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Hi guys welcome back to another video so Today I'm sharing my 20 best fashion Purchases of 2023 and I make this video Every single year because I love Recapping and sharing with you guys what Items again have been my best fashion Purchases what's worth it what's worth The investment some items that I found That are great quality but at a Affordable price that I've been wearing A ton this year as always I'll have Everything linked down below according To the number that you see on screen and Let's go ahead and hop right in let's go Ahead and start with what I'm wearing Which guys I got to say I feel totally Out of my comfort zone in a YouTube Video right now because I usually wear Like jeans a nice shirt I usually get a Little bit more dressed up so it feels Really weird for me filming with Loungewear on I do love this set and I Also kind of wanted this video to be a Little bit more casual a little bit more Relaxed this is a lounge set I got from Vley so I was debating whether to put in This video because this is a recent Purchase but I completely recommend like This set from vley specifically this is The only item I've ever tried from the Material is the least fussiest material That I probably have in my entire Wardrobe which is amazing because this Is more of like loungewear something I

Wear at home it is incredibly so low Maintenance I it's just honestly Shocking for me because at first I was Putting in the washer letting it air dry Cuz I was really nervous how it do in The dryer the heck of it I want to tell My YouTube subscribers like how the Washing and everything works like if it Does pay in the dryer so I literally Just put this with my dark clothes like Normal I don't do delicate wash I don't Put this in a mesh bag or anything I Don't do anything funky with it Literally just throw it in like I did With all my other clothes and then I Just throw it straight into the dryer All with my other clothes this is it Just out of the dryer I mean it is like I purchased it when it came in the mail It is perfect you guys sick of seeing This sweater yet personally I'm not this Is the Alexa sweater from saon out of All the sweaters striped sweaters I Should say that I got this year I would Say this one's my favorite um it's the Splurges one unfortunately but the Quality is there the style is there the Fit is incredible it's just a CL classic That'll stay in your closet literally Forever it's just so stunning like just Like all the detailed work how it fits So pran and just really elegant and Chic And stylish I wear it with all the Different outerwear pieces I wear on its

Own with so many different bottoms it's Like such a classic that goes with Literally everything and works for most Seasons of the year so this was by far One of the best purchases and then a Couple other saon items well this is the Same thing just um a white version and a Floral pattern this is the clo blouse One the why I'm putting this video is Because it is so elegant so Chic I wore It so much this year considering I Purchased it this year like in the Spring and I even got it in a second Color the same year because of just how Incredible it is it is one of the most Petite friendly finds that I found from Suzon and just for a blouse in general Like it fits perfectly in the sleeve Length the length of it as well I love The ruffle detail again it's just like French looking all the detailed work is Just incredible definitely a best Purchase I even went back for a second One which I normally try not to do that But this was just an item I kept wearing Over and over again so I wanted to have Another one in my collection okay who Remembers this halter dress that I Shared in the summer this is from Amazon Very inexpensive comes in many colors And this out of all the dresses I Purchased this year this is my favorite One I think this is the cheapest one I Purchased this year too it is so petite

Friendly the strap here is adjustable You wear a strapless bra with it very Flowy and just elegant and and I know I'm I'm going to be sharing some summer Pieces because I'm including everything You know from beginning of the year to The end of the year what I purchased so Some of it may be in stock some of it Out of stock so if you have any Vacations coming up in the winter grab This dress Thank Me Later do you guys Remember when I was so obsessed with the Abocom be utility rompers that I got it In three colors I literally am trying Not to do this even I mean this is just Contradicting that statement but this I Try not doing it too much but I mean I Feel like if you wear something so often And it really makes sense for your Lifestyle there's obviously see nothing Wrong with grabbing in multiples because I wore these all the time in the summer I just kept rotating the color such an Easy outfit to throw on I mean it's a Romper I put this on put on some Chic Pair of uh slides and I'm good to go I Would go on walks with the kids wearing These I felt so put together and stylish Next up is an accessory that I purchased In the summer it's this bag from mango I'm pretty sure it's out of stock but if You're going to be looking for a straw Bag a beautiful one for next summer I Highly recommend checking out Mango's

Site they always come out with a cheest And most beautiful like straw bags every Year this one I loved because it has Like this leather detail it's a cross Body style it's not too big not too Small fit like all my essentials this Was probably my most worn purse in the Summer because um it just literally went With everything I wore this with my Rompers or with my halter dress all Summer that was just like my uniform Next stuff are these gorgeous skirts From storett I love these I mean Definitely one of my favorite skirt Purchases of this entire year it's Petite friendly it's so flirty girly and Fun and there's built-in shorts on the Inside so it's much more wearable easier To wear throughout the day skirt also Comes in I think a couple other colors But I got the black and like the light Beige color so easy to wear in style and Transition to season to season I'm Definitely wearing the black one more Often in the fall and winter with like Fleece line tights regular tights Depending how cold it is okay I got a Lot of items from Quint this year one of My favorite pieces that I got from them Is their featherweight cashmere sweater They're such amazing layering pieces Because I love how they're not super Thick so they're really easy to layer It's 100% Kashmere so it keeps me so

