Before and then I just put this on which By the way this is very interesting Marketing like it kind of looks like You're using a needle to like inject Your lips but it's just a clear gloss You put it over your lips wait like five Minutes again it's going to smooth out All of the wrinkles it's going to plump Up your lips and like get rid of the Lines and I normally when I use this I Do use it with lip liner first to give Some extra plump and then go in with This it works with anything because it Is just clear and it just it make it Makes an instant difference next I want To talk about the eyes and this next Product is one of my favorite things of The entire video and I again have a Before and after to show you but it is The julip eyeshadow stick now I did Recommend this on Prime day a couple Weeks ago so maybe some of you already Bought it but if you didn't get it it's Such a good price I just checked I think It is a little bit on sale there's like A coupon you can check to get an Additional discount on Amazon but I have The shade Pearl Shimmer so I think the Key is to get a light shimmery shade and

This will make your eyes pop instantly So here is me applying it to the inner Corner of one of my eyes you just do it To the inner Corner kind of up around And and just it's just it's blendable It's so easy uh and then here's the like The before and after like one side it it Looks tired it looks just kind of me the Other side it's pops it's it's Brightening you look younger you look More youthful it's so simple I use this Every single day I cannot recommend it Enough like it really makes it makes you Look so much better now if you want to Take your eyes a step further you should Really try these lumify eye whitening Drops shocking instant difference again I have a before and after but I would Not use these every day I would save This for special occasions like maybe a Date night or maybe you are hosting Something or you're giving a Presentation at work and all eyes are Going to be on you something like that But you just put you know A Drop In Your Eyes here again on one side there's Nothing on the other side I put the Drops in and you can tell like look how Much whiter the whites of my eyes are Are on that side like it's it it truly Makes a big instant difference now if You're somebody like me who does have Gray hair growing in I have to color my Hair every few months but in between me

Coloring my hair I just do it at home I Do use a hairline powder to mask the Grays and this is so viral right now so I decided to give it a try probably a Month or two ago and I really like it so It comes in So Many Colors blondes can Even use this in fact you know what I Almost want to in insert I'm going to Try to find the Tik Tok where I first Saw a blonde using this to help with her Uh like her Roots like crazy um but Redhe heads can get their shade I have a Brunette color like a dark brown color And here are my grays you just take the Bottom puff that it comes with dab it And then you can dab over the Grays and It just masks everything another product On my hair I like to use all the time Really is this FlyAway stick so it's Kind of like hair gel in a mascara tube With a wand and you can fix your Flyaways like I'll do this when I'm Filming and there's like a rogue hair Sticking up um also if you have your Hair slicked back you can fix the Flyaways around your face so it comes in Like a pack of two I usually just have One by my vanity right there and I'll Throw one in my purse another quick fix Is this cuticle oil I feel like everyone Should have this on hand and maybe you Don't always need it but sometimes I Look down and around my fingernails the Cuticles sometimes there'll be little

Bits of skin or maybe it'll just look Really dry and you can just take this And do little dabs on each finger and it Just quickly absorbs and it just makes Your hands look more attractive now We're going to add some finishing Touches to our outfit sometimes we have A whole outfit put together and we just Want to add some jewelry to you know put The icing on the cake but this is a Magnetic uh necklace layering piece that You can get in yellow gold silver rose Gold I have the version where you can Layer two different necklaces and it's So convenient and it just instantly Makes you look better with like nice Layered jewelry but it just makes your Life so much easier because like Normally this would be really hard to Layer perfectly like put on like it Takes forever to kind of do it this you Just undo snap snap it on literally like That instant it is fantastic you can get Ones where you can layer like three Necklaces or four necklaces I just have The two and it's perfect another Finishing touch that I actually use way More than I expected because I used to Not even have this and now I use it all The time but it's a deodorant removing Sponge and it happens especially when we Wear dark clothing like this black shirt Would be a perfect example when you put It on sometimes you accidentally get

Some deodorant somehow on your shirt uh And this works to get it off literally In 5 seconds um so here's a different Black shirt just as an example the Deodorant was really bad um I'm not even Sure if I would have been able to get That off before and you just rub this on It and it looks good as new brand new Like it never even happened sometimes You grab things out of your closet or You maybe already have something on and You realize oh my goodness this shirt or This sweater or whatever is peeling and So I feel like everyone needs a fabric Shaver in their closet so inexpensive But so great to have this cardigan I've Had for so many years I still wear it All the time and I've been able to keep It in my wardrobe because every so often I will shave off the pills the the the Parts of the sweater that just start to Make it look a little bit ratty and I Can keep wearing this because it Literally turns the shirt or the sweater Or whatever into looking like it's brand New when you're ready to walk out the Door I do suggest maybe Gra grabing a Pair of sunglasses and there's a couple Different pairs that I think make you Look so much better I'm going to link Both of these under this number but First this is what I like to call the Blurring sunglasses there's just Something about the way these are

Designed the gradient of them I I I love That they're $13 cannot recommend them Enough if you kind of go less with your Makeup you can just throw these on and It just they're just so flattering and And they hide any any like crows feet or Any I don't know I just love them now if You want to look a little bit more just Like designer like it makes you look Better and that you just look high-end And Lux these are my Versace inspired Sunglasses such a good price they look So high-end they look so expensive and They are not so everything in this video Will be linked Down Below in the Description box and pinned in the Comment section by the number you saw on Screen Please Subscribe if you're new And I'll see you in my next next one bye