19 *TRENDING* Amazon Products Actually Worth It! Everything is linked here & in the comments!!
1. Lumineux Whitening Strips (21-pack):
Lumineux Strips + Toothpaste Bundle:
Lumineux Mouthwash:
Lumineux Toothbrush:
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2. Romper (S):
3. Levi’s Longer Shorts (25):
4. Adidas Colored Sambas (true to size):
5. Adidas Sambas (size down 1.5 sizes):

6. Crz Yoga Butterluxe:
7. Barrel Jeans:
8. Acrylic Hair Clip:
9. Jumbo Hair Clip:
10. DND Flower Girl:
DND Popsicle:

11. All About Snail Kit:
12. Beef Tallow Cream:
13. Clarins Cyro-Cold Mask:
14. Retinol Eye Stick:
15. Luminizer (Sunglow):

16. Detox Shampoo:
17. Seat Cushion:
18. Owala Water Bottle:
19. Tumbler Lid Organizer:

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Today I'm sharing 19 trending items from Amazon as in everything is growing in Popularity very quickly there's really Good ratings and reviews and everyone's Talking about them so as always I will Link everything down below in the Description Box by the numbers you see On screen as we go along and then I will Also pin everything in the comment Section but first we have the brand Lumino which I'm sure so many of you Already know and love because they do Have the number one best-selling teeth Whitening strips on all of Amazon so I Have teamed up with them for this video Because they offered me a 20% off promo Code to give to you guys so I'm going to Put it here on the screen and another Thing that's just amazing that they've Never done before you can actually stack My promo code with the coupons and extra Savings they already have going on for The product so if you see something with A coupon check it and then stack my code To save even more now I do just want to Say and many of you already know this But I have gone through such a dental Nightmare with my mouth from issues I Had like a decade ago on pregnancy I'm Still dealing with ramifications from That so I rarely ever recommend any Teeth or gentle products because most Brands out there I would never actually Use in my mouth I am extremely picky so

I just want you to know I fully stand Behind lumino I think they are such a Good brand with really great ingredients So anyway back to the whitening strips Their number one product if you're going To try anything I would say give this a Try people always ask me like Jay you Have horrible teeth problems but they Look pretty good and they're really White well because these really do work These are just completely different than Any other whitening strip out there and It's because they don't have peroxide Now peroxide does in fact whiten your Teeth but it leads to sensitivity here's Actually a graphic of what your enamel Will look like after you use regular Whitening strips with peroxide it Temporarily damages your enamel which Then leads to sensitivity and then here Is what it your teeth and your enamal Look like after lumino it's very smooth Smooth it looks great and so they Actually use dead sea salt they use uh Coconut and lemon peel oils to whiten Your teeth it gives a very white Lustrious uh effect to your teeth on day One use one every single day on top and Bottom leave it on for 30 minutes and Then you can brush your teeth afterwards Try not to eat or drink anything for Like about an hour afterwards just so That the effects are even stronger but You will notice such an amazing

Difference after one week and it's not Going to harm your teeth it's not going To cause any sensitivity you can Continue to use these maybe like once a Week just to maintain if you drink like A lot of coffee or wine and then I'm Going to link some of the other products That I love and use every day this is Their whitening toothpaste it has those Same ingredients that are going to help Whiten your teeth and maintain that Every day it also has Xylitol some other Just really good things that are going To help protect your enamel and your Oral microbiome which is a huge deal This is their mouthwash and I feel like Every other mouthwash out there I I Legitimately would never use I would Never recommend it because it strips Your the the good bacteria from your Mouth and this will not this is full of Essential oils aloe vera gel again the Dead Sea salt and it's going to get rid Of the bad bacteria but leave the good In there and then lastly if you just Want a good healthy toothbrush this is Their wooden bamboo toothbrush with Super soft bristles that are actually Made from castor oil so I will have Everything linked down below under Number one be sure to use that promo Code at checkout for 20% off next we Have this Romper that I am wearing that Is extremely popular very suddenly it's