Warm and again easy to layer so I wore This a lot with like my skirts trousers Jeans it's just a really great basic you Can dress up in so many different ways So I have it in this like beautiful Brown color I also got the Henley Version in Black I've been wearing those On repeat constantly they actually wash Really easy I just threw it in my wash Like normal I didn't do like a delicate Setting I probably should have to be Honest but it came out looking fabulous But do that to your own risk I did it it Kept the sweater looking fabulous is This gorgeous set from goelia well it's Not a set that comes together you buy it Separately but I'm putting this in the Same number because they have the same Pattern same style and they work really Well together so these wol shorts have Been my favorite wardrobe Staples since I got them in love the color I love the Style I always mentioned the button Placement so flattering makes your Waistline look smaller because the Buttons taper into your waistline Perfect for petites lined on the inside These are 100% wool great set it has a Very subtle hering bone pattern to it And it's just so stunning and I'm really Hoping they come out with more of these Wool shorts in more colors if they come Out with black I'm literally going to Purchase it immediately because these

Are worn so much with like my black Tights and knee high boots another piece From goelia that I'm obsessed with is This colorless wool jacket it just goes With everything I love having a shorter Leg like black jacket like this so Elegant so Chic quality is incredible Goes with so many different things like Literally everything it's warm it is Unlined and it's a thinner wool coat but I love that it comes a little bit more Relaxed in the fit so you can easily Layer thicker knits underneath it I've Styled it so many times for you guys I'm So glad I came across this it's like one Of my favorite coats that I got this Year another coat is this abomi blanket Coat it has made it to my best purchases List the reason why I put this instead Of my mango one is because this one is a Little bit thicker so it keeps you much Warmer and it's more petite friendly Than the mango version I've been Recommending for a couple years even Though I still wear and love the mango Coat I just keep grabbing this one more Because of how petite friendly it is and It's just looks really flattering it's Not too long and it's not too oversized A lot of times blanket coats like this Can look really frumpy on a petite Because naturally the style of this coat Is more loose relaxed but this one is Done really well so where it like fits

Me and this is actually a regular size Double extra small and a regular fits Well in the shoulder sleeve length is Pretty good length of the jacket is Wonderful love the color it comes in a Couple other colors and then I stumbled Upon this beautiful printed uh Hound Tooth coat it's fully lined on the Inside it's thick it's warm and I love The print I have you know I have a lot Of really beautiful Adare pieces that Are in a solid color and I'm so happy That I picked up a printed version Because a lot of outfits and wardrobe Pieces that I have are in a solid color Not printed it's nice to elevate like a Really simple outfit with a printed Outerwear piece like this that's in a Classic fit classic style so it goes With so many different things I also Love the colors in it it has like a very Subtle burgundy hint to it dark forced Green brown and black like the color Combination has done so well that you Can wear all those colors with it it'll Look so freaking stunning and then Another one of my favorite sweater Purchases this year I shared this Already so many times it's probably Annoying at this point but it's this Beautiful one by Lily silk uh this is a 70% wool 30% cash it keeps me so Freaking warm and I think one of the Reasons why I love it is this collar

It's like a little bit whiter but it's Ribbed but not a turtleneck but not a Crew neckline it's like in between but It's done so well where it looks so Flattering I feel like a lot of times if The collar is in between a crew neck and A turtleneck can look a little funny but Not in this case this has done really Well okay so I got some bottoms here That have been my favorite purchases This year so for jeans to have about my Favorite purchases this year so the a Goldie Riley jeans and then the aboc Cari Ultra high-rise 90 straight uh so Two totally different in price the Goldies are designer Jean the ABI is ABI They feel so similar in quality like Very very similar I would say the a Goldie is a little bit softer and a Little bit thinner uh the Abes is like More stiff more rigid quality of both of Them are fantastic the fit is pretty Similar I would say the Goldies are more Straight leg I would say maybe um um They have a little bit more of a looser Fit on me comparing it to the abber Cromie jeans honestly I love them both So much it's hard for me to like pick a Favorite I'm really impressed though With the abber combi so if you've been Wanting you know a really good denim Jean at a reasonable price especially I Would recommend getting it on sale orami Version I think is a really good one to

Try out just depending on your budget Your personal preference if I need more Jeans I would check out AB comi first Because I would save much more money Getting another pair of jeans and the Quality is incredible but a Goldies also Absolutely fabulous especially this Color I feel like honestly you guys it's Really hard to find a really good Lightwash color to be honest I'm not a Big fan of like a lot of the aboc cromi Light wash color jeans that's why I Gravitate more towards the Goldies Because the color is just a classic Beautiful blue color and then as far as Pants so these two have been my favorite Purchases for pants this year uh the Quint version and then the everlane Dream pant so they're very different From each other so the everland dream Pant is much heavier it's thicker it's Great for fall and winter especially Winter I mean it's like it'll keep you Really warm the pockets are really deep They feel like a sweatpant but look like A trouser so they have the seams going Down in the front they have the back Pockets here so they really look like Pant a trouser but they feel like a Sweatpant which makes them perfect for Travel for work so you stay comfortable And look very very put together and Dressed up for the day then the quin's Version these I would say probably look

