19 Viral TIKTOK Products ACTUALLY Worth It! Everything is linked here & in the comments!!
1. Light Pink Long Sleeve(M):
These tops are BETTER!:
2. Nose Mask:
3. DIBS Duo Brush:
Dual Ended Bronzer Stick (shade 2.5):
4. Vanity Makeup Brush Organizer:
5. NYX Brow Glue:
6. Double Layer Makeup Bag:
7. Diagonal Zipper Makeup Bag:
Woven version:
8. The UnBrush:
Tangle Teezer Brush:
9. COLOR WOW Raise the Root Thicken + Lift Spray:
MEGA Round Brush:
10. Thermal Hot Brush Tool :
11. Stepper Machine:
12. Alo-Inspired Sports Top (S):
13. Electric Spin Scrubber Brush:
14. The Criss Cross Chair:
15. Selfie Light:
16. Anker Power Bank:
17. Oil Pulling:
18. 6-Pack of Socks:
Chunky Loafers:
19. RayBan Inspired Sunglasses:

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These are viral products that have blown Up on Tik Tok that are actually worth it There's a few things though that I think Are horrible and I'm going to say do not Buy but for the most part every single Thing in this video is freaking good so I'm sure a lot of you are all over Tik Tok and you've seen these and you're Curious about them other people maybe You never are on Tik Tok and you don't Even know these products exist so Everything will be linked Down Below in The description box a lot of things you Can actually just get from Amazon I'll Also pin everything in the comment Section by the numbers you see on screen But first we have this light pink long Sleeve shirt that is just all over my Tik Tok page and so I finally ordered it It is just from Amazon and it's one of The products in the video that I'm like Eh this one like I'm just on the fence Like it's not bad but I don't think it's The best either when I move I can see Like it it wrinkles a little bit however I am impressed that it is such a light Color and you don't really see through It and it's not even double line like it Is just a nice thin material I do have a Nude bra on it does come in other colors I do think the price is really good it's Like $20 I'm also just so you know going To link another brand from Amazon that I've recommended in the past where

Everything is super smoothing double Lined nothing wrinkles or bunches they Are so much better than this and they Come in short sleeve long sleeve Bodysuits tank tops anything you could Imagine not sponsored I'm just saying Like those those are better than this Okay next we have something that I was Really hesitant about because it is a Pore strip type of product you know like The Bor pore strips that I think are Really stupid you put the strips on your Nose you pull it off it gets Gunk and People are like my pores are gone which It's totally not it's just Gunk and Steum in your nose um and then a few Hours later it can come back well this Is similar to that but it's like times 10 this is so much more powerful than Beor so it comes with a tub that is like Really white and sticky it's almost like Glue and you put it on your nose and Then you put pieces of like a piece of Paper comes with a whole stack of paper Put a piece of paper on your nose let it Dry for 5 seconds it gets really really Hard then you pull it off and it almost Made me cry not like actually cry but it Made my eyes water because again so much More powerful I tried to show what came Out of my nose and it definitely was a Lot um it was more than like what the Camera is really picking up but the Reason I'm having positive thoughts

About this is I literally noticed all Day Even when I washed my face later that Night how much smoother my nose really Was and I just never got that with the B Strips next we have a makeup brand that Is so viral on Tik Tok it's the brand Dibs I think this might be the only Items in the entire video that you Actually cannot get on Amazon you would Just have to go directly to their site Which I can link them um but I would say The most viral product is their Dual-ended brush I mean this I mean I Think it's available finally but for Months and months and months and months As soon as it came in stock it was sold Out and then you would get on a weight List and then you try to get it and it's Really because of this particular end it It has two ends but this one is a little Bit more angled and it's it just Literally Blends everything to Perfection like truly Next Level this I Like it's so worth it for literally just This brush this one disappoints me a Little bit because you would think it Would be amazing because it is like a Big fluffy brush but I find that I never Reach for it because it's almost too Flimsy like I feel like it doesn't Actually like it's hard to explain until You have it in your hand like it needs To be a little bit more firm to really

Move around product and set your face And whatnot and then they're also Extremely well known for their Dual-ended bronzer stick and blush stick So I will link this specific shade that I have but you can get so many different Color combos and they are so buttery and It works so well together it's one of Those things where you just like put Some on your face barely even need to Blend it and you are suddenly just a Glowy goddess speaking of makeup brushes Though I wanted to share this makeup Brush organizer that you know I don't Think I would have discovered on Amazon Had I not seen it all over Tik Tok and Just keep in mind I got it in green Because I want to put it in the cabin There's a specific spot where I do my Makeup in the cabin where this green Color will work perfectly in that room It's kind of vintage but anyway it comes In clear and different shades which I Can show you so don't feel like you need To get it in green but I love how it can Sit on your desk or your vanity or in Your bathroom and hold your makeup Brushes but conceal them and so when You're not using them it just looks more Chic and stylish and cool I don't know I Just love this product so much and again It just stores everything so easily had I not seen literally everyone raving About this brow glue I definitely would