Trending um it's very inspired by Free People free people has one that is way More expensive this looks identical on Amazon I noticed that it is on sale Right now there's a coupon you can check To save money but it is so comfy and Casual and easy at first I hated it Though when I pulled it out of the bag I Thought it looked just really stupid Josh was like what the heck is this he Thought it was like a nursing smok thing But then you put it on it's so cute it's Just easy comfy um you can like Lounge In the house in it you could throw on Sneakers and like a hat and a cross body Bag and run errands and I realized Literally like 10 minutes ago that you Can wear it whichever way you want so Today I have it on with the higher Neckline and then there is like a V cut In the back so it's kind of a pretty Back but if you want to actually put the V cut in the front and have a lower Neckline that actually works too and you Can wear it whichever way you want and Then the pock to be in the back kind of Like you're wearing pants so anyway There's tons of colors as always I am Wearing a size small it is a little bit Oversized but such a good summer piece To just slip on and then these shorts Are very trending as well they are the Levi 501 style which are the ones that I Shared in a recent video but those were

The classic version these are the longer Version which let me just say they're so Flattering like they are so flattering I Love that they're a teeny bit longer Than typical shorts which again is on Trend but you just feel more comfortable In them they're not so long that they Look masculine and unflattering but They're not too short where you don't Feel comfortable in them they're just Such a perfect length and the 501 Style Just hugs your hips so well your Waistline they make your butt look Really good I did get them in the black The black color with some uh distressing On it but there's tons of options to Choose from next we have two pairs of Shoes that are very much trending you've Seen them everywhere and I have two Options for you so I'll link them under Different numbers because they are in Fact very different styles but these are The colored Somas so we're seeing Somas Which are the classic soccer shoe from Years ago they come in they come out They come in they come out they're very Much in right now but these are the Colored ones where you can get them in Red blue I picked up green I really like Them they're just a nice pop of color to Any outfit you can actually dress them Up you can dress them down and be really Casual you can do whatever you want with Them I actually think they look really

Really nice with those shorts that I Just showed you so they are true to size I'm typically an eight these fit me Perfectly but then I want to share the Classic Somas now I do have a lot to say About these so this is obviously the More classic color palette you can get Them either in like the the classic White or the black um but these are a Little bit easier to style I would say Just because of the neutral tones but I Did get them in the men's version Because believe it or not you can Actually save a lot of money if you get Them in a men's shoe and size down one And a half sizes so that's like fun fact I'm an eight but I got these in a six And a half and I saved like $40 so keep that in mind I will link This down below but these are the Classic soccer shoes for men meaning Like this huge tongue right here helps To kick the ball better and so it's it's Just different than these but you save Money with these but they're different So anyway I'm going to link these if you Want to give them a go and save money And kind of use that weird sizing Conversion okay so there is this brand On Amazon it's called CRZ yoga and they Are very much trending right now but Specifically their butter Lux line for Being identical to Lululemon so I ended Up ordering a few pieces to try and I

Ended up getting like this bright red Like tomato red color just because I Have so much black and the color is Beautiful but their piece is really Really are buttery and just high quality Feeling but a fraction of the price Compared to Lulu um my assistant Katie Actually felt it too and was like oh Yeah these definitely feel identical to Lemon so I also got the this tank top Which has a fully double Lin built-in Bra and it just looks so smoothing and It looks really nice so if you are into Athleisure and maybe really like Lululemon give this brand a try on Amazon tons of color options but the Quality is really good so this next item Is so trending that I couldn't even Order them and get it in time to film This video and I was prepping for this Video a long time ago but they are Barrel jeans have you heard of barrel Jeans I'm sure some of you have because Again very much trending right now um so I will just like insert a photo this is What they look like they're they're kind Of like in the shape of a barrel like a Bubble Barrel um this particular style Has a lot of positive reviews like Everyone really likes them they come in A lot of different color washes I feel Like it's totally a style that you're Either going to love or hate I'm sure a Lot of you are hating it right now

Because it is kind of weird it's it's Just different I'm not sure if I like it Or not that's why I really wanted to Order them to see what I thought but I Do think the positive would be that They're just a relaxed comfortable fit And they I do think they're going to Make your waist look a little bit Smaller so again I will link them if You're interested moving along to some Accessories that are very trending Starting with this it's a hair clip with Cherry gemstones all over it I mean it Is it is super cute but it it blew up in Popularity because of a Tik Tok chck Star named Pooky I do not follow her I'm Sure she's great but apparently this Blew up because she always wears it in Her hair and everyone's buying it so This is really cute would never hold all Of my hair so then I went on the hunt Like I was on a mission with this guys Because hair clips in general are so on Trend and every time I'm out in the wild And I see a girl or a woman just with a Casual hair clip just in her hair Walking to the bank I want that I can't Get it because I have so much hair it's Really long it's a good problem to have But every time I have ordered a hair CLP And I've I've gone down many paths Nothing holds all my hair until I Finally found these they are jumbo they Are massive they are strong I can just

Twirl up my hair and it holds it every Time it's so easy this has been a game Changer this is a four pack I just got The neutral pack of colors but there's Some other fun bright colors if you want To go that route instead such a good Price sometimes I twirl up my hair and I Have the ends hanging out and flowing Out sometimes I'll twist it enough that It's more just all kind of in the hair Clip which I like that style as as well But if you have a lot of hair or maybe You just have thick hair you need to try These it will actually work for you now Your nails are also kind of accessories You take them everywhere you go so I Wanted to share two specific nail colors That are very on Trend right now and They're both from the same Professional Nail Polish brand which is DND you can Just get it on Amazon when I used to get My nails done at a salon now my Assistant Katie does them and she's even Better but um I would always see this Brand at the nail salon and now that's All we order and we get all all the Colors from Amazon so the two most Popular colors right now are flower girl Which is a really pretty pink color it's Going to look great on everybody um I Can link it below obviously and you can Click around and look at all the other Colors that are just beautiful I'm Telling you this is such a good quality

Brand and then the the color popsicle Which is very different but it is a Bright red kind of like an orangey red Color really really vibrant and great For spring and summer I haven't ordered This yet but I really want to just click Around and and see what other Shades you Might like because every pack comes with Both a regular nail polish and a gel Polish so you kind of have your bases Covered with both versions depending on What you prefer now if you've watched my Videos at all youve absolutely seen me Recommending the snail muin Essence on Amazon obviously that's very viral Popular very trending um so I wanted to Actually recommend to you guys to Potentially try if you haven't already The allabout snail kit so this is all of Their four best-selling snail products So you get the snail Muse and Essence Which is their number one bestsell their Snail mcin Gel Cleanser their peptide Eye cream and then they're allinone Moisturizing cream which is also another One of my favorites so this is a really Really good price now they there's four Things like I said in the travel size But I just want to say their products Last so freaking long that even though They're they're smaller they're not even Like that small but they're they're not The full size like you should just get This and see what you think it's like a

Good little starter kit that's going to Last you like forever and then you can Kind of try out all of their best Sellers and then if you want to reorder Something in the in the future you can But I've just talked about that product So much or those products so much that When I found that they had this new kit I I just I don't know I want to throw it Out there for those of you that haven't Tried it yet and you could experiment With this instead I'm so excited I Finally found this product on Amazon so It is a very on Trend product but Usually you can only buy it at local Farms or maybe like a little Boutique if You have one in your neighborhood but if You don't where the heck do you buy this So it is whipped Tallow cream so it's Derived from animal fat like cows but it Is 100% Grass-fed uh beef Tallow but it's Amazing for your skin you use it like Lotion and it's so much healthier than Regular lotion it has really good Vitamins for your skin all it is is the Tallow and then the one I did get from Amazon is their scented version with oil Frankincense essential oil there's a few Other essential oils that just give it a Nicer smell they do have an unscented Version if you want to try that but just Warning you it's kind of has a little Beefy scent to it so I do prefer the

Scented version but it's just such a Healthier lotion in my opinion and this Is a small business on Amazon Handcrafted in Ohio and it's run by a Husband and a wife now this next product Was a shocking one to me because I I've Said this so many times skincare is so Boring to me nothing ever really Wows me But this was something I was not Expecting it is their was clearance it's Their cryo flash cream mask and so it's This green mask you put on your skin and Cryotherapy is like cold therapy so when You put this on your skin you'll Instantly notice like how cold it is but It stays cold and it's like really weird But like really good at the same time And you leave it on for 10 minutes and At the end of the 10 minutes you'll see Some of the product has kind of absorbed Into your skin but you'll wash the rest Of it off and then your skin stays cold For like a few hours afterwards but like Again in a really good way and the best Part is you do notice a visible lifting Effect and tightening of your skin that Lasts for a long time and and again this Is like a 10 minute like before and After difference like if you click the Link below read the reviews even just on Amazon like every single review some Like people are saying that this is a Product that they will continually Repurchase okay last skincare thing and

This is a really trending product but I Just like it out of pure convenience so It's by the brand V and it is a retinol Eye stick but it kind of looks like a Lip balm it's not it goes under your Eyes but I actually like to just keep it In my nightstand and rather than like Dabbing on the eye cream I don't know It's like all these steps that I just I I do not like skincare I will keep this In my nightstand and before bed I always Put on some lip balm or lip butter and I'll Whip this out kind of like a ChapStick but it's not and I'll just Like put it under my eyes and I like Actually ually stay on track with using Retinol under my ey so if again you read The reviews people very consistently see A big before and after with their under Eyes in only 3 to four weeks after using This this is a luminizer it's by the Brand I don't even know how you say it Say uh but you can get it at Sephora you Can get it on Amazon like it's a really Good brand but it is their luminizer and I'm pretty sure it's like really what They're known for and I have never tried It but I finally did and I got the shade Sunlow I think they've got two colors One that's a little bit lighter and one That's more of like a bronzy color and That's the one I got Sunglow and it's so Versatile it's really unique there's a Lot of different ways you can actually

Use it so let me just explain how I like To use it but you could do whatever I Actually like to put my foundation on First and then I will take one pump of This and kind of blend it in over top of My foundation and it gives such a nice Luminous glow to my skin but in such a Natural way it's subtle noticeable it's Not sparkly it's it's not going to Really change the color of your Foundation or anything it's just it's so Nice but a lot of other people actually If you've got like Perfect Skin you can Actually just use it alone just put it Over your your your regular skin and It's going to give you a nice little Filter luminous effect some people will Then proceed to put foundation over top Of it and then it'll be a little bit More subtle you can even put it on your Shoulders you can put it on your neck it Is it's it's really good last beauty Product and then we're going to move on To some like random stuff but this is by The brand whey and it is their detox Shampoo and it was very trending that's Really the only reason I ordered it I Feel like I have so many shampoos and Conditioners truly but um I ordered it Because it was so popular and I do think It is just like a good detoxifying Shampoo it's going to kind of like strip All the like product buildup from your Hair but leave your hair still not

Feeling dried out a lot of other detox Shampoos I don't even like to use Because it's hard to brush my hair Afterwards I feel like it kind of strips Too much of the natural oils and that Doesn't do that at all like this is like Just a a really good product if if you Feel like you need it as I mentioned Next we have random just like bizarre Things that are so viral and trending Right now this is called The Comfy life It's a seat cushion with over 100,000 positive reviews this thing is Like popping off and you sit your little Tushy on it um but it comes in different Colors but it's so gushy and there are Some like things on the bottom to kind Of keep it in place but you just sit it Down in whatever chair you sit in a lot Like your desk chair at work maybe your Home office maybe your vanity you can Even put it in your car I think um but You just sit it down and it's just Ergonomically amazing and it's great for People's back like their lower back just Their overall posture I ordered it and I I do think it's great but Josh is the One that's definitely stealing this Because he does have back problems so Apparently the water bottle Tumblr brand Aala is the new Stanley Cup who knew so I ended up ordering this and it was just Perfect timing because my son Paxton Actually needed a new water bottle for

School so he picked this color out he Just wanted plain black but they have Some really fun colors different combo Colors all the different sizes that you Want and the price is definitely better Than Stanley however it's very unique It's completely different than any other Water bottle I've seen so it is Stainless steel though it's going to Keep your hot liquid's hot your cold Liquid's cold for so long it is a 100% Leak proof lid you hit or you can like Carry it like this if you want and then You hit this button it pops open and Then there's two forms of spouts it's Really interesting so there is a straw That you can connect and use and Literally just like sip like a straw or There's the regular spout and even while The straw is in there you can have it in Or out you can actually just like chug Water like normal if that's your Preference it's or you can just kind of Go back and forth between the two so It's really unique and different it Locks really well you can carry it Easily um and the price is really good Now if you do have a lot of Stanley Cups Or simple modern cups or Tumblers or Whatever a lot of us have the annoying Lids just like floating around in our Kitchen cabinets well this metal lid Holder or organizer is so popular right Now and it's the best I ordered it it's

Great uh you literally just stick it to The top of a shelf in a cabinet and you Can slide on the tumbler lids and it Just keeps everything in place you can Find exactly what you're looking for and I just feel like everyone should have it If you have a lot of water bottles so That is everything guys it'll all be Linked Down Below in the description box Don't forget about lumino and my 20% off Promo code that will work for all of Their products thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you in my next one Bye