A little bit more dressy and they're More petite friendly in my opinion and These are more of like a midrise too These have more of like that true Dressed up pant feel uh there's like a Little elastic in the back so it's nice And stretchy I'm wearing them in a size Two I would say they're true to size the Inseam length is great I'm 5' one for Reference so um I love them both if I Want to be extra comfy I'll go for the Everlines especially if it's cooler Outside and then the Quin version I like That it's like a little bit more dressed Up and it also has Deep Pockets next up Are these gorgeous riding boots I Literally like one of the best purchases Ever I'm so glad I came across these Especially the price was so decent I was Able to get them on sale which was so Cool the hardware here I was looking for A writing boot that had a some kind of a Hardware just to kind of elevate a Little bit more I just didn't want it to Look tacky uh this one looks very High-end I feel like it looks luck and I Love how comfortable they are too this Is full leather by the way I mean Especially for the price on they're Holding up really well considering how Often I wear them these an cleine pumps These are so gorgeous they also come in A tan and black color combination Uh these have like padding on them so

They are so easy to walk in for a long Time also the heel is uh thicker so it's A lot easier in that itself leather is Soft and stretchy around like out of all The heels I purchased this year these Are my favorite and they are the most Comfortable heels that I own it's truly Shocking and they go with so many Different things I can wear them pretty Much all year long and this is just Something that will last in your Wardrobe for so long actually I got a Lot of feedback from you guys tell Telling me you are obsessed with these Most comfortable and so stylish so uh The feedback I've been getting is only Positive about these sneakers so the Vasia cample sneakers I had to put in This video just one of the best Purchases I made this year and just Investments I've made they are so Chic Again Timeless stylish they're just a Really great white sneaker that are Super elevated I don't know just like The way they're done they're just like So elevated and stylish I always say go Down a size uh from your normal cuz then It fit like your true size uh they run Kind of big notice with this style they Need some time to break in but then After that they are so comfortable now These are the all birds something that's A little bit more practical and easier For day-to-day wear especially like you

Know they're all black much more easy to Maintain these again I was debating on Putting in this video because it's a Really recent purchase but guys I love These so much I've been planting my Outfits around these sneakers they are Just phenomenal the most comfortable Sneakers in my entire collection like More comfortable than the Vasa sneakers Um more comfortable holding my boots and All that stuff these feel like I'm Walking on clouds I get zero blisters Zero friction zero uncomfort like there Is no part of my foot that is Uncomfortable when I'm wearing these Like I know it sounds dramatic but they Are truly incredible so last but not Least number 20 Charles and Keith bags Out of all the purses I purchased this Year the Charles and Keith bags have Been my favorite and most worn so this Is the bags uh so the black one is a Cross body bag the white one is a saddle Bag love them both quality is fantastic The style is so stunning it looks and Feels so expensive but the price is so Reasonable I want to show you my phone How it fits in here because I get lots Of questions about that so I have the Largest version that Apple makes like The big one I don't know what it's like The Plus or whatever I don't know what It's called but look it just it just Slides in there see like that and it

Like fills in from side side to side There's barely any room left in there And I could probably squeeze in my Wallet which I have a small wallet and That's it so you can see that for Reference anyways I love this also Because it comes with I think two or Three different straps I think two Straps maybe three so I love the chain Because I can wear it like this as like A clutch want to wear it as a cross body Style I totally can because it comes With that strap that's adjustable and Petite friendly then this is the saddle Bag it has much more space compared to The cross body bag so you can see in Here it's just like much more space in There and it's so pretty comes in black As well in other colors I just went with This cream color cuz I think it would be Perfect for winter perfect for spring um Just so gorgeous so gorgeous I love the Hardware design it looks unique I don't See other brands do that the price is Reasonable you know if I'm looking for More purses I'm going to keep checking Charles and Keith because I love their Designs they have like that more Lux Expensive look for way below $100 which Is so cool guys we made it to the end of This video and I'm like out of breath I Was so much talking as always everything Will be linked down below if you wanted To check anything out yourself my

Favorite purchases this year my most Worn purchases this year too and just Stuff that is great quality I highly Recommend the style and everything is Something just amazing so I love doing These roundups for you guys every single Year at this time thank you guys again So much for your love and support truly I wouldn't be able to have any of this This channel if it wasn't for you guys So I love you guys so much thank you Guys so much for your support and just Being here and watching my videos it Truly means the world to me I really Wish I could give you guys like a big Hug in person and I'm truly appreciative For everything for you guys for Everything so thankful for it all so Again thank you guys so much for Watching and I'll see you in my next Video bye