Not have tried it first of all it's only $6 but there are like 25,000 fstar reviews for this brow glue And it is clear but it works so much Better than any other brow glue I've Tried and I've spent like 20 25 $30 on Products like this in the past just get This you just put it in your brows you Can manipulate your brows to to lay Exactly how you want you literally just Like kind of glue them in place and it It stays all day since we're talking About makeup though I wanted to share This viral makeup bag that at first was Very lackluster to me although there is A cute quote on it it says life is a Journey the simpler the happier but then I unzipped it and then I was impressed Because it has an interesting wire top To it so that it opens and stays open Really wide it's it's just different Than a typical toiletry bag that has a Top zipper and you have to dig and it's Hard to see what's inside this is way Easier and more functional now I also Love how the bottom has a separate Compartment specifically for makeup Brushes so there is a flap and then you Can even store other things and it keeps It keeps them separated so there's a Spot for everything now even though this Is very viral there is another viral Makeup bag that I prefer even better I Have shared it before it's the diagonal

Zipper version and I love it so much I Actually have it in two versions this One is more squishy and moldable this One is more firm um but you'll see here When I unzip it it's magic the diagonal Zipper allows you to really open it wide And you see everything so much better so We have made it to the worst product and This one was the most shocking to me Because it's actually the product that I Saw the very most all over Tik Tok for Over a year every other video that I Would scroll to would be somebody Promoting the unbrush and so I did have High expectations I ordered it and People would just Glide it through their Hair saying it's the best brush on the Face of the planet because it would just Glide through any Tangles they it was Voodoo it was magic they didn't know how It worked and so that's what I did I Started at the top I tried to go down Immediately no um which is fine I Decided to then you know start at the Bottom work my way up like you're Supposed to do still no every single Tangle it would get stuck on I don't Think this is good at all do not buy it If you're in the market for for a brush That literally does glide through your Hair with wet hair dry hair whatever get The tangle teaser I will link this as Well um I mean you could you could you Could get this there's one pro I don't

Think it's worth it still but because There's no back to this you can put your Blow dryer on the back and it does help To blow dry your hair so there's that Angle I just still don't think that this Is really anything special but this is Another viral hair product that is so Worth it is the color well raise the Root it's a thickening and lifting spray To give your hair volume at the root and It works really really well so you can Use this on damp hair and again just Spray it at the root blow dry your hair You can you know style it however you Want but it's going to give you a lot of Extra volume it's not going to make your Hair greasy it kind of just I guess adds A little I don't know oomph or grip to Your hair I guess but I'm just very Impressed with it so then I started Using it on dry hair and I'm going to Link this Mega big round brush that I Did get on Amazon so freaking good Together so I will use this on dry hair Like I said with my curtain bangs and Then I will take my big honken round Brush it's it's a talene brush so it It's like a ceramic and ion thing I'll Take my hair dryer on like a higher heat Setting and it takes like 5 seconds but I'll use this and wow together it makes My like I have a lot of hair so my hair Tends to just be brought down and like Weigh down like it is today but if I use

These together it just lifts and it Perfect combo now this hot hair tool I Saw almost as much as the unbrush on Tik Tok but this is actually worth it it Really surprised me at how well it does Work because it is different than a lot Of the other hot brushes you see out There because most of them you use from Wet to dry like it it dries your hair Essentially it's really loud and Difficult to use this is quiet because You do use this on dry hair but the Barrel gets pretty darn hot and then There are bristles and you can Straighten you can smooth out your hair You can kind of curl your hair at the End you can really add volume and kind Of add some lift to the top of your hair As well it's so easy to use the price Point is great if you don't have Anything like this I would suggest maybe Giving it a try moving along to a viral Stair stepper which I would hold it here For you but it's so freaking heavy it is Sitting over there on the other side of My living room but another product that I was skeptical about and here's what it Looks like hopefully you're seeing in The footage like it is this machine that You can move really anywhere you want in The house and you step on it and there's Also bungee cords for an additional arm Workout and you can change change the Intensity like how you know how hard it

Is to step on and it can time you it can Do different things but obviously here I'm using it it gives you a darn good Workout so again I didn't know what to Expect but I do think it is a great Purchase if you want to elevate your Workout at the comfort of your own home I guess why I'm really impressed with it Is because you can do this while you're Watching a movie or a show you can Easily put it in a closet somewhere and A lot of people are really into those Huge walking pads which I think are Great but they are way bigger but this You can move around wherever and you can Step on it or you can get a full body Workout oh and in that clip I was Actually wearing something that's viral So it is this bra or workout tank top That is so similar almost identical to The aloe streamline tank top so just get This in de I think it's great I love the Way it looks like I think it's just Really stylish it comes in So Many Colors the price is great definitely a Cute top if you do like to work out even If you don't just get it and wear it With some leggings and it's a really Cute outfit and then we have the Electric scrubber brush which is so Viral on Tik Tok it's viral on Amazon It's viral on Instagram I mean literally Everywhere if you do not have this I'm Telling you you should get it it's going

To make your life so much easier when it Comes comes to cleaning it literally Does all the work for you and I think This one specifically is the most Powerful one I have tried and I actually Have a few of them it comes with Different attachments this one is a Little bit more pointy and it can get in All the the corners this one's more flat I I use this in my kitchen my bathroom I Use it on Windows I use it on my Baseboards I use it in the basement I Use it outside I mean the list goes on And on and on it I mean you just turn on There's different settings there's Different again attachments like it is Is just so good and I love it this next Item is really interesting to me because It's called the crisscross chair which I'm sure some of you know exactly what I'm talking about and others are totally Clueless but the reason this particular Chair has blown up in popularity is Because it is very wide so when you sit Down you know it doesn't have the Armrest but when you sit down it allows You to sit with your legs cross like the Crisscross sitting position exactly how I'm sitting right now it's just extra Comfortable for me to do that but when I'm sitting in an office chair I usually Can't because of the armrest so this Does come in white and beige and other Colors as well I went with the beige

Just because I wanted it down in that Particular Studio where you're seeing it Thought that color would look the best On there so I'm really happy with the Quality of it you can raise it and lower It it does not have wheels at the bottom Which M might be a pro it might be a con For me it was actually a pro because I Don't like like rolling around too I Want it to be stationary so that was Great for me overall I'm very impressed With this chair it's just really really Comfortable now this is the viral selfie Light which is probably extra popular on Tik Tok because many people on that Platform are filming themselves with Their phones now I still think this Thing is really great for a lot of other People too because all you do is clip it Onto your phone and it instantly makes You look so much better so I want to Show you kind of like a before and after After so this is me using my phone it Could be for FaceTime it could be for Instagram taking a photo it could be for Stories whatever but you know I it's Dark it's dim it shows more fine lines And wrinkles the second you turn on this Selfie light it's I'm instantly brighter It it makes my skin look better it just Makes the quality of the video or the Photo way better and this particular Selfie light the one that is viral it Does have three modes there's a white

Light that's very bright then there is a Warm light and then there's a mix of Both so depending on what room you're in You can pick whichever makes you look The best in that setting now this is a Portable phone charger by the brand Anchor which is the best of the best and I don't think I would have realized how It's so different than the rest had it Not been for Tik Tok so this is one Where it is magnetic so it just Instantly sticks to the back of your Phone and it's really strong so you Don't have to plug it in or anything and You can just kind of Take It On the Go And it's really easy but another feature Is the fact that it has this like flap Thing on the back that if you fold it it Turns into a phone stand and so I really Think this is great if you're on an Airplane and you want to watch a show or Something or maybe you're at home and You're doing your makeup and you just Want to prop up your phone and watch Some Netflix while you're getting ready But also be charging your phone it's Just really different um but it's also Very powerful oil pulling has blown up On Tik Tok and this specific one with Which I completely agree with but I'm so Excited oil pulling has grown in Popularity recently because I've been Saying for years how amazing it can be For your dental health and I have so

Much experience in this particular Category but oil pulling can really help With cavities it can help with gum Disease and getting rid of the bad Bacteria so your gums don't bleed it Helps with sensitivity it helps with Your enamel it helps with bad breath I Mean the list goes on and on this stuff Is amazing and I think this is the best Because it is coconut oil But it also has added essential oils That are really good for your mouth like Clove oil which gets rid of bacteria um There's also mint and spearmint so that It tastes good and it's easier to do There's also minerals in here which are Good for your teeth there's vitamin d And vitamin K this is just a really good Formula and you just put it in your Mouth and you swish it back and forth While you're watching a show um you Could even do it in in the shower but Try to do it for at least 10 minutes and You can even do it up to 20 minutes and Then just spit it in the garbage not Directly down a drain just because it is Oil so it could overtime clog your drain Believe it or not a pack of socks is Super viral and I actually completely Agree I've had these for the last three Or four months and they are the socks That I continue to reach for because of This specific style so first of all they Are a six-pack of socks in very neutral

Colors I think you can get them in fun Bright colors but the neutral ones are The most popular and there's Whit but There's also different shades of beige And then brown but they're the perfect Height so they're a little bit higher on Your ankle and so I find that I wear Them with my ug boots I also love Wearing them with my chunky loafers so They achieve that style that you often See on Instagram or Pinterest where you Can wear socks with shoes I know some People would never want to do this but I Do think it looks really cute and these Are the socks that allow you to do that And then we have these Ray Ban inspired Sunglasses which I think have blown up Because they are so similar to the Actual real Rayband sunglasses but these Are like 20 bucks and I mean even the Case is really sturdy and nice and then When you open them they really look like Ray bands it says proam so like it's Obviously not the same but the quality They feel a little bit heavy they don't Feel cheap or chintzy here's what I look Like wearing they're just like the Classic aviators with the nice gradient Lenses I think there there's definitely Like a lot of different options as far As coloring and and styles and whatnot But so good at a fraction of the price I Mean rayb bands are hundreds of dollars You should just get these if you love

Them maybe later you could splurge on The real ones but I don't even think You'll want to because these are such Great quality everything I shared in This video will be linked Down Below in The description box and I'll also pin Everything in the comment section by the Numbers you saw on screen so please Subscribe if you haven't already and I Will see you in my next one